Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Hello! We'll be live from about 5:30 with coverage of the Devils v Steelers game tonight in IAW!

Until then, if you've got any predictions or just want to shout at me about something - :)

Good evening!

Only 30mins to go until the Devils take on the Steelers in what is sure to be another important game for both teams!

Incase you missed it earlier, Steelers head coach Paul Thompson has said there can be no excuses tonight... Before then going on to list injuries as a possible excuses -

No excuses, but here's an excuse... :D

Otherwise there's not a great deal to say, we think it's Mark Louis sitting out again tonight (through injury hopefully) a he didn't play last night against the Coventry Blaze..

Anyway, some predictions are always here and we start with...

OJ is going for a Devils win by 2 :D

Dan Ingram is going for a Devils 4-2 victory \o/

Mark is still smiling after the Devils win last night in Coventry, so he's not bothered as long as it's a win!

Pat is going for a Devils 4-2 victory as well :)

And Russky is going for a Devils victory by 2 :D

If there's anymore out there, then send them over to

And if you have somehow been living under a rock, tonights game is between Cardiff Devils who are 1st in the league... And Sheffield who are 2nd!

The Devils really need to claim the points tonight because if Steelers win all their games in hand they could end up above us!

Looks like the Steelers are missing Hagos, Kirk, Valdix and Shudra...

The league have seen fit to give us Jan Schmejkal as ref tonight, at least that's something good!

We expect Andrew Hotham to be playing tonight Gareth, haven't heard anything different!

10mins to go! At least until the anthem and intro time :D

Oh, and we don't know who the starting netminder is tonight! Bowns was replaced by Murdy when the Devils went 3-1 down last night and we eventually won 3-6...

Not that it's a bad thing to have Murdy starting tonight, he's played out of his skin for us so far this season!

It's intor time in IAW! As always we're relying on one solitary texter from the rink tonight :S

So we might have the main details without times/assist for a few mins, but we'll do our best to get them to you as soon as possible!

Both teams on the ice after the intros are done...

And our single texter has just confirmed that he does indeed hate the Steelers. Right on! :P

Bowns announced and wearing all his kit during the lineups, so it looks like Murdy starts on the bench tonight

And as expected, it's Mark Louis that is missing from the lineup again... Hopefully he's not suffering from a major injury!

Hazel from Southend-on-Sea, but in IAW predicting a Devils 5-3 victory :D

Anthem time in IAW!

Drew in Warrington predicting a 4-2 victory \o/

Texter says Steelers look low on numbers, 16 players on the ice which is still 3 full lines, but we're rolling 4 at the moment!

Anthems complete, it's almost go time! :D

Puck dropped and we're off! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEVILS!

Fournier with the first real chance for the Devils

Myers got absolutely floored in the corner behind Mustukovs!

Steelers with all the pressure now, 90seconds played

Devils called for icing at 1:48

2mins played and it's been a fast paced start!

Batch throwing his weight around on the blueline

3mins played, lots of hits being thrown by both teams

Blimey, good save from Bowns there! Play continues but that came from nowhere!

Steelers with all the pressure at the moment

Desbiens throwing a lot of big hits! 5mins played!

Devils called for icing @ 05:45

Turnover after turnover in the Devils zone at the moment, and then Steelers get very very close!

The Steelers are all over the Devils at the moment, Devils really struggling to get set up

Gah! Bordeleau very close after another turnover leads to a crazy pass from Brine!

Good save from Mustukovs @ 07:30

Texter reports that Davey Phillips is an absolute tool... Seems reasonable

Scott Hotham and Asselin very very close! 8mins played

Steelers have started as the more physical team, but Devils are slowly realising they can also throw a check

Steelers called for offside @ 09:03

Andrew Hotham just got away with a ludicrous slash after the Steelers were called for icing...

Lord goes close after a cracking pass from Andrew Hotham

Devils are creating these chances, but Mustukovs isn't really being challenged so far as lots of final shots going high and wide

Steelers look a lot faster than the Devils at the moment, really putting the pressure on!

