Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Manchester Storm

Good Afternoon Hockey folk. Well after the Rugby has finished, join me (Russky) from 5:30pm for the usual build up shenanigans, latest scores and the unrivalled game text commentary once the puck drops.

If you want to send a prediction and/or comment, please email it to and I will do my best to include it during the build up.

TIme for the rugby build up and game, catch you all later folks.

Welcome back. Well the Boyos done good after a much improved second half performance. Now for the sport for REAL men and Women.

Our first prediction has trickled into our mailbox. Dave Rees predicts a Devils 3-1 win for a four point weekend.

There are three other games tonight be we are going to keep an eye on the Belfast Giants game at Murrayfield Ice Arena. I will update you with the other scores during the period breaks

Dean Smith has the orange arm bands and the whistle tonight

Another two predictions have arrived. Lianne Barham sees it as 5-3 for the Devils. Paul Williams has it as 5-2 to the Devils

Pat from Bridgend sees it as a close game with the Devils scraping a 3-2 win

Pat from Bridgend sees it as a very close game but the Devils just scraping a 3-2 win

Hazel predicts a 3-1 win for the Devils

Drew in Warrington is very confident of a 5-1 Devils victory

My worry is did that 3rd period and subsequent OT take alot out of the team in terms of energy

Intro in progress at the IAW

I should say the Intro video

Todd Kellman takes the microphone to welcome the Devils onto the ice in his own inimitable style

not quite a full sell out tonight

Large contingent of Storm fans present in the visitors blocks

pre game presentations and ceremonial puckdrop

Anthem time

Anthem done now

both teams in their goal area huddles

Linos are Lee Young and Matt Rose

And we are underway

only Devils scratch is Jake Morrisette.

Face off in the Storm zone Face off in the Storm zone

nothing comes of it and play goes back to Bowns.

Storm score

scored by Jack Prince

Omar Pacha made that goal with a great pass to Prince

Bowns save

Storm are up for this game

Devils with a slower start than of late

Fournier shoots Clemente saves

Face off in the Storm zone

shot from Richardson goes so close

another Richie shot goes just wide

Hotham turnsover the puck leading to a Bowns save

after a lightening counter attack for the Storm

Lord lays a big hit

handbags deep in Storm end

Batch and Nielsen having words

Face off in the Storm zone

Devils building pressure

Storm playing on counter attack as they are so quick.

Bowns save

Face off in the Devils zone

Cleared by Hotham A

Too many turnovers given up by Devils

but attack thwarted.

Phillips spills puck Asselin but cant get shot away

Devils having lots of possession but not able to create clear chances

Fournier shoots but padded away

Devils pen Bordy 2 minutes for tripping

KILL this PEN you Devils

pen at 7:35

1 min killed

Haddad shoots but saved

Storm pen BIssonette 2 minutes for slashing

Doucet fires one in but it goes wide

Devils D in 6s and 7s but eventually gets the puck away

Joey Martin breaks but spills the puck under pressure

Devils building pressure

Both teams as FS now

Chris Jones shoots but saved by Clemente

Storm being very physical with the Devils

Face off in the Storm zone

Storm playing one man up waiting for counter attack

Brine and Haddad combining well

but it comes to nought

Haddad working hard behind Storm goal

pad save by Clemente

Devils attacking in waves

Clemente covers

Face off in the Storm zone

Devils keeping Storm penned in their own D zone

Clemente making multiple saves

line changes on ice

Brine looking for rebounds

off clemente

Dr piggot lays a hit but not in Bordy's strength

icing called

Face off in the Storm zone

puck cleared so Devils have to restart their attack.

Asselin shot goes over Clemente

Clemente saves from Ulmer

Devils have got to stay patient and keep attacking

Storm 2 on 1 Bissonette scores

came from Batch turnover along the boards

Ulmer picks a Storm players pocket but shot padded away

Bownsy saves

icing by Devils

30 seconds left in period

Haddad shoots saved by Clemente

Face off in the Storm zone

Backhand shot from Richie, saved though

end of period Devils have alot to do to get back into this game.

Giants leading Caps 2-1

Steelers leading 2-1 in Skydome

1st Storm goal scored after 53 seconds

2nd goal scored at 18:18

SOGs 11-7 in favour of the Devils

Time for a cuppa

Latest score Fife 1 Panthers 0

Come on Caps!!!!!

