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Fife Flyers 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good Afternoon from wet and sub Tropical Treharris. Join me (Russky) from 6pm for the usual MNL shenanigans and score updates, along with unrivalled quality text commentary when the puck Drops in centre ice.

If you wish to send us a prediction or comment, please feel free to do so by emailing it to and I will do my best to include it during the build up to game.

Until then I wish you all a restful afternoon.

I am off for my pre-game nap.

Good Evening all, I am rested, fully refreshed and ready for tonights game.

Having viewed last nights game highlights and post game interviews I have to say I was even more impressed with the Devils performance than I was last night.

But now for tonight. You may remember that the last time the Devils went to Kirkcaldy they got spanked 4-0 but I cant see that happening tonight.

There are currently 3 games in play: Sheffield 2 Belfast 1, Nottingham 8 Coventry 1 and Edinburgh'v Manchester has only just started.

So far we have had 6 prediction into our email inbox at

Pat in Bridgend sees it as 3-2 to Devils and will be happy with that. Thanks Pat, I had a nice nap.

David Rees aka Recker in Carmarthenshire predicts a 5-1 Devils win

Hazel and Pete in Southend have sent their predictions in. Hazel has it as a 4-3 Overtime win for the Devils whereas Pete is much more confident forecasting a 6-1 Devils win

Matthew Moore see it as 6-2 to Devils

Carys Ingram says 4-1 for a Devils win

John in hot n hunid Bedwas, his words not mine, has it as 5-2 to Devils

The warm up is now complete

Gareth Jenkins has a Devils win by 4 goals.

Our texters tonight in Fife are Andy Harris, who is a Devils fan residing in Dundee and Gillian a hardcore Flyers fan.

Team news Lordo is icing

Now 2-2 in Sheffield against Belfast

Panthers 8 Blaze 2 in 3rd period

Sheffield v Belfast gane is in 2nd period

Lights dimmed at Kirkcaldy Ice Arena, with their Zamboni chasing its tail.

It may not be exotic in Treharris OJ but it sure is wet and rainy

Officials out on the ice now, our ref tonight is Pavel Halas

Devils on ice waiting for Flyers to emerge, which they do

Allan Ross In Fife calls it as a fife win 5-2 but isn't as confident now as Dingle isn't playing for Flyers

Flower of Scotland ringing out around the arena

puck dropped

first line our Mo Myers and Culli

Louis and Fournier on D

Both texters now reported in

Bowns saves after a Devils turnover by Myers

Devils Penalty

Asselin sits out for a too many men pen

Face off in the Flyers zone

which is being killed off easily

Fife fire puck over Bownsy's goal

28 secs left of pk

Face off in the Flyers zone

Bownsy fumbles but is saved by Halas who whistles down play

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Bownsy saves again

4 mins gone

both teams change their on ice lines

gone quiet in Kirkcaldy

Panthers beat Blaze 8-3

Giants lead 3-2 now in Sheffield

even stevens in Fife. Devils with more possession but fife firing more shots

Gametime 8.00

Face off in the Flyers zone

Martin fires puck straight at Fife netminder Owen who cuddles it into his pads

Myers and Lord combine well but denied by Owen

Fife Icing at 9:25

Andy reports that not a single pint has been tipped over the Devils bench yet

But coffee spilt in the rink café. Nato have been informed.

Gillian asks for a proper ref who wont whistle down play for nothing.

Bordy skates to bench seeking replacement helmet.


at 11:19 after Cameron sent to sin bin for high sticks

scored by Benti assisted by A Hotham and Martin

Devils offside


The hone crowd silenced. The few attending members of the Red Army in fine voice

Fife breakaway foiled by Devils D

Face off in the Devils zone

gametime 13:04

gametime 16:00

Sheffield 2 Belfast 3 at end of 2nd period

Bowns denies a fife wrap around

Devils are defending well. hope that's not speaking too soon

Fife creating a lot of chances but not putting them past Bownsy

2 mins left of first period

Clan 2-0 up at Dundee in first period

Bowns gloves a shot from Isaacs

end of period

Devils on PK at end of period due to tripping call on Myers @19:03

Andy says that the Devils giving up lots of turnovers which is leading to Fife chances from wide and long shots. Bownsy dealing with all shots comfortably

Time for a beer methinks

SOGs level at 12 each

It seems to me that Fife are waiting for Devils to spill the puck to and living off those scraps to create their chances and hitting the Devils on the counter attack

now Steelers 3 Belfast 4 in 3rd period

Caps and Storm all square at 3 all

Clan leading Dundee 3-1

Devils only goal so far was a PPG scored by Bentivoglio with assists to A Hotham and Joey Martin at 11:19

Lets hope for more goals to come.

now 5-3 to Belfast at the house of Foil

They are going to be a handful for the Devils this Wednesday at the IAW


Joey Martin scores @21:01, assist by Lord

A Short handed goal. Devils now FS

sorry but text only just coming through now.

