Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me Steve from 3.30 for biased coverage of our trip to Nottingham to gain revenge on the panthers

first prediction is in from Dan Acton in St Mellons who says Devils to win 3-1 I like it Dan

Russky says a Devils win in overtime

don't forget get your predictions in at

Russky also sends a Merry Chrimbo to everyone

Pat says give us another win guys and 4-2 will do nicely. too right Pat!!!

Devils to win 5-1 says Simon who is cooking the second Christmas dinner of the Christmas season

warm up is underway

Rachel one of our texters tonight is going for a 5-3 win, warm up now over

Jacob Pritchard going for a scrappy 3-2 victory as its a very tough place to go

Rachael not Rachel is helping us with texting lol

it seems that Lordo is not icing this evening

get your predictions or any other nonsense you want in to me guys

The bear has been inflated at the rink,,, reluctantly apparantly

Drew hoping the Devils are up for the challenge and goes for a 5-3 win

not sure to have a beer yet !!!

The lights are dimmed anticipation is high

the arena is seriously empty

mark says Anything from this game will be a bonus. 2 points which is achievable the way we are now playing will be excellent. Feel a win is due against them. 4-3. Devils

the great Brian parker says devils by 2

Devils on the ice

The bear has given birth Panthers are on the ice team being announced

no news on Cully playing

British anthem time (not English)

Chris Culligan is a scratch

here we go

first shot from Joey Martin Miika Wiikman covers

and another shot smothered

get into them boys

Myers, Haddad,Doucet line on

Panthers goal at 1:47

Farmer from Lawrence caused from bad defending

The Batch's predict a 3-2 regulation win

good news Cully is icing

Patrick Asselin goes close

4:24 gone shot from Haddad saved

mr batch would also like to see his offspring batter farmer

Jeff Brown Andrew Hotham having a chat

big glove save from Wiikman

Wiikman called into action again to save Louis shot

Panthers score again Schultz

it has been all Devils apart from the goals

assist on second goal from Moran

I think it needs a fight even this early

defence has gone awol we are panicking wake up Devils

Panthers go close again

D men are over commiting

Jacob agrees with me about the physicality

lee shot bowns deflects wide

10:31 gone

some reason we look nervous

puck out of play

puck out again !!

Panthers going 3 at the back and jumping behind us when our d move up

Joey Haddad has shot saved

Bowns now makes glove save

Bowns body save again

the Lawrence, Mcgratton, farmer line are dominating us

Miika Wiikman glove save from Martin @12:14

Miika Wiikman glove save from Martin @12:14

yet another save from Bowns

oooh gone quiet

the rink is at least a third empty

Fournier gets crushed we need someone to step up

4:33 left Bownsy makes a big save

nice Devils play leads to Martin shot and save from Wiikman

I need that beer now

Haddad and Martin the only players looking dangerous

1:53 left Devils offside

no news is good news I suppose

Devils pen coming

Andrew Hotham gets2 minutes for cross-checking

final minute

Devils clear there zone

End of the first not a good period I think you'll agree

Glynne says Batch needs a fight with Farmer, Bordy with Mc Grattan, and Louis with Lawrence

I fancy 4-2 to us now !!!!

Tony Temme says its only the first period and fights don't win games

Glynne says Fights don't win games, don't they, Devils 6 Knights 5 all because of a fight,,,,, im in the middle here don't blame me but I do like a good scrap on the ice

Stripeys are out

Devils return to the ice

the puck is dropped LETS GO DEVILS

Devils back to full strength

quiet start to the period 1:44 in


Myers and Brown

Myers gets a pasting

it was started by Hotham(a) but they hit Myers for some reason

Both get 5 minutes for fighting

A Hotham also gets 2 minutes for holding we are now on PK

Wiikman save 3:14

hotham returns to the ice

Devils are hanging on

Panthers score

goal came when we couldn't get a change Hotham was on the ice for 2 minutes and was knackered

goal scored by Ollie Betteridge

Devils have weak shot easily saved

Devils with good pressure

Devils icing

Panthers time out !!!!

Panthers penalty Robert Lachowicz 2 minutes for holding

Patrick Asselin goes close

another Panthers penalty

Logan MacMillan 2 minutes for tripping

that time out worked !!

come on Devils make the most of this

Panthers breakaway foiled by Bowns

Devils now shot after shot

Panthers FS

Panthers icing

Rachael says how are panthers mid table they are smooth fast and clinical

Bordeleau throwing some big hits

Panthers penalty too many men

Asselin misses open netter

Miika Wiikman covers

8 Mins left in period

Martin has big shot saved

Panthers clear zone

Panthers penalty over



complete mess and a panther deflects it in

Layne Ulmer credited with goal but it must have been 10 seconds since a devil touched the puck

lets hope the momentum now switches

for the goal the puck took a wicked bounce of plexi before a panther put it ion his own net shame

Haddad with big shot saved

Doucet fighting hard

all Devils now Louis goes v close

18:00 gone in period

if we score the next we win this

final minute

we could do with this period not ending panthers are shaky

buzzer goes and we get 2min penalty for tripping details to come

Joey Haddad gets the penalty

oh well the third should be a good-un

Panthers back out

Devils return

her we go COME ON DEVILS

Big push needed

Bowns save from farmer

Bowns covers another shot

quiet innit

Devils full strength

Doucet goes close 2:32 gone

Fournier shot saved

Panthers sitting back and protecting Wiikman

4 minutes in to the period

nothing to report

Patrick Asselin has shot saved at 5.:39

puck deflected out of play

Myers fails to convert chance at 7:10, Devils icing

sorry Panthers icing

Panthers pen coming

Steve Lee 2 minutes for hooking

make this powerplay work Devils

Fournier fires one over @8:25


Joey Haddad Beautifully worked with a great finish

now we have a game

assist from Gleason Fournier

Devils penalty coming

Doucet 2 minutes for high sticks

Alex Nikiforuk is down feeling the effects of the stick

the penalty was 2+2

fair call according to texters

Ashley would be happy to take a point from being 3 down COME ON Devils

game back underway

Devils clear zone

Come on boys

9:58 left this is a tough penalty kill

Alex Nikiforuk lost about a pint of blood!

Brine goes so close

two mins killed

Panthers hand pass 12:02

Devils clear zone

Devils are defending heroically

Handbags Louis involved

Bowns save 6:42 left back to Full strength

good block by bowns

5 mins left Devils are toiling

we can do this

Louis, haddad and martin have been awesome tonight

4 mins left doucet goes close

Bowns big save

3 mins left

glove save bowns

final 2 mins

Hotham shot Wiikman saves and panthers ice it

Panthers keep icing it

1:30 left

3 icings in 20 seconds

Bowns pulled

Panthers Empty netter 1:10 left

final minute

goal was scored by Robert Lachowicz and now they have a fifth

Logan MacMillan with that one and the final buzzer goes

final score Panthers 5 Cardiff Devils 2

many thanks to our texters Rachael and KettDevil who without this would not be possible

Devils MOM the one and only Patrick Asselin

Panthers MOM Ollie Betteridge

ok that's it from me have a great Christmas all and goodnight