Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 0 Coventry Blaze

Good Morning Hockey Fans. Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm for all the usual MNL shenanigans in the build up to puck drop time.

Lets hope the Devils can kick some serious Coventry butt as a payback for last Tuesdays loss.

If you want to send us a prediction or comment please do so by emailing and I will do my best to include them during the build up.

Until then I leave you to enjoy your day.

PS Come on Wales and beat those Scots.

not forgetting Ireland v France later.

Evening. Lets get it over with before I start hosting, Scotland deserved to win, Wales didn't deserve to have a chance having made too many errors and having turned over possession far too many times. Right that's done and dusted, now to focus on the DEVILS.

Still waiting for our texter Phil Egan to tune in.

or should I say report in. Dean Smith is the ref tonight.

I can tell you are all happy about that.

so far had 4 predictions in. Mark the no.1 Blaze hater goes for a 4-2 Devils win.

Both Pat and Gareth (Jenkins) see it as 3-1 to the Devils

Dave Rees is slightly more confident predicting a 5-2 Devils win.

For the record I will be happy with any Devils win in Regulation.

Shout out to OJ who is at the IAW with his grand-daughter taking in the game.

There are a few other games going on tonight. Belfast are at home to Fife, Braehead host Dundee, Manchester host Edinburgh and finally Sheffield are facing off against the Panthers.

Rod Davies just hopes that the Devils can restore some Welsh pride with a win, no matter what the score.

The warm up has now finished and the Zamboni is doing its work

still waiting to find out who is sitting out for Devils tonight.

Noble out for the Blaze.

There is something on this game for the Blaze as they are involved in a tussle to make the post season 8th place qualifying berth for the play offs. Manchester and Dundee are the other teams in the fight for that last place.

this will make it a thoroughly competitive game

Intro video currently being shown at IAW

Lights down now

Bordy's name absent from the official game sheet. As far as I know he isn't serving a ban

Devils now on the ice as are the Blaze players

Also Sean Bentivoglio also still out.

Confirmed Bordy is a healthy scratch

Anthem time

Devils in green shirts with red shorts. Blaze in white and Blue

Ref waiting in centre ice for the puck drop

and we are underway

Myers Lord and Culligan start

Blaze attacking early doors

Devils being put early pressure until Martin breaks out

but has to wait for support from Kearney

Fournier shoots but saved

Face off in the Blaze zone

Stewart saves from A hotham

Haddad Asselin and ulmer.

Shot saved by Stewart

Face off in the Blaze zone


Culligan scores flicks a shot from Batch past stewart


Face off in the Devils zone

after icing call

Doucet forced back to neutral zone, and Devils have some defending to do

offside called neutral zone face off

Devils force turnover but it comes to nothing.

Bowns saves from Robinson

another neutral zone face off

venus shoots wide point blank infront of Bowns

Fournier shoots but stewart saves

Petrius shot saved by Bowns

end to end hockey now

Face off in the Devils zone

cleard by Batch to Culligan

Devils keeping Stewart busy

Face off in the Devils zone

after accidental high stick

Doucet chases a long pass

Marquadt flattens A Hotham

end to end stuff still

lots of neutral ice face offs

Hotham A shoots wide.

offside called against Blaze

11:07 remains in period

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils causing Blaze turnovers but not making most of them

Stewart covers after Lord chance

Cornwall Taffy predicts 4-2 to Devils

Face off in the Blaze zone

just to re iterate Bordy is A HEALTHY scratch


Doucet assist kearney


Devils want a third very quickly

Haddad causes chaos in Blaze D zone

Blaze shot deflected wide

Face off in the Devils zone

A Hotham clears D zone

doucet cuts out a blaze pass

Blaze pen 2 for holding #16

who is Jordan Petriis

Devils pressing on PP

Ulmer sniffing for a chance

Devils still pressuring Blaze D

Bowns covers puck, Blaze FS

Devils killing Blaze intensity

Icing called

Face off in the Devils zone

4:53 remaining in period

Fournier wins face off

Shot saved by Steward from Haddad

Ben Davies has a shot saved by Bowns

BLaze counter attacking quickly but Bowns saves

Bowns pads shot away from Bergman

Face off in the Blaze zone

2:40 left

Great response from Devils after the game last tuesday

blaze shot goes wide of bowns and past the goals

Doucet and Davies tussle behind Blaze goal

Martin and Kearney combine well but shot saved

Blaze pen 2 for hooking for Robinson

Devils caught at back but Petruis shoots wide

and that's the Buzzer to end the first period

Kearney on his home debut looks inpressive says our texter.

Latest scores elsewhere: Belfast 2 Fife 1; Braehead 3 Dundee 0; Manchester 2 Edinburgh 2; Sheffield 0 Nottingham 0

SOGs Devils 9 Blaze 6

time for a cuppa.

Back in a bit.

Phil Egan's end of period synopsis reads: Devils well in control of the first period.Bowns rarely troubled by the Blaze as they didn't seem able to cope with Devils skill. Batch stepping up the physicality with Bordy rested. Will the Blaze find anything for the Devils in the 2nd?

Officials back out and here come the Devils

Blaze not out yet.

now they emerge onto the ice.

slight problem with centre ice surface causing the delay to start

and we are underway after Cameron Hughes gets the crowd animated.

