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Sheffield Steelers 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the eagerly awaited visit of the Devils to Sheffield

Any predictions for tonights game can be sent to me OJ at the MNL studio by e-mailing

Whilst you do that I will have my tea as I expect to be very busy later.

Fisher & Watkins on the Devils team list this evening

David calls a 4-3 Devils win but regets that there is nothing at stake in this game

Most Devils fams are in fancy dress

Darnell is the referee

Keith predicts a 3-1 win for Devils

Questions being asked if Darnell is strong enough for this game

The ice is ready at Sheffield

Its very quiet on the texts front

Its also quiet on the e-mail front as well, where is everyone?

Spent the afternnon tidying the attic and came across material from the Devilsa exploits in Tilburg when they beat two former Soviet Elite teams

One day I must decide what to do with the tons of Devils material (1986-2000) that I have lying about the house

Typablo calls it 3-2 to the Devils after OF and maybe penalties

Steelers raising their 2008/9 League banner and 2007/8 Play-off banner

No sign of Adams so far

Very bad crowd it would be nugh on empty if Devils fans weren't there

Devils take to the ice

Some broweres saying the MNL is not auto -refreshing, it seems OK on my 2nd PC

Tom calls a 4-2 win for the Devils

Are there any Steeeler fans out there who are with us and not at game?

Rob Dowd announced as the "Golden Child"

Others reporting no problem with auto refresh. If in dout re-fresh as you know that I will not keep quiet for more that 2 minutes if that long

We are away

Voth, Hill & Latulippe up front for Devils

Green in net for Steelers

Devils have made a good start to the game

Stone floors Dowd

Gold dust everywhere

Devils offside @ 2:41

Devils offside @ 2:41

ih-update just doing period updates so stay with MNL as we bring you the news as it happens

Steelers icing @ 3:46

Steelers penalty @ 4:05 Sharp - slashing

Its a bit early for him to get out of his cage

Make him pay with a ppg Devils

5 minutes gone and Devils pp shaping up good

Steelers penalty @ 5:58 Basiuk - slashing

7 secs of 5 on 3

Sharp penalty killed

Green save @ 6:24


Devils 1st goal scored @ 7:12 by Prpich assists Teplitsky & Voth ppg

Green save @ 7:56

My sources thought Tyson had scored not Prpich

No sign of Adams apparently, partner must be in labour

Devils penalty @ 8:01 Elich - interference

Simon we will accept your 3-2 win for the Devils but finish your tea earlier next time

Devils kill penalty

Devils penalty @ 10:07 Teplitsky - holding

Last penalty changed to hooking

I must have a word with that Chemist

Steelers 1st goal @ 19:19 Tait from Basiuk & Cruickshank ppg

Devils goal changed to Teplitsky from Prpich & Voth

That was a Simms C***UP

Game clock is wrong game stopped

To clear up any confusion about G, MNL brought you the news before last nights game that his partner's waters had broken and that he might leave the game at short notice, he didn't but left at the final buzzer

Clok corrected and game starts

Clock still wrong but game continues

Devils offside @ 10:57 roughly

Elich misses a clear chance


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 11:54 by Hill assists Elich & Silverthorn

Adams did not travel to Sheffield today

Trying to contact my texyers at the Maternity Unit without success SORRY

Aubry save @ 14:33

Steelers having to play canned crowd noises as actual fans are silent

Devils icing @ 16:06

17 minutes gone

Very fast open game

18 minutes gone

Voth shot deflected high @ 18:12

DEvils penalty @ 18:48 Maciver - interference

Simms losing it he announced last penalty as roughing

Steelers whistled down for high sticks @ 19:55

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 2

Sog for 1st period Devils 10 Steelers 6

BT Ruth thinks Devils will win 4-3 - her predictions are always late and wrong

I suppose the papers in the morning will say that England is the best team in the world

I bet you the AA & RAC were relieved that the wheels hadn't come off all those chariots

Both teams back on the ice

Kerrie thinks I am nasty to the English, well I tell all my mates in Tenerife that I support TWO teams, Wales and whoever is playing against England

I dont think England should play against France in white as it confuses them and they surrender

We are off for 2nd period

Devils kill penalty

Steelers icing @ 22:06

Green save @ 22:30

That article about the French in the Daily Mail was brilliants, I only buy it for the racing and sports pages but when I saw that article I had to read it, brilliant

Devils icing @ 23:27

Aubry save @ 23:41

Aubry save @ 24:42

Steelers Penalty @ 24:58 Dowd - hooking

Lets get that pp into gear and get us a goal Devils

Dowd upset with Darnell calling that penalty

Green save @ 26:16


Devils 3rd goal scored @ 26:29 Jarvis, assist Hill

Steelers offside @ 27:28

The 3rd Devils goal was a ppg

Aubry save @ 27:44

I'd forgotten about the cricket 20/20 - England rubbish as usual

Gone very quiet, referee stops game as Stellers fans snoringt puts off the players

Steelers 2nd goal scored @ 29:03 scored by Sheppard assist Tait

Who should have kept his mouth shut?