Steelers camped in the Devils zone at the moment. Phillips floored by Hotham :D

Doucet almost has a chance, but Davey Phillips steals the puck infront of Mustukovs

Puck out of play @ 12:34

Steelers forecheck is really working well, Devils not managing to get things working properly yet

Devils called for icing at 13:44

Big block from Mustukovs! Play continues

Devils called for icing again @ 14:28

Bordeleau playing well so far tonight, although that probably won't stop people expecting/calling for him to fight anyone/everything

Devils called for icing at 15:30!

It's end to end, but Devils are getting all the calls for icing...

Finally an actual save! Mustukovs makes the save @ 16:37

Myers goes very, very close!

Another save from Mustukovs @ 17mins(ish)

Steelers have upped their game, very close there!

Brine and Bordeleau go close!

Schmejkal is letting lots of things go tonight!

19mins played! Both teams creating chances as this period closes out

Steelers offside @ 19:04

Gah! Fretter misses from right infront of Bowns!

Devils called for icing at 19:39

And that's the end of the first period. Devils 0-0 Steelers!

Not the greatest first period, or as our texter says... 'That was meh'

Steelers probably the better team in the first, despite missing 4 players. They certainly had the best chance of the game through Fretter, but it's 0-0 so it's all good :)

Shots on goal for the first period... Devils 7-6 Steelers

Our texter says that 7 shots might be exagerating a bit, and certainly none of them ever really came close to going in :S

These period breaks feel like they take forever!

Not a single penalty called in that opening period! That might be a record a Devils/Steelers game

Teams slowly skating back out onto the ice for the 2nd period

Here we go with the second period then! Puck dropped and we're underway!

Play immediately whistled down for the Devils offside @ 20:07

Steelers win the faceoff and go very very close!

Then Bowns makes a save @ 20:32

Dowd goes very close twice in a row, Steelers have definitely started the more dangerous team :S

22mins played and it's really all Steelers at the moment!

When Devils do get forward they seem to be losing possession really quickly...

And finally the Steelers are called for icing @ 22:46

Steelers score :(

Steelers first goal timed at 23:25 - J Phillips with the goal...

Steelers penalty called @ 24:15 - Markus Nilsson 2mins for holding


And Guillaume Desbiens has been kicked out after that goal!

Devils goal scored @ 24:18 - Lord from Fournier and Ulmer PPG :D

Desbiens got 2x10min misconducts for abuse of official which turns into a Game penalty! Timed at 24:18 :D

Steelers have upped their game we equalised!

Steelers called for icing at 26:05

Devils penalty called @ 26:12 - Myers 2mins for tripping

Steelers powerplay looking dangerous

1min of the penalty killed, Steelers looking dangerous still

Mustukovs with a massive save on Morissette after a breakaway! Timed @ 28:04

Steelers score a 2nd :(

Or maybe not!

The puck came off the inside post, Steelers thought they'd scored but the fans and goal judge didn't...

Devils are back to full strength in that melee 28:19 played

Big save from Bowns @ 28:25... Steelers by far the more dangerous team!

Steelers called for hand pass at 28:55... Fitzgerald throwing some handbags

The Devils really need to step up here, Steelers throwing all the hits and throwing their weight around whilst we're not...

Devils penalty called @ 29:12 - Haddad 2mins for hooking

Big save from Bowns @ 29:29

30mins played, Steelers camped in the Devils zone

31mins played, Steelers setup in Devils zone again...

Devils back to full strength, and then the puck goes out of play @ 31:22

Devils seem to have got themselves a little bit more sorted, or at least the Steelers are no longer permanently camped in the Devils zone

Schmejkal is letting so much go it's unreal!

Steelers penalty coming! Colton Fretter gets 2mins for interference @ 32:22

Davey Phillips absolutely floors Asselin...

Bentivoglio and Ulmer so so close! 34mins played

Devils called for offside @ 34:11... Powerplay for another 11 seconds

Big save from Mustukovs @ 34:27 after they came back to full strength

Gah, Mustukovs spills the puck and it trickles across the crease but no one can reach it :(

Blimey, that was close! Myers clears from infront of Bowns!


Devils 2nd goal - Doucet from Martin @ 36:01! Delayed penalty goal!

Devils penalty called against Richardson @ 37:17 - 2mins for interference

38mins played, end to end on the Devils PK

Steelers offside @ 38:22

Steelers offside again @ 38:44 and Nelson gets 10mins for abuse of official

39mins played, Steelers still on powerplay

Bowns massive save @ 39:12 and we have handbags in the crease!

