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Coventry Blaze 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils continue their march towards the League title by taking on the Coventry Blaze in Lady Godiva's home town.

Join me (OJ) from around 6:40 when hopefully Wales have despatched the English ome across the Severn Bridge in their dented chariots

Score predictions/comments as usual to

If you want to send us updates from the game the MNL line 075237 625 206 is open to you

Texters all reported in from the ice Dome

Warmup drawing tyo a close

As expected Andrew Hotham & Patrick Bordeleau sit this game out through suspension

Russky says Devils by 2 goals

Pat in Bridgfend calls it 4-2 to Devils

Warmup over

Jan Schmejkal is the referee tonight

Lets get those two points to get over tyhe disappointment of Wales' defeat

Very quiet on the prediction front - should get more now that the rugby has finished

Make sure you join us here tomorrow night when the Panthers come to the sell out IAW

If you were thinking of going to the Blaze game on the Saturday of half term you better get your tickets quick with only around 200 tickets left

On duty tonight are JohnWildthing, KettDevil and making his debut Chris

No Kevin Noble for Blaze

Its freezing here in Cardiff but no snow

Lights dimmed

A bit of a warning my broadband has been playing up in the last 24 hours whether its due to the large contingent of BT engineers working around here I do not know

Intro starts

Matthew M calls it 3-1 to the Devils

Devils on the ice

Anthem time

Mark Gough whose hatred of the Blaze is well known would take a point. I WOULDN'T

Puck dropped

Patrick Asselin Joey Haddad Matt Myers start for Devils

Quiet start to game

Sean Bentivoglio Joey Martin Andrew Lord asine @1:39

icing Blaze @ 1:47

Gleason Fournier shot saves @ 2:13

Neil has now joined the Texter Corps

David Brine Chris Jones Luke Piggott are the 4th line

Face off in the Devils zone @ 3:08

KettDEvil says its very scrappy

Patrick Asselin Joey Haddad Layne Ulmer is the other line

Matt Myers shot saved ' 4:28

Lots of dump & chase

Layne Ulmer hits pipes


Gleason Fournier the scorer

Assist Layne Ulmer

@ 5:36

Devils icing @ 6:01

Guillaume Doucet should have added a 2nd @ 6:40

Devils in control

Brian Stewart saves

Ben Bowns has to make a save for a change @ 7:36

Face off in the Devils zone after net is dislodged

Brian Stewart Save from Sean Bentivoglio @ 8:05

A bit of Blaze pressure

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking @ 9:11


Joey Haddad gets an assist on Devils goal

Great work on PK by Andrew Lord

Gametime 10:04

Devils clear zone

Joey Martin & Matt Myers breakaway @ 10:43


Full Strength

Very low key so gfar especially for a Blaze v Devils encounter

Come on U DEVILS give us anothe goal

The Joey Martin Sean Bentivoglio Andrew Lord line creating havoc

Blaze fans quiet as usual

Brian Stewart saves from Mark Richardson followed by handbags

Jordan Pietrus & Chris Culligan penalised

It was Godfrey not Pietrus both had 2 minutes for roughing @ 13:46

Scrappy game says JohnWildthing

Brian Stewart saves from Mark Louis who glided past the Blaze defence as he does

Mark Louis mum travelled on the RED ARMY TRAVEL bus

Both teams Full Strength

Brian Stewart covers @ 16:17

Now handbags in front of Ben Bowns

Devils penaltyJoey Martin 2 minutes for slashing @ 17:23


It was Robin Bergman with the Penalty


Layne Ulmer PPG

@ 18:27

Ben Bowns covers @ 18:43

Big save by Brian Stewart on buzzer

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 2

KettDevils says slightly surreal period Devils didn't get out of 2nd gear but still look in a different league to the Blaze

T clear up the scoring details, Devils 1st @ 5:32 scored by Gleason Fournier assists Layne Ulmer &v Joey Haddad ; Devils 2nd @ 18:23 scored by Layne Ulmer assist Sean Bentivoglio

SoG for 1st period Blaze 11 DEVILS 13

Devils back on ice

Panthers 4 Steelers 0 early in 2nd period

2nd period starts

Devils 2nd goal details changed again I am told - scored by Ulmer assistd Joey Martin & Gleason Fournier

Probably change again before long

Scott Hotham blocks a wicked shot @ 21:08

Steelers score now losing 4-1

KettDevil says Blaze have come out with a bit more effort - bit underlined

Joey Martin foiled on breakaway @ 22:28

Patrick Asselin tries his luck @ 23:50 but Brian Stewart covers

For those who asked Devils are rolling 5 D with Chris Culligan playing as a forward

