Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the DEVILS are intent on gaining revenge for that heavy defeat at the hands of the Panthers at the IAW last December

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for full un-interupted coverage of this key league encounter.

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If by some miracle you get a signal at IAW let us know on 07527 625206

Warmup in progress, all Devils in action including coach Lord

A 4-2 win for Devils says Pat

Warmup completed

Referee tonight is Jan Schmejkal who had a great stat when he first appeared on the scene but made some questionable calls when we saw him last

Russky says any win will do

Let me know where you are following the game on MNL if you are in some exotic locations - I don't mean Barry or Bargoed

Will bring you team news when we have thgem.

Jason williams is not icing for Panthers

Lawrence is also a scratch

Told Andrew Lord is playing

Who drops out is unclear

Drew says Devils will win 3-2 in O/T

No russky Treharis is certainly not exotic

Pedro a mate of mine in Tenerife is with us until he goes out to dinner

Lights dimmed at IAW

Tony yes Malta is exotic

Teams on the ice

Guillaume Doucet is the scratch


We are set to go

Puck dropped

Patrick Bordeleau started with Matt Myers & Jake Morissette

Devils have had lots of possession

Save Miika Wiikman

Devils Offside

Gametime 2:51

Devils getting time in Panthers zone

Ben Bowns save

Joey Haddad shot saved

Face off in the Panthers zone

Gametime 5:21

Big save Ben Bowns

Devils 4th line has a quick shift

Too many turnovers by Devils

Andrew Lord hits post

Panthers icing

Patrick Bordeleau lays big hit

Chris Culligan clears zone

Patrick Asselin hot just wide

Gametime 10:22

This game has not come to life yet as both teams canel each other

David Brine has a chance

Joey Martin shot saved

Devilsd have key time in Panthers zone

Miika Wiikman covers puck to bring respite for his time

Gametime 12:44

Devils Offside


Gleason Fournier with his 7th of the season


Matt Myers with his 7th assist Chris Culligan

Eric Lindhagen 2 minutes for slashing @ 15:18

Devils opener was @ 14:29 with the 2nd @ 14:44

Layne Ulmer got assist on Devils opener

Miika Wiikman needs a rest - looks he is troubled by something

interference was the call not slashing

Devils looking for that 3rd goal on the PP

Gametime 16:39

Layne Ulmer goes close

Panthers Full Strength


Joey Martin the scorer with his 13th

@ 17:15

Goal given to Sean Bentivoglio assists Martin & Ulmer

Final minute

Calm after that storm of scoring

Devils penalty @ 19:27

Scott Hotham 2 minutes for interference

Tripping the call


End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Panthers 0

Some debate ongoing on Devils goals stats

Mark Richardson gets assist on Myers goal

Devils 3rd goal now reads Joey Martin assists Sean Bentivoglio & Layne Ulmer

Phil Bean period report - Very strong 1st periuod from the Devils who have been diminant throughout although Panthers have had a few chances but Ben Bowns has been equal to them. He hopes the Devils can keep up playing like this as wehenever we get a good lead the Devils switch off and let their opponents back into the game

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 13 Panthers 7

Latest score Steelers 0 Giants 4

Assist for Patrick Asselin on Devils opener

Clan 2 Flyers 0

Ice ready

Come on U DEVILS another period like that 1st would do nicely

Panthers back on ice


DEVILS will have a 1:27 PK to strt this period

2nd period starts

50 secs still to KILL

Miika Wiikman replaced by Jindrich Pacl in Panthers net

Devils Full Strength

Jindrich Pacl save

Panthers have started this period well

Mark Richardson clears zone

Ben Bowns save @ 24:33

Jindrich Pacl covers after Mark Louis goes coast to coast

Andrew Lord hit on Logan MacMillan

Devils soaking up Panthers efforts

Face off in the Devils zone

Brian McGratten misses hit on Joey Haddad

Come on U DEVILS

Panthers pressure

Devils clear zone

Devils bench penalty - Too Many Men


Sean Bentivoglio serves penalty

Time of penalty 31:47

One minute killed

Devils clear zone

Devils Full Strength

Jindrich Pacl savesfrom Andrew Lord @ 34:04

Jindrich Pacl saves again from Gleason Fournier

Panthers icing

Gametime 37:04

Ben Bowns save

Last 2 minutes

Eric Lindhagen clears Panthers zone

End of 2nd DEVILS 3 Panthers 0

Now Steelers 1 Giants 5

Storm 3 Stars 1

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Panthers 10 making it 21-17 after 2 periods

Phil says - Good 2nd period Devils well in control winning most battles up front and at the back. Pacl has made some great saves otherwise the score would be more in the Devils favour

Ice ready waiting for teams

Come U DEVILS lets have another goal

Panthers on the ice

Nigel is managing to get some texts through, things are looking up

He says officials are back just waiting for the Good Guys

Devils finally appear

3rd period starts

Face off in the Panthers zone

Ben Bowns save @ 42:33

Face off in the Panthers zone

Chris Culligan shoots wide

Jindrich Pacl makes save after save

Devils icing

Devils icing @ 45:04



Patrick Asselin his tenth

Assist Layne Ulmer

@ 45:45

Andrew Hotham goes close, as does Chris Culligan

Devils icing @ 48:35

Devils icing as Devils play within themselves

Bowns saves

Ben Bowns save @ 50:44


Patrick Bordeleau with his 2nd of the season

Assist for Mark Louis on Devils 5th goal @ 53:30

Devils having to defend as Panthers have not given up

Ben Bowns save from Stephen Schultz

Bowns covers @ 57:42

Jindrich Pacl saves @ 58:21

20 secs left

Final score DEVILS 5 Panthers 0

Great shut out for BEN BOWNS

Our thanks to Nigel and Phil bean for their efforts

Panthers MoM - Brian McGratten


On to Kirkcady tomorrow - Russky will be in the hot seat

Thats all from me