Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 7 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL on a cold wet Tuesday evening when our DEVILS have made the trip to the Lace City to tame those Panthers

Join me (OJ) from around 7pm for coverage of this all important league game with the DEVILS hopefully coming home with those valuable TWO points

Score predictions/comments to

With no webcast all you have tonight is the unique MNL coverage saw draw up a chair and follow us

warmup in progress

No Sean Bentivoglio I am told

Jacob says 4 2 to Devils

Rod says 5. 4 to Devils after OT

C Barton says Devils win 5 3 without getting out of 2nd gear

Phil Egan predicts a great 4-1 road win

Patrick says 4-2 to Devils

Apologies, that should say Pat

Matthew More goes for the same score

Very popular scoreline as Glynne opts for it as well

Kevin + Donna in Benidorm say Devils will win 3-1

Russky thinks Devils might be taken to OT before securing the 2. Points

Pering is the referred. Hogarth couldn't make it as he in filling in gamesheets in detention

Texters on duty tonoght are Panthers fans Cheryl, Trev & Viv who we can't do without when we are in Nottingham.

We also have Lewis making his full debut and Winstanley who will be giving us period reports

Warmup long done - missed that looking at predictions

No Mark Lewis for Devils

A sizeable RED ARMY in NIC 100+

Scratches for Panthers. Williams. Dinmen add Sarkanis

Sarkanis wears #94 for those of you watching the webcast

Devils on the ice

Trev & Viv say NIC will be qieter without Baz, Rachael, Leanne & Arron

Waiting for Panthers

I am now confused Mark Lewis is on gamesheet

Panthers make an appearence

Marl Louis even

Anthem time

Puck dropped

Checking whether mark Louis is icing the

Miika Wiikman save from Patrick Asselin

Very fast opening to period

Ben Bowns saves from Chris Lawrence

Now Ben saves from Alex Nikiforuk

Easy save says Cheryl

Panthers icing

RED ARMY have recovered from Belfaast in full voice

Gametime 5:02


Guillaume Doucet his 18th of the league campaign

@ 5:50 assists Andrew Lord + Matt Myers

Panthers come back hard and Ben Bowns has to make a couple of saves

Its very end to end and Panthers looking dangerous

Luke Piggott with a SoG

Let's go DEVILS let's go

Panthers goal

Alex Nikiforuk the scorer

@ 9:17 assists Eric Lindhagen + Robert Farmer

Come on U DEVILS get that lead back

Panthers Goal - Matt Carter

@ 12:08 assist Alex Nikiforuk


Devils icing @ 13:17

Panthers hit crossbar

Devils icing

its gettiung a bit chippy out there

Gametime 14:33

Joey Haddad pushes Robert Farmer and dislodges Devils net

Confirmed that Mark Louis is not icing

Gametime 18:01

Lets tie this game up before the buzzer U DEVILS

Great save Miika Wiikman @ 18:32

Final minute

Panthers penalty

Eric Lindhagen 2 minutes for hooking

@ 19:10

End of 1st period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

Trev says decent period from both teams, not many stoppages and good chances at both ends of the ice

SoG for 1st period Panthers 6 DEVILS 10

Devils will start 2nd period with 71 secs of pp

4-2 Devils is a popular prediction tonight with Drew & Andrew going for that result

Apologies to the Culligans the reference to a webast was down to my missplaced sarcasm

Even Rachel is going for 4-2 as well

And Viv B

What do theses fans know that I don't

They are all back on the ice

Change on Panthers 1st goal 2nd assist was for Careter not Farmer

2nd underway

Panthers Full Strength

Panthers offside

Gametime. 22:06

Miika Wiikman blocks away a shot into the stands

Apologies to everyone for my sarcastic comment re Panthers non existent webcast

Panthers Goal

@ 24:55 scored by Andy Sertich assists Stephen Schultz & Brian McGratten

Come on U DEVILS

Thats all those 4-2 predictions out of the window

Come on U DEVILS

Patrick Bordeleau shot saved by Miika Wiikman

Goal Panthers

DEVILS time out

Tom Murdy replaces Ben Bowns

@ 27:16

Panthers 4th scored by Alex Nikiforuk assistsMatt Carter + Chris Lawrence

Tom Murdy blocks first shot faced

Panthers offside

Miika Wiikman lucky to keep that one out

Let's get a goal back now. Please

Panthers go offside again

@ 30:06

Come on RED ARMY get the lads going

Devils penalty

Bench minor for too many men @31:46


Panthers PP goal

@ 31:14 Chris Lawrence assists Stephen Schultz + Brad Moran

Tom Murdy making some great saves

Non existent D is the problem


Patrick Asselin (13th) from close range

@ 35:45 assist Scott Hotham

Lets have another beforee tea break

Tom Murdy glove save @37:00

Another nice save by Tom Murdy

Miika Wiikman saves from Joey Martin

Gametime 38:03

Last minute

End of 2nd period Panthers 5 DEVILS 2

The last muinute of that period was all Devils pressure around the Panthers net

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 13 DEVILS 13 making it 19-23 after 2 periods

Cheryl says that the Devils were getting back into the game late in that second period

She added Devils came from behind in games recently so anything is possible. Let's hope so

Panthers return to the ice

Here comes the DEVILS

Chane to Panthers 3rd goal now reads McGrattan assists Schultz + Sertich

3rd period starts

Miika Wiikman glove save from Layne Ulmer

Devils offside

@ 40:58

Gone quiet from NIC

Come on U DEVILS

DEVILS wrararound foiled by Miika Wiikman

Devils offside @ 45:21

Jeff Brown falls over and brings down Brian McGratten

Miika Wiikman saves after a good seen by Devils

Devils icing

Trev & Viv did not win 50/50

i need to win 50/50 to pay for my simmer flights to Canada although I have baghged a great deal with Air Canada

Its all Devils so far in this period according to Trev

Tom Murdy glove save foils good Panther chance

Gametime 48:12

Devils wander offside

Gametime 30:12

Devils penalty

Mark Richardson 2 minutes for holding @ 31:59


Correction it was 2 minutes for interference

Chris Lawrence has clear chance but fires the puck directly at Murdy's pads

Devils Full Strength

It was an easy PK for Devils it was as if they were on PP

Miika Wiikman saves yet again @ 54:49

Tom Murdy pulled early

Another save by Miika Wiikman @ 55:16

Still empty net


@ 55:22 Patrick Asselin assists Joey Haddad + Andrew Hotham

Tom Murdy pulled again

Miika Wiikman save @ 56:02

Panthers time out

game restarts still no Murdy

Panthers icing @ 56:19

Panthers icing again

Panthers cannot find empty net when they clear their zone

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Panthers Goal

DEvils protesting

ENG for Stephen Schultz unassisted


' 57:30

Matt Myers assist Andrew Hotham

Panthers Goal

ENG for Robert Farmer

@ 57:48

Assist Steve Lee

Final 2 minutes

Why don't both netminders go off

Last minute

NIC mocking Devils

Miika Wiikman freezes puck with 7 secs left

Lino falls on his backside everyone laughs

Final score Panthers 7 DEVILS 4

Our thanks to Cheryl, Trev & Viv for helping us out again

My two newbie DEVILS texters went AWOL in 1st period


Panthers MoM - Alex Nikiforuk

Final SoG Panthers 26 DEVILS 38

Russky will be here on Saturday when the Blaze are in the IAW, I shall be at the game with my grandaughter