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Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as the Blaze have hopefully a fritless visit to Cardiff Bay.

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we bring you another edition of MNL unique coverage of EIHL hockey

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Warmup ongoing at IAW

Blaze hater Marg G calls it 5-2 to Devils

Pat says a4-1 win for Devils would do fine

Bails 77 in Caerphilly calls it 4-3 after Bordy/Klotz round 2

Warmup drawing to a close - a few wanting toleave the ice last delays things

Drew says 4-2 Devils

It would be amiss of me not to wish you all a Prosperous New Year

Dean Smith has the whistle tonight hopefully without a pea

A third consecutive sell out tonight - long may it continue

All the talk in the week about Patrick Bordeleau v Garrett Klotz belittles all the other great players in both squads

I like my physical hockey but out and out fighting has no place in this great game

How long will it be before the new rules brought into rugby on 1st Jan engulfs ice hockey?

Intro video in full swing

Teams invited onto the ice

Blaze already on now DEVILS follow

Devils intro done

Anthem time

Two full strength benches tonight

Puck dropped

Andrew Lord on bench

How Matthew Myers didn't score we will never know, he drew Stewart went aroud him and failed to net puck

Another chance 0:29

Devils have started stong creating chance after chance

Ben Bowns save

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils icing

Hit by Joey Haddad

Blaze pressure

Blaze icing

Devils changing lines again especially in respect of 3rd & 4th lines

Devils clear zone @ 3:22

Patrick Asselin tip goes wide

Blaze icing

No sign of CJ or Piggy yet

Doucet looking sharp

Big hit by Patrick Bordeleau

Face off in the Blaze zone

Haddad backhand goes close

Gametime 6:22

Devils penalty @ 6;52 Josh Batch 2 minutes for roughing


interference was the call

1 minute + killed

Devils clear zone

Full Strength Devils

Patrick Bordeleau limped off ice

Brian Stewart covers

Patrick Bordeleau gone to dressing room with medics

Gametime 10:33

Devils Offside

No sign of Patrick Bordeleau

DEVILS Pressure

Big hit by Joey Haddad

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze Offside

RED ARMY not happy with referee Smith - who seems to need new glasses

Luke Piggott gets first shift

Gametime 14:08

Blaze icing

Big save by Stewart

Blaze Goal @ 15:33

Robin Bergman the scorer

Devils turnedover in neutral ice

Brian Stewart covers

Last 2 minutes

Blaze icing

Devils have to convert the chances they regularly create. Blaze created ONE chance and score

Blaze GOAL ' 18:19 - Brett Robinson

Devils did well in 1st minute but since then they have been lack lustre

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Blaze 2

Phil Bean's period report - Very fast paced 1st period end to end. Blaze score first despite Devils creating most of the chancesMatt Marquardt making a nuisance of himself tonight maybe they have given Noble the night off. He says Patrick Bordeleau is back on bench and hopefully can play a part in this game.

Blaze 2nd goal just before the break made it a period to forget by DEVILS

Robin Bergman & Kevin Noble given assists on Blaze 2nd goal

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Blaze 7

Lastest scores Giants 0 Steelers 0: Panthers 0 Clan 1: Storm 0 Flyers 0 all after 1 period;m Papitals 3 Stars 2 in 3rd period

I am getting a message that MNL not working, if there is a problem your end let me know = let me now if is working -

I think MNL s woking OK - it is on my other computer

Confirmed by a few MNL is working OK

Teams back

2nd period underway

Massive hit by Patrick Bordeleau

Puck out of play

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze clear zone


Patrick Asselin with his 8th of the season

@ 21:53

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Mark Richardson

Hand pass called by ref Smith

Devils icing

Gametime 25:40

Face off in the Blaze zone

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL - Please

Brian Stewart saves fromAndrew Hotham


Patrick Bordeleau goes close

Matt Marquardt growing roots in front of Devils net

Blaze Penalty TJ Syner 2 minutes for hooking @ 28:06

Devils PP not in overdrive

Blaze Penalty 2 minutes for holding Shawn Boutin

2 secs of 5 on 3

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze clear zone

Blaze Full StrengthFull Strength

Gametime 33:01

Ben Bowns gloves the biscuit

Blaze Goal @ 33:49

Soft goal given up by Ben Bowns

Blaze penalty Josh Godfrey @ 35:19

Jordan Pietrus scored Blaze 3rd goal


Andrew Hotham @ 37:11

His 5th

Devils penalty Devils Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking @ 38:06


Assists for Andrew Hotham & Matt Myers on Devils 2nd goal

Final minute

last 10 secs of period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze3

Phils report - Devils in control for long periods but Blaze still manage to sneak a goal. Devils looking good enough to pull something out of this game. Exciting period to close this game out

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 11 Blaze 9 making it 20-16 after 2 periods

Officials back on ice

Teams are back

Latest scores Caps 3 Stars 2, Giants 0 Steelers 0, Panthers 2 Clan 1, Storm 1 Flyers 1

Delay - wet ice

3rd underway

Blaze Full Strength

Devils icing

Not a powerful start to the periodf from DEVILS

Blaze icing 41;!7


Apologies it was Andrew Hotham

Assists Doucet & Martin

Nomore goals against DEVILS

Save after save by Stewart

Stewart saves from Joey Martin

Don't press too hard DEVILS they are still dangerous

Blaze penalty @ 44:45

Matt Marquardt

Blaze clear zone

Brian Stewart saves from Gleason Fournier

RED ARMY has woken up

20 secs of PP left as Stewart dislodges net

Blaze Full Strength

Ben Bowns saves from Matt Marquardt @ 47:20

Gametime 51:00

Blaze still dangerous

Liam Stewart playing well as is Matt Marquardt

Blaze penalty

Shawn Boutin & Liam Stewart plus Guillaume Doucet

Didn't catch penalties

Devils on PP

its O/T in Belfast

Lll penalties were minors

Blaze Full Strength

Gametime 54:30

Come on U DEVILS

Face off in the Blaze zone

Result Giants 2 Steelers 1

Centre ice face off


Ben Bowns save

Lets get that winner U DEVILS

Too many errors at the moment says Phil

Gametime 57:30

Brian Stewart covers

Final 2 minutes

final minute

30 secs left

Face off in the Devils zone

End of regulation DEVILS 3 Blaze 3

O/T next

O/T starts

2 mins of O/T gone just one chance to Asselin so far

Most of O/T spent in Blaze zone

Puck out of play

Blaze now in devils zone

1 minute left

Big save Ben Bowns from Jim Jorgensen

30 secs left

Blaze GOAL Barry Almeida

Final Score DEVILS 3 Blaze 4

Breakaway goal after DEVILS should have scored down other end

Our thanks to Phil for his assistance tonight.

Blaze MoM - Robin Bergman


Join me tomorrow night when the Devils make the long trip to Glasgow to take on the Braehead Clan who tonight lost 4-3 at Nottingham

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