Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Belfast Giants

Good evening!

Chris here as your host for tonights game between the Cardiff Devils and the Belfast Giants :D

A bit late getting started but i'm getting there now! Any predictions or general shouting send them over to

First prediction of the night is in, Pat going for a Devils win by 3 goals :D

Because this is a 2-legged affair, I think the game can end in a draw tonight, although obviously we'd rather a Devils victory :)

Giants are on a bit of a streak at the moment so tonight is going to hopefully be an amazing game!

Not only will tonight help towards the CC final, but it could help either teams title aspirations, especially with the Devils lead being cut at the top of the table!

Russky going for a Devils 3-1 victory :D

Anne, we're here doing updates but we don't on Twitter, mainly because we got our MNL account banned once for spamming!

We're not sure who might be sitting out for the Devils tonight, it's been Doucet the last few games with Lord back in the lineup...

Tony and Denise (who are in Jamaica!) going for a Devils 4-2 win :D

Drew up in Warrington going for a Devils victory by 2 goals :) Glad to hear the coverage helps you out Drew!

Anne is going for a Giants 2-3 victory! What the! No chance... Hopefully :E

Obviously this is the first leg of the CC semi-final, the 2nd leg takes place in Belfast next Wednesday...

Warmup over in IAW, about 10-15mins to go until the puck drops :D

It's not very exciting so far tonight!

Our lone texter in IAW doesn't know who is missing from the lineup, although we suspect it may be Doucet again because of the change since Lord laced them back up

There are another 4 games against the Giants after tonight, the next CC SF game on Weds and then another 3 league games!

Tonight could go some way to making or breaking either teams title hopes, hopefully it's not us because I don't know if I can cope with another trophyless season :(

About 5mins to go...

This game just needs to start already!

Oh, and the Devils have Bordeleau back in the lineup tonight!

Lights are dimmed! It's intro time at IAW :D

Phil going for a Devils 4-2 victory \o/

Dai going for a 3-3 game tonight, but you think we'll sneak through in Belfast? Interesting shout there!

Intro over, although go time!

Carys going for a Devils 4-3 victory all the way from Benidorm!

Looks like we're truly international tonight haha!

Looks like a good crowd in IAW for tonights clash considering it's midweek and a CC game!

Morissette has been spotted on the bench tonight, so Doucet is back in the lineup for tonights game

Word from the rink is that Morissette might be out for the season :(

Anthem time!

Boos ring out at the end of the anthem after Walser decides to skate around during the anthem!

Ahahahahahahahahaha - Walser gets a misconduct penalty to start the game because of his actions!

Dean Smith is the ref for tonights game, well played that man!

So it's 5on5 to start because it's a 10min penalty for Walser

Bordeleau has just absolutely nailed Michael Quesnele - looks like tonight is going to be feisty!

So Walser gets 10min misconduct at 00:00 for no category (according to the gamesheet)

Whistle is the starting netminder for the Giants tonight!

1min played, both teams have had some good chances

Ooooooooooooooh - Martin goes very very close!

Whistle makes a save following a shot from Lord @ 01:53

Batch nails Steve Saviano and then Giants called for icing @ 02:25

Keefe throwing some hits out there, but he doesn't look a patch on how he used to play

Lord seems to be the main player being targetted, but both teams creating chances still and it can only be a matter of time till Batch or Bordeleau floors another Giant :P

Devils called for icing @ 03:46

Good save from Bowns @ 04:03, Riley with the shot but it wasn't a massively difficult save for Bowns to make

Giants look good so far tonight, throwing just as many hits and creating just as many chances

Seems to be the Giants creating a bit more at the moment, and now it's 5mins played!

WHAT A SAVE! Whistle denies Doucet :( Timed @ 05:06

Another series of saves from Whistle @ 05:17

It's pretty much end to end

Good chances for Myers and Riley at either end of the ice

7mins played, Devils killing the puck behind Bowns at the moment

Oooh, Brine and Bordeleau link up well but can't convert

OJ points out that Joey Martin is not on gamesheet

Haddad floors a Giant, then Rutherford floors Ulmer!

And then the Devils are called for icing @ 08:12

James Desmarais goes close for the Giants

Gah! Culligan so so close

Martin breakaway but Whistle makes the save!