No penalties called yet, but it's getting tense

Bordeleau and Fitzgerald having words, looks like there might be a fight coming...

Blimey, what an end to the second period!

It's getting very physical out there! Steelers throwing crosscheck after crosscheck

Bordeleau hasn't left the bench for the Devils changing room...

After watching chuckapuck, Bordeleau has finally headed for the dressing room

Bordeleau is actively being held back on the bench by Lord/someone, despite what Kelman said in his interview during the week...

It's going to be an interesting third period that's for sure!

Shots on goal for the 2nd period are... Devils 12-12 Steelers!

Zamboni has left the ice, can't be long until it's time for the fights!

Bordeleau has been sat on the bench, rather than in the changing room for almost the entire period break... He looks just a tiny, little bit annoyed!

Both teams back out on the ice...

Here we go with the 2rd period then...

3rd even!

Puck dropped and we're off! Devils immediately offsdie @ 40:05

Myers floors Schultz behind Bowns...

41mins played, Steelers have started the stronger team again

Devils penalty called at 42:04 - Fournier 2mins for slashing

Steelers camped in the Devils zone during PP so far...

Devils finally clear the puck after 1min of PK...

Steelers score a 2nd :(

Steelers 2nd goal timed @ 43:32 - Roy from Armstrong and Bjorkland PPG

Devils offside @ 45mins ish

45mins played, Devils have started the period slowly again and paid the price

Big save from Bowns @ 46:24

Devils have 4lines and look far more tired than The Steelers, despite the number of players...

Devils called for icing at 47:30

Another icing called against the Devils! Timed at 47:39

And nother icing called againt the Devils @ 47:46

Huge save Bowns from Armstrong @ 47:54 - so so close

Devils need to do something, crowd has gone quiet and Steelers are all over us!

Mustukovs save @ 48:27

Asselin very close! And agan Asselin!

49mins played, Devils really need to sort themselves out!

Culligan so so close! At least he's creating chances!

Nelson finally leaves the penalty box @ 50mins played...

Devils called for offside after Scott Hotham cross the blueline infront of the puck @ 50:59

Puck out of play above the Steelers bench @ 51:22

Steelers offside at 51:51 - They're still the better team out there

Devils called for another icing @ 52:58

Texter reports the Devils have so little possession it's unreal, we seem to have forgetten we need possession in order to score!

Steelers with shot after shot, Bowns really making some saves tonight!

54mins played, Devils struggling to get out of the zone or even retain possession

Bowns taken out by Anders Franzon @ 54:25 - no penalties called...

Texter reports that the Devils are riding Bowns like the Blaze and Stewart... Something really isn't going well out there

Another Devils icing call @ 54:32

We must be going for the world record in number of icing calls tonight :S

55mins played... We're struggling to get out of our zone with any sort of possession...

Steelers penalty coming...

Steelers Fitzgerald gets 2+2 for crosschecking! Come on Devils, please get a goal or 2! Timed @ 55:57

The crowd have woken up, hopefully they can spur the team on!

Devils called for a handpass @ 56:38

The Devils powerplay isn't looking so sharp here, making error after error... Roughly 30seconds left of the first PK

Steelers PK working much better than the Devils PP



Steelers back to full strength after that goal... 1:55 left to go!

Fournier with the unassisted goal @ 58:01 for the Devils 3rd goal :D

Devils penalty called @ 58:48 - Steelers call a timeout at the same time - Doucet 2mins for hooking!

Steelers have pulled Mustukovs after that timeout!

Morissette clears the puck, but it's not close enough to the net...

30seconds left! I feel sick!

What a save from Bowns! WHAT A SAVE! Bowns @ 59:46

59:41, those 19 seconds are important!


Wow, what an ending to this game!

We played very, very poorly tonight but we won, so perhaps it doesn't matter!

Steelers man of the match goes to Phillips!

Before that, Thompson had a meltdown on the bench and demolished his bench... Hehehe

And the Devils man of the match goes to... Fournier! Well played that man!

Well, we won and that's what really matters :D I think we'll be hearing lots from the Steelers about how unfair this game was... :D