Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Sheffield Steelers

Good evening!

Chris here, and i'll be hosting tonights game between the Cardiff Devils and Sheffield Steelers!

We'll be live from about 17:30 for coverage of the game, meanwhile if you have a scre prediction or just want to shout at me about something then send it over to

Good evening! I'm back, wahay!

Warmup underway in IAW, text coverage basically crap as always :E

Buzzer has just gone to signal the end of warmup, no news on the team lineups yet...

Last night in their 5-7 victory against the Blaze we were missing Brine and Culligan, both with injury/sickness... Lord made it onto the ice though!

We've got some predictions in....

Mark is going for a 5-3 Devils victory, but reckons there might be some nasty scenes...

Gareth hasn't given a prediction but says as long as we win he'll be a happy fan :D

Hazel is going for a Devils 4-3 victory! Hopefully that's in regulation rather than OT Hazel!

Pat is going for a Devils 3-2 victory :D

If there are anymore predictions out there, send them over to :D

We think it might be Culligan sitting out again tonight, he's the only name missing from the gamesheet...

Steelers lost last night against the Clan, unfortunately it was in OT, but it's 1point less than everyone expected!

This is the 8th game between the two teams this season! 2 CC games and 6 league games, of which the Steelers have only won 1 game and that was in the CC!

Dan back in uni is going for a Devils 4-1 victory! Martin to score another 2 goals :D

Drew in Warrington going for a Devils 4-2 victory :D

Lights are dimmed in IAW! Almost intro time :D

Into time :D Almost game time, woop woop!

Tonight is the Devils 50th game of the season as well, that's including exhibition, CC and league!

Devils making their way onto the ice :D

Brine not announced in the lineup, so the Devils are missing Brine and Culligan tonight :(

Huge cheer for Lord as he skates into the lineup \o/

Looks like the Steelers might at at full strength... Could be an interesting game although as we're carrying an extra import it's not too bad :E

Anthem time!

Anthem complete, team huddle on the go!

Darnell is tonights ref and it's almost go time!

Puck dropped and it's game on!

Steelers offside @ 00:16

Myers nails Bjorklund behind Mustukovs net...

Devils caled for icing @ 01:09

Big chance for Richardson!

Devils creating some decent pressure, but Mustukovs making save after save

And then Bowns makes the save @ 01:55

Asselin just can't reach a cross ice pass right across the Steelers crease, so so close!

Big mistake from Scott Hotham who is just a bit too slow, luckily Batch saves the day!

Both teams starting this period hard... Lots of hits being thrown!

Bowns makes a save @ 03:35

4mins played, end to end really

Doucet so close!

Then Bentivoglio goes close...


Goal #1! Scott Hotham from Ulmer @ 04:49 :D

The Devils have created another 2 or 3 good chances since that goal, we're really playing quite well at the moment!

Jones and Piggott getting a decent amount of ice time so far, seems we're really trying to roll 4 high intensity lines at the moment!

7mins played, Devils creating chance after chance!

Blimey, Steelers just missed a clear breakaway

Mustukovs makes a save @ 07:35!

Doucet was getting punched in the face behind Mustukovs, but no penalty called...

Big save from Bowns there through traffic

Puck out of play from a Steelers shot @ 08:30

Great play from Myers to regain possession and then Steelers offside @ 07:55

The puck out of play call should have been at 07:30, apologies there.

Devils putting lots of pressure on the Steelers in their own zone

10mins played and it's end to end again... then Steelers score :(

Darnell failed to make a call and Steelers called :/

Steelers goal timed @ 10:07, Phillips from Ferrara

Texter says the holding call that wasn't made directly led to the Steelers goal, but we just need to get on with things and score another 7 or 8 goals :P

Devils called for offside @ 11:41

12mins played, Steelers have woken up a bit more :(

Huge save from Mustukovs on a Martin shot!

Steelers score a 2nd :(

Steelers 2nd goal timed @ 13:01 :( Armstrong from Ratchuk and Phillips

Devils are creating chances, but Steelers have really woken up since we scored the opening goal :S

Massive diving save from Musukovs and then puck is cleared off the line!