Phil Egans end of period summary: Devils playing the better hockey but cant seem to convert their chances. Storm have taken their chances well. Devils need to realise we have to Defend as well as attack

Both teams back on ice

Dean Smith drops the puck to start the second period

Face off in the Storm zone

shot saved by Clemente

Lord lays two big hits

Joey Martin shot wide

Hit off the play

Phillips on Asselin

Storm pen Phillips

2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils pressing hard on PP

Devils keeping pressure on Storm

Haddad with a chance but saved

Face off in the Storm zone

pen was interference not cross checking

Storm icing

Face off in the Storm zone

Devils attack snuffed out

Face off in the Storm zone

play is a bit scrappy

Storm clear their Defence

Storm pen #182 minutes for cross-checking

Storm pen was for #18 Taylor Dickin

Benti and hotham creating chances


Joey Martin scores

Devils have upped their play

Devils have upped their play

Culligan shoots but pad save from Clemente

Steelers now 3-1 up

Bordeleau and Lordo combine but saved by Clemente


scored by Lord

on a rebound from Hotham shot

goal timed at 27:56

Storm score


too easy for Bissonette to drive to the Devils net

Devils first goal scored at 26:41

Devils attacking again.

Bowns pad save

Devils trying set up another chance through Brine and Bordeleau

Richardson shot by Clemente

Hotham tried to set up another play

Storm Pen Trevor Johnson

Lets have a PPG you Devils

last storm pen was for hooking at 31:54

Storm FS

Storm 3rd goal at 29:06

Haddad with a chance but denied.

Devils trying hard but cant seem to get the crucial final touch for the goal

Haddad working so hard

Clemente covers

Face off in the Storm zone

gametime 36:42

Devils trying to create the 'perfect goal'

Icing called on Storm

Face off in the Storm zone

Fournier driving but pass goes astray

Giants leading Caps 4-3

Steelers leading Blaze 4-1

Storm forcing Devils wide and away from Clemente's goal

Face off in the Storm zone

bissonette shoots but over Bowns

Face off in the Devils zone

cleared by Devils

Face off in the Storm zone

game time 38:23

Storm working hard for puck

Face off in the Devils zone

Hotham and Haddad combine well but saved

Haddad shoots wide

Pad save by Clemente

and that's it for this period. so on balance Devils period but only just

Giants leading 5-3 against Caps

2nd period SOGs Devils 15 Storm 4

Devils need to win tonight to match what seems to be a giants victory in Edinburgh

Fife and Panthers tied at 1-1

Phil Egans 2nd period summary: Devils still having the best of the possession. It seems we get set up perfectly in front of goal but nobody wants to shoot. Storm Playing Dump and chase and its working for them so far. 2nd period has been very boring in his opinion. Hoping for good 3rd

Sheffield now leading 6-2 in Coventry

Teams back out on the ice ready for the 3rd period

we off in the 3rd

two quick turnovers Devils looking very focused

Devils trying to set up in Storm D zone

Haddad shoots high

Face off in the Storm zone

myers wins draw

Devils pen A hotham 2 minutes for tripping


Kill Devils Kill

Devils clear zone

Storm looking dangerous on PP

play down in Storm D zone

Storm still Dump and chase

Fournier shoots but saved


scored by Joey Haddad


Storm will have to change their gameplan

Devils looking threatening.

assist to S Hotham and G Fournier

Storm pen Dziursinky 2 minutes for hooking


Devils trying to set up. Clemente saves a shot

Face off in the Storm zone

another Face off in the Storm zone

haddad to try and win which he does

shot through traffic but blocked befiore it reaches clemente

yet another Face off in the Storm zone

Storm FS

Face off in the Storm zone

Devils keeping the pressure on

Storm called for icing after Lordo lays hit on Neilson

Face off in the Storm zone

Devils setting up chance

but storm defending well

Storm finally manage to change their lines

on ice.

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils clear

storm pass goes astray

neutral zone face off

Haddad shoots and saves

by clemente

game gone abit scrappy

Face off in the Storm zone


Layne Ulmer assist Asselin


Storm having to chase the game now

Clemente saves from Bentivoglio

then a bit of a scuffle ensues

Face off in the Storm zone

play breaks down ice into Devils zone

Devils clear

Devils saved by Bowns but storm still threaten

Devils clear

myers with a chance but padded away

Clemente saves from Doucet

Devils build

Joey Haddad having a great game

Lord and Hotham combine.

Storm Pem #4

and that is ex Devil Adam Harding

Time out Devils

Face off in the Storm zone

Belfast win 8-3

Sheffield win 8-2

Ulmer and benti with shots

Harding pen was for Slashing at 55:52

Myers on the end of some rough stuff from Ehardt

game time 57:30

Storm FS

Haddad shoots after storm turnover but it was high

Storm effort saved by Bowns

Clemente lifted


E N G for Culligan


clemente lifted again!!!!!!!

Louis hits post on empty net.

Game over Devils win

Storm MOM is Matt Bissonette

Thanks to Phil Egan for his efforts and texts

Devils MOM is Andrew Lord

that's it from me tonight as the Devils remain top of the table.

I would expect we will have coverage of the game on Wednesday in SSE arena Belfast for the second leg of the Challenge Cup Semi. I will be following the game myself. I don't know who will be hosting it but I am sure it will be a great game.

Goodnight from me. Nos Da Pawb.

PS Congrats to Lianne Barham who got the prediction spot on correct.

NB Sheffield score corrected