And now we have a Giants penalty... Jim Vandermeer 2mins for slashing @ 09:50


Little bit of confusion how the goal went in, and we're not sure who scored, but who cares! 1-0 Devils :D

Devils goal timed at 10:43 - Ulmer from Andrew Hotham and Bentivoglio PPG

Devils called for icing @ 11:42

Walser is back on the ice and getting booed at every opportunity :D

12mins played and it looks like a Devils penalty is coming...

Giants have certainly come out more feisty after that goal went in! Lots of slashes and hits off the play :/

Devils penalty @ 12:46 Brine gets 2mins for tripping

Everytime Walser steps onto the ice, or touches the puck he gets booed :D

Giants PP looks really quite dangerous

Richardson clears the puck, the crowd cheer and Brine steps back onto the ice :D



Looks like it may have been Fournier with the goal, assists to Haddad and Asselin :D Timed at 15:25

Devils have created a good few chances since scoring that 2nd goal :D

Haddad really created that goal, lots of hard work and an amazin pass, but it was a sublime shot from Fournier!

Whistle makes a save @ 16:58

Wow, what a series of saves from Bowns and now we have a Devils penalty coming...

Giants threw a hit, Fournier took exception and then Louis floored another Giants player!

You'll have to bear with us as we wait for actual details on the penalties that are coming...

So it's a Giants powerplay, but we're still awaiting penalty details!

So for the Devils, Myers and Louis both get 2mins for roughing @ 17:24. For the Giants Riley gets 2mins for roughing

Giants score :(

Seems it was Shields from Walser (who gets booed)

Giants goal was timed at 17:22 and counts as a PPG I guess. Louis makes his way back onto the ice so it's 5on5

19mins played, another huge save from Whistle on a shot from Ulmer

Puck out of play @ 19:13

30seconds left!

And that's it, end of the 1st period Devils lead by 1 goal :D

Well, that was a good period really. Both teams are looking good and creating chances, throwing hits all over the ice!

Shots on goal for the first period are... Devils 9-6 Giants

And there's been a change to the Giants first goal.. Now reads Shields from Walser and Saviano @ 17:42

Zamboni still slowly trundling around, maybe 5mins till the 2nd period?

Officials are back on the ice

Giants back on the ice!

Walser gets booed as he steps back on, and then the boos turn to cheers as the Devils emerge :D

Well here we go! Puck dropped and we're off :D GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS!

Bordeleau goes close!

Bowns save @ 20:32 from a Saviano shot

Richardson goes close!

Devils penalty coming!

Devils penalty @ 21:28 - Riley 2mins for tripping

Giants penalty even, not Devils!

Fournier goes close

22mins played, Devils have been the stronger team starting this period

Jim Vandermeer blocking lots of shots!

Andrew Hotham goes close, 1min of PP left

23mins played, Devils powerplay working well but we just couldn't get the puck past Whistle

Giants back to full strength and then get called foricing @ 23:36

Michael Forney makes another hit on Lord! Lord definitely taking a beating out there!

Getting close to 25mins played, end to end

Whistle makes a save from Fournier @ 24:39

And another save from Whistle @ 24:44

Puck out of play at 25:07 - Giants trying to create some pressure now...

Foster takes a massive dive behind the nets of Bowns, Smith just llaughs at him

Bordeleau nails Michael Quesnele in the Giants zone

27mins played, Devils probably creating the better chances so far

Massive save by Whistle to deny Martin who had all sorts of space infront of net!

28mins played!

Big save Bowns from a deflected shot right infront of him!

Whistle makes another save @ 28:59

Ulmer goes close!

Devils called for icing @ 30:00

Devils must have won like 80% of the faceoffs tonight!

Lord sends a great pass through the Giants zone, but there's no one there to meet it! :(

32mins played

Devils called for icing @ 32:01 after a missed pass


Doucet with the Devils 3rd goal :D

We'll have details asap :D

Devils 3rd goal - Doucet from Scott Hotham @ 32:17


Penalties coming for both teams we think

Brine an Boxhill get 2mins for roughing @ 33:49 - It's 4on4!

Bordeleau doesn't look happy and then Giants score :(

Louis made a pass that didn't find anyone and Higgins scores :(

It's still 4on4, goal details coming as soon as we get them!

