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Belfast Giants 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to ROUND 2 of the Giants v DEVILS battle

After last nights brilliant win lets hope the DEVILS can virtually kill the Giants title challenge with another priceless 2 points

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we bring you MNL unique coverage of this game

Score predictrions always welcomed alomg with comments to

How about members of the RED ARMY give us a text updates on the game, their trip to Belfast or their inebriated state MNL line 07527 625206

Warmup in progress @ SSE

On duty tonight we have Giants fan David and two of our stalworts texters JohnWildthing & KettDevil

I have tried to recruit others but there are not many sober members of the RED ARMY available

Lets hope we have as exciting a game as last night, TWO poits but please less tension

No news yeton who is the healthy scratch for DEVILS, they are all in the warmup

WE have the same referee tonight as last night Stefan Hogarth

Warmup done & Dusted

David R calls it 3-2 to Devils

Hazel thinks Devils will win 4-3 in O/T

Guillaume Doucet is the scratch

Pat just wants a Devils win

Mark G thiunks Devils can do it again tonight pocketing at least a point

Roger thinks Devils will win by a single goal

C Barton sees a repeat of last nightys scoreline

IanSam wants a repeat of last night

Russky just wants a win

baraclough predicts 3-1 to Devils

Sharon & Roger in Carmarthen (Gods Country) calls it 3-2 Devils

Rachael predicts a massive 5-2 win for the DEVILS

Cornwall Taffy in France calls it 5-3 to Devils

Thanks for your kind remarks about MNL CT

A slight delay to face off I hear up to 10 minutes

Dave & Emma say the RED ARMY is 200+ at least

Officials take to the ice

Devils now on ice as are Giants

It would appear that Chris Culligan is the scratch not Guillaume Doucet

Puck dropped

Patrick Asselin Layne Ulmer Joey Haddad start for Devils

Sean Bentivoglio Joey Martin Andrew Lord next up

Giants icing

@ 1:15

3rd line of Guillaume Doucet Kearney & Matt Myers

Guillaume Doucet has first shot of game

Quiet opening

save Stephen Murphy

Face off in the Devils zone

Joey Haddad goes close @ 2:54

All Devils at the moment

Joey Haddad battling as usual @ 3:54


Guillaume Doucet

His 17th

@ 4:25

Assists for Joey Martin & Chris Jones

It should be Lord not CJ

Assists for Joey Martin & Chris Jones

Sean Bentivoglio has a cut

Gametime 6:01

Luke Piggott disposses Derrick Walser

Giants penalty Steve Saviano

Sean Bentivoglio Back on ice

2 minutes for tripping @ 7:33

Giants clears zone

Stephen Murphy save

Kearney has a chance

Giants clear zone

Giants penaltyMatt Towe 2 minutes for tripping

@ 8:49

5 on 3 for Devils

Giants back to 4 skaters

Handbags@ 10:10

Nor Devils best PP as Giants Full Strength

Stephen Murphy save

David Brine has shot @ 10:59

Gametime 13:08

KettDevil says Devils asre p;aying within themselves holding tyhe Giants at bay

Handbags again

Chris Higgins 2 minutes for tripping @ 15:37

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Layne Ulmer shoots high

Giants offside @ 16:52

Sean Bentivoglio hasnt been on the ice for sometime, he is on the bench

Giants penaltyMichael Forney 2 minutes for tripping @ 17:23

5 on 3 for 15 secs

now 5 on 4

Great save by Stephen Murphy

Just game will blow up soon, lots of late hits

Devils have lots of shots on PP

Face off in the Giants zone

Final minute

Giants Full Strength

Giants penalty Michael Quesnele 2 minutes for slashing

@ 19:45

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

KettDevil says veri chippy 1st period, Devils in control with the Giants getting more and more fristrated with the officiating

KettDevils understands their frustration as most of the penalties were soft

SoG for 1st period Blaze 3 DEVILS 12

All you have to do now U DEVIULS 2Don't lose a period"

Flyers 2 Stars 2: Steelers 2 Storm 0: Panthers 0 Blaze 0

Teams back


2nd period starts

Devils on PP

Having big problems with Serverr

Good news DEVILS SCORE nd Asseoin

Goal was at 21:19

Giants have a 5 on 3

After penalties to Joey Martin & Matt Myers

Myers back

Gametime 28:50

Don't know what happenned

Devils Full Strength

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Layne Ulmer on Devils 2nd goal

Good fore checking by Devils


Andrew Lord & Ryan Martinelli

A draw

Big discussion on penalties

Ryan Martinelli in box for minor plus 5 fighting Lord 5 minutes for fighting

Apologies it was Ludoc who got minor

Devils on PP

gametime 32:41

Devils Offside

Giants Full Strength

Stephen Murphy save

Patrick Bordeleau & Matt Nickerson niggling away


Matt Myers penalty

@ 55:30



Blair Riley the scorer assists Higgins * Leduc

Gleason Fournier penalty 2 minutes for delay of game

@ 36:11


Penalty shot Giants David Rutherford

@ 37:08

he scores

KettDevil has no idea why a penalty shot was given

Giants have come on strong

Devils penalty Scott Hotham

@ 38:21

2 minutes for boarding


Save Ben Bowns

David Rutherford lands on Ben Bowns

Matt Myers 2 minutes for delay of game

Itsa ten minute misconduct for Matt Myers

End of 2nd period

Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

Teams back on ice

Devils on PK for 21 secs

3rd period starts

Giants penalty Blair Riley 2 minutes for high sticks @ 40:04

Devils Full Strength


@ 41:57

Andrew Hotham his 9th of the season

Giants go close

Ben Bowns covers

sO G for 2nd period Giants 17 Devils 10 making ir 20-22 after 2 periods

Devils icing

gametime 44:15


Giants icing

Layne Ulmer goes close @46:14

Ref seems to have misslaid his pea

David Brine magic creates a chance

Now Andrew Lord goes close

Save Stephen Murphy

Gametime 49:15

Giants icing

very ternse, Devils in control but Blaze still look dangerous

Chris Jones 2 + 10 for check from behind

Jeff Mason gets 2 for embelishment

Save Ben Bowns

Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for slashing @49:35

Devils clear zone


Ben Bowns covers

4 on 3 for Giants

Ben Bowns covers again

now 5 on 4

desperate defending by devils

JKILL DEVILS KIll Devils Full Strength

gametime 52:18

Both teams giving everything

KettDevils only comment TENSE

icing @ 55:33

Gametime 55:36

3 minutes left

Gametime 57:35

Giants offside

Final minute

Stephen Murphy lifted

Time out

game restarts

Devils miss empty net


Final score Giants 2 DEVILS 3

Massive handbags at end of game even Bowns in a tussle with Backup nettie


Thanks to KettDevil and David Mercer for their excellent reporting

Join us on Tuesday night when the DEVILS travel to Nottingham to take on the Panthers when MNL will be the ONLY coverage of that game