Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Good Afternoon Hockey folk. Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm for the usual MNL shenanigans as our beloved Devils travel to Chavland to take on the Blaze.

I will endeavour to bring you the latest scores from the other games, along with the unbeatable live match text commentary of the game once the puck drops. Don't forget to send any comments and predictions to and I will give you a 'name check' during the coverage.

Until then I bid you an enjoyable afternoon, Come on Wales and beat those Boks!!!!

Good Evening folks. The Red Army have invaded the nearby Weatherspoons pre game, texter reckons on 70-80 Devils fans present.

A quick shout out to Clare Robson, who is WELSH born and bred but resides in Coventry will be singing the Welsh National Anthem loud and proud. Unfortunately she has been influenced by the dark side and is cheering on the Blaze.

Yes I know I have started earlier than expected but this is due to sheer boredom and the Wales/SA rugby match is hardly a feast for the rugby fan.

Our Texters tonight are Jon Forde and KettDevil.

Dean Smith is scheduled to ref this one so it will be interesting to see how he handles the anticipated physicality of this game. Generally speaking he likes to let the game flow as much as possible and calls or whistles down only what he has to.

We have had a plethora of predictions flooding into the inbox.

Brian Parker predicts a tough hard game from Coventry but reckons on a Devils victory by 3 goals

Pat sees it as 4-2 to Devils

Jimmy Snels predicts 4-1 to Devils.

and Mark Gough agrees with Pat and goes for a 4-2 win.

Warm up is underway. Ross Venus sits this game out due to his suspension. Apparrently Bownsy is kitted out in Blue tonight, which is odd.

just twigged, I think KettDevil is winding me up. He is covering the Blaze for me tonight so old habits die hard and thinks Bownsy is playing in Blue.

OJ who is probably consuming copious amounts of Rioja in Tenerife has weighed in with a 3 goal win for the Devils, Has he been in conversation with Mr Parker I wonder?

The Devils supporters have been allocated the block directly behind Brian Stewart's goal. This could be fun!!!!

Lordo is dressed in kit. texter Jon trying to work out who is sitting out for Devils.

it seems either Scott or Andrew Hotham is scratched.

Either Scott or Andrew Hotham is scratched

some confusion as to who is left out.

Wales are leading South Africa at moment.

the official Scoresheet lists the whole Devils roster so cant workout who is not playing.

Warm up has finished now.

I guess we will have to see what the lines are and maybe work it out from that.

Ref confirmed as Dean Smith and the Linos are Matt Rose and Sam Motton

Lights down and time for the Intros

over drarmatic build up to the intros.

More atmosphere on the moon than in the skydome game intro

Both teams on the ice.

anthem time

150 or so Red Army members present.

and we are underway

Blaze icing early

Devils 3-1 prediction from Drew in Warrington

Bownsy Saves from Petruis


Assselin from A Hotham and Martin

goal timed at 2.06

correction Hotham scored Asselin assisted

Blaze turnover results in Doucet shot just wide though

Devils pen haddad 2 minutes for holding the stick @4:17

Bownsy saves

high sticks not holding the sticlk

Scored by Petruis @4:59

PK unit still half asleep

Lord and Benti combining well on offence

but no goal as a result.

Devils pen Richie 2 minutes for holding @6:40

Kill Devils Kill

PK unit have a chance to redeam themselves

batch lays a big hit behind the devils net.

Blaze 2nd PPG

Tait scores

resulting from not clearing the D properly

Bownsy saves.

Blaze offside at 8:46

Richies shot is well saved by stewart

no goals to report from the other games played tonight.

puck out of play at 10:03

Bowsy glove saves

Blaze's dump and chase tactic working so far for them as Devils D a bit slow and sloppy

Blaze goal

deflected past Bownsy who is pulled from the net.

Devils D reacting far too slow

scored by clements

goal timed at 10:57

shots from Morrisette and Hotham A blocked

Devils icing at 13:12

sorry 12:12

Murdy now in the net for Devils and pulls off his first save,.


involving Marquardt

no devils player wants to be involved. very wise. we don't need any stupid pens

Storm 2-0 up on Giants Fife and Dundee equal at 1-1

Face off in the Blaze zone @13:52

Stewart dislodges the goal as per usual

just as Devils player shoots.

and again by stewart

Asselin pings the goal frame with a shot

Squeelers 1-0 up against Caps in house of foil

Lordo leaves his shoulder on Ben Davies

Davies then misses a chance when it looked easier to score

@ 16:15

Andrew Hotham goes close.

gametime 17:31

Noble called for icing.

