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Cardiff Devils 6 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Good Morning hockey fans.. Welll after last nights win in Coventry, the Devils will be looking to double their points tally with another win. Join me (Russky)from 6:45 for the scheduled 7:30 face off.

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Until then I wish you all an enjoyable day

Good Evening all. Well tonights game is officially a total sell out at the IAW.

The Panthers have beaten the Steelers again.

That's two defeats for the Steelers in the last 24 hours. Yes bring it on!!!!!!

Four predictions have flooded in. Mark Gough just wants another win over the Blaze and the two points that goes with it. Hazel sees it as 6-3 to Devils

Where as Pat and Matt Moore both go for a 4-2 Devils victory.

Our lone texter is Phil Egan. No disrespect to James but felt he deserved a night off texting.

Phil Egan will be giving us a end of period synopsis.

The Warm up is well underway.

Warm up finished.

The only other game currently being played is Edinburgh v Braehead. The current score is 1-1

Devils Legend Steve 'Mocat' Moria is at the IAW this evening

Intro has started with a video of key Devils moments in their history.

The ref for tonights game is Tom Darnell

Normal intro has now started.

I think they are running about 10 mins behind scheduled face off time.

The Devils making their entrance while the Blaze line up on their defensive blue line.

Braehead now leading 2-1 against the Caps.

Anthem time.

It seems Lordo remains on the Bench and not kitted out

Usual pre game rituals finished, just waiting for the puck to drop now.

Puck dropped and we are underway

Crowd in fine voice.

Coventry trying to assert early pressure

Stewart covers puck. Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils win draw. but it comes to nothing.

Blaze trying to build some pressure

Devils coming into game more

Blaze pen Ben Davies.2 minutes for slashing

Haddad then Scot hotham shoot but both padded away

come on Devils.


Scot Hotham

assist Bentivoglio

Big hit by Bordeleau behind the Devils goal

Face off in the Devils zone

puck cleared

Devils shut out Blaze attack

blaze shot goes wide

Asselin has his pocked picked by Liam Stewart

play a bit scrappy at moment.

Jorghenson offside so blaze attack whistled down

neutral zone face off

Bordeleau hits Brett Robinson into next week

Myers shoots but padded away

Boutin sees his shot padded away by Bowns

Devils pen Mark Louis

Kill the Pen Devils

Almeida offside for Blaze.

Neutral zone face off

Bowns saves from Marquadt

both teams sparring at moment trying to get upper hand

Devils FS

Blaze pen Noble 2 minutes for roughing

Noble unhappy

15 secs left on Devils PP

Devils misfiring on PP

Handbags at the Devils goal infront of Bowns

Face off in the Devils zone

a lot of physicality and off the puck niggles

just over 5 mins left in the period

This game really hasn't sparked into life

its just quietly ticking over.

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy prevents a Ben Davies wrap around effort

Devils pen Joey Martin 2 minutes for hooking

Kill the Pen

Blaze score PPG scored by Petrus.

Handbags Hotham and Petruis

A Hotham called for Roughing

Darnell in conversation with Lord

3 on 5 pen kill for Devils

Massive save by Bowns

now 4 on 5 PK for Devils

Another save by Bowns

Devils FS

Final minute of the first period

Bentivoglio blocks a Blaze shot

And that's it for the first period.

Hotham and Petruis still having words

S Hotham closely monitoring the conversation involving his brother.

Phil Egan says it was an exciting first period with the Devils having slightly the better of it but penalty trouble cost them a goal,A Hotham seem to have some unfinished business. All to play for yet.

Waiting on the SOG stats

Well it seems the Grim Reaper of 2016 has claimed another victim in Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia from Star Wars. How Many more is it going to claim before Midnight on Saturday.

Nigel Davies comments: Devils largely in control, but questionable penalty gave Blaze pp chance. Darnell needs to learn the game isn't about him. He's missing SO much - someone will get hurt (badly hurt)

Yeah 'Broadway Tom' is living up to his reputation given to him by some members of the Devils fanbase.

Still no SOGs info I'm afraid.

Clan now lead Edinburgh 4-1

Teams coming back out onto ice for second period

Puck about to be dropped.

and we are underway.

Devils seem quite fired up

Culligan and B Stewart collide

Stewart checking he still has all his faculties.

SOGs 17-22

so the Blaze outshoot the Devils. surprising that. Stewart recovers and looking to start the game again.

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils have won more face offs but not dominating the play

Face off in the Devils zone

neutral zone face off

scrappy phase of play.

no real intent or direction in play

Bowns saved.

Face off in the Devils zone

not exactly exciting I know

Both teams seem to be going through the motions.

Myers shoots but Stewart pads it a away

blaze attack comes to nothing.

Bentivoglio Ulmer and Culligan on the same line.

Stewart denies culligan again

Face off in the Blaze zone

Ashley Taits 750th league game tonight

Richardson shoots but Stewart saves.

Blaze offside

Game needs a spark to get it going.

A Hotham fires wide

Brine thinks about shooting but recycles the puck again.

Blaze score

scored by Syner.

