Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 1 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

We'll be live for tonights Challenge Cup Quarter Final between the Stars and Devils from about 19:00-19:15 tonight :)

In the meantime, if you have any predictions or want to shout at us about something then ping it over to

Good evening!

Tonight we bring you Stars v Devils in the first leg of the Challenge Cup Quarter Finals!

Andy has just checked in from the Dundee Ice Arena :D

He says that Stars are missing Tanaka, Cescon and Sides

Craig Holland seems to be in nets for the Stars during warmup... He's their backup netminder!

Not sure who's going to be missing from the Devils lineup just yet... With Louis back last weekend it was Culligan that sat out suffering with a minor injury

7mins of the warmup to go... "Devils in white, Stars, like Lefebvres face, are in grey" haha

Couple of prediction in... Russky says Devils to win 3-2

Matt is going for a Devils 5-2 victory :D

Mark is going for a Devils 4-2 victory, solid road win with no dramatics...

And Andy is going for a Stars win! What!?! Stars 4-3 Devils?!

And just to confirm, as this is the first leg the game could end as a draw! No overtime or shoot-out

Andy up in Dundee says the crowd looks terrible tonight...

Last time we played Dundee during the triple header there were only 575 in the building including about 250 Devils fans!

Tonight Andy says Dundee will be lucky if there are 250 in the building at all!

Drew is going for a Devils 4-3 victory \o/

And OJ who is still out in Tenerife says a Devils victory by 3 goals!

Confirmed that it's Chris Culligan sitting out again tonight :S Hopefully he's not suffering from too bad an injury!

Ok, so Holland isn't actually in the lineup tonight.. It's someones we have no prior knowledge of!

So maybe it is Joe Fallon starting in net for the Stars

Refs are on the ice and the lights are down...

It's almost intro time!

Tonights ref is... Pavel Halas

Rob is going for a Stars 3-3 Devils draw tonight...

And so is Clive actually! A draw isn't necessarily a bad result...

Devils on the ice \o/

And here come the Stars... To about 3 people clapping :E

Anthem time in Dundee

Anthem done, it's almost go time!

Puck dropped and we're away!

Confirmed that it's Fallon in nets for the Stars and Bowns for the Devils

1min played and it's pretty open, no real chances for either team...

Stars called for icing @ 01:47...

Pretty slow start by all accounts, although not helped by the complete lack of atmosphere in DIA

2mins played, Devils starting to put some pressure on the Stars

Stars hit the posts!

Seems like the shot came from nothing and Bowns just completely misjudged it! Phew :E

Devils called for icing @ 02:43

Devils called for offside @ 03:51

Lord goes close! Devils putting some pressure on the Stars net

Good attempt from Doucet, and then Myers goes close with a Hotham deflect

Bowns save @ 05:16

6mins played, Devils camped in the Stars zone but nothing getting close enough yet...

Fallon finally makes a save @ 06:20

Stars finally get out of their zone after gaining possession following a shot from Batch

7mins played!


Richardson from Fournier and Martin @ 07:30 for the Devils 1st goal :D

Devils called for icing @ 08:42

9mins played, Haddad takes a tumble over the blue line but Devils keep possession!

Seems the Devils first goal was actually timed at 07:28

End to end up in DIA, but the Stars aren't offering anything... Devils aren't even at warmup pace!

Play has been stopped as we've got issues with the clocks up in Dundee..

And now the goal details have been changed... Announced in DIA as Richardson scoring, but the gamesheet is showing Morissette as the scorer

So Devils first goal @ 07:28... Morissette from Fournier & Martin

Play still hasn't resumed, Andy thinks the clock has bored itself to death

Finally we have play to resume! 09:30 on the clock and play resumes in the Stars zone

Stars penalty coming... Grieveson 2mins for holding @ ???

We're relying on a solitary texter tonight so some of the details are a bit sketchy

Stars penalty was timed @ 11:33

Stars PK looks quite good, they've created a couple of chances...

