Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Dundee Stars

Happy New Year to all MNL viewers. Join me (Russky) from 3.30pm for the build up and usual MNL shenanigans ahead of the 4pm face off.

If you want to share a comment or even post a prediction please email them to, I will do my best to post them on the MNL board.

Until then I wish you all an enjoyable day.

Good Afternoon. To quote U2 'all is quiet on New Years Day'. Until Now.

So far two predictions have dropped into the mail box.

Pat goes for a 3-1 Devils win which will do nicely

Mark Gough sees it as 5-2 for the Devils

Mark Gough predicts a 5-2 Devils win

The Scheduled ref today is Dean Smith, which means we should have a flowing game with few interruptions as he tends to call what he has to.

Rachel Hopley just wants a win and doesn't mind what the score is.

Apparrently the face off at the IAW has been delayed, reason unknown at the moment

Apparrently the face off has been delayed for at least ten minutes. Reason unknown at the moment.

Drew in Warrington goes for a 7-1 Devils win, ever the optimist Drew!

Face off delay is due apparently to Devils fans collecting their tickets for the game at the IAW

The officials only just taken to the ice.

its gone all quiet again Just waiting for the teams to take to the ice.

Intro Progress. Hell Yeah!!!

Phil Egan has emailed us a prediction all the way from Belgium. He is another going for 5-2 Devils win.

Andrew Lord not icing and has taken his place on the bench.

Dundee have Cescon and Tanaka returning to their line up but they are missing Faryna.Cardiff

Ceremonial face off taking place now.

Anthem time.

Teams gone to their respective goal ends.

Total sell out at the IAW

A few Dundee fans at the IAW

welcome to them.

Myers Morrisette and Bordeleau first line out

Fournier shoots but padded away

S Hotham now shoots but saved by Fallon

Scarsella looking dangerous.

Louis working hard at along the boards

Puck goes out of play into the crowd

Face off in the Stars zone

Bordeleau's line out again.

Gametime 3:12

Gleason Fournier turns puck over

Devils Pen Fournier 2 minutes for boarding

Face off in the Devils zone

@ 3:20

Scarsella and sides looking threatening

Bowns saves a slapshot from Scarsella

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils ice the puck on PK

Devils doing well to keep Dundee wide and along the boards

Bordeleau hits the lino. accidently. Isil was the unfortunate Lino.

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Bowns saves from Lidhammer

Our lone texter today is Nigel Davies

Bown denies the Stars a goal


DundeePen Joey Sides 2 minutes for tripping

Lets go Devils on the PP

@ 6:16

A Hotham shoots but it goes wide.


Joey Martin PPG Assist A Hotham

@ 7:45

Culligan shoots but Benti cant pounce on the rebound

Devils 1st goal was @ 7:02


Gleason Fournier scores

Neutral zone face off

@ 7:51 unassisted

Brine gets hit but shakes it off

dditional assist on Devils 1st goal for Matt Myers

Martin scores at 6:53

Fournier scored at 7:51

Morrisette feeling effects of a puck block

Asselin shoots over the bar

Devils are very threatening on offence

Devils offside

called by lino Lee Young

Neutral zone face off

Devils pen Bordeleau 2 minutes for interference

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils fail to clear their D Zone.

Scarsella is a constant threat

@ 11:14

Bordeleau pen at 11:14

Devils working hard on the PK

Mark Louis hits Tanaka hard but he just bounces off him

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Devils FS

Bordeleau goes straight back into the bin having just come out.

Bodeleau pen 2 for boarding and 2 for elbows

Bowns saves a wrap around chance

Benivoglio is sitting first two mins for Bordy

Louis working veryhard on the boards

hits are being thrown in this game

Bowns saves from Tanaka

Fallon saves from Brine

end to end hockey at a fast pace

Haddad created a great chance unassisted but its saved

Face off in the Devils zone

Stars playing dump and chase.

Gametime 17:33

Devils FS

Face off in the Devils zone

correction Benti did not sit 2mins for Bordy

Hothan hits Scarsella

Bownsy saves again

delayed pen coming up

Fallon gloves a shot

Stars pen 2 2 minutes for holding by M White

last few seconds of first period

that's a wrap on the first period Devils 2-0

time for a comfort break

Stars penalty was at 18:54 so Devils will start 2nd period with a 54 sec PP

The other game today faces off at 5:30 Manchester Storm host the Sheffield Steelers.

we might get an end of 1st score from that one before we go off air.

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Stars 4

Our usual texter at the IAW James has sent us his end of period synopsis which reads:Stars really not in the game.Its been like a powerplay for the Devils for a lot of the period. Stars still looking to hit on the break but the Devils are ready for them. Pass to Vinny Scarsella and hope for the best seems to be their gameplan. Some monster hits from Bordy going in but not sure about the calls on the second penalties. Haddad is looking very sharp.

SOGs Devils 9 Stars 4

Nigel, our lone texter is doing an excellent job of sending me texts. His fingers must be almost catching fire.

To clarify the SOGs are shots on opponants goal/

Dundee out on the ice

Devils now making their way out

Puck dropped and 2nd underway

Devils starting the 2nd strongly,

Face off in the Stars zone

Devils trapping the Stars deep in their D zone.

