Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Manchester Storm

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as MNL brings you its usually biaaed reporting of the Devils encounter with the Storm

For those who lnow me I am sure your sympathies are with me as as battle Storm Barbara on all fronts

Score predictions as usual to

good evening - Warmup in progress at IAW

Warmup completed

Gareth Mac says 5-1 to Devils

Cornwall Taffy thinks Devils will land the 2 points after a very tough close game possibly 4-3 after O/T

Russky who is out on a jolly says Devils by 3 goals

We think Andrew Lord will be on bench although there is a possibility of a late change

Teams on the ice

Anthem time

We are ready to rock & Roll

Dean Smith drops the puck

Storm penalty @ 1:07

Connor Varley 2 minutes for ??

Devils having problems setting up their PP

Storm have a couple of SH breakaways

Clemente save

Storm Full Strength

Devils rolling 4 lines

Devils icing

Bowns save

Bowns covers

Gametime 5:44

Devils penalty Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for slashing @ 6:34


Clemente covers

Devils Full Strength


Chris Culligan with his 4th of the league season

@ 9:12

Bowns called to make a couple of saves

Assists for Sean Bentivoglio & Andrew Hotham

Devils penalty @11:27 Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for hooking


Told Storm look dangerous on PP

Devils Full Strength

Storm penalty Jack Prince 2 minutes for holding @ 13:44

Another Storm SH breakaway foiled by Bowns

Storm Full Strength

Stormpenalty Cody Cartier 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 16:27

Come on U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 16:54 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for hooking

Now 4 on 4

Devils penalty Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for hooking @ 17:51

Now 5 on 3 for Storm

Devils back to 4 skaters

Storm goal - Johnson A PPG

@ 18:54

Devils are now at full strength at it was a 5 on 4 PPG

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Storm 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 8 Storm 15

My sole texter tells me onlt Ben Bowns seems to be working hard

Ice ready

Teams reappear

Pat I missed out your prediction of a 3-2 Devils win

2nd period starts

Clemente save from Jake Morissette

Crowd at IAW quiet

Storm penalty @ 24:37 Matt Bissonnette sits for Clemente 2 minutes for Delay of Game

To be honest Devils look as if they hasve had their XMAS DINNER already

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Clemente saves from Gleason Fournier

Face off in the Storm zone

Storm Full Strength

Matt Myers shot saved

One good outcome of this game is that Santa will not be delayed by watching Icetime TV

Storm penalty Mark Heatley 2 minutes for high sticks @ 28:31

Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 30:02

4 on 4 then 90sec pp for Storm

Storm Full Strength

Devils pinned in their zone

Devils Full Strength

Devils have to make their lengthy bench tire the Storm

Not the best game for the Xmas holidays

Gametime 35:44

Very quiet tonight on the prediction/comment front

Xmas parties I assume.

icing Storm

There have been so few hits I cannot recasll a single one

Joey Haddad asusual working hard

Storm icing

Gametime 38:30

Storm goal

Taylor Dickin the scorer

@ 38:31

This is rubbish

A hit at last

Final minute

Devils Offside

end of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Storm 2

Assists for Pacha & Varley on Storm go ahead goal

Giants 8 Capitala 1 after 2 periods

Clan 1 Flyers 0 after 1 period; Panthers 2 Stars 2 after 17 minutes

Tuesdays game against the Blaze is sold out - well there are FIVE "Billy No Mates" seats scattered around the IAW

Clan 1 Flyers 0 after 1 period; Panthers 2 Stars 2 after 17 minutes

Officials back

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 13 Storm 9 making it 21-24 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

In case I forget later HAPPY CHRISTMAS from MNL to you all

Join us after the Xmas festivities on Boxing Day (Monday) & Tuesday for the back to back games against Coventry

3rd period delayed

XMAS Greetings also from my fellow hosts, Chris, Riussky & Bozman

Puck dropped

Come on U DEVILS

The two Cardiff Fire players on Storm duty Rhys Harding and Sam Bryant doing really well

Gametime 34:01

Storm penalty Mark Heatley 2 minutes for holding @ 43:55

Too many errors on Devils PP as they fail to maintain their position in Storm zone

Cardiff Storm Full Strength

Storm Goal @ 46:37 scored by Mario Trabucco

Storm penalty @ 47:05

Taylor Dickin the guilty Storm tropper

Storm pernalty @ 48:52 Paul Swindlehurst 2 minutes for boarding

Storm back to 4 skaters

Devils not taking shots whist on Pp


Gleason Fournier his 5th @ 50:22

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 51:51 Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for holding


1 minute killed

Matt Myers shoots high

Storm Full Strength

Gametime 54:00

4 minutes left

Storm icing

Storm breakaway

Where is Ian Cooper when we need him - nobody camped in fron of Clemente

Face off in the Devils zone

Final 2 minutes

Bowns lifted

Final minute

Storm miss an empty net

12 secs left as Devils call time out

Final score DEVILS 2 Storm 3

That loss is likely to be costly in the hunt for the League Title

Storm MoM - Trevor Johnson


Join us on BOXING DAY when the DEVIULS travel to Coventry

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all MNL followers