But now it's all Devils, and then the Stars kill the penalty with relative ease

14mins played, end to end, Devils penalty coming

Devils penalty @ 14:19 - Richardson 2mins for elbows

Devils clear the puck and 15mins played...

Bowns save @ 15:23

Just under 1min of PK left for the Devils...

16mins played, Stars PP doesn't look too bad either! Bowns save @ 16:19

Devils back to full strength :D

Texter claims even the officials must be bored to death because they just missed a Devils offside by about 5foot!

Fallon save @ 17:12

And another save at 17:21 as Ulmer goes close from a deflect

Stars penalty @ 17:46 - Faryna 2mins for delay of game

18mins played, Stars immediately gain possession following the penalty call...

Devils go close!

And we're into the final minute of the first period

Lord went extremely close, but Fallon somehow got to the puck...

Stars back to full strength... Devils went close a few times but nothing too challenging for Fallon

And that's the end of the first period...

Andy says that the first period was very uninspiring. Cardiff very comfortable and confident but barely having to try...

Whereas Dundee look uncoordinated and disconnected...

That could be down to the players they're missing, but it really doesn't sound very exciting up in DIA

Shots on goal for the first are... Stars 9-7 Devils - We're not entirely convinced something else hasn't broken for this to be accurate!

Teams back on the ice...

Hopefully this is a slightly more exciting period, because i'm bored out of my mind sat here!

Puck dropped and we're off! Goooooooooo Devils!

Stars have started the stronger team in the second period

Bowns makes a save @ 21:27... Stars have definitely started as the stronger team

Good break for the Stars...

22mins played, the Stars break didn't lead to anything...

Stars go very very close! And now their fans wake up, well at least 10 of them do or so...

Puck out of play @ 23:29 as the Devils got into the Stars zone...

Scarsella is the main threat for the Stars at the moment

Batch nails Switzer

Scott Hotham absolutely floors Faryna on the blueline haha! And that's 25mins played

Stars have stepped up a few gears this period! Definitely putting a bit more pressure on the Devils!

Devils called for icing @ 26:01

Lord skates easily over the Stars blueline, but then gets crowded out by 3 Stars players and Devils lose possession

Bowns makes a save @ 27:32

That shot came from Poulin... Stars are looking slightly better than the Devils out there! Or at least more dangerous

28mins played

Devils called for offside @ 28:15

Louis nails Poulin as the Stars crossed the blueline

Big save from Fallon, that was the closed Devils have come to doubling their lead

30mins played, end to end now...

Bowns save @ 30:18 and we've got handbags!

Faryna and Andrew Hotham it seems... No penalties called

Myers does well to keep possession behind Fallons net

Puck out of play @ 31:24 - Play to resume in Stars zone...

Louis and Bentivoglio go very, very close! Timed @ 31:35

Stars almost get a breakawayy, somehow Devils chased the puck down though!

Stars icing called @ 32:05

Fallon save @ 32:11 from Joey Martin

Another big save from Fallon @ 32:27 - This time from Morissette!

Andy says that the shots on goal for the first were actually reversed... Stars 7-9 Devils but they still don't look right...

Devils called for icing @ 33:12 - Morissette was tripped as he crossed the blueline but somehow there's no penalty called!

34mins played, Devils camped in the Stars zone...

Stars finally break out of their zone - Stars called for handpass @ 54:59

The second has been a little bit more lively, but still not exactly a barnburner...

Puck out of play @ 35:37 - play resumes in neutral ice

Stars called for icing @ 35:53

Who knows if that was the correct call or not, the linesmen don't seem to be very good tonight...

Devils penalty coming...

Devils penalty @ 36:09 - Haddad 2mins for roughing

Stars first shot goes well high of Bowns @ 36:28 and ends up out of play

Lidhammar was the player on the receving end and was seen hobbling off...