Stars breakout and try to run Bownsy

S Hotham takes exceotion

to the tactic

Devils pen S Hotham 2 minutes for hooking

Face off in the Devils zone

Davils breakaway by culligan

Dundee pen joey sides 2 minutes for holding

4 on 4 hockey

Devils trying to set up

Devils now on PP as their initial pen ends

oe timer high and wide of Fallons net.

Stars FS

Fournier sees his shot saved

Now Scarsella shoots wide.

Bordeleau hits again.

icing called

Face off in the Stars zone


Mark Louis with initial howitzer of a shot but not sure who got final touch.

Myers credited with Devils 3rd goal.

Stars pen for 2 minutes for holding for Cescon

Hotham with a one timer but it fails to get through.

Fallon saves from Asselin

Stars FS

Face off in the Devils zone

Dr Piggott is on the ice

Brine Morrisette and Piggot on a makeshift line

Devils snuff out another Stars attack

Fallon saves from A Hotham again

game having a lull

Asselin shoots but wide

Fallon saves from Martin

halfway through game and period


Mark Louis scores his first for the season

assist Benitivoglio 32:52

Bordeleau and Loius get assists on Myers goal

Devils seem hungry for more goals

Ulmer gets an additional assist on Louis' goal

game has become a little disjointed now.

Face off in the Devils zone

Andrew hotham wants to take issue with some skull doggery from the Stars Bench

Hotham sits for 2 for roughing at 33:57

Bowns saves again Face off in the Devils zone Face off in the Devils zone

credit to Stars, they are still trying despite the game score

Devils FS

Batch with a hit on Tanaka

Devils on the counter attack

Devils FS

oops sorry already done that

Devils under pressure now

Jake Morrisette seems injured but skating on

leading by example as per usual

Face off in the Stars zone

Another Face off in the Devils zone

Brine Haddad and Culligan on the same line as Lordo mixes up the line combos

Game gone into a subdued mode

2nd period comes to a close.

latest score in Altrincham is still 0-0 between the Steelers and the Storm, where Hicksy is the man with the whistle

Also to confirm Devils first goal, Martin assisted A Hotham and Myers @ 6:53. 2nd Devils goal Fournier unassisted @ 7:51

SOGS Devils 16 Stars 5

James in his end of 2nd period synopsis says that it was a similar period. Pretty much one way traffic. He's not sure what has got into the Hotham brothers but they seem as if they are up for a Kill tonight. Also he feels that the Scoreline flatters the Stars.

well this game seems very decided now. The officials are back on the ice.

The Devils are back on the ice as are the Stars

It will be a damage limitation exercise for them

Dean Smith waits todrop the puck as the ice maintenance team get to work

Puck is now dropped and now underway in 3rd

Hotham shoots but saved by Fallon

Neutral zone face off

Founrier and Sctt Hotham paired on D

Bownsy saves

Batch and M Louis now on D

Jake Morrisette not on ice. seems carrying a little injury

Face off in the Stars zone

icing called against the Stars

Devils really trying to find a 5th goal

end to end action

Bownsy saves from Scarsella

Devils called for icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Steelers 1-0 up in Altrincham

Another Face off in the Devils zone

puck cleared

bang goes Bowns shut out as Moore scores for Stars

Piggot out again replaing Morrisette

Fallon saves from Scott Hotham

Devils pen Fournier 2 minutes for slashing

Devils seem to have taken their foot off the gas.

Scarsella still proving to be a nuisance to the Devils

Richardson blocks a Scarsella twice in quick succession

a Scarsella shot I meant

Bownsy saves off a rebound

Devils FS

Scott Hotham shoots

but fails to get to Fallon

Fournier and Bentivoglio combining well

Bordy gone quiet. I guess his work is done given the Devils lead

Martin tries to find Asselin but its intercepted

Lidhammer with a chance but its saved.

Devils pen Myers 2 minutes for slashing

Devils looking a little sluggish at the moment

Devils snuff out another Stars chance

Bowns saves from sides and then Richardson blocks a shot with this body again

32 seconds left to kill

Stars offiside

Bordy out on ice again

Devils pressing again for a 5th

Fournier in trouble for a slash on Sides

Fournier gone off the ice.

Fournier 2 mins for slash 5 plus game for the check

sorry 5+ Game cross check

Will be interesting to see if DOPs take any further action. Lets hope NOT !

Mark Louis Clears the puck

Devils on PK for the rest of this period

game seems a little stagnated.

Devils and Stars tussling along the boards behind Bowns's goal.

final two mins of game

Hotham given A Hotham a a ten minute misconduct for abuse of official

Devils WIN!!!!!!!!

game over.

Thanks to Nigel for his texts

Steelers now 2-0 up.

I think that will probably the last update on that game

Stars MOM Craig Moore

Devils MOM Mark Louis

That's it from me for today, Not sure who will be in the hosting seat next Saturday when the Blaze visit the IAW but no doubt we will have MNL coverage of the game here.

Hope you enjoy what remains of New Years day and the extra Bank holiday tomorrow. Goodnight all. Nos Da Pawb

PS Thanks to James for his end of period synopsises.