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Nottingham Panthers 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

MNL will be covering this game thanks t Panthers fans Cheryl, Trv & Viv who along with our regular on the road Devils texter KettDevil

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for the only coverage of this game available to you

Score prediction/comments always welcomed to

If ant member of the RED ARMY at the NIC can texter then you are welcomed on the MNL line 07527 625 206

Warmup well underway at NIC

David Rees says 4-2 Devils

Mark G predicts the same scoreline

Darren B thinks Devilds will triumph 4-3 in O/T

Pat in Bridgend just wants a Devils win

Come on France U can do it

Liam sewell is tonights referee - lets hope he is up to it

4-2 to Devils is a popular call tonight Russky goes for that score as well

England win 19-16 - l;ucky b****rs

Warmup done & dusted

No scratches for the DEVILS except the injured Jake Morissette - coach Andrew Lord plays

No Jason Williams or Chris Lawrence for Panthers

All our texters have now reported in

Ice ready awaiting teams

Devils take to the ice

Panthers have finally made an appearence

Anthem time

Come on U DEVILS make sure you stand still on that blueline

Matt Myers appears to have taken over the "C"

We are ready to go

Puck dropped

Chris Culligan Guillaume Doucet Matt Myers start for DEVILS

Joey Martin Andrew Lord Sean Bentivoglio next up for devils

Andrew Lord has first shot of game - wide


@ 1:53 scored by Patrick Asselin (10th)

Josh Batch with assist

Goal given to Josh Batch assist Patrick Asselin & Joey Haddad

Who cares its 1-0 DEVILS

Jeff Brown very brave checks Patrick Bordeleau @ 3:33

Fast game so far

That was Josh Batch 3rd league goal of the season

Beauty of a save by Bowns from Brad Moran @ 5:18

Devils encouraging Panthers to attack then hitting them on the break

Gametime 7:03

Ben Bowns makes a series of saves

Eric Lindhagen forces another save from Ben Bowns

Come on U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 8:17 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for slashing


Its Scott Hotham thats in the naughty boys room

Chris Culligan down after a big check

Hes up on his feet

One minute of penalty killed

Gametime 9:38

Devils Full Strength

Its end to end at NIC

Chris Culligan back on the ice

Matt Myers almost through Miika Wiikman @ 12:17

Panthers penalty David Clarke 2 minutes for slashing @ 12:43

Scott Hotham goes close with a rocket @ 13:28

RED ARMY around a 100 strong

30 secs of PP left

Devils exerting a lot of pressure on PP

Panthers Full Strength

Game still being played at to spoeed - @ 15:34

Panthers goal

Chris Lawrence assist Brian McGratten

@ 16:12

Come on U DEVILS lets get that lead back before the buzzer

Devils icing @ 17:19

Miika Wiikman saves a redirection by Layne Ulmer

Gametime 18:01

Final minute of 1st period

Phil's late prediction was 5-4 to Devils

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

Apologies for my fat fingers that earlier gave the Panthers 2 goals

Steelers wining 2-0 at Dundee, Giants & Clan tied at2 apiece

Panthers goal was of course scored by Robert Farmer not Chris Lawrence (who it not icing)

I must get bigger keys on my keyboard or whittle down my fingers

AS KettDevil says SoG look a bit dubious Panthers 14 DEVILS 2

Devious even

Kieran says Devils will wsin 2-1

If there is only one more goal in this game I had better warm up the dark room already

Devils back on ice

Concensus is that Patrick Asselin not Josh Batch scored Devils goal

Panthers return

2nd period starts

Good work by Joey Haddad creates a chance @ 21:07

Devils penalty called

Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for high sticks @ 22:03


KettDevil says it very quiet at NIC

Panthers Penalty Alex Nikiforuk 2 minutes for hooking

11 secs of 4 on 4

Devils Full Strength

Devils now on PP

Panthers penalty was @ 23:53

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Mark Richardson hits post as Panthers kill penalty

great save by Miika Wiikman

Sean Bentivoglio goes close ' 29:20

Lets Go DEVILS lets Go

I want a goal U DEVILS

Everyone on MNL wants a Devils goal - please

S**T - Panthers goal

Robert Lachowicz the scorer with his 100 goal for the Panthers

Assists David Clarke & Stephen Schultz

@ 30:31

Come on U DEVILS - both Giants and Stellers being held to a draw

KetDevil says its frustrating DEVILS should be winning

Patrick Bordeleau just killed a panther @ 32:22

Brian McGratten steps in and wrestles Patrick Bordeleau to the ice

They both get 2 minutes for roughing

it was a clean hit - no call

Patrick Asselin goes close ' 33:51

DEVILS have upped their game for the 4 on 4

Both teams return to full strength

Its 4-4 at Sheffield between Steelers 7 Stars and 3-3 at Braehed between Clan & Giants

