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Cardiff Devils 3 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to the last MNL of the regular season we will of course be with you for the play=off quarterfinals

OJ hear in the MNL studio hoping to be celebrating two wins in the Capital already with the Devils to supply the icing on the cake this evening

Well Wales went down fighting against the visting Irish yesterday evening whilst the Bluebirds have been trounced 3-0 at home this afternoon.

It appeared that the Bluebirds suffered from the same sinbinitis that the Devils go down with regularly having to play for close on an hour with just 9 players

Bluebirds that is a worse record that the England (so called) rugby team

Score predictions as usual to

Rumours have it that many Nottingham fans have made the journey for tonights game

Rumours have it that many Nottingham fans have made the journey for tonights game

Rebecca in Belfast forecasts a 4-2 Devils victory

It has been confirmed Panthers fans out in force in Cardiff Bay so lets send them home with their tails between their legs

Fisher & Watkins spotted warming up

Matt Thompson is the referee

England need 265 to win, Murray v Nadal at 9pm to round off a weekend of sport

No more predictions where are you all send them to

Phil in the Shetland Isle predicts a 4-1 win for the Panthers

I suppose there is quite a bit on this game for the Panthers, a win and they play the Viprs, a loss and its the Phoenix for them

David in Belfast sees it as a 4-3 win for the Devils

I assume that it is 1v8; 2v7; 3v6 and 4v5

Panthers fans have filled 1 block + more

Panthers fans have filled 1 block + more

Ice is done

Not a big crowd yet

On ice officials come out

Panthers take to the ice

All the intros are "broken" whatever that means

Devils come out anyway

Average crowd

Still very quiet on the e-mail front, none of the usual suspects

Gareth thinks that the Devils need to raise their game and stay out of the naughty boys room

WE are away

Devils start with Latulippe, Hill & Voth upfront and Maciver & Jarvis on D

Devils win opening face off and then ice the puck @ 0:09

Aubry save

2 minutes gone, very open play so far

Panthers icing @ 2:34

Devils offside @ 2:47

Jarvis floors Bergin

Devils penalty @ 3:32 Jarvis - hi sticks

Aubry save @ 4:36

Puck out of play @ 4:42

Devils kill penalty

Panthers penalty @ 5:40 Neilson - interference

Robinson save @ 6:16

Devils penalty @ 6:30 Vothy - elbows

1:10 of 4 on 4

Panthers offside @ 6:46

Devils are getting some quality shots on Panthers net

Panthers kill penalty, Devilsnow on pk

Devils return to full strength - no problems in killing that penalty

9 minutes gone, Devils playing well

Panthers icing @ 9:14


or even FIGHTS

Prpich floored Richardson in midice, bergin held Voth on breakaway, Robinson saves and fights started

Awaiting update

I believe all this happenned @ 10:24

Penalties Bergin (P) 2 + 2 interference & roughing; Jarvis (D) - roughing

Devils penalty @ 10:44 Voth -interference

Hill hits pipes on an attempted wrap around

Panthers penalty @ 11:23 Neilson - interference

Amazing save by Robinson @ 11:54

Panthers back to 4 skaters

All penalties killed both teams are back to full strength

Aubry save @ 14:12

15 minutes gone and it is getting very physical

Aubry save @ 15:45

Handbags Voth v Cook

Massive checks being thrown by both teams

Devils icing @ 16:12

Richardson, Neilson & Bergin all asfter Prpich who just laughs at them

Richardson, Neilson & Bergin all asfter Prpich who just laughs at them

Ferrara floored, I bought cakes from him once

Penalties @ 18:34 Latulippe (D) - slashing; Tessier (P) - roughing

Devils offside @ 19:53

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

For basically a non-event game it is developing into a cracker to end the regular season

Excellent game according to my texters but one of them thinks somebody needs to give Richardson a slap

2nd period starts with a 4 on 4 for 34 seconds

Both teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Both teams back to full strength