Devils need to wake up and start playing

Asselin offside

Neutral zone face off

Blaze score again

scored by Cantin

Time out Devils.

Lordo reading the riot act.

Blaze not Devils called the time out

Stewart saves from A Hotham

Face off in the Blaze zone

game time 29:20

Devils pen Batch 2 minutes slashing. Marquadt called for Diving too.

4 on 4 hockey

Diving aka unsportsmanlike conduct

Face off in the Devils zone

Ulmer shoots but blocked

Devils have woken up

Looking more intense and purposefull according to our texter

Martin shoots but saved..

Stewart with another big save.

Blaze pen 2 minutes for high sticks

Back door chance denied by Stewart

Brian Stewart saves from Ulmer

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils trying to create space and a sight on goal

Martin shot hits Stewarts helmet.

Blaze FS

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils play breaks down

Battling along boards

Noble sits 2 minutes for holding the stick

Benti sits for hooking

Devils need to take advantage of the Steelers losing tonight

Bownsy with a Big save

Devils being very casual on defensive plays

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils giving up too many turnovers

Bowns saves again.

Both teams back to FS

Face off in the Devils zone

Myers works hard in defence.


Myers assisted Haddad

Bordeleau hits a blaze plater then skates off.

huge save Stewart

Devils being a lot more direct now

Stewart cover puck

Face off in the Blaze zone

2 min left of period

Stewart saves again Face off in the Devils zone

Haddad lays a big hit

Devils pen 2 minutes for Doucet holding the stick

Face off in the Devils zone

Martin shoots on breakaway padded away by Stewart

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils win draw and Culligans shot deflected up behind goal

Godfreys double shot saved

Blaze score

Almeida scores

a ppg

Devils have their work cut out to come back in this game

neutral zone face off

We need another legendary 3rd period..

End of 2nd period from the Devils

I get a general feeling that Nigel is not a member of the Andrew Hotham fan club

He also says it cant be a tripping call on Batch and a diving call on Marquadt

waiting on Phil Egan's view on 2nd period events

Apparrently Steve Moria been spotted being interviewed on icetime tv

Phil Egan says theres not much in it but Blaze taking their chance much better, Bordeleau tried to be the spark at 3-1 but was called back to the bench when it look like he would go after Klotz. Personally he thinks Lord should let him do his job. Uphill Struggle in the 3rd Devils not out of it but need to score first in the 3rd. Blaze playing desperation hockey, Devils need to show some fire.

I think Lordo needs to show his coaching mettle now and get them fired up

No 2nd SOG info available yet

officials back on the ice.

Nigel thinks that the Devils need to finish their hits

both teams back on the nice

Devils need to get at least a goal back in the first 5 mins of this period.

Puck dropped and we are underway.

Haddad Martin and Asselin on the same line

Culligan shoots high and wide

Ulmer shot blocked by Noble

Icing call against Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

Bordeleau lays a massive hit on Jorghensen,

he returns to his bench.

Blazen keep winning the face off draws

or the key ones at least

Devils trying to get something set up


Doucet scores assist from Bentivoglio

Jorgensen back on the ice

Bordeleau hits Cantin in the corner

Asselin Martin and Morrisette on a line

as Lordo mixes up the lines

Devils cant get set up as Coventry intercept a pass

Doucet gets hit and collides with B Steward

Stewart in the Blaze goal

Devils stop Marquadt in his tracks

Stewart saves again, Devils pushing hard now for an equaliser.

Bownsy Saves

Stewart scrambles the puck away

Devils really threatening the blaze D zone

Face off in the Blaze zone

Bordeleau gets decked.

thought it was goalie interference

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils firing shots at the Blaze goal

Bowsy save a Blaze shot

Face off in the Devils zone

Jorgensen blocks a Martin shot

Face off in the Blaze zone

Gametime 49:37

Devils peppering the Blaze goal with shots

Stewart saves again

Face off in the Blaze zone yet again

Devils pressurizing the blaze defemce

Devils Pen 2 minutes for hooking


Blaze pen 2 minutes for slashing

Devils on attack

Devils trying to clear their zone


Doucet equalises.

Devils call time out

Game restarts

Devils to set up

Ulmer shoots Stewart saves

Face off in the Blaze zone

goal washed out by Darnell

Devils camped in Blaze D zone

Devils clear puck

both teams working hard to getting the game winning goal


Scored by Sean Bentivoglio

last 3 mins of period.

Devils trying wind down the clock

Benti shot saved by Stewart

Devils working hard to set up another chance

Klotz shoots from distance and it goes wide


after Stewart was pulled

30 seconds left

Devils showing great character in the 3rd


Blaze MOM is Almeida

Devils MOM is Sean Bentivoglio

Well Devils 4 points Steelers nil points over this period.

a great Devils Double points.

That's it from me tonight. The next MNL coverage is hopefully on New years Day Dundee to the IAW. Until then Happy New Year. Nos Da Pawb


PS Almost forgot to say Thanks greatly to our lone texter Phil Egan and Nigel Davies for his comments.