Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Good Evening! We'll be live here from about 7:00pm with coverage of tonights game :)

In the meantime, if you have a prediction or just want to shout at us about something, then send it over to

Good evening!

30mins to go until the Devils take on the Nottingham Panthers in league action

We think that Mark Louis will be back in the lineup tonight, but who's sitting out, that's the important question...

A few predictions in already! Mark is going for a Devils 5-3 victory :D

Shane says a Devils 4-1 victory to widen the gap between us and the Steelers!

Tim is going for a Devils 2-1 victory...

Dave is going for a Devils 4-2 victory, along with 2 fights and 2 wins for Bordeleau...

Not convinced by the number of fights, but the scoreline is acceptable :P

Pat says Devils to win 3-1 \o/

Rob is predicting a close thought game wit hthe Devils running out 3-2 victors :D

If there is anyone else out there with predictions, or just wants to shout at me about something we've missed... :)

Oh and of course, tonight is the Devils 30th anniversary!

Drew is predicting a Devils 5-3 victory :D

Sarah predicting a fight between Bordeleau and McGratten, but a Devils victory on penalties!

And Russky is going for a Devils 3-1 victory \o/

Whatever happens hopefully it's going to be a great night celebrating 30 years!

Incase anyone hasn't seen it, all the Devils stats can be found @ :)

Tonight is 30 years since we played our first home game against the Ashfield Islanders in the WNIR... Winning 32-0 (Yes, really...) :D

Same scoreline tonight wouldn't be too bad :P

OJ predicting a Devils victory by 2 goals :D

According to the stats engine, this is the 204th game between the two teams in the last 30 years! 101 wins to 94 losses, hopefully 102 wins soon :)

Hazel going for a Devils 4-2 victory \o/

Panthers have been our bogey team this season, so a win tonight would be a big bonus!

Looks like it's Dimmen and Waugh missing for the Panthers tonight...

Not sure how rigidly we might stick to the 7:30 face off tonight haha, there's going to be somepregame videos i'm sure and the man, the legend John Lawless is back in the building!

Intro time in IAW, there's a 30 year celebration video playing :D

As always for the home games we're relying on a solitary texter for tonight, so we'll have the main details but it might take a while to get confirmation on times and everything :)

And now the normal intro is playing... We're getting closer :E

Teams finally on the ice!

We *think* Mark Louis has been announced in the lineup, but we're still not sure who's sitting out!

Special video/intro video being played for Lawless

Anthem time in IAW...

It looks like it might be Chris Culligan sitting out tonight, he's certainly not on the gamesheet...

Mick Hicks is tonights ref... Not sure if that's good or bad :E

But here we go, finally the puck is dropped! Gooooooooooooooooo Devils!

Panthers with some early pressure after winning the faceoff

Bowns save @ 00:50

Panthers called for icing @ 01:00

And confirmation that Louis is back in the lineup whilst Culligan is the scratch

Huge save from Wiikman! Richardson very close @ 01:09

Panthers called for offside @ 01:27

Devils win the faceoff and immediately force a ave from Wiikman

Penalty called against the Panthers @ 02:10 - Spang gets 2mins for cross checking

Bowns makes a big save @ 02:41 - Panthers PK significantly better than Devils PP so far!

Devils forced out of the zone, but still putting pressure on the Panthers

Morissette goes very, very close!

Panthers kill the penalty and then Asselin takes a Doucet shot and playwhistled down @ 04:21

Devils penalty called against Bordeleau - 2mins for slashing no confirmation on time yet

Panthers very close, their PP looking good at the moment!

Devils kill the penalty, and then instead of passing to Bordeleau we shoot the puck down the ice and get called for icing @ 06:29

Bowns save @ 06:36

7mins played and it's end to end at the moment

Devils called for icing @ 07:34

Hopefully we're not going for another world record on icing calls again tonight, because the game against the Steelers was brutal!

And finally confirmation that the penalty on Bordeleau was called @ 04:24 and successfully killed

8mins played, Panthers looking good so far and really putting the Devils under pressure

Huge save from Wiikman!

Roughly 9mins played, Devils creating lots of chances... And then Wiikman makes a save @ 09:37

Bit of a hug between McGratten and Bordeleau after that save, but nothing too violent... yet!

Great save from Bowns @ 10:00 exact!

Louis goes close! It's real end to end stuff

Brown floors Bentivoglio at the Panthers blueline!

