Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Belfast Giants

Good afternoon join me Steve from 6;30 for usual nonsense and hopefully a great nights Hockey, send you predictions as usual to

a couple of early predictions in the first from Russky he thinks Devils will win 6-3 and Batch maybe battering Keefe again !!

The lovely Pat sends one from her I-pad saying it will be a close one with a goal separating the teams and of course in Devils favour

Mark says it will be a hard game and we will match Giants physicality and get 2 points by 4 goals to 2

I'm going for a copy of the Cardiff city score 3-2 to the Devils

\o/ /o\ \o/ /o\

is it too early to have a drink????

A big shout out to Hazel who has predicted a 3-2 win for your Cardiff Devils Come On You Devils

Matthew says as DOP's but Bordy behind bars a ridiculous call he can still see us winning 4-2,,, LETS HAVE IT

the boys are warming up

Anne McShane is hoping for a Belfast Win tonight 4-2 ............great to have you with us I hope you don't take the banterl too seriously

Cornwall Taffy relaxing in Lanzarote Devils to win 4-2 with and empty netter included our pleasure Taffy

Simon in the delivery suite up the Heath Hospital also going for 4-2 good luck Simon and let us know please

Clarks pie being warmed up in the oven as we speak looking forward to that one

warm up completed

people making there way from posh bars

Dan who is stuck in London predicts a tough battle but Devils to come out 2-1 winners on overtime hope you have a nice team anyway Dan

of course there is no Bordeleau tonight

of course there is no Bordeleau tonight

the inflatable Devils is being prepared the ice is ready

lights are dimmed intro has started

I know im biased but what an intro

Devils enter the arena

Giants on to the ice

intros taking place

anthem time

a complete sell out

Lord not icing even though bordy not playing

puck is dropped


Louis batters nickerson

both get5 minutes for fighting

Asselin shoots deflected wide

penalty coming

Martinelli gets 2 minutes for interference

after 31 seconds phew

myers dumps it in and cleared

fair PP from Devils

Doucet mishandles and puck goes out of zone

Giants FS

Fournier gets free and shoots wide

Giants dump Bowns covers

face off Devils zone

Giants shoot Bowns pads away

Devils looking slick

very fast game

Haddad does well in front of goal netty saves and a bit of handbags

Bowns saves from Forney

Gametime 5:44

Garside shoots Devils scramble it away

ref takes a tumble gets big cheer

CJ gets shift

Belfast camped in Devils zone

hand pass by Devils Louis and Nickerson return

Rutherford shoots saved

Big save from Bowns


Matt Myers

that's his 6th of the season

@ 11:11

Matt Nickerson throwing his weight around only bercause Bordy is out

Louis gets 2 minutes for interference

big chance for Martin short handed saved

Forney shoots bowns makes chest save 11 secs left on PK


icing by Devils

Assist by Culligan on goal

nice to see Brine getting ice time

4:31 left in period


Hotham and Rutherford

both go to locker room as 4:07 left

Hotham has injured hand

both get 5 minutes for fighting

draw by the way

Giants hit pipes

Devils break out

Devils waste 2 on 1 chance

big save from Bowns

2:12 left Devils icing

handbags Louis and Keefe

trying to wind up Louis

1:34 left

another assist to goal scott hotham

final minute

Fournier shoots to finish the period

Great first period ends 1-0 to devils

During the Hotham fight he was caught on the hand by the lino I am told

Devils return to the ice

as do the Giants

puck dropped

Devils icing

quiet start

Doucet shoots, Devils in Giants zone

Louis playing well

Piggott gets icetime

Big save from Bowns shot from forney

Hotham and Rutherford leave box

Devils icing

Devils win face off in zone

5 mins gone

shot from Hotham easy save

another Hotham shot saved



goal scored at 25:07

walser falls over

Doucet gets2 minutes for tripping @6:38

26:38 sorry

Belfast score

Blair Riley @27:12

Rileys 14th goal

good save from Whistle

Vandermeer shot Bowns saves

Giants getting physical

walser puts one over plexi

Devils clear zone

Riley gets 2 minutes pen

get that pp going devils

11 mins gone in period

terrible PP

Big save from whistle and loses helmet

massive save from whistle

handbags between asselin and Martinelli

both get 2 mins for roughing

8:25 left pathetic penalties

big hit from Fournier

and Rutherford gets 2 minutes for retaliating

5 on 4

to devils

1 min of pp left

Culligan gets slashed by Nickerson no call

Jake Morissette HAS SHOT BLOCKED

4 mins left on period all Giants at moment

Devils icing with 3:24 left

Discsussion between ref & lino

Gametime 38:11

1:30 left in period

Bentivolligo big shot wide

last minute Devils offside

Devils forechecking well

Giants offside last second

end of period Devils 2 Giants 1 Giants definitely win that period on points could be a storming final period, Devils should put everything in as only game of weekend

Teams reappear

great following from Belfast tonight fairplay

puck dropped

martin shoots netty covers

30 secs gone

big save from bowns

Devils icing

end to end at moment

Boxall with the goal

Come on Devils

16 mins left

Devils needs to wake up

puck out of play

all Giants now time out needed by devils

Fournier shoots Giants break then Devils turn over puck and Sean Bentivoglio misses

Piggott has big shot and whistle lays on puck

Forney has one on one saved by Bowns phew

Giants winning all battles

but can they win the war

Fournier shoots from blueline Whistle saves

Devils pressing

10 mins to go

we are one import short will that be the difference

Gametime 49:44

great move from Haddad saved by Whistle

Culligan big shot flies just wide ..crowd getting involved

gametime 51:20

Doucet shot held by Whistle

Jones checks Vandermeer

break by bentivoglio goes across crease

Devils in Giants zone more now

5 minutes left

gametime 55:20

Scott Hotham shoots and scrum in front of net lol

Doucet fans on one

long shot from Giants covered

Devils mixing up lines

good save by whistle

massive ruck in front of devils net

ruck as in rugby no punches

final minute

what a move by haddad and an even better save by whistle unbelievable

good save from bowns after myers hit and had to leave ice

whistle juggles puck and finally cvovers

O/T here we come squeelers are gutted both teams get point,, always take positives

remember what happened last week Devils come on lets do it

here we go

martin asselin and hotham

Giants hit pipes

all giants

3 on 3 is hard work

good save from whistle

massive save whistle from martin

Giants score

extra point gained

Higgins scores the winner

MOM for Giants is Jackson Whistle and well deserved

liked his dad coaching down here

Devils MOM IS Joey Haddad

that's it from me join us next Saturday when we go to Coventry good nigh all and take care