Seems the Giants 2nd goal was Higgins unassisted @ 34:13

The Giants goal again cam after a Devils goal! We score and then ease back a bit, whilst Giants up the pressure

Both teams back to full strength

Whistle makes a good save @ 36:27

And now Bowns makes a good save @ 36:40

Giants creating a lot of chances now, they've upped their game a lot!

Boxhill and then Vandermeer go close! Come on Devils!

Puck out of play following a Doucet shot @ 37:33

Doucet and Culligan so so close

Devils penalty, Myers gets 2mins for tripping @ 37:58

Myers went into the box banging his stick, but seems to be more at himself than at Smith

Giants called for icing @ 38:57

1min of penalty killed!

Puck gets caught behind Whistle at 39:03 and play resumes in the neutral ice


Or maybe not, Giants are complaining that the game clock was run down...

Goal stands!

Giants certainly aren't happy, but the period has ended...

Well that was a great goal from Joey Martin :D

Devils 4th goal timed @ 39:59 - Joey Martin unassisted and it was even strength!

Shots on goal for the 2nd period read... Devils 9-7 Giants

2mins to go untl the 3rd period!

Devils back on the ice! :D

And here come the Giants, Walser booed of course

Here we go with the 3rd period! Puck dropped and we're off :D

Bordeleau goes close, and then Louis goes close!

Asselin gets nailed on the board, Devils creating chances though!

41mins played!

Bentivoglio with a breakaway, but Whistle makes the save!

Walser is getting (rightly) booed any time he even gets close to touching the puck!

42mins played, Giants creating some chances now

Devils penalty coming after Rutherford make a blatent dive :/

Andrew Hotham 2mins for tripping @ 42:32

43mins played, Devils PK looking good after 30seconds

1min of penalty killed!

44mins played, Myers playing very well on the PK!

Giants score :(

The PK was looking so good until that last rush forward from the Giants :(

Looks like it was Shields with his 2nd goal of the night

Giants 3rd goal was Shields from Walser and Desmarais @ 44:36

And now Giants have scored a 4th :(

About 46:30 we think, Giants are hitting us off the puck but that was just a bad play by the Devils :(

Benedict from Rutherford @ 46:31 for the Giants 4th :/

We were playing so well uptil those 2 goals, but suddenly Giants are all over us :/

Andrew Hotham is being hit all the time :/

And now he's taken a penalty :(

Devils penalty @ 47:46 - Andrew Hotham 2mins for slashing

Giants camped in the Devils zone during the PK, 1min of PK left

49mins played, 30seconds of PK left!

Devils back to full strength

50mins played!

Giants called for offside @ 50:41

Giants icing called @ 51:08

Giants hit the posts!

Myers gets tripped and Smith refuses to call it :/

Giants called for icing again @ 51:47

Looks like a Giants penalty coming...

Giants penalty timed @ 52:05 - Ryan Martinelli gets 2mins for slashing

Devils really need to get a goal on this PP!

Smith is letting an awful lot go for the Giants :/

Shot from Martin goes out of play @ 53:05

Scott Hotham hits the posts!

Come on Devils!

54mins played, and now the Giants are back to full strength

Fournier goes close! 55mins played

Lord nails Keefe, then Keefe goes for Lord and gets a penalty!

Or not, it's Walser who gets the penalty! Oh well...

Walser gets 2mins for interference @ ????

56mins played, and we still don't know what time the penalty was called against Walser

55:39 for the penalty on Walser, finally!

Smith is an absolute farce

Myers & Quesnele get 2mins for roughing @ 56:32

Ah no, Quesnele gets 2mins for holding the stick

Giants 2on1 break with 57mins played

Smith whistles down play after Whistle loses his helmet @ 57:40

Walser returns for the Giants so it's now 5on5

We're into the final 2mins and Smith has called another penalty against the Giants

Looks like it's Lord who gets 2mins for roughing @ 58:22 and Giants call a timeout

Smith is just making these calls up in his head

Giants on the powerplay for the final 1:30 or so of the game :(

Giants score :(

Giants take the lead @ 59:04

Vandermeer was the scorer of the Giants 5th goal, which was a PPG :/

But that's it, game over. Giants win 4-5 after the Devils were 4-2 up...

Giants man of the match goes to... Colin Shields

Devils man of the match goes to... Joey Martin

Well that's a disappointing end to the game, from 4-2 up to losing 4-5 isn't so good :/

Chris out.