Devils penalty called at 10:57 - Piggott 2mins for roughing

Fans in IAW not particularly happy with that call...

Bowns makes a save at 11:28 - 1:29 of PK left for the Devils

Haddad shot on a shorthanded breakaway goes wide :(

Panthers called for offside @ 12:27 - 30seconds of PK left!

Big save from Bowns @ 12:48 - Another 9 seconds of PK to go!

Devils kill the penalty and immediately gift the PAnthers the puck right infront of Bowns!

Devils finally clear the zone @ 13:30(ish) and then Ulmer gets a breakaway only for Wiikman to save :(

Puck out of play @ 14:29

Panthers called for icing @ 15:27

Panthers penalty called @ 16:08 - Spang gets 2mins for elbows

Devils PP working a lot better this time it looks

Another Panthers penalty called! Kudroc gets 2mins @ 16:50

Huge pad save from Wiikman! And then he finally covers the puck @ 17:40

The penalty on Kudroc was called for cross checking...

Doucet hits the crossbar! And that's penalty #1 killed for the Panthers

Panthers kill penalty #2 - Devils worked hard but there but no goals :(

Wiikman save @ 19:16

We're into the final 30seconds

And that's it, end of the first period it's 0-0

So, not entirely a bad period there but the Devils did miss a few chances. Panthers playing well, but at least we're not going for a new icing world record again!

Shots on goal for the first are... Devils 12-10 Panthers

Panthers back on the ice...

And here come the Devils :D Wahay!

Puck dropped and we're off! Come on Devils!

Devils called for icing @ 20:45

Jones goes close, Brine leading the way out there at the moment! 21mins played!

22mins played and it's end to end again, but Devils probably creating more chances...

Panthers called for icing @ 22:25

Devils are creating these chances, but it feels like the final shots aren't as good as they could/should be according to our texter...

23mins played, not a lot being reported really other than it's end to end

Devils setting up well in the Panthers zone again... And Wiikman makes the save @ 24:08

Penalties being called...

Penalties called against both teams @ 24:17... Haddad gets 2mins for elbows; and Lee gets 2mins for roughing

Wiikman making save after save, but nothing particularly amazing, the Devils just aren't pressuring him enough really

Bowns save @ 25:42 - 34seconds of 4on4 to go...

Penalties killed for both teams and then Panthers go offside @ 26:28

Bordeleau is playing particularly offensive tonight, creating lots of space!

Wiikman makes a save @ 27:19 following a shot from Lord

Bowns makes 2 massive saves! That's the closest Panthers have come to taking the lead!

28mins played, Louis and Doucet go very close...

Bowns makes a save @ 28:29 and the nets come off their moorings - Farmer was very close there!

29mins played and Devils finally escape their zone after being penned in for a whole minute 5on5!

For a man who's sat out the last few weeks, Mark Louis is looking really sharp out there!

31mins played, end to end stuff again...

32mins played and Panthers are really putting some pressure on the Devils now!

Finally play is whistled down @ 32:07 as the nets come off their moorings behind Bowns. That buys the Devils some breathing room!

Slight delay as the officials struggle to get the nets back in place

Finally play resumes! Devils immediately break away...

But Wiikman makes the save and now his nets are off their moorings @ 32:24

Play whistled down for a Devils handpass in the Panthers zone @ 32:40

Devils penalty called @ 32:52 - Ulmer 2mins for trippling

Panthers score :(

Devils need to get their pressure game on, Panthers had all the time in the world to score that goal :(

We think the Panthers goal was scored at 33:17 and was a PPG but we're awaiting confirmation...

Devils called for offside at 33:51

Bowns makes a save @ 34:44 and the puck goes out of play

35mins played and Devils putting some pressure on the Panthers...

Good save from Wiikman @ 35:50 - Devils finally got themselves setup in the zone for a while...

We're still waiting for details on the Panthers goal :(

Another good save from Wiikman @ 36:49, this time from Haddad

Hicks letting a couple of things go... Fans not entirely happy

Panthers called for icing @ 37:43

38mins played - The Devils have upped their game a bit, but we're not getting close enough to a goal still :(

Devils called for icing @ 38:54 - We're creating scoring chances but there's no final product :(

Andrew Hotham absolutely nailed McGratten shortly before the latest Wiikman save

And that's it, end of the second Panthers lead 0-1 :(

Afraid we still have no details on the Panthers 1st goal :( We know it was scored, but that's about it

Fustrating period from the Devils really, creating chances but once we get infront of Wiikman things just end. We're not getting to the rebounds and Wiikman isn't relly being pestered...

