Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the Devils battle against the Clan in Bonnie Scotland

After hunting high and low for texters two Clan fans who regulsrly help us out have steppedinto the breach

Thanks to Jim & Julie Patterson

Score predictions + comments always welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for the latest episode of the Devils quest for that EIHL title

Julie & Jim have reported for duty

You never know a Devil fan might cpme out of the woodwork

Rachael i hope the cat is better,

KettDEvil don't enjoy the pleasures of Amsterdam too much MNL needs you

Darren M calls it 4-3 to Devils

Sue A says Clan 2 Devils 5

Matthew M calls it 4-2 to Devils

Pat in Bridgend also goes for a 4-2 scoreline in our favour

Hazel in Southend is slightly more confident and predicts a 4-1 win for Devils

Russky says 3-1 to the RED ARMY

Told warmup completed

Missing for Clan tonight - Quast, Haywood, Buesa, Rosehill, Esders & Peacock

Pavel Halas is referee

It appears that Patrick Bordeleau is icing, Lord on bench duty

Officials appear on ice

Giants 1 Steelewrs 3 after 2 periods

Aparently the RED ARMY contingent in Glasgow is around 40 diehards

I just wish one or more of them text us at MNL 07527 625 206

Devils not yet on ice

Devils finally appear

Clan appear

Drew just wants a win

Baz is going for 6-3, Rachael 5-3 loser washwes up


Puck dropped

Devils go close

Guillaume Doucet Penalty 2 minutes for slashing @ 21 secs


Matt Keith goes close

Matt Beca hits side netting


Another Devils penalty 5 on 3 for 11 secs

2 minutes for hooking the call

Ben Bowns save

Devils back to 4 skaters

30 secs of PK left

Gametime 3:50


Chris Culligan took the 2nd Devils penalty @ 2:10

Daniel Ahsberg the scorer @ 4:16


Assist for Cory Cowick on Clan opener

Hectic pace to this game

A few big hits to slow them down is called for

Bowns save

Its all Devils at the moment


Clan only have 14 skaters

Gametime 8:22

Its end to end with both netties making saves

Gametime 9:51

Brilliant block by Josh Batch

Fast flowing game @ 11:08


Ben Bowns makes one of his trademark saves

Game whistled down - DEVIL in crease

At least they are getting in Michal Zajkowski face

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 13:42

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone this time @ 14:52

Devils arguing for a penalty - their pleas ignored

Matt Beca goes close @ 15:54

Come on U DEVILS lets get that equaliser before the buzzer

17 minutes gone

Martin & Asseline combining well

Michal Zajkowski save from Chris Culligan

Gametime 18:04

Devils pressing hard

Clan first line is very dangerous


@ 18:46 Joey Haddad (8th) assist Guillaume Doucet

Nothing less than what the Devils deserved

Final minute

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 1

Clan had a big moan about Devils goal after buzzer

Brilliant reporting by Julie

Clan had a big moan about Devils goal after buzzer

Period report by Pattersons - In the main Devils look too strong for the short benched Clan. If the Devils really do have champion aspirations they need to win games like this.

continues.. Devils look a bit vulerable on the break. Pretty even period with devils having a lot of thepuck but not really threatening, Clan look dangerous especiall;y Pitt Beca combination. all to play for says Jim Patterson

Via MNL the Pattersons say hello to the harrs family and to Charlotte the #1 Morissette fan

Giants 1 Steelers 4 result

Blaze 2 Panthers 2 late in 2nd period

No goals so far in Flyers/Storm & Stars/Caps games

Ice ready awaiting teams

Great deal on flights to Canada with Air Canada done today.

Nowhere better to watch the final stages of the Stanley Cup but in the Land of Hockey

All it needs now is for the Utrica Comets to pul their finger out in the AHL

Devils with THREE sellouts Coments have 73 consecutive sell outs

Don't now whats taking time at Braehead

Teams finally appear

2nd period underway

SoG for 1st period Clan 8 DEVILS 7

Devils camped in Clan zone

Alex Leavitt tries to breakaway fails

Devils penalty Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for hooking @ 21:31