Ace save by Robinson from Towe @ 21:01

Panthers icing @ 21:35

Handbags between Voth & Neilson

Apologies for giving the Devils a mystery 1-0 lead at first interval - just testing to see if you were all awake out there

My texters were asking for scores in other games, are any of you have trouble with ih-update

Penalties @ 22:11 Vopth (D) 2 for roughing + 10 minute misconduct; Neilson (P) 2 for interference + 10 minute misconduct

Aubry save @ 22:49

Elich misses cross ice pass with net at his mercy

Aubry save @ 23:26

Robinson save @ 23:44

Its Bruce Richardson causing havoc out there not Brit Mark Richardson

I am glad you were all awake

Back to 5 on 5 as Voth & Neilson cool their heels for 10 minutes

Back to 5 on 5 as Voth & Neilson cool their heels for 10 minutes

Devils icing @ 26:12

27 minutes gone, fantastic game according to my chief texter Chris

Robinson save @ 27:31 - no handbags as salesmen are on a break

Hill minor for hi stiks @ 27:41

Robinson save @ 28:45

Hill minor for hi stiks @ 27:41

Sorry for that break in service but it is still 0-0

It was Panthers Ed Hill that got that last penalty

Latulippe gor a 10 minute misconduct @ 28:45

For what my texters cannot fathom

For what my texters cannot fathom

Panthers offside @ 34:55

Aubry beaten @ 35:06 but puck hits pipes and Aubry covers

Getting rough again out there


Devils 1st goal scored @ 36:21 by Elich assist Voth PPG

Devils 1st goal scored @ 36:21 by Elich assist Voth PPG

Devils 1st goal scored @ 36:21 by Elich assist Voth PPG


Devils 2nd goal @ 37:23 scored by Prpich assist Teplitsky

Devils 2nd was a ppg as well don't know why

This server is going mad as is the mobile network

Puck out of play @ 39:23

Latulippe returns

Cook (P) had a minor for holding @ 35:27

Neilson (P) had a slashing minor @ 36:13

These texts are only coming thru now

At the end of the 2nd period DEVILS 2 Panthers 0

I can confirm that both Devils goals were ppg

Apologies for all that but we had server problems whilst at the sametime the mobile network was up to its usual trick of sending texts out of sequence

A quick question can Panthers overtake Coventry if they win tonight now that the Blaze have lost. I can't load ih-update for some reason

Mark in ice hockey its not "handbags at 10 paces" but "in your face in the crease"

Kev in Nottingham says all the Panthers need to go 2nd is 1 point.

Latulippe's penalty was for trying to draw a penalty on the Panthers

Both teams return to the ice and amazibgly the 3rd period will start with 5 on 5

We are off for the final period of the regular season

Penalties @ 40:23 Hill (D) holding: Meyers (P) cross check

Devils icing @ 41:18

WE are clear now Panthers need a point, if they want to finish 2nd what is it worth?

Both teams return to full strength

Panthers icing @ 43:01

I wonder if any bets were laid on Nottingham finishing runners up

I'd better keep quiet I dont want to be warned off just as Ffos Las is about to open

Devils icing @ 43:44

44 minutes gone, Panthers getting stronger

Robinson save @ 44:10

45 minutes gone

Robinson save @ 45:50

I did try to get Aubry lifted for our Panthers supporters on MNL but sorry no success


Devils 3rd goal scored @ 46:24 Voth un-assisted

Panthers messed up on their blueline, puck fell to Voth who shot straight through Robinson

Devils icing @ 47:50

Handbags @ 47:58 no takers, no penalties

Penalties @ 47:58 Adams (D); Bergin (P) roughing

Penalties @ 47:58 Adams (D); Bergin (P) roughing

G that is no way to behave, you have family responsibilities now

G that is no way to behave, you have family responsibilities now

Aubry save @ 48:55

Game finishes 3-0 ... Watch Coach Corey complain