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Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Well after last nights debacle lets hope for a much improved performance, they have a chance as I am not there to jinx them. Join me (Russky) from 5:30pm for all the usual MNL shenanigans, fun and games of predictions Latest scores and once the puck drops live unrivalled text commentary.

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Catch you all later folks.

Evening all.

In the words of Yazz in her song of the late 1980s The only way is up!

Lets hope for a markedly improved performance that they have shown in previous games this season against the Steelers.

It would seem that the warm up is well in progress at the IAW.

The first few predictions have arrived. Phil Egan who expects a 4-3 win in the Devils favour, where as Bozman is a bit more confident with a 5-2 to the Devils

Interesting scoreline coming in from the NIC where the Panthers trial the Blaze 3-2

The other games this evening are Storm v Giants; Edinburgh v Fife; and Stars v Clan

The last few seconds of the warm up

that's the warm up done and dusted.

Tonights ref is the ever popular Mike Hicks. Ilia Kisil and Sam Motton are the Linos

The Zamboni has been sent out like a naughty child to do its chores before playtime.

Very quiet on the predictions front, so far just 2.

Hazel from Southend, also goes for 4-3 Devils win

Hazel was baffled by last nights performance but she hopes the Devils 'socks it' to the Steelers.

Culligan and Bentivoglio sit out tonight,

Seems Culligan still isn't 'quite there yet' as Lordo would put it, Benti's injury is not known and something of a surprise.

the Inflatable Devil is being fiilled up with perhaps some of Simmsy's hot air.

Lights down Intro in progress.

Video being shown saying ' remember just who we are'

Our lone texter is on duty but having some signal problems so don't know how frequent the texts will be.

Sally James predicts a Devils 3-1 win, Didn't she use to be on Tiswas???

Cornwall Taffy is hoping for an improved physical performance but doesn't state a score.

Devils standing on their defensive blue line as they are introduced. Wearing black with red shoulders and red shorts.

Steelers in white with orange shoulders and orange shorts

Anthem time.

two more predictions Drew has it as 2-1 Devils;Matthew Moore reckons Devils will lose. BOOOOOOOO. he hopes hes wrong tho'

pucks about to drop. AND IT DOES

we are underway.

Steelers on the attack

early sparring exchanges.

Haddad shot blocked by Roy

big hit by Lordo on Frantzen

another hit by Lord.

Devils undoubtedly upped the physicality from last night.

Bjorklund blocks a devils shot

Bownsy pads away a shot

Martin and Morrisette try to combine with a end shot

Being flicked away

end to end action

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Desbiens and Batch

5 each there for fighting

Devils with a chance. Steelers scramble puck away

Apparrently the clock at the IAW not working

Bordeleau and Fitzy looking as if they want to scrap

Fitzy chickens out and goes to the bench

Devils Hagos 2 minutes for holding

Devils PP I mean

Hagos is a Steelers player

Game time 14:40

Martin shoots Mustokovs saves

now play goes to other end of rink, Bownsy saves

Hoping to get Phil Egan's end of period synopsis

Lordo misses a chance denied by Mustokovs

Steelers pen D Phillips 2 minutes for slashing

Hicks and Paul Thonpson having a chat

its getting a bit gippy out there

Devils cant get set up on PP

Ulmer trying to repeat his goal against caps but gets robbed of the puck

Desbiens and Batch released from the naughty step

Devils cant pounce on a Mustokovs rebound

Devils having more of the play tonight than they did last night.

Devils clearing their D zone

Devils under pressure for now. Bownsy is doing well tonight

Lordo shoots

bownsy with a big save

Melee infront of Bownsy

Face off in the Devils zone

Myers down injured.

Play goes on as Myers goes off for treatment

Devils clear their zone

Fairly even at the moments

Phillips shoots wide.

Haddad just escapes a check then

Ratchuk shoots wide.

Bownsy pads the puck away

Bowns saves from Levi Nelson

Steelers starting to impose themselves

Bownsy saves again

Martin shot blocked by Davy Phillips.

Devils battling along the boards

Haddad shoots but Mustokovs keeps it out

2 mins left in the first

Devils a lot quicker and alert tonight

Fitgerald gets hit by Lord and then Bordy in quick succession

Both teams getting turnovers

its a very tight game

neutral zone face off

and that's the end of a very entertaining period of hockey,

Phil Egan says that was a very intense period. Much better than last night.Devils playing a much more physical style. Batchy having a decent tilt with Desbiens. His highlight was Fitzy being too chicken to go with Bordy.

Latest scores Panthers 5 Blaze 5; Edinburgh 2 Fife 3. Mancheser 0-0 Belfast; Dundee 0-0 Braehead

Panthers win shoot out over Blaze game over

Manchester 1 Belfast 1

SOGs Devils 7 Steelers 14 Really??????

it may be right but I am surprised

I reckon we will see a but nore fisticuffs

cant be long before the players come out for 2nd period.

and here they come

I can report that OJ has returned safely from Tenerife

and we are underway in the 2nd

which we are all thankful for.

Morrisette with an early shot

Haddad fires one wide after wonderful build up

Steelers Pen 2 many men

Lets go Devils

Devils trying to set up. Haddad with another shot, Mustokovs pads it away


Haddad scores

assists Fournier and Lord at 22:09

Asselin clears the D zone

Haddad got a stick tip on a Fournier shot whilst screening Mustokovs

Armstrong shot padded away by Bowns

Lordo blocks a Desbiens shot

Face off in the Devils zone

Fretter hit by Fitzy slapshot

Neutral zone slapshot

Doucet with a shot.