Fife pen coning.

Haines 2 minutes for cross-checking

Bowns pulled now 6 on 4 hockey

Correction Boarding not cross checking


Barnstorming game at Murrayfiled : Caps 4 Storm 5

Spot of handbags in front of Fife net

no pens called , Bowns reinstated as Fife return to full strength

now Steelers 4 Giants 5

Shot from Sisca dealt with by Bowns at 26:30

chance resulted from yet another Devils turnover

Dr Piggott has a chance on a rebound but then denied by Owens

Fife with a chance, puck flies across Bownsy's crease but no fife player able to make the most of it

Fife 1 on 1 chance denied by Bowns

now Devils 3 on 1 chance foiled

Gametime 30:35

Face off in the Flyers zone

Devils pen delay of game pen served by Fournier

Devils clear puck and change on ice lines

Bownsy saves again 1 min of pen killed

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS. Bordy lets rip a clearance and its still flying towards fife

Face off in the Devils zone

puck cleared

Devils offside @34:59

Morrisette 1on 1 was whistled down as Devils judged offiside

Hotham sets up a shot but its fired high into the stands.

Devils Pen Bordy 2 minutes for roughing @36:29

it was just abit of a 'love tap' at worst according to our texter Andy

Last 2 mins of period

Another Devils pen A Hotham 2 mins for slashing

now 5 on 4 hockey

as Bordy's pen expires

Devils FS

and that's a wrap for the 2nd period

Belfast pick up 4 points from their visit to Sheffield winning 5-4 tonight.

now the Devils have to close out this game to also gain a 4 point weekend. Its been a while since they have achieved that.

The Devils still have to play the Giants 4 times before the end of the season so those four games could well deternine the League title.

2nd period SOGs 8 each

Dundee and Braehead locked at 4 all

Still Manchester leading Edinburgh 5-4 deep in 3rd there.

if the scores stay as they are and the Devils win tonight, then the Devils will retain top spot by 1 point but with 1 game in hand over Belfast. and they will be 6 points ahead of the Steelers having played a game more than them.

back in time for start of 3rd

puck dropped to start the 3rd

Another distance shot saved by Bowns with his pads

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils attack thwarted by a missed pass

quiet start to the 3rd

Devils just need to run the clock down and stay disciplined.

Gametime 42:14

a regular pattern to this game. Fife on Breakaway, Bowns saves, Face off in the Devils zone

Flyers called for icing now

Flyers fan ejected from arena, hope it wasn't our texter lol

no it wasn't, Gillian is still there.

Perhaps that fan wanted to share his beer with the Devils bench

Hotham and Fox sit 2 minutes for roughing

still chirping at each other in the bin

4 on 4 hockey


Ulmer and Haines having a discussion

Ulmer now sits 2 minutes for roughing

Devils clear their zone.

Bowns with a pad save

Devils need to maintain discipline and not get drawn into silly penalties

now 5 on 4 as Devils pk unit hits the ice

Ref whistles down play as Bownsy sits on puck to stop it trickling over the goal line

Devils FS

Gametime 47:27

Fournier shuts down Fife attack

Scored by Wanda

Sorry Wands


the gane as sprung into life

Now the Devils have to step up their energy and intensity again

Fife have woken up and upped their game

Devils pen Hotham 2 minutes for tripping


Fife player hit in the face by puck

totally accidental. player concerned was Fox

Face off in the Flyers zone

Texter Gillian says ref has lost control of the game

Batch nails a clean hit on Sisca but still gets called to sit 2 minutes for roughing

Face off in the Devils zone

and cleared

before the Batch call, Scott Hotham sat 2 2 minutes for interference so Fife had a brief 5 on 3

Fife pen now Pacquet 2 minutes for interference @54:02

now 4 on 4 hockey

Sisca taking liberties, wheres our rotweiler Bordy?

Devils now on PP

gametime 56:00

Fife FS

long range Fife shot covered by Bowns

Face off in the Devils zone

Game time 57:00

Hotham puts his body in the way of a slapshot and then hobbles off for treatment

Last 2 mins of regulation

1 min left

Face off in the Devils zone

Owens pulled , give us an ENG you Devils

Flyers call time out

Fournier clears the puck away

GAME OVER DEVILS WIN and enjoy a 4 point weekend

Phhhheeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was tense.

Devils MOM Joey Martin

Thanks to our texters Andy and Gillian, great job folks

FIFE MOM Parquet

Dundee beat Braehead 6-5 after a shoot out. Ryan Finnerty will not be a happy puppy

Storm beat Caps 6-4

That all from me tonight. Don't forget Wednesday the Devils are playing Belfast at IAW in first leg of Challenge Cup Semi. No doubt we will have coverage here on MNL.

Until then I bid you all a good evening. Nos Da Pawb.

*NB Dundee v Clan result corrected