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Coventry Blaze 5 - 7 Cardiff Devils

Croeso - Welcome to MNLas we bring you coverage on yet another game against our nearest neighbours the Coventry Blaze

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 was we bring you full uninterupted coverage of the Devils quest for those all important league points.

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If you ar at the game send us updates, comments or period reports to the MNL line 07527 625206Coventry

Texters KettDevil, Gerald & Olivia have reported in from Coventrty

Warmup in prgress

Chris Culligan not seen in warmup - seeking confirmation on whether Andrew Lord is icing

Mark G says 4-3 to Devils with Bordy beating up Noble

Fingers crossed in Bridgend says Pat hoping for a win

Confirmation no Culligan Lord icing

Ever confident Hazel calls it 3-2 to Devils

Gerald Doucet says 5-2 to Devils

Russky, like the rest of us just wants a Devils win

Warmup completed

Phil Bean calls it 4-2 Devils

Stefan Hogarth is the referee tonight

David Brine is also a scratch

With tomorrows game against the Steelers a sell out by Thursday of this week if you intend to go to the Panthers game next Saturday and haven't got a ticket yet you better get your skates on as there are less that 250 tickets left

Power cut at Ice Dome

Well the lights have gone off

Drew is hoping for a 6-3 win for Devils

Devils on the ice

Blaze finally appear


Lets have a good start tonight U DEVILS

Ref & Linos removed helmets when RED ARMY sang anthem - well done them

Puck dropped

Patrick Bordeleau with Jake Morissette & Joey Martin

Blaze penalty @ 0:54 2 minutes for tripping


A PPG for Devils scored by Layne Ulmer (9th)

Assist for Sean Bentivoglio

Gleason Fournier goes close @ 2:38

Blaze GOAL @ 2:42

PA system is terrible at Ice Dome


DEVILS defence non existent

2nd Blaze goal @ 3:24

Liam Stewart scored

Patrick Asselin goes close @ 4:02

Wake up U DEVILS

Devils icing @ 4:34

KettDevils says not having seen the team for a couple of weeks they are bereft of any confidence


Andrew Lord (8th) @ 5:15

All I can tell you its 2-2

Stewart saves from Joey Martin after brilliant pass by Sean Bentivoglio

Patrick Asselin almost scores after a giveaway by Brett Robinson

Brian Stewart fumbles @ 7:31

Matt Myers goes close

Better from Devils as they put pressure on Blaze

Liam Stewart cross checks on Andrew Lord not called

Devils camped in Blaze zone

Guillaume Doucet goes close @ 9:30

Devils icing


Good atrmosphere at Ice Dome for a change

Game has slowed down @ 11:29

Sean Bentivoglio causing havoc tonight combining well with Guillaume Doucet

Ben Bowns has running repairs

Sprawling save by Brian Stewart to a Joey Haddad wrister

Devils net under siege

Patrick Asselin shot saved @ 13:06

Be careful U DEVILS the Blaze can bury the puck on breakaways

Now Jake Morissette has shot saved @ 14:35

Blaze opener scores by Syner assists Almeida & Marquardt @ 2:42

Blaze penalty Brett Robinson 2 minutes for boarding @ 15:11

Devils opener @ 1:12 scored by Ulmer assists Sean Bentivoglio & Andrew Hotham

Brian Stewart has problems with his equipment

Game restarts

Joey Haddad goes close @ 15:48

Joey Martin is the next to try and score

Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 17:06

Blaze on PP


Blaze 2nd goal scored by Tait, Stewart (L) and Venus with assists 3:16

Josh Batch clears zone

Devils 2nd goal scored by Lord assists Morissette and Hotham (A) @ 5:15

Devils Full Strength

There must have been a breakin at Ice Dome no PA speakers at one end of rink

End of 1st period Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

KettDevil says slightly frustrating period Devils dominated but lack of confidence is evident. Both defending for both Blaze goals

SoG for 1st period Blaze 14 DEVILS 14

Rachael & Baz find MNL coverage in valuable - so is Rachael when she is on texter duty

I am told there are problems with the Blaze webcast

Come on U DEVILS lets have one of those barn busting periods and then run the clock down in 3rd ready for the RUST MONKEYS tomorrow