Face off in the Steelers zone

Bownsy saves from Roy, Hooking call missed by Hicksy.

Schultz shoots wide on Breakaway

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy saves again.

Face off in the Devils zone Face off in the Devils zone

oops sorry

Bowns saves from O Connor

Steelers getting control of this game

lots of puck possession for Steelers

Bowns pads away a shot

Bordy hitting anything that moves

creates space for a Lordo shot

Bordy winding up Desbiens and Fitzy

neither seem to want to fight

Haddad and Doucet combine wel but no end result

end to end hockey again.

10 mins played in 2nd game time 30:05

Bowns giving up a few rebounds

Mustokovs saves from Piggott and Brine.

Face off in the Steelers zone

Fretter scores

assisted by Hagos and Frantzen


Steelers keeping Devils penned behind their Defensive Blue line

morrisette and Martin almost combine for a goal

Fournier with a big hit

icing call against Devils

Devils pressured by Steelers

Bordy and Lord work together but Lord cant get the shot away

Steelers shot hits the bar

Steelers look more threatening

Fournier shoots but Mustokovs blocks

Pad save by Bowns

Devils under the kosh at moment

Asselin to Morrisette saved by Mustokovs

Lord stops Roy in his tracks

Icing by both teams

Facing at centre ice

seconds left in 2nd

Davey Phillips and Doucet having words at the end of the 2nd. Big 3rd Period needed from Devils

Latest scores elsewhere: Storm 1-1 Belfast; Edinburgh 4-3 Fife; Dundee 0-2 Braehead,

SOGS Devils 10 Steelers 1. who is counting these???

SOGs now corrected to Devils 10 Steelers 9 17-23 overall

Just waiting on 2nd period synopsis from Phil Egan

time for a cuppa methinks.

He's probably found his way to the bar or queuing for the gents

Steelers queued up in their tunnel looking to step back on the ice.

Devils back on the ice

Phil Egan is also experiencing signal problems so our 2nd period synopsis a little delayed,

3rd is underway I the 3rd period.

Fretter with a chance but marshalled away from the Devils goal

Bownsy saves a deflected Roy shot

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy saves again.

Lord on the Breakaway shoots but Mustokovs pads it away

Jones felled by Philips shove

Face off in the Steelers zone

game on a knife edge but Steelers have the upper hand

A Hotham picks Desbiens pocket


scored by Asselin top shelf assisted by Martin

Ratchuk with a solo effort but a shove puts him off balance and into the boards behind Bownsy's goal

no call on that play

Batch with a big hit

Batch with a big hit

Bowns saves there

from Dowd.

Face off in the Devils zone

Mustokovs saves twice quickly. Devils had the goal at their mercy but mustokovs saves

Roy scores

Devils had the Steelers on the ropes there but Steelers breakaway

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils all hands to pumps in Defence

Steelers regroup behind their own goal

Bownsy saves

hotham and myers working hard

a lot of tension

present in the rink.

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils shot saved by Mustokovs Face off in the Steelers zone

Bordeleau with a big hit in the corner

Devils trying to create a chance in front of steelers goal

8 mins left in 3rd

Devils player tripped but no call from Hicks

Louis and Hagos tangle behind the Devils goal

Devils shoot wide

Face off in the Steelers zone

Bownsy saves

Devils pen S Hotham 2 minutes for holding 54:07

KILL the PEN Devils

Richardson stops Ratchuk from shooting

Steelers goal waived off. goal off the moorings

Bordeleau kicks puck off the goal-line

Batches stick clears the puck off the line,

Face off in the Devils zone

Morrisette hooked back but no call

Devils FS

Face off in the Devils zone

game time 56:40

Desbiens shoots over Bownsy's goal

last two minutes of regulation

Martin shoots wide of Mustokovs

Face off in the Steelers zone

Haddad trying to create something in the last 30 seconds

Bowns covers

Face off in the Devils zone

end of regulation Into overtime we go

one point bagged lets make it two

3 on 3 hockey, loads of space to create chances.

Phil Egan says third similar to 2nd, Devils lucky to have that goal waived off

OT underway

Bownsy saved from Bowns

Morrisette shot saved

Steelers try to get a player free on the fly, Bownsy saves

Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns saves from Roy

steelers finding it easier to set up than Devils

Steelers offisde

neutral zone face off

Martin shoots wide

Martin has another chance.

end to end 3 on 3

Bowns saves

Face off in the Devils zone

Haddad shoots straight at Mustokovs

Face off in the Steelers zone

Bowns sprawling in his circle

Fournier 2 minutes for slashing

Bad time to kill a pen

4 on3 for steelers

cant have less than 3 men on ice so Steelers have extra player

o connor shot blocked by hotham

Blocked by Morrisette, steelers having much the better of OT

Bowns saves from Ratchuk

Bowns glove save sees the Devils survive OT

Penalty shoot out

Schultz misses and hits the post

Jake Morrisette shoots wide

Armstrong miscontrols puck and it goes way wide.

Martin saved by Mustokovs

Fretter stick poked by Bowns

Asselin scores and Devils WIN


what a game, what a great result for the Devils after last night

Awesome game and Awesome result

Steelers MOM Mustokovs

Devils MOM Patrick Asselin for his two goals

Belfast beat Manchester 2-1; Edinburgh beat Fife 6-3; Latest score Dundee 3-4 Braehead.

Thanks to our lone texter and End of period synopsis guru Phil Egan

Well what a game. I don't know who is hosting next Saturday but I would guess OJ on his sun kissed return from Tenerife.

Goodnight all Nos Da Pawb