Puck takes a massive deflection and ends up out of play @ 14:39

15mins played, Steelers still lead by 1 :(

Bowns save @ 15:13

Steelers called for icing @ 15:21

Big deflection infront of Mustukovs after he makes a save but Devils just can't reach it

Bowns with another save @ 15:47

Dowd has just taken a big hit/slash behind the net after Bowns made a save, he's down looking injured

Save and incident both timed at 15:55, expect a penalty...

Dowd has skated off under his own steam, but he doesn't look entirely right...

Okay, it doesn't seem like there will be a penalty coming

Okay, and now it is a penalty, Hotham 2mins for boarding @ 15:55 (we think!)

Amazing save from Bowns @ 16:42 and then we get more handbags! Finally Devils are defending the netminder...

So it seems like Hothams 2min penalty for boarding was actually timed @ 15:58

17mins played, 1min of PK to go! Steelers PK looking dangerous :S

Steelers very close

Devils kill the penalty, but Steelers camped in the Devils zone

That was a long penalty kill for some of our players there, great PK!

Devils called for icing @ 18:53

Bowns makes another save just as 19mins is played...

Steelers look so so quick and dangerous out there! 30seconds left

Phew! End of the 1st period and it's Devils 1-2 Steelers :(

The Devils started the period the stronger, but once we scored the Steelers really got their act together :(

Hopefully the Devils can come back in the 2nd period and reclaim (and hold onto) the lead! Bowns is playing very very well!

It doesn't seem like the Devils are playing particularly badly or any one player was at fault for the goals, but the Steelers are looking the better team at the moment

Shots on goal down as... Devils 8-15 Steelers :(

Both teams back on the ice!

Puck dropped, gooooooooooooooo Devils!

Oh ffs, Steelers score a 3rd...

Devils won the draw, but Steelers regained possession and immediately scored :(

Steelers 3rd goal was timed at 20:16 and came from Fretter... The gamesheet isn't showing any assist yet

22mins played, at least the Steelers haven't managed to score a 4th yet :/

Huge save from Bowns after a clear wraparound chance for Phillips @ 22:42

Another good save from Bowns @ 43mins ish

The Steelers are all over the Devils, they're definitely looking the better team at the moment :(

Batch very very close

Little end to end at the moment, Devils settling down a bit

25mins played, Devils not creating any real chances, but at least not gifting the Steelers massive clear chances

Bordeleau has just absolutely nailed someone in the corner!

So the hit was on Franzen, then Bordeleau got involved with almost every Steelers player around haha! No penalty called!

Play was whistled down at 25:29, things could get interesting now :D

Steelers camped in the Devils zone


Devils 2nd goal timed @ 26:39 :D Ulmer from Asselin!

That all came from the momentum shift that Bordeleaus hit caused!

It's been end to end since the goal, both teams creating chances!

And now we have 28mins played!

Bowns save @ 28:05 and again we get handbags, Devils are really providing Bowns with some help tonight!

Another Bowns save @ 28:35

30mins played!

Another big save from Bowns @ 30:55! This game is certainly getting exciting :D

Finally Darnell calls a penalty!

Another penalty against Andrew Hotham, this time it's 2mins for roughing but we've no idea what time it was called :(

That second penalty was called @ 31:04

1min of the penalty killed... Steelers PP again looking dangerous :(

Penalty killed, and Fournier has been floored!

So Steelers have had a high sticking penalty called, not sure what time yet though

Ulmer goes close! He's playing so so well at the moment!

The Steelers penalty was timed at 33:14 and was on Valdix who got 2mins for high sticks

Bowns making save after save after the Devils gift Steelers all the time in the world!

Finally the nets are knocked off their mooring @ 36mins (ish)

Huge save from Mustukovs after Martin and Bentivoglio go close!

33mins played!

37mins played even, not 33!

Devils have another penalty coming for too many men!

Penalty called against the Devils @ 37:29 for too many men on the ice :(

38mins played, we're not sure what time the actual penalty was called or who is sitting :(

39mins played, Steelers all over the Devils

Final min in the 2nd period!

Devils kill the penalty but Steelers still camped in the zone

And that's it, period ends Devils 2-3 Steelers!

Well, but of a mixed bag in that period, Steelers probably the better team across the 20mins but Devils did eventually sort themselves out and Bordeleagus (clean) hit was an absolute gamechanger, but we need more of them for the 3rd period!