Steelers goal was error by Aubry

Puck out of play @ 30:15

2nd Steelers goal came after a shot from the blueline that Aubry missjudged

Devils penalty @ 32:15 Jarvis - hooking

Rubbish call according to one of my texters

32 minutes gone

Steelers penalty @ 32:29 Dowd - hooking

16 seconds of 4 on 4

Jarvis penalty I believe was at 30:45

Jarvis penalty killed

Green save @ 33:56

Another Green save @ 34:04

Steelers kill penalty with ease

Being asked "How can we shut up Dave Simms"

Darnell is using a random generator for his calls tonight

Devils penalty @ 36:03 Latulippe - interference

Devils penalty @ 36:03 Latulippe - interference

37 minutes gone, Devils playing well

Penalty killed


Devils 4th goal scored @ 38:18 by Elich, assists Towe & Maciver

Final minute of 2nd period

Russky suggests that one way to shut Simms up is to tell him someone wants to buy one of the houses he's selling, he'll soon leave as he probably sold his last on in the off season

Its gone very quiet

Apologies Mark it was your suggestion to ask Simms about house sales

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 4

Elich's goal as an ace according to reports from Sheffield

Russky Jody didn't play last night as well, being rested I suppose now the league title was in the bag

Devils outshot Steelers in 2nd period 14-8

I see Capitals are winning 4-2 after 2 at Coventry but nothing coming out of Hull, Capitals or Stingrays is the only major issue to be decided

Here we go with the 3rd period

It would appear that Steelers only have 9 forwards so Sharp is getting a regular shift - can he cope I ask

Devils shot deflected out of play @ 41:06

Steelers came close to putting puck in own net - was it Sharp I ask

Devils icing @ 42:26

No regretfully we cannot shoot Dave Simms in order to shut him up, but maybe we can it is Yorkshire after all

Prpich hits cross bar

Lower. lower SHOOT

Devils shot goes out of play @ 44:11

Neil is being greedy he wants a 6-2 road win for the Devils

Well we will see

Voth having words with Basiuk

Steelers penalty @ 44:44 Sarich - hooking

46 minutes gone

Devils pp functioning, not in overdrive but OK

Steelers kill penalty

Steelers icing @ 47:09


Devils 5th goal @ 47:25 scored by Prpich, assists Latulippe & Voth

That puts Prpich equal with Mark Smith for Devils league goals in a season

Green save @ 48:09

There is no pleasing my chief texter Chris he now moans that game lacks intensity

A big win in Sheffield is to be treasured no matter the circumstances

Remember that epic game at Wembley?

50 minutes gone, Steelers are awful

THose few Steelers fans present will start to leave soon.

What we should do is keep quiet as they are asleep

51 minutes gone

Finnerty not playing tonight

Voth hits pipes again

Steelers 3rd goal @ 53:09 scored by Sarich assist Phillips

Fisher and Watkins have had a bit of ice, not as much as Ben would have

Puck out of play at 54:26

Voth shot also goes out of play @ 54:38

55 minutes gone weird atmosphere by all accounts

Dagenais floors Silverthorn

Waiting to hear if there is any sign of my mate Bob

Steelers penalty @ 56:40 Mumm - interference

Still I might ask Tony Blair to look him up when he is out in the Middle East next

Steelers penalty @ 57:50 Sarich 10 minute misconduct


Devils 6th goal scored @ 57:56 by Voth, assists Prpich

Devils offside @ 58:46

Final score Steelers 3 DEVILS 6

Emails suggested Teplitsky injured my texters say he was icing until end of game

Devils MoM ELICH

Steelers MoM awaiting news, rumour has it was given to SIMMS and he his making his way down from the heights

Steelers MoM TAIT

Thanks for all the e-mails its been a busy night

Big thank you to Chris S and Steve in Sheffield

Thanks for all the e-mails its been a busy night

Thats all from me OJ until next weekend six more wins on the trot and we will be CHAMPIONS