Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey, Chris with you tonight, don't forget to give me an email

Seems the Devils may have been delayed getting to Hull, they've only just entered the changing rooms whereas Hull are out on the ice...

I should be out watching the rugby as I expect the majority of people are doing, but i'm stuck inside recovering from some highly disagreeable food...

And out come the Devils for warmup, usual suspects missing. No sign of the ENL players yet...

Texter at the game reports only 11 players including 2 netminders have appeared for the Devils...

Now he says 14, seems we're all over the place :)

Anymore predictions out there? Keith from Aberystwyth says 1-3 Devils...

Devils have refused to leave the ice at the end of the warmup, so the rink have turned the lights off...

Silverthorn made sure he was the last player to leave the ice :D

A grand total of 4 Devils fans have made the journey to Hull.

Zamboni makes an appearence, only players missing are injuries and the ENL players.

Jacks going for a 3-5 win to the Devils, not long to go till our victory :)

Hull rink is practically empty according to texters, Devils risk outnumbering Hull fans

Officials on the ice, not sure who they are though...

Referee is #2, anyone got a list of refs numbers to hand and can email me who it is?

Rhodri predicting a 4-3 overtime win for the Devils...

Wahay! The Devils are out and onto the ice

Hull are out, come on the Devils!

And here we go! Goooooooo Devils!

Hull start the game faster and harder than the Devils. But Aubry saves :)

And the puck goes out of play at 2:02...

Hull penalty at 2:02. Reynolds 2mins delay of game

Hull forced into good save immediately after penalty.


Devils powerplay goal at 2:57. Prpich from Latulippe and Elich

Voth forces a brilliant save from Cruickshank...

Devils looking good, but Hull pushing hard. A battle to the end :D

Cruickshank makes another good save. Prpich and Elich playing well

Hull called for icing at 4:59

Devils penalty. Voth 2mins elbows at 4:59 *I think*

Hull goal...

Hull goal at 5:01. Powerplay goal. Turunen from Reynolds and Koulikov

Cruickshank makes another good save.

Texters report that Hull look rather good and ready for this game

Another great save from Hull. Hill from Elich

And the puck goes out of play again at 10:04

Adams comes close after taking the puck from behind Aubry, the length of the ice. Cruickshank saves though :(

Referee for tonight is Marco Coenen. I hope the team remember not to shake their heads at him :D

Devils penalty at 15:05. Jarvis 2mins holding

Texter doesn't agree with penalty at all :)

Texters report our special teams look good.

Aubry makes a save about 16mins. Handbags follow!

Silverthorn makes a shorthanded breakaway, but Cruickshank makes a good glove save

Aubry makes another save, Hull looking dangerous on the powerplay

Devils kill the penalty

Another Cruickshank save, Elich breakaway


Devils 2nd goal at 18:47. Even handed. Silverthorn from Hill and Jarvis

And that is the end of the 1st period. Devils currently lead 1-2. I'm off to get a drink :)

Anyone else alive out there? Russky is predicting a 2-6 Devils win. Email me!

Wales are leading 6-0, only 7 more points to go, come on!

Shots on goal... Hull had 7, Devils had an unknown amount :E

Dave from Hull suggests Hull will win in OT, they're desperate for the points to qualify for the playoffs!

And the refs come back out, almost time for the 2nd period!

Both teams back on the ice, come on Devils!

And here we go with the 2nd period! Woop woop :)

Hull called for icing at 21:18

It's gone a bit quiet up in Hull. End to end stuff, but nothing to report!

Hull shot saved, nets come off and we have handbags!

Devils penalty at 24:21. Voth 2mins roughing

Texters outraged that no Hull player has been called for roughing!

Hurrah! The Devils kill the penalty

Hull managed no shots during powerplay, then fluffed a pass to give an easy save for Aubry

Devils icing at 27:57

Devils icing was unwarranted. Hull were on the backfoot...

Cruickshank save at 29:18

Now it's Aubrys turn. SAVE at 29:42

Hull send puck into their own bench. Strachen does his best to dodge :)

Hull breakaway goal :(

Hull 2nd goal timed at 31:56. Kostadine from Reynolds

Devils send the puck into bench at 33:41. Strachen forced to stop, drop and roll again

Texter has to employ duck and cover! Players fire puck into crowd :)

Texters say Hull throwing everything they have at the Devils tonight.

Aubry save at 35:05. Hull had 3on1 breakaway.

Devils penalty at 35:36. MacIver 2mins tripping

Aubry save again at 36:08. Hull playing well.

Another Aubry save at 37:12

Hull all over the Devils on the powerplay.

Off topic, but looks like Wales are claiming some points back, but they're still behind. I don't think a 13 points victory is doable :(

Hill clears the puck from the line. Aubry was beaten by a late Hull rush. COME ON DEVILS

Hull icing at 38:14

Now it's the Devils turn to try and score :)

And that's the end of the 2nd period. Stingrays 2-2 Devils.

Officials are back on the ice for the 3rd!

Both teams back on the ice, come on Devils!

And we're off, for the 3rd period!

Aubry save at 40:12. Let's hope the Devils can make up for Wales rugby failings :(


Devils 3rd goal at 41:38. ADAMS from Latulippe!

The puck dribbled through Cruickshank and Adams pushed it over the line :D

Aubry with an easy glove save at 43:55

Cruickshank makes the save to deny Elich.

Aubry saves a shot from the top of the circle...

Francis not on the bench tonight, texters saying Devils are a bit all over the place

Devils nets come off at 46:05

Voth misses a pass from Hill clear across the Hull goal.

Texters report Devils don't look as sharp as last weekend


Devils 4th goal at 48:27. Voth from Latulippe

Voth shot from the top of the circle :)

end to end stuff again. But not a lot happening :E


Devils 5th goal at 51:54. Elich from Teplitsky

Anyone else noticed how everytime I get a negative text, something good seems to happen :D

Cruickshank was out in the middle of the ice, missed the poke check and gave Elich the empty net so reports texter

Cruickshank makes the save at 55:22

The game has turned in the Devils favour now

Hull offside at 56:54

Into the final 2minutes we go!

Hull really pushing but can't get the final shot off

Hull icing at 59:36

And the Devils win! WOOP WOOP

Devils man of the match goes to Latulippe :)

Hull man of the match goes to Glowa

That's all for tonight, don't forget to join OJ tomorrow for the last home fixture of the league against the Nottingham Panthers!