Whereas for the Panthers goal, they were all over Bowns and left the scorer all alone on the back post to score :(

Despite what the EIHL official site says, the score is indeed Cardiff 0-1 Nottingham :(

Well at least Ice Arena Joke isn't an absolute joke for phone signal and mobile internet! Oh, no wait...

Twitter is saying that it was Moran who scored the Panthers goal.. We know it was timed at 33:17 and was a PPG but that's about it

Both teams back on the ice for the third period

Hopefully we come out with far more energy!

Here we go with the third then... Puck dropped, come on Devils!

Panthers create a chance only 20 seconds in! Pass across the crease isn't found though...

41mins played, Panthers have started the better team *again*

Devils 4th line getting lots of ice time! Not sure what's going on, but it's not good...

Bowns makes a save @ 42:58...

Penalty against the Panthers coming...

Panthers Schultz gets 2mins for cross checking @ 43:33

Devils really need to make a statement on this PP, we're really looking shaky at the moment...


Joey Martin with the goal!

Timed at 44:01

And that was a PPG obviously! I knew I could anti-jinx it somehow :P

And finally some details on the Panthers goal! Timed at 33:17 Goal Moran from Farmer and Lawrence PPG

Devils have woken up a bit since Martin managed to score!

47mins played and all of a sudden we've woken up a bit, the crowd are fired up a bit more now as well! Bowns save @ 47:06


Timed at 48:02 we think...

Goal is given, there was some dispute!

Doucet with the goal :D

Well, we have no proper details for these goals unfortunately, but we're now winning 2-1 :D

50mins played, the Devils have definitely woken up a bit this period!

The dispute for the second goal seems to be whether Doucets stick was high...

Panthers weren't happy at the goal being awarded!

52mins played! Devils creating chance after chance again, Richardson the latest shooter!

Bowns save at 53:02 and there's handbags between Batch and Farmer...

Devils 1st goal was timed at 44:01 - Martin from Asselin & A Hotham PPG

Devils 2nd goal timed @ 48:02 - Doucet from Louis and Fournier

Puck out of play at 53:22 in the Devils zone... Bordeleau having words with a few Panthers :E

54mins played, Panthers have upped their game a bit now and are forcing the Devils back into their own zone

Panthers offside @ 54:25... Lawrence shoots the puck after the whistle, then hits Richardson and then we get soeme handbags between him and Andrew Hotham!

Penalty coming against someone...

Panthers penalty called at 55:15 - Kudroc 2mins for high sticks!

Going to be an interesting end to this game...

56mins played, Devils PP struggling to get into the Panthers zone at the moment

Devils seem happy to let the clock run down a bit, which seems strange on the PP?

Panthers called for offside @ 57:05

Puck out of play @ 57:13 - About 5seconds of PP time left...

Panthers kill the penalty with ease really...

Panthers go close, and now we're into the final 2mins!

Panthers penalty coming!

Penalty was called at 58:32... Farmer got 2mins for elbows and he's now been ejected for misconduct!

Whilst Farmer was sat in the penalty box banging the glass and shouting, someone on the Panthers bench has thrown a water bottle onto the ice!

Panthers have demanded a stick measurement call... What the hell haha

It's been a long time since we've seen this! Our texter thinks the last time we saw this was against the Panthers in the BBT when they got upset at a penalty being called against them!

It seems like the stick measurement call might have been made by the Panthers to try and negate a bench penalty against the Panthers due to the thrown water bottle!

This is all being timed @ 58:32

There's a few players on both benches looking highly bemused at this turn of events...

So Asselin gets 2mins for illegal equipment, and the Panthers bench gets 2mins for Travesty of the game... It's 4on3 in the Devils favour!

Panthers have pulled Wiikman! It's now 4on4!


Empty net goal! @ 59:30 - Bentivoglio with the goal we think :D


Things all got a bit hazy there at the end... But we win 3-1!

We've missed the Panthers man of the match unfortunately, because McGratten is still screaming at the refs...

But the Devils man of the match goes to... Bowns!

Well we're now 13 points clear of the Steelers! If the other teams could take some points away from Sheffield that would be nice :D

But that's all for tonight, another Devils victory \o/

Chris out.