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Cardiff Devils 6 - 2 Edinburgh Capitals

Good Morning Hockey Folk. Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm, Edinburgh are looking to extend their current hot streak to 8 games where as the Devils will be hoping to gain two more points.

We have our lone texter James back on duty at the IAW along with Phil Egan will be bringing us end of period analysis.

Don't forget to email your predictions and/or comments to I will do my best to include them during the course of the coverage.

Until then I wish you all an enjoyable day.

Good Evening all.

Well its been a quietish day for me. Just had first text through from our lone texter and MNL stalwort James. The warm up is underway at the IAW.

We were hoping for end of period analysis texts too, but that is rather dependant on Phil Egan's Mobile signal being strong enough to send texts. He is somewhat hopeful.

No predictions received as yet.

The other Major game tonight sees the Steelers and Panthers clashing at the NIC.. I will try to keep you posted in that game along the way, along with the scores from the other games during the period breaks.

Devils playing in the green shirts tonight. It looks like both Culligan and Lord both sitting this one out tonight.

The Devils will have to be on their guard tonight as the Caps are a fast skating team and their sniper Fyodorov looks a class player and they have quality netminder in Fullerton.

Dean Smith has the whistle tonight and will be assisted by Linos Rose and Motton.

at last we have our first predictions, Thomas Morgan goes fro 6-2 to Devils and Hazel has predicts a repeat of the 4-1 scoreline the last time these two teams met.

The warm up has now finished.

Devils can go all out tonight as this is their only game of the weekend.

Zamboni is chasing its tail

Other games tonight: Coventry @ Manchester; Dundee @ Manchester; Belfast @ Fife and finally Sheffield @ Nottingham.

Rob Batch predicts a 6-1 win OJ reckons the Devils will bag the points by 3 goals

Lights have gone down. Intro has started.

Wolfgirl predicts a 4-1 Devils win

Rev Theory's hell yeah rings out around the rink

Devils playing in their green shirts and red shorts.

Both teams on the ice.

Ceremonial face off taking place

This time next week I will be there at the IAW watching them live.

Anthem time

Anthem done and dusted.

a few Caps fans present but not that many.

Bownsy in the net for the Devils.

we are underway

shot saved by Bowns.

Caps playing 4 line hockey

Caps getting the better of the early exchanges

ulmer lord and Benti on 2nd line

Asselin and Martin on first line

Lordo is playing.

neutral zone face off

Bordy in action early doors. Face off in the Capitals zone

Caps playing in predominantly white shirts

Devils trying to set up with Brine

Schultz fires a shot straight at Bowns.

Asselin and Martin combining well.

Bownsy alert to save a slapshot

S hotham fires a rasper but deflected by Fullerton

Face off in the Capitals zone

McDougal hits Bownsy's left post

Icing called on Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

A Hotham intercepts a Caps pass.

Caps pen 2 minutes for high sticks Dorazio

Devils puck quickly on the PP

Martins shot hits fullertons mask

Doucet Morrisette and Asselin on a line

Layne Ulmer scores


Ulmer cut in from the right win towards Fullertons net flicks the puck past Fullerton

Gametime 8mins gone.

Ulmer goal Unassisted.

the bears cleared from the ice is taking a bit longer than usual. must have been a lot of teddys thrown.

game restarts

Ulmers PPG timed at 8:52

Devils winning a lot of face offs. Lord shoots but Fullerton equal to it.

Face off in the Capitals zone

Devils tussling on the boards. Dr Piggot has his first shift

Caps player sandwiched between two Devils D men.

Doucet has a chance but fires his shot just wide.

Devils camped deep in Caps D zone

Caps pen 2 minutes for tripping Jake King

Lets have another PPG you Devils

Martin shot deflected wide.

Martin fires a hot shot blocked away

30 secs left on pp

Icing leading to Face off in the Devils zone

Benti working hard on left wing

Face off in the Capitals zone

Hotham fires a shot but blocked by Fullerton

Dorazio blocks a Bentivoglio shot.

Ulmer shoots high wide and not so handsome.

Bownsy glove save. Boy these Caps break quickly

Face off in the Devils zone won by Devils

Devils offside.

Doucet a bit to keen on the jump then

Devils controlling this game.

Myers shoots.


Myers scores assisted by Batch and Bentivoglio

goal timed at 14:50

Devils all over Caps. dominating puck possession

Devils were 6 on 5 at time of goal

Bownsy had been momentarily pulled.

Devils shutting out a lot of Caps offensive play

Ulmer Benti Lord line on fire tonight

a rare shot from Caps fired over Bownsy and well over the goal

Hertl with big hit on Doucet.

a touch of handbags

Doucet sits for 2 as does Beattie

4 on 4 hockey.

Doucet pen roughing Fullerton pen Slashing, Beattie serving pen for Fullerton

Devils pen 2 minutes for interference Bentivoglio 19:36

PK Devils. End of 1st period. 1:36 left of PK

another prediction has come in Drew in Warrington says 6-3. Mark Gough just wants 2 more points.