Miika Wiikman saves from Joey Haddad

Gametime 35:26

Joey Martin shot saved @ 37:05

Come on U DEVILS

Devils icing @ 37:39

Chris Culligan goes close @ 38:35

Now Patrick Asselin goes close

Last minute

Now Sean Bentivoglio does everything except score

As KettDevil says hope you are getting a clear picture of events at NIC

Guillaume Doucet shoots as buzzer goes

End of 2nd period Pantherts 2 DEVILS 1

DEVILS should not be 2-1 down says texters

SoG for 2nd Panthers 6 DEVILS 13 making it 20-15 after 2 periods

Teams back on the ice

Come on U DEVILS lets have a storming 3rd period and bags those valuable points

3rd period starts

Devils penalty

Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for netminder interference ' 40:43


Panther Goal a PPG

Slack PK allowed David Clarke to walk in and score

@41:26 assists for Stephen Schultz & Brad Moran

Panthers penalty @ 41:50 Robert Lachowicz 2 minutes for roughing

Lots of chances for DEVILS but they cannot bury that biscuit

Jeff Dimmen 2 minutes for slashing


At 43:12 scored by Patrick Asselin (10th or maybe 11)

Assists Scott Hotham & Matt Myers

Patrick Bordeleau goes close

t was Dinmen who got called for slashing not Robert Lachowicz


By all accounts Scott Hotham is having a great game tonight

Sean Bentivoglio with sublime skill has shot saved @ 47:03

Siege of Panthers goal at the moment

Scott Hotham has shot saved

Joey Haddad shoots wide


Trev & Viv did not win 50?50 lets hope their team doesnt win as well

Patrick Bordeleau the scorer (3rd) assists Andrew Hotham & Mark Richardson

@ 48:28

Matt Myers & Jeff Brown have words

Devils Penalty

Andrew Lord 2 minutes for tripping @ 49:26


Panthers thankfully struggle on PP

Devils Full Strength

Gametime 52:03

Patrick Asselin waltzes through defence and is hauled down @ 52:11

Panthers Ollie Betteridge 2 minutes for tripping

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Lots of Devils pressure

Gleason Fournier goes close @ 53:26

Matt Myers breaks stick with slap shot

Now Josh Batch goes close

Its all DEVILS

Panthers Full Strength

Patrick Bordeleau shoots just wide

Gametime 54:50

Gametime 55:14

Lets have a goal U DEVILS - PLEASE

Devils icing @ 55:33

Its been a fantastic game by all accounts

Good performance by referee Sewell

Steelers win 5-4

Gone very quiet

Joey Martin goes close

Final 2 minutes

Geoff Waugh Shot hits netting

Final minute

Joey Haddad has shot cleared off the line

Devils penalty Mark Louis

2 minutes for hooking

@ 59:21

Panthers time out

Game restarts

Panthers penalty Stephen Schultz 2 minutes for boarding

@ 59:41


Game restarts

End of regulation Panthers 3 DEVILS 3

O/T here we come

By my reckioning there will be 1:20of 3 on 3 followed b a 21 sec pp for Devils (4 on 3)

Lets gewt that second point U DEVILS

O/T starts

Big saves at both ends of the ice

Mark Louis returns - PP for Devils

Devils have created chances in O/T

Panthers Full Strength

4 on 4 until a whistle

Sean Bentivoglio shot saved

Now 3 on 3

2Gametime 62;02

Gametime 62:52 as Miika Wiikman covers

Gleason Fournier shot saved

Guillaume Doucet breakaway saved @ 63:10


@ 63:56

Sean Bentivoglio with a backhand beauty

Great game, Trev & Viv say DEVILS better win the league

Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin have assists on game winner


Panthers MoM - Dan Spang

Trev & Viv think Sprang got MoM for being hit senseless by Bordy

Our thanks to Panthers fans, Cheryl, Trev & Viv and asalways to our very own ace reporter KettDevil

If you can't get to the IAW tomorrow why not joinn us at MNL when Russky will be in the chair