Devils still on PP

Devils creating pressure. Martin shoots over the goal

30 seconds left on PP


Ulmer scores after heavy pressure on Steward.

Bowns saves Blaze shot from Almeida

Assist by Asselin

goal scored at 21:17

Doucet shot but Godfrey blocks

Bllaze now back to FS

Devils attacking at will now

Face off in the Blaze zone

reset of face off Lord replacing Lord

Lord replacing Myers I meant


Lord pounces on rebound of S Hothams shot

Remy Marr replaces Stewart

Lords goal timed at 23:17

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze shoots but S Hotham clears

Devils had 2 on 1 but saved by Marr

Devils finding holes in Blaze D with ease

I missed a pen that was called on Devils Richardson sat 2 for Interference, Devils now FS

it just showed up now in text.

Devils are well in control of this game.

face off now centre ice

Kearney shot pad saved at back door

Devils keeping Blaze penned in own D

Bowns saves a long shot

Piggot and Jones combine to create a chance saved by Marr

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze are a shadow of the tean we saw last month

Almeida takes a knock

Blaze resorting to long shots

Devils intensity seems to have dropped a few notches

doucet shot saved by Marr

FOurnier and Culligan combine but no shot

Richardson shoots but padded away

Devils pen 2 minutes for tripping by Culligan


Devils killing penalty easily

so far

Devils turnover blaze puck easily

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Blaze looking more threatening now

Devils break with Fournier

Blaze with lightening fast attack. Almeida causing problems

Bowns saves

Marquardt with shot but Bowns equal to it

Face off in the Devils zone

cleared by Devils

Lord Culligan and Myers trying to create something

Blaze pen 2 minutes for slashing B Robinson

this might sound odd but the Devils need another goal

Venus plays Dump and chase but Devils collect the puck

Devils seem to be in 2nd gear right now

trying to conserve energy maybe

Martin shoots but Marr saves and covers the puck

Face off in the Blaze zone

Face off in the Blaze zone

Asselin Hotham and Ulmer now on ice


Layne Ulmer scores

Bowns gets the 2nd assist

scored at 39:30

and that's a wrap for the 2nd period

5th goal reads Ulmer from A Hotham and Bowns at 39:30

Latest scores: Belfast 3 Fife 2; Braehead 4 Dundee 1; Manchester 2 Edinburgh 4; Sheffield 3 Nottingham 0

SOGs remarkably are 12-0 in Devils favour

Phil Egan's 2nd period synopsis: Another strong period for the Devils carrying on where they left off. Stewart swapped for Marr after Devils 4th Stewart wasn't happy and marched down Blaze tunnel. Blaze D worked harder with Marr in but conceded late in the period. Devils firmly in control after 2.

Correction to SOGS: Devils 12 Blaze 6 maiking it 21-12 after 2nd period.

We're back.

puck dropped and we are underway

Devils start 3rd well

Face off in the Blaze zone

but Blaze clear

Bowns saves from Marquadt

Marr keeping Blaze in the game

Devils seem to be winding down the clock conserving energy

line change for both teams

neutral zone face off

Bowns nakes double save

he saves shot then pounces on rebound


scored by Lord on breakaway, Puck hit Godrey in face Lord picked up loose puck and scores.

Blaze expected the play to be whistled down but it wasnt

goal scored at 43:47

Bowns thwarts Robinson

Face off in the Devils zone

Face off in the Blaze zone

Face off in the Devils zone

cleared by Devils

Devils seemingly on cruise control.


Luke Piggott scores


last two devils goals both unassisted.

Devils forcing turnovers a plenty from the Blaze.

Blaze D left Marr hung out to dry on last goal

Anyone remember when the Devils beat Hull 12-0 in a live Premier sports game?

just putting it out there.

Face off in the Blaze zone

Batch shoots but wide.

Face off in the Blaze zone

play whistled down

Face off in the Blaze zone

yes yet another one.

Blaze clear.

game meandering to its conclusion

Devils obviously winding the clock down now

Face off in the Blaze zone


scored by Denny Kearney on his home debut

Blaze would throw the towel in if they could

goal scored at 52:45. Assists to A Hotham and Joey Martin

Face off in the Blaze zone

Batch shot blocked by Petruis

Jones rides a hit well

Mercifully just over 4 minutes left on the game clock

Cowleys shot goes wide

Bowns saves from Marquadt

3:19 remaining in game

Another Blaze shot goes wide

2:27 left

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils take play down Marrs end of the ice

Icing called

neutral zone face off

final two mins

Devils ping the post

last minute game

Marr saves from Doucet

Face off in the Blaze zone

45 seconds left

Face off in the Devils zone now

this is a very poor display by the Blaze

GAME OVER Devils WIN Bownsy gets a shut out

Devils controlled that gane throughout.

a clinical and professional performances by the Devils

Blaze MOM Bergman

Cameron Hughes takes a a bow after entertaining the crowd

Devils MOM is Ben Bowns

Thanks to our hard working texter Phil Egan for his effort and his excellent texts.

Sheffield are 4-2 up. Belfast are 5-2 up so its a clear 6 points atop the League after tonights games

That's it from me tonight, either OJ or Chris will be in the hosting seat tomorrow night as the Devils travel to Edinburgh and hopefully they will fare better than the egg chasing merchants that played there today.

Goodnight all. Nos Da Pawb