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Coventry Blaze 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of Game 1 of the Devils/Blaze Xmas back to back games

With the home game tomorrow long sold out a largecontingent of the RED ARMY has made the trip to Coventry

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 when hopefully the Deils can put their lleague title challenge back on track

Score predictions/comments always welcomed to

If you are going to the game and can help us out (or know of someone that can) please get in touch as texters over Xmas are always thin on the ground MNL line 07527 625 206

Warmup in progress

Coach Andrew Lord is on bench duty tonight

Both Pat and C Barton go for a 4-2 Devils victory

Family gone so peace and quiet, where are those bottles of Rioja Reserva I hid from them

Its 1-1 between Steelers & Panthers in final minute of 2nd period

Hope you all had a nice Christmas

Steelers will start 3rd period with a 1 minute PP

Warmup completed

Face Off at Coventry delayed for 10/15 minutes to allow entry of fans

Fellow host Stephen goes for a 5-3 Devils win

Host Russky not so confident feels Devils withh be taken to O/T or even Shoot Out before getting that all important win

Being that there a delay lets see what parts of the world are following MNL -

Michael Hicks is in charge tonight

Lights dimmed at Coventry or is it a power cut

on duty tonight are Olivia, Phil Bean, KettDevil & JohnWildthing

John says PA system is worse than normal tonight

RED ARMY's next trip to Coventry on 21 Jan has places available so visit their desk at IAW to book your seat

Both teams have finally appeared

Anthem time

Puck dropped

David Brine Joey Haddad Jake Morissette start for Devils

Joey Haddad wide @ 0:50

Then Sean Bentivoglio goes close

Patrick Asselin Guillaume Doucet Joey Martin together as a line

Chris Jones forces save from Stewart @ 2:32

Its all Devils at the moment

Andrew Hotham has 2 shots in quick succession '@ 3:29

Mark Louis 2 minutes for delay of game @ 4:26


Decent PK by Devils

Gametime 5:39

Patrick Bordeleau crushes a Blaze player @ 5:52

Devils Full Strength

Its end to end @ 8:36

Now Steelers 1 Panthers 3 with 5 minutes left in the game

Great shift by 4th line, loads of energy

John says we are dominationg but not making it count

Scott Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 10:36


Another good PK

Devils Full Strengt

Chris Culligan shot saved


@ 13:40

Guillaume Doucet with his 14th of the season assist Mark Richardson

Joey Martin goes close

Panthers win 3-2 at Sheffield

Joey Haddad misses empty net @ 14:56

One way traffic says KettDevil

Phil Bean says Marc Cantin put the puck in for Devils opener

Joey Haddad just wide after great work by David Brine

Layne Ulmer with a shot then gets crushed by Garrett Klotz

Gametime 16:55

Totaklly against the run of play - rediculous says John

Scored by Matt Marquardt assists Ben Davies & Barry Almeida


@ 19:31

Brian Stewart tried to push his net off but Sean Bentivoglio had it in the net first

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Referee Hicks was standing by crease and not impressed by Stewarts antics - GOAL STANDS

Blaze goal timed at 18:44

Matthew Moore hoping for a Devils win

Mark Gough whose hatred for the Blaze is legendery just wants us to bag the 2 points

Drew admits he can never predict the correct score just wants a DEVILS win - so do we all

Latest scores Clan 1 Giants 1: Flyers 3 Capitals 1 both after 1 period: Storm 3 Stars 0 after 2 periods

And to crown it all Steelers 2 Panthers 3 - Final score

My brotrher in law in Ottawa wants to know "Havent i got better things to do on Boxing Day night"