Ice ready waiting for teams

Devils return to the ice

Blaze appear

Water on the ice causes delay

Off we go


Joey Martin (12th) assist Andrew Hotham @ 21:01

2nd assist for Sean Bentivoglio

Blaze penalty Barry Almeida 2 minutes for roughing @ 21:29

Marc Cantin breakaway foiled

Layne Ulmer shoots wide

Guillaume Doucet has 2 great chances on PPBlaze Full Strength -

Josh Batch breakaway foiled

Devils created chances on that PP

CJ & Piggy getting icetime

Blaze bench minor Too Many Men @ 25:57

Matt Marquardt sits

Shots raining in on Stewart



Layne Ulmer (10th) 2nd oif the game another PPG

Devils penalty Matt Myers 2 minutes for tripping


Penalty was @: 27:03

Andrew Hotham clears zone

Good PK so far

Devils Full Strength


Chris Jones with his 1st of the season

Correction is was Layne Ulmer hattrick goal

@ 29:07

Great setup by Matt Myers

Blaze time out called

Breakawy for Devils Myers misshandles puck

Brian Stewart save

Devils Offfside @ 31:52


Severe handbags as everyone joins in

Penalties timed @ 32:00

Joey Martin 5 + Game for check to head

Ross Venus 2 minutes for slashing

4 on 4 for 2 minutes then 3 minute PP for Blaze

Shambles says KettDevil as the argue on who should sit the 5 minute major

Awaful call on Martin says KettDevil

Joey Haddad goes close

Blaze now on PP


Blaze penalty TJ Syner 2 minutes for tripping @ 34:41

A stupid penalty by TJ Syner I am told

Andrew Hotham gets 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct for diving

Blaze goal Shawn Boutin

@ 35:15

Just over a minute of PK left for Devils

Devils penalty Jake Morissette 2 minutes for tripping @36:04

Blaze Blaze have 5 on 3

Blaze Goal

Marc Cantin the scorer

Devils FS

Scott Hotham got a a ten minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct

Gametime 38:10


Devils Offside

Blaze Penalty Robin Bergman

@ 59:53

2 minutes for interference

End of 2nd period Blaze 4 DEVILS 5

KettDEvil says surreal period. Devils should be home & hosed but the series of baffling penalties and Devils ill discipline has let the Blaze back in. Next goal could befine the weekend

Phil Bean says very end to end this game especially as ref Hogarth has no clue what he's doing, no way Joey Martin was a hit to the head it was shoulder to shoulder. He thinks Hogarth is ruining this game for us

With a hattrick already tonight I wonder what Layne Ulmer detractors on the Forum will be saying later

Ice ready

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 10 DEVILS 10 making it 24-24 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

Devils on pp

3rd period starts

Blaze clear zone

Layne Ulmer goes close to a 4th goal

Liam Stewart goes coast to coast

Andrew Lord goes close @ 51:58

Blaze Full Strength

gametime 42:33

very open game at the moment

Devils Offside @ 44:35


Jake Morissette @ 45:00

His 9th of the league season

Assist Patrick Bordeleau

Devils Penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for tripping @ 45:39


Andrew Lord clears zone


Patrick Bordeleau penalty 2 minutes for holding @46:40

A farcical call on Batch


Blaze Goal

@ 47:38

Blaze scored when there was a man in the crease and possibly the net was off its moorings

Blaze still on PP

A hatrick for Hogarth says Gerald

FsDevils Full Strength

Time ot Devils

Blaze Penalty Russell Cowley

@ 49:17

2 minutes for holding the call

Guillaume Doucet lazer shot saved

Layne Ulmer goes close @ 50:00

Andrew Hotham shot saved @ 50:22

Jordan Pietrus clears zone

Matt Myers cross checked - No call

Brian Stewart dislodges net

Steelers lose in O/T

Brian Stewart glove shot

Blaze Full Strength

Mark Louis doesnt seem to take his usual minutes tonight

Its end to end

Gametime 54:05

Face off in the Blaze zone

Gametime 55:06

Layne Ulmer denied again he was having a stormer


A bullet from Scott Hotham @ 56:44

Assist Jake Morissette

Devils icing

Gametime 57:36

Brian Stewart pad save

Blaze penalty Ben Davies 2 minutes for interference @ 57:46

Final minute

Final 20 secs

Result Blaze 5 DEVILS 7

An enjoyable game despite the referee

Our thanks to texters KettDevil and Gerald

Also Phil Bean for his period reports


Join us tomorrow night for the big game against the Steelers - Chris will be in the chair