Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

Good afternoon join me Steve tonight from around 5:30 for this huge game, send in predictions and any silly boy messages to the usual address

good evening Russky predicts a 3-1 victory to the Devils in a close fought game

David "Recker" Rees predicts a 3-0 shut out to cheer the nation up after yesterday

A prediction sent in by Daniel, giving a prediction from Louis who's first experience of hockey is here following MNL and he says a 3-2 win for the red army

The lovely Hazel says we will win 4-2 tonight, whilst Pete thinks 3-1

Pat says a lovely win last night lets follow it up with another one 3-1 she thinks

Also Louis thinks there will be 2 fights with Bordeleau involved in one of them

Bozza Jnr says 5-3 in favour of the Devils this evening (good boy)

warm up completed Zamboni on the way

lets get some more predictions in guys

Devils should have Bordy and A Hotham back tonight raring to go

No Wiikmaan for Panthers we are hearing

Darnell has the whistle lets hope he uses it correctly

Ice is clear and ready

The inflatable is up

Intro begins

Devils on the ice

Another sell out wow

Bowns starts between pipes

ceremonial face off time

Anthem time

nobody breaks from panthers line during anthem nice to see

puck dropped

martin bentivoglio and asselin

big shot from Louis covered

Great move by haddad gives it to Fournier who puts it just wide

Face off in the Devils zone 1:40 gone

shot by myers saved

great move by Bordy and CJ has shot saved

what a save by PACL

Face off in the Devils zone great move by Benti prior to save

Face off in the Panthers zone @4:51


Joey Haddad Joey Haddad from asselin and ulmer

panthers in devils zone and they are camped there

will get time of goal soon !!

battle behing panthers net involving bowns

break by lord and martin broken up

give away by scott hotham saved by bowns

9 minutes gone

Face off in the Panthers zone

Stephen Schultz gets 2 minutes for slashing @9.52

good pp by devils



Layne Ulmer 15TH OF SEASON

of course a PP goal

great interception by piggott

icing by Devils

11 mins gone

icing again

big save by bowns

Devils dump puck


Richardson from Myers


Devils have been outstanding

extra assist on 3rd Doucet

Richies 6th of the season

face off in Devils zone

6 mins left

haddad fires it across asselin almost gets to it

Bordeleau just wide

another icing

4:20 left

Panthers mixing up lines putting forwards on the D !

Batch shoots from blue line saved by Pacl

Dan Spang hobbles off

big save from bowns

2:13 left

Fournier shoots from blue saved

bowns covers


going for record of most icings in one period I think

penalty coming

2 minutes for hooking against Clarke Devils on pp

period ends Devils 3 Panthers 0 great period Devils look so fresh at moment

assists on second goal are A Hotham and J Martin

Bowtime I think

end of period summary from Russky Devils look like scoring every time they attack. Awesome goals. Louis Myers and Richardson playing well. Asselin, Haddad and Martin on fire.

9:30 gone in Belfast and they trail 1-0

1 all now in Belfast

now 2-1 to fife

Bordy out of locker room 2 mins to go yet

Panthers return

shots on goal Devils 8 Panthers 6

Devils return

1:10 of devils pp left

puck dropped

come on devils give us another one

Panthers FS

Panthers iCING

Clarke breaks and shoots easy save

Panthers have upped their game

Myers puts Mcgratton into bench

Face off in the Panthers zone

4 mins gone

Bowns being made to work hard

another icing in Devils zone

Devils very sloppy giving up puck

Panthers net off moorings

Fournier with great pass Asselin unusually misses

Belfast 3=1 down

Culligan shoots saved

Doucet gets 2 minutes for hooking 12:00 left in period

Bowns blocker save from Alex Nikiforuk

Devils great break blocked

Devils back to FS

McGratton big slapshot plucked out of air by bowns

8:58 left

great move by haddad saved

Haddad playing out of his skin

Louis makes a break but CJ offside

great shot from Louis covered by pacl

Devils back on top

14:00 gone in second

pressure from Devils

Panthers resorted to long shots

wow what a save from Bowns

4:44 left

Lord gets 2 minutes for tripping

Devils clear zone

Panthers shoot puck out of play

3:05 left in period

Bowns covers from Lawrence

Devils back to FS

Doucet breaks covered by pacl

final minute

big shot from s hotham saved

end of 2nd its still Devils 3 Panthers 0

Here's Russkys expert view of 2nd period,,, Good solid period for Devils, Nottingham started period better and the Devils looked abit off the pace. Devils got back into period with a good penalty kill. Mark Louis is playing so well.. Devils in cruise control. Pacl is keeping the Panthers in this game. The Devils need to find a way past him again to kill the game off.

Giants now 4-1 down

that helps !!!!!

Bozza Jnr on a bit of a high seeing the Giants score he's not fussy on them

shots for 2nd period Devils 7 Panthers 13

The boys return to the ice

and were away

early face off in devils zone

Bowns takes nasty hit from A Hotham

he's ok panic over

Haddad all over the ice

Mc Gratton fans on rebound nhl HUH

great pass to martin from lordo gets snuffed out

3:30 gone in period

hadded shoots gets covered

physicality has gone for some reason perhaps Panthers have eyes on tuesday

Dr Piggott gets 2 minutes for high sticks

15:16 left

get this PK strong devils

not the best PP


handbagsin corner Bordy comes over it stops

big save from Pacl

Geoff Waugh gets 2 minutes for tripping

Giants now 4-4

PK not firing

shot from Hotham saved


9:00 remaining

puck just going back and forth

7:10 left

Benti gets puck stopped on line

another worldy by Bowns

5.54 remains

bowns covers

batch gets in tangle and bowns has to cover

Brine forechecking very well

Fournier clears his lines

3 mins left devils trying to run down clock

hope we now get shut out

Face off in the Devils zone

final 2 mins

Bordeleau smashes a panther

Lawrence gets 2 minutes for slashing as does haddad

chirping in the box going on

30 secs left

game over another 4 point weekend big weekend next week 2 games against the Giants

Panthers MOM Jindrich Pacl

Devils MOM Joey Haddad well deserved

thank you all for joining us over and out from me