Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 0 - 8 Nottingham Panthers


We'll be live here from about 18:30 for tonights game between the Devils and Panthers

If you have any predictions, or just want to shout at us about something, then fire it across to :)

Good evening!

Chris here, back as host for another game that hopefully leads to another victory :)

We've got a few predictions in, starting with Russky who says Devils to win 4-2...

Phil is also going for a 4-2 victory...

Mark is going for a 4-3 win tonight and hopefully 4 points from this weekend!

And Rob has lost his mind and gone for a Devils 5-1 victory!

I mean it would be nice, but i'm not sure it will happen!

Nottingham lead the head-to-head 2-1 against us, although we did win the last game 3-1 so... :)

If there are anymore predictions out there, send them over to :)

Not sure who's going to be missing from the Devils lineup tonight; Culligan has sat the last few games out with a minor injury but who knows who it will be this weekend!

Warmup complete in IAW!

As always, we're relying on a solitary texter for tonights coverage because IAW is basically a phone signal black hole

A few more predictions in, Pat going for a Devils 3-1 victory :D

Hazel going for a Devils 3-2 victory, Pete going for a Devils 6-1 win! Someone definitely drunk there :P

Jacob going for a Devils 3-2 victory as well :D

This weekend is absolutely critical for the Devils hopes on a league victory... Tonight against the Panthers, tomorrow against the Steelers here in IAW

Personally i'd say we can afford to lose against the Panthers, but we need to beat the Steelers to maintain that gap...

But if would be nice to get 4 points across the next two weekends so... Gooo Devils hah!

Wiikman is named on the gamesheet, so maybe he's back in the lineup for the Panthers tonight? He was missing the last few games for the Panthers due to family circumstances

So it's confirmed that Culligan is still out with an injury :(

Sally going for a Devils 2-1 victory :D

We're getting closer to go time, just a little bit excited here :P

We'll be keeping tabs on the Belfast/Steelers game as well tonight, hopefully the Steelers take a beating so we can capitalise tomorrow :E

Intro time in IAW! :D

Panthers on the ice, and here come the Devils!

Wiikman does indeed start for the Panthers tonight

He always does pretty well against us, hopefully we've found a new tactic to get past him!

Devils lineup complete, it's Culligan out again :(

Anthem time in IAW!

Anthem done, it's almost go time! :D

Puck dropped and we're off! Jan Schmejkal is the man in charge tonight :)

Big shot from Haddad in the opening minute!

Panthers score :(

Looks like that opening goal was timed at 00:52 :(

Devils are a bit all over the shop here, Panthers creating chance after chance

And they've scored again ffs!

We're awaiting goal details, but the first goal was at 00:51 and the 2nd at 01:52 we think

Ok, so Panthers goal #1 - McGratten from Farmer @ 00:51

Panthers 2nd goal timed at 01:52 - Schultz from Moran

And finally Bowns makes a save @ 02:48...

Panthers are all over the Devils, we don't seem to be throwing a check at all and happily letting the Panthers skate into our zone without a single challenge

4mins played, luckily no further Panthers goals!

Devils better be gearing up for a big third period!

Panthers called for icing @ 04:48

Oh ffs... Panthers score a 3rd...

Panthers 3rd goal timed @ 05:09 and the Devils take Bowns off...

So Murdy replaces a very angry looking Bowns... Devils have barely started this game compared to the Panthers

Panthers 3rd goal timed @ 05:09 - Schultz from McGratten...

Devils are all over the shop, it's unreal

Devils called for icing @ 06:53

The Devils haven't actually called a timeout despite the scoreline...

Not a single Devils player is challenging the Panthers infront of Murdy, they've got all the time in the world

8mins played and play whistled down after a shot from the Devils... The Panthers are skating into our zone without any sort of trouble

We don't think Bowns was to blame for any of the 3 goals really, but the Devils defence is all over the shop :S

Panthers hit the pipes! Not a single Devils throwing a check or anything...

10mins played, Panthers looking by far the better team out on the ice

Panthers penalty coming

Panthers penalty called @ 10:52 - McGratten 2mins for tripping

Wiikman makes a save @ 11:05...

1min of the PP gone, Panthers clearing the zone with ease...

The only good thing about this PP is that the Panthers aren't challenging Murdry every time they push forwards!