And he's back on the ice, so it can't have been too bad!

Great save from Bowns with 38mins played!

And now the Devils are back to full strength

Louis playing particularly well tonight! 39mins played...

White tried to throw a check behind his own net, misses and somehow floors himself! 30seconds left

And that's it, Devils keep their 1 goal lead through the second period

Andy says that it was all Devils at the end of the period there, only Fallon keeping them in it!

Teams ready and waiting to get back on the ice...

Officials are out! Halas isn't doing a bad job but it sounds like there's a lot being missed... Especially by the linesmen!

Both teams back out on the ice

Puck dropped and we're off for the third period!

Big save from Fallon @ 40:36

Seems the Devils have started this period with a bit more speed...

Apparently someone cheered on the Devils bench following the Fallon save and the locals got a bit upset... haha!

Devils called for icing @ 41:44 - Stars fans cheering although Andy isn't sure if it's sarcastic or not :D

Bentivoglio breaks on his own, crosses the blueline but there's no one there to support him or pass to... And then Bowns makes a save @ 42:11

And Devils get a penalty at the same time! Fournier 2mins for slashing @ 42:16

Penalty was 41:11 even, getting conflicting information sorry! Stars hit the pipes @ 43:55 and the puck goes out of play

Stars PP looking pretty dangerous, shot after shot out there

44mins played, Stars camped in the Devils zone

And now there's another Devils penalty! Myers 2mins for hooking @ 44:05... 6seconds of 5on3 in Stars favour

Devils back to 4 skaters ass Fourniers penalty is killed

Big save from Bowns @ 44:56 - Devils looking a little bit rattled by the Stars!

30seconds of PK left, Devils have finally broken out of their zone

Myers penalty killed and the Devils are back to full strength! 46mins played

Stars definitely looking the more dangerous team out there at the moment

Puck out of play @ 46:53

47mins played, Devils finally create some chances

Big save from Fallon @ 47:46. Louis making some big hits out there


Devils 2nd goal timed @ 48:21

I don't know what really happened there for the Devils goal, seemed to come from nowhere!

Devils 2nd goal timed at 47:21, Martin from Scott Hotham & ???

2nd assist given to Asselin!

Stars score at 50:33!

Stars 1t goal timed @ 50:33 - Bruijsten from Moore


Devils 3rd goal timed at 51:43

Devils 3rd goal @ 51:43 - Andrew Hotham from Lord and Bentivoglio :D

All got a bit manic there! Stars have just had a penalty called against Fallon @ 53:23, 2mins for tripping!

Devils hit the pipes! Doucet with the shot straight from a faceoff

Morissette goes close!

Devils are all over the Stars!

55mins played, Devils creating chance after chance now...

Devils penalty timed @ 55:24 - Bentivoglio 2mins for tripping! It's 4on4 for 1second!

Penalty announced as being for interference, but it surely looked like a trip...

Stars set up well on the PP in the Devils zone

57mins played! Roughly 20seconds of PK left for the Devils

Devils back to full strength, and then the puck goes out of play @ 57:31


Devils 4th goal timed @ 58:03! Bentivoglio from Richardson & ???

Second assist went to Lord on the Devils 4th goal!

And that's it, Devils called for icing @ 59:59...

Victory! Devils win! Handbags after the buzzer!

Faryna and Myers go for each other, although no one really knows why!

Handshakes seem to be passing without incident, so i've no idea what happened at the end there!

It wasn't a partcularly rough game or anything...

Devils man of the match goes to Bowns, who gets booed for some reason? Stars fans are really salty about something, and there's only about 10 of them there!

Not sure any of our players care about getting booed after winning 1-4 mind :)

Unfortunately we're not sure who won the Stars man of the match...

Aha, Switzer, he won it whilst the Devils were skating off... Odd setup there in Dundee!

Anyway, Stars 1-4 Devils in the first leg :D

Chris out!