So that last Devils penalty for too many men was called @ 37:28 and it was Doucet who sat for 2mins

About 5mins to go until the vitally important (for both teams) 3rd period begins...

2mins to go until the 3rd period!

Both teams back on the ice

If the Devils could avoid conceding and a goal in the opening 20seconds that would e a good start to this period!

Puck dropped and we're away!

Puck out of play @ 40:32

41mins played, Steelers have started strongly again

Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty called @ 41:13, Fournier 2mins for delay of game :( Stupid penalty to take unfortunately

Bowns save @ 41:39, penalty was actually called at 41:12

Morissette blocks a shot and that hurt, he's back up and moving but a bit gingerly!

42mins played, about 45seconds of PK left for the Devils

Puck out of play @ 42:53, Morissette looked hurt blocking the shot and then skates at full speed to the other end of the ice and shoots!

Devils won the faceoff, they haven't won very many of them so far tonight!

Fitzgerald tries to check Bordeleau and comes off worse haha! Penalty has been killed and Devils creating pressure!

44mins played! End to end now it's 5v5

Another Devils penalty coming :/

This time the penalty is called against Ulmer :(

Ulmer gets 2mins for holding @ 44:31 - We're taking lots of penalties compared to the Steelers tonight :(

Massive save from Bowns @ 44:53, puck was loose when Darnell decided to blow the whistle

Bowns was down on the ice a long time after that last series of saves, but he's up and looks ok... Hopefully nothing too serious!

Steelers score a 4th :(

Steelers 4th goal timed @ 45:16, Fretter from Roy and O'Connor

Bordeleau seems to have offered Fitzgerald out, who refused... Now there's random bits and pieces going on @ 45:45

Big chance for Martin but it ends up going wide :(

Fournier has been spotted heading for the dressing room looking injured :S

Penalties for both teams coming!

About 47mins we think

Nelson nailed Morissette, then Ulmer nailed Nelson and now it's penalties to Nelson & Ulmer

Ulmer 2mins for charging, Nelson 2mins for boarding @ 47:01

And now another Steelers penalty coming!

Franzon gets 2mins for interference @ 47:20, so it's 4on3 for almost 2mins!

48mins played!

Great save from Mustukovs following a shot from Asselin, timed at 38:44

Ulmer and Nelson penalties killed

And now Franzon is back on, we're at 5v5 again :(

Amazing save from Bowns!

50mins played!

Bordeleau is throwing lots of hits, but Steelers don't really need to respond with a 2 goal lead!

Devils called for icing @ 51:30

Bordeleagu has offered both Desbiens and Fitzgerald fights, but both have turned him down so far

Desbiens tries to check Batch, completely misses and floors himself to a big cheer from the crowd

53mins played!

Another save from Bowns @ 53:12

And another Bowns save @ 53:32, it should be Mustukovs making the saves not Bowns!

Steelers penalty coming!

Franzon gets 2mins for delay of game @ 53:44

Martin shot goes out of play following a deflection from Hagos @ 54:10

Devils called for offside @ 54:57

Big save from Mustukovs @ 55:25

Steelers kill the penalty with relative ease and then Devils called for icing @ 55:48

56mins played!

Devils are camped in the Steelers zone, but nothing is really making its way to Mustukovs

Steelers penalty called!

Steelers penalty called and Devils call a timeout! Time details incoming shortly hopefully

Steelers penalty called - Nelson 2mins @ 56:59 for hooking

Bowns hasn't come back out after the timeout, it's Devils 6on4!

All Devils! Into the final 2mins


Looks like Bowns has made his way back out, goal timed @ 58:23 from Andrew Hotham

Hotham from Bentivoglio and Ulmer @ 58:23!

Bowns is finally called off the ice @ 59:14 following an icing call from the Steelers!

Devils penalty called, damnit!

Scott Hotham gets 2mins @ 59:30 for holding the stick

Bowns is back on the ice

Steelers win :(

Well, bollocks really :(

Steelers man of the match goes to Armstrong

Devils man of the match goes to Bowns, well deserved for that man

And that's me out, unfortunately on a losing note :(