Devils called for offside @ 12:23 - 31 seconds of PP left

Panthers score a 4th :(

Panthers 4th goal timed at 12:45 - SHG from Sertich & Farmer

Maybe we've decided that this weekend is indeed critical for a league title challenge and we don't want it after all :/

Devils still aren't throwing any hits or anything

Murdy save @ 14:46

15mins played...

Lord comes closest to getting an actual chance for the Devils following a pass from Richardson

Wiikman make a save @ 15:45 - Wiikman comes under a bit of pressure and there's some handbags...

Devils have created a few chances in the last few mins, but the Panthers still look far more dangerous skating forwards

Another Wiikman save @ 16:31 - Devils aren't happy as the nets move and finally the Devils show some passion

Panthers called for icing @ 17:11 - Finally the Devils creating some chances

Big shot from Andrew Hotham and the puck ends up out of play @ 17:30

Great save from Wiikman @ 17:46 following a shot from Myers, finally the Devils seem to be stepping up a bit...

Panthers penalty coming...

And a Devils penalty! Both timed @ 18:06

Bentivoglio gets 2mins for holding...

And Kudroc gets 2mins for the Panthers for something... Interference maybe?

And actually, both penalties were timed @ 18:03 :(

Right, so Bentivoglio got 2mins for holding, Kudroc got 2mins for hooking @ 18:03

Panthers score a 5th :(

Panthers 5th goal timed @ 19:34... Spang from Nikiforuk & Lawrence

And that's the end of the first period... Cardiff 0-5 Nottingham - The Devils actually get booed off the ice! Blimey

Kelman was spotted storming into the Devils locker room... Hopefully he's shouting at everyone in there because we've been absolutely dire tonight!

On a sort of positive, Giants 1-0 Steelers at the end of the 1st, so... No, no that doesn't make anything better at all :/

About 5mins of the period break left, so that's 5mins to brace yourself for possibly more terrible ice hockey :S

Well, both teams are back out on the ice...

Strangely, Bowns has now replaced Murdy in nets again

Not that it's a bad thing, both netminders are fairly equal, but our D were even more shoddy with Bowns in net :(

Slight delay in starting the 2nd period as there's ice repairs on the go!

Well here we go, puck dropped and we're off!

And 4seconds in, both teams are back to full strength

Asselin goes very close!

21mins played, the Devils have started this period with a bit more go!

Devils creating a few moe chances in the opening minutes of this period!

Bowns makes a save @ 21:46

And another Bowns save @ 21:50

Finally! Devils throwing some hits!

But it was Lord with the hits, where on earth is the rest of our team including the tough guys?

23mins played, Panthers create a couple of good chances!

Couple of big hits from Bordeleau, finally the big man uses his size!

24mins played, the Devils have definitely started this period with a bit more drive...

Devils actually getting some decent time in the Panthers zone this period... Nothing too close to goal, but it's better than the first!

26mins played, Devils come close to finally getting on the scoreboard through Louis

Bordeleau using his size and speed for a change!

27mins played, Martin takes a huge hit from Kudroc and Martin has gone off looking injured...

Martin gets injured and not a single Devils player has stepped up! What the hell is going on?

That was all timed @ 27:33 :S

Panthers score a 6th :(

Handbags between Batch and Kudroc, but nothing comes from it

Panthers 6th goal timed @ 27:50 - Carter from Kudroc & Brown

Bowns made the first save, but the Devils defence was no where near :(

Panthers penalty coming...

Martin is back on the ice, at least that's something, and a Panthers penalty coming @ 30:16

Penalty called on Betteridge @ 30:16 - 2mins for high sticks

Seems like the Devils lines are being mixed up a bit...

Wiikman makes a save @ 31:41 - 35seconds of pp left

We can't quite pin down the line changes, but we think Ulmer has been dropped to the 4th and Brine moved to the 2nd or 3rd?

32mins played, Devils are playing better than the first but we still don't look very close to getting a goal

Another good save from Wiikman, perhaps the closest we've come to scoring... 33mins played

34mins played - Huge save from Bowns following a shot from Lawrence! Devils have stopped throwing hits again...

35mins played, Devils went very very close there, but the Panthers are providing Wiikman with lots of help, unlike the Devils defence and Bowns...

Blimey, Nikiforuk goes so so close to getting the Panthers a 7th goal!