No and his sister is getting my tea

Beef with horseradish sandwiches

This is a turkey free household

I am told Devils had 10 SoG

Blaze had at least 1 but not many more I would guess

Teams back on the ice as my Rioja is refilled

2nd period starts

High speed start to 2nd period - frenetic even

gametime 21:44

Blaze had 11 SoG where did they come from

Matt Myers 2 minutes for high sticks @ 22:31


Hicks seems to have blinkers on in relation to Blaze penalties

Devils full strength

Come on U DEVILS give us another goal - PLEASE

Devils still on top @ 25:44

Josh Godfrey 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 26:09


Lets get that PP into overdrive

Not cruise control

Blaze Too Many Men minor @ 27:01

a minute of 5 on 3 for Devils

Gleason Fournier is on the charge tonight but the wingers are dropping back for once

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze dealing with DEVILS enthusiastic PP

Blaze Full Strength

Well that came to nothing

Phil Bean said Devils did go close


@ 29:20 scored by Joey Haddad assist Layne Ulmer

Lets be greedy - we want another goal U DEVILS

same patter Devils attacking Blaze working hard @ 31:52

Phil says RED ARMY in fine voice

Joey Haddad & Josh Godfrey tangle - nothing major @ 33:31

Referee Hicks lettinf a lot go - well it is the season of good will

Matt Myers one on one save Brian Stewart

Gametime 34:06

Ben Davies has a tantrum @ 34:50

He get 2 minutes for hooking

Lets get that PP working U DEVILS


@ 35:20 a PPG scored by Layne Ulmer (7th)

Assists Scott Hotham & Gleason Fournier

great tp by Ulmer, Brian Stewart is now taking a lot of stick from the RED ARMY

Gone quiet @ 37:08

I want another goal U DEVILS

Clock winding down

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 4

Another 2 goals I need as I fancy #6 in the Welsh Grand National - Vicente took 14/1 earlier

Storm 4 Stars 1 - Final score

Clan 1 Giants 3: Flyers 5 Capitals 2 both after 2 periods

KettDevil says very proffessional performance from Devils after they scored 4th thay have just shut down the Blaze

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Gleason Fournier shot saved @ 40:36

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 6 DEVILS 12 making it 17_22 after 2 periods

Scott Hotham throwing his weight around leads to a chance for Sean Bentivoglio @ 41:42

Good defensive play by Devils this period

Gametime 44:22

Two chances for Andrew Hotham 2nd hit Stewart's helmet

Joey Haddad lays a big hit on Shawn Boutin

devils go close againCoventry

Blaze goal

@ 45:26 scored by Robin Bergman assist ????

Assist Brett Robinson

Patrick Bordeleau flattens Garrett Klotz @ 46:45

Devils are still dominationg game with 75% possession

Kevin Noble gets away with a cheap shot on Joey Haddad @ 47:20

Come on U DEVILS get that crucial next goal

Patrick Bordeleau has a shot @ 49:25

Blaze have upped their intensity

Gametime 50:02

Sean Bentivoglio deflection just wide

Madness says JohnWildthing this game should have been put to bed ages ago

TJ Syner the scorer assist for Matt Marquardt


Get us a GOAL NOW

Mark Louis hooking @ 52:07


Devils Full Strength

KettDevil says Devils are nbow holding on


Layne Ulmer with his 8th of the season @ 54:29

After great work by Mark Louis

2nd assist ofor Andrew Hotham

KettDevils says Layne Ulmer has had a stormer - shoein for MoM in his opinion

Joey Martin has 2 chances @ 56:00

Brian Stewart lifted @57:53

Blaze icing @ 58:38

Brian Stewart back in net

Brian Stewart lifted again

30 secs remaining

Devils icing with 22 secs left

Time out Blaze

3 secs left

Final Score Blaze 3 DEVILS 5

A bit of a wobble late on but a much better performance

KettDevil's top 3 Devils are Layne Ulmer, Mark Louis & Joey Haddad

Our thanks to texters Olivia, JohnWildthing, Philbean and KettDevils who gave us brilliant coverage

Safe trip home for them , the RED ARMY and everyone else


Blaze MoM - Garrett Klotz


Thats all form me (OJ) join us tomorrow night when the Blaze travel to Cardiff Bay for the rematch

Russky will be in the hot seat then

BLWYDDYN NEWYDD DDA - HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes I will be back with you in the New Year