Scramble in front of Devils goal before Bowns covers puck

One minute killed

Devils Full Strength

Good PK by Devils

Ben Bowns denies Matt Beca yet again

He is very dangerous much more dangerous that the Rebecca Rioters

Devils icing

Gametime 24:33

Devils need to recalibrate their viewfinder as shots are going wide says Julie

Bowns goes walkabout but quickly recovers his position

Up the tempo U DEVILS

Patrick Bordeleau misses a cross crease pass he should have buried

Face off in the Clan zone @ 28:09

Lets get that next goal U DEVILS

Another shot from Devils who are being forced to shoot from wide out

Patrick Asselin shot saved by Michal Zajkowski

Gametime 29:55

Michal Zajkowski saves @30:19


I will enjoy my supper more if you are leading

Alex Leavitt & Matt Myers go to naughty step

@ 31:19 2 minutes for roughing for Myers

Matt Keith sent to sin bin as well

Devils have 4 on 3

Alex Leavitt called for roughing, Matt Keith for hooking

Lets get that PP into overdrive U DE

Guillaume Doucet misses a sitter at far post

Missc ues and the puck ends up in Hamilton

I belive its 5 on 4


@ 33:23

Bari McKenzie assist Alex Leavitt

DEVILS score crowd says it didnt cross line

Goal judge didn't put light on Ref signals a goal then war breaks out

Referee changes his decision - NO GOAL

Referee is now the darling of the crowd

Clan miss open net

Supper has arrived

Rather a Devils goal or two

Michal Zajkowski makes another save

Gametime 35:33

Game settled down after all that excitement

Gametime 37:27

Great glove save by Michal Zajkowski

Lets tie this game up before the buzzer U DEVILS

Michal Zajkowski now makes a great save from Layne Ulmer @ 38:25

Final minute

Ben Bowns save @ 39:06


Andrew Hotham (7th) assist Mark Louis

@ 39:57

End of 2nd period Clan 2 DEVILS 2

Jim's period report - Pretty similar to 1st period, Clan are playing a road type game and trying to hit the Devils on the break, all to play for in 3rd. Will be interesting if Clan invite the Devils to come onto them and try to spring out for a goal or two. Devils controlling the game for long periods but not really creating many clear cut chances

Joey Martin given assist on Devils 1st goal

SoG for 2nd period Clan 12 DEVILS 10 making it 20-17 after 2 periods

As Jim said all to play for in last period

Panthers + Blaze in O/T

Flyers 1 Storm 1; Sars 2 Capitals 0 both mid way through 2nd period

Clan back on ice

There was 2.7 secs left when Devils scored that equaliser

DEVILS back on ice

Come on U DEVILS lets bag those 2 points

Puck dropped 3rd period starts

Devils penalty Joey Martin

2 minutes for hooking @ 40:30


Matt Keith goes close

1 minute killed

Full Strength

Matt Keith wastes a great chance by dithering

Carry on young man

Gametime 45:04

Clan penalty

Cory Cowick 2 minutes for slashing @ 44:56

Apologies for my maths subtraction from 20:00 was not my best subject

Devils hit the post

Then Michal Zajkowski saves from Mark Louis

30 sec of PP left for Devils

Michal Zajkowski taking his time getting to his feet

Bury that black pudding U DEVILS

Game restarts

Clan Full Strength

Another PP bites the dust

Gametime 48:11

DEVILS pressing hard Clan break out Bowns save

Clan icing

Yet another Face off in the Clan zone

Lets grab that goal U DEVILS

Its like a shooting gallery out there

Gametime 50:44

Rioja going down well

A big effort is called for and NO TURNOVERS

Less that 8 minutes left

Julie says lots of DEVILS shots

Clan penalty

Alex Leavitt 2 minutes for hooking

Now told it is Scott Pitt

DEVILS on PP no matter

@ 53:25

Yet another Clan penalty @ 55:10

Fans love in with ref has ended

DEVILS 5 on 3

Matt Keith 2 minutes for slashing was the call

Michal Zajkowski needs medical attention

Believe has has a fractured eyelass

Game restarts

Clan back to 4 skaters

Clan clear zone

And again

Gametime 57:00

Michal Zajkowski save

Full Strength

Jake Morissette slides into goal@57:41

Final 2 minutes

Ref having a confab with linos

Patrick Bordeleau thrown out we believe

Match penalty for check to the head

@ 57:55

Guillaume Doucet sits his penalty

Clan call a time out at 59:08

Game restarts

End of regulation Clan 2 DEVILS 2

O/T next

I believe its 4 on 3 for Clan

Mark Richardson Andrew Hotham Joey Martin start for Devils

4 on 3 for 2:55

Scott Pitt misses

fast and furious

Ref blowsn puck was clearly in play

Mark Richardson clears zone

1 minute of O/T gone

Mark Louis lays big hit on Alex Leavitt

Over 2 minute gone of O/T

Now 3 on 3

Last minute of O/T

20 secs left

It goes to penalties

Devils 1st Joey Martin scores

Gary Russell in net

Mike Hammond saved

Jake Morissette scores

Matt Beca scores

Its 2-1 to Devils now

Patrick Asselin saved


Final score Clan 2 DEVILS 3

RED ARMY very happy says Julie

We cannot than Julie & Jim Patterson enough they did a brilliant job for us at MNL - THANKYOU THANK YOU


DEVILS & Referee have left the ice

Clan MoM - Michal Zajkowski

Thats all from me join us next Saurday when the Giants are in the IAW - Stephen (Bozman) your host will be there to keep you informed