37mins played... Best Devils players out there are Piggott and Jones! The two Welsh players!

Finally Wiikman gets his glove over the puck and play is whistled down @ 37:42...

And Panthers call a timeout after that save. Devils were raining shots down on Wiikman there

Devils win the faceoff, but then imediately lose possession and Panthers skate into the Devils zone with ease

Panthers score a 7th :(

Panthers 7th goal timed @ 38:52 - Moran from Schultz

And that's the end of the period... We're only 0-7 down... At least the Panthers only scored 2 goals in that period compared to 5 in the first

End of the 2nd period in Belfast... Giants 1-0 Steelers

10minutes until the 3rd begins, i'm going to go and sit in the dark for a while and try to calm down

There's been quite a few changes to the Panthers goals, so here we go with a run down...

Panthers goal #1 @ 00:51 - McGratten from Farmer and Sertich

Panthers goal #2 @ 01:52 - Schultz from Moran and Spang

Panthers goal #3 @ 05:09 - Schultz from McGrattan

Panthers goal #4 @ 12:45 - Sertich from Farmer

Panthers goal #5 @ 19:34 - Spang from Nikiforuk and Lawrence

Panthers goal #6 @ 27:50 - Carter from Kudroc and Brown

Panthers goal #7 @ 38:52 - Moran from Schultz and MacMillan

Well that was disappointing to type :(

Oh and the Panthers 4th goal was a shorthanded goal... Just to make things worse

Well, both teams skate back out for the 3rd period...

Please, just make it end sooner rather than later :(

Murdy is back in net for the Devils...

It's now Giants 2-0 Sheffield in Belfast...

Puck dropped and we're away for the 3rd period...

Wiikman makes a save @ 40:18

41mins played, Panthers start the better team and hit the posts!

Bit of a muted start to the 3rd period compared to the previous 2

42mins played

Seems like the Devils are happy to try and run the clock down... And now we have 43mins played

Couple of big saved from Wiikman on a couple of shots from superstar forward... Chris Jones!

44mins played, quiet start to the period really... Lord seems to have benched himself and is now stood on the bench in his kit

Murdy makes a save @ 44:26

Brilliant save from Wiikman @ 44:48 following a shot from Andrew Hotham

Murdy save @ 45:05 - Panthers immediately win the faceoff and the shot goes wide

Panthers called for icing @ 45:43 - Stop icing the puck damnit, I want this game to end :(

Devils creating some chances again - Batch playing with Brine and Asselin and it looks quite good...

47mins played, Panthers are sitting back a bit more and allowing the Devils some room, but they still look good :S

Panthers don't even have their new mega signing in the country tonight :S

48mins played - It's a little end to end but at a much lower intensity than the previous 2 periods

49mins played... Panthers aren't having to push themselves with a 7 goal lead :(

Asselin and Hotham go close...

And that's 50mins played

It's almost like both teams are just trying to run the clock down now, make this game end sooner than later

Massive save from Wiikman @ 51:34 - Handbags between Haddad and Farmer... And then Bordeleau and McGrattan but the linesman jumps straight in :(

We think there might be penalties coming...

So Bordeleau and McGrattan both get 2mins for roughing @ 51:33

That all arose from a Haddad hit on Farmer that wasn't called! Haddad is getting lucky with these non-calls!

Fournier goes close! 52mins played

Great save from Murdy after a Panthers breakaway

Kudroc goes very, very close! They still skated over the blueline with no problem :(

Both teams return to full strength and then Devils get called for icing @ 53:43

Devils just running the clock down, keeping the puck behind Murdy...

Panthers called for offside @ 55:29

46mins played - Devils are still creating the odd few chances but Wiikman is looking pretty damn solid

Martin is definitely back out on the ice, he's just hit Farmer!

Devils get into Panthers zone and then keep losing possession before creating a real chance... Into the final 2mins

Panthers score an 8th :(

We think that 8th goal was timed @ 58:40

Panthers 8th goal @ 58:39 - Brown from Betteridge

Final few seconds

And that's it, it's all over

Boos and cheers ring out around the arena as the whistle finally goes

Man of the match for the Panthers goes to Wiikman...

Man of the match for the Devils goes to Haddad... Meh.

Final score in Belfast was Giants 2-1 Steelers, so at least Sheffield lost as well!

Well, i'm off to have a cry or something...

Chris out.