Chris Culligan has a nice shot ' 24:30

RED ARMY of some 150+ souls at Ice Dome

Blaze icing

Blaze penaltyJordan Pietrus 2 minutes for tripping @ 24:59

Lets have another PPG U DEVILSCoventry

Another Blaze penalty

Shawn Boutin 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 26:00

Devils have a 5 on 3

A minute of 5 on 3

Lots of DEVILS shots no end product

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Lets go DEVILS lets go

Not DEVILS best PP

Blaze Full Strength

JohnWildthing goes as far as saying POOR PP from DEVILS

Gametime 29:00

Brian Stewart save @ 29:43 as Martin, Lord Bentivoglio line creates havoc

Ben Bowns save @ 30:28

Big save Ben Bowns from Brett Robinson

Devils penalty Matt Myers 2 minutes for tripping @ 31:37


Give as a slashing minor not tripping

Joey Martin has breakaway chance @ 32:31

Ben Bowns covers @ 32:42


Mark Richardson blocks a shot and limps off

Devils Full Strength

Gametime 35:16

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Mark Richardson is back

Lets gave a goal before the buzzer U DEVILS

Ben Bowns having to make some big saves

Gametime 36:37

RED ARMY very subdued after Wales loss I assume

Good defensive play by Mark Louis

Devils now under pressure

Now Panthers 4 Steelers 3 after 2 periods

Blaze penalty Ross Venus goalie interference @ 38:51

Lets bury that biscuit U DEVILS


Andrew Lord PPG

Assists Matt Myers & Scott Hotham

@ 19:37

Your pra/pleadings are answered you know

End of 2nd period Blaze 0 DEVILS 3

Assists now chaned to Patrick Asselin & Scott Hotham

KettDevil says DEVILS still in 2nd gear, Blaze cannot get out of 1st gear

SoG for 2nd period Blaze11 Devils 12 making it 22-26 after 2 periods

Ice is ready awaiting teams

Maybe the Blaze have conceded - no sign of teams

At least the Devils make it back onto the ice

Now Panthers 5 Steelers 4 @ 49 minutes

Blaze now back

3rd period underway


Joey Haddad the scorer

@ 40:27

Assists Layne Ulmer & Patrick Asselin

Tom Murdy replaces Ben Bowns @ 40:27

Blaze fans singing "Your nothing special we lose every week"


Sean Bentivoglio

Brian Stewart repaced by Renny Marr

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Lord

Devils 5th goal scored @ 42:00

Devils penalty Luke Piggott 2 minutes for slashing @43:08


Apologies Jordan Pietrus was also given 2 minutes for slashing

Blaze goal Barry Almeida

@ 44:08

AssistJim Jorgensen

Individual goal by Barry Almeida

Renny Marr saves from Chris Culligan @ 44:44

game is drifting

Tom Murdy covers as Pietrus & Piggott return

Gleason Fournier goes off hurt

@ 46:29

Glove save Tom Murdy @46:51

Tom Murdy makes a couple of good saves

DEVILS time out

@ 47:06

Game restarts

Panthers win 5-4

Layne Ulmer goes close @ 48:33

Gleason Fournier back on the ice

Devils going through the motions @ 49:42

Garrett Klotz gets his first shift says Neil

Gametime 50:05

Chris Culligan now on D

Renny Marr glove save @ 51:32

Chris Jones & Luke Piggott icing with Matt Myers as the others take a rest

Gametime 52:08

Run that clock down U DEVILS

Guillaume Doucet hits crossbar @ 53:53

Garrett Klotz causing havoc - why doesn't he get icetime its a mystery

Chris Culligan still on D duty as we roll 6 D and give CJ & Pigsy more icetime

KettDEvils is thinking of MoM for devils he has Layne Ulmer Sean Bentivoglio Scott Hotham in the frame

JohnWildthing says nothing happenning and his beer glas is empty

Blaze Goal - Brett Robinson

assist Marc Cantin

@ 57:21

Another Blaze goal Russell Cowley

Time out Blaze

Blaze 3rd goal scored by Matt Marquardt assists Barry Almeida & TJ Syner @ 58:07

Renny Marr pulled


Joey Martin with ENG

@ 58:48

Assist Tom Murdy

Luke Piggott has a chance @ 59:50

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 6


Renny Marr gets Blaze MoM

Big thank you to texters Neil, Chris, Johnwildthing and KettDevil

Safe journey home for everyone

Stephen (Boznan) is your host on Sunday =night when the Panthers, fresh from their win over the Steelers, come to the IAW