Latest scores: Panthers 2 Devils 3

Clan 0 Stars 3

Fife 1 Belfast 1; Manchester 0 Coventry 0

SOGs Devils 15 Caps 5

Phil Egan says a good period for the Devils, great solo goal from Ulmer. Caps working hard but having very little impact. Not sure if Caps can maintain the energy levels as they seem short benched.

just got time for a cuppa.

Ulmer goal was not unassisted, Fournier credited with an assist.

Ulmers goal timed at 7:56 Myers goal timed at 14:55

Bentivoglio's pen timed at 19:33. so 1 min 27 remaining on PK

Caps are back out early for the 2nd period

Devils emerge to take the ice as well

Cant wait for next Saturdays game at the IAW, I will be taking in my first game this season.

Almost time to get started in 2nd

Dean Smith drops the puck to start the 2nd

Caps on PP

Bownsy saves big time.

Devils now 1 player down. 5on4 for Caps

Devils FS

Bownsy saves again

Face off in the Devils zone

Caps have taken initiative.


Layne Ulmer again. Bentivoglio assist

Devils trying to set up for 4th?

S hotham gets an assist on Ulmers goal

Devils icing

chris jones takes a high hit from Hertl.

Jones gone to dressing room for treatment

texter says A Hotham having a storming game.

Devils are picking off the Caps attacking forays

Bownsy saves

Lordo clears the puck away from Devils D

bownsy saves again.

Gametime 28:07

A few Devils passes going astray

Devils Pen S Hotham 2 mins for Holding

Caps stepped up their game

KILL the Pen Devils

Steelers still 3-2 up in Nottingham

Dobron with a chance but fires wide.

Bowns saves from Schultz

29 seconds left on PK

Devils FS

Bownsy Paddle save there

Caps Pen 2 minutes for interference Dorazio

Devils now on PP

McDougal blocks a S Hotham shot.

Fournier denied by Fullerton

Neutral zone Face off

Doucet fires one in but hits the post

Hotham tussling with Caps and gets 2 + 2 for roughing

Devils PK

Hotham gets 2 minutes for slashing and 2 minutes for roughing

Bownsy saves

Caps making hard work of this PP

Devils pads away another shot

Haddad has a breakaway shot saved by Fullerton

Brine holds up the puck waiting for assistance

Devils fs

Caps starting to look tired.

apt reward for their hard work

Johnson scores for caps

Bownsy might want that one back

Devils offiside.

Devils seemed to taken their foot off the gas some.

41 secs left in 2nd.

Face off in the Capitals zone

Martin pulled the trigger but Fullerton was equal to it

Fullerton saves again

Steelers 4-3 up on Panthers

Clan losing 1-4 to Dundee. and that's a wrap for the 2nd period

Phil Egan says that Devils just won that period. Devils were rocked back having killed off the 4 minute pen. Devils look as though they still have several gears to go through and plenty of energy left in the tank.

Blaze 1-0 up in Manchester. Fife 2 Belfast 2

2nd period SOGs Devils 9 Caps 12

which makes it Devils 24 Caps 17 overall after 2 periods

Devils have this game there for the taking but they need to up the intensity and close the game out.

waiting for the 3rd to start now.

110 seconds left of intermission as the teams come back out.

Both teams back on the ice,.

Puck dropped to start 3rd.


Andrew lord scores assisted Ulmer and Bentivoglio.

Bownsy saves

Devils started the period on the jump

Caps bench minor too many men

Face off in the Capitals zone

Jones not yet returned to ice after his collision with Hertl

Ulmer shoots Fullerton saves

Quiet game for Morrisette tonight


Andrew Hotham scores


Assists to Martin and Asselin

Jonesy is back and taking a shift

Face off in the Capitals zone

Caps score Fyodorov

assist Staal

Devils 4th goal timed at 40:18

Asselin denied.

Devils 5th goa timed at 44:16

Devils stung into action by that caps goal

Devils caught out almost their by Caps quick breakaway

Myers ends in up in the Caps net.

Bownsy covers the puck.

just over 10 mins left

Lordo fires a shot but its deflected wide


Jake Morrisette scores.


Martin and Asselin get the Assists

time for Murdy to take over for last 8 mins maybe?

Bordy lays a big hit on Jake King.

Face off in the Capitals zone

Bownsy stops a Caps attack in its tracks

Dease working hard to get Bownsy back equipped to return to net

7 mins remaining in game

Devils shot hits post.

Fullerton saves from Martin

Face off in the Capitals zone

Caps finding it hard to clear their D Zone

Steelers 5-3 up on panthers

Caps shoot but goes wide

coming up to last 2 mins of game

Devils recycling the puck

waiting for an opportunity and running down the clock

Last minute now

Its all Devils

Face off in the Capitals zone

Devils final pass goes astray

Game over as Doucet has a shot saved at the buzzer

Devils win 6-2

Thanks to our texter James and to Phil Egan for the end of period analysis.

Caps MOM Jacob Johnson

Devils MOM Layne Ulmer.

That's it from me tonight, I will be back on Wednesday hosting as the Devils travel to Dundee for the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup Quarter final

Until then Nos Da Pawb