Devils now asserting some pressure.

Blaze blue line under siege


puck lands on back on blaze net. pity its not in back of blaze net

Fight Fight Fight

Petruis gets battered by Hotham, bit of a catchweight match that

pens are Hotham 2 for slashing and Petruis gets 2 for roughing

Don't think he will want to take on Hotham again.

Layne ulmer shoots wide on the buzzer. and that's a wrap for the 1st period.

no fighting pens called by Smith

KettDevil says We were sloppy and it cost us 3 goals. we shouldn't really be 3-1 down.

D looks more settled since Murdy replaced Bowns

Jon says Devils playing like Arsenal: plenty of pretty passing but no end product. He's also complaining its cold in the Ice rink, Really??? he obviously hasn't been to the old Bristol Ice rink, it was like a freezer in there,

I remember once being there and still freezing with 3 layers of clothing.

SOGs not available yet

Latest scores Storm 2 Giants 1; Steelers 2 Caps 1; Fife 2 Dundee 2

SOGs Devils 10 Blaze 13

Teams are back for 2nd.

one texter marooned in a queue for a hotdog.

and underway in the 2nd

hopefully Lordo will have given them a rocket in the break.

Devils have a pen shot

@ 21:44

and its saved.

cant afford to spurn chances like that.

Jorgensen fires wide of murdy and the Devils net

Devils icing

Stewart was playing mind games on the pen shot

Murdy saves again

line 1 Martin morrisette and Asselin

Blaze pen 2 mins holding for Brett Robinson

@ 24:00

gone quiet in the Coventry Library

Blaze FS

awful pp by Devils

Steelers now 4-1 against Caps

Dr Piggott takes to the ice for his first shift

another Devils line combo is haddad Culligan and Doucet

Fournier's shot is held by stewart

Face off in the Blaze zone @ 27:53

Lordo shoots but its saved

Devils still seem to be in 2nd gear and the Blaze are dealing with them competantly

Hotham pings the post with a shot

Lordo gets his stick to a Richardson shot but its gloved by Stewart

Marquardt is not being picked up by Devils and is roaming the ice at will

Devils denied a pen shot

Chris Jones breakaway but saved


Stewart unsighted on a Culligan shot which hit the back of the Blaze net

Blaze pen 2 minutes for hooking for Boutin

at 31:02

Martin Morrisette Doucet and Asselin on PP line.

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze FS

Bordy having a very quiet game

as is Brine

Petruis is giving the Devils a torrid time time for hotham to deal with him methinks

Doucet and Martin have shots blocked

Devils seem to be waking from their slumber

my wish has been granted, Hotham flattens Petruis with a check

this game is taking some time

we'd normally be in the 2nd period break by now


Haddad assist culligan and Bordy

scored at 37:53

yes this better from the Devils

in last min of 2nd period

Myers and Petruis auditioning for Strictly

Morrisettes shot is blocked

Devils icing

Marquardt has chance at end of period but is denied by Murdy

and the buzzer sounds to end the 2nd period

KettDevil says Devils in 2nd gear but cutting out the sloppy play and mistakes

Blaze coach none to happy with Smith the Ref

Blaze fans are very quiet. Texter reckons there's more noise in a mortuary.

Fife and Dundee serving up a feast for fans as it stands 4-4 at the moment

Storm still leading Giants 2-1 at end of 2nd period.

Steelers haven't added to their 4-1 scoreline

Texter says Petruis might get a slap and told to quieten down, as he is being too much of a nuisance.

I spoke too soon: Squeelers 5 Caps 1

Lights have gone out at the sponsordome, anyone got 50p for the meter?

Texter suggests using the Zamboni headlights to illuminate the ice area

Chuck a puck prize was a subway voucher.

and the 50/50 draw prize currently stands at 131.00

SOGs for 2nd period not updated yet.

teams back for 3rd

the lights are back on

Sogs 12-14 for 2nd period

and we are underway

I hope this period goes quick and there is no OT

icing by devils

a quiet start to 3rd

game time 41:47

Blaze icing now


scored by Doucet

assist bv Fournier, a wonderful pass by all accounts

Myers gets 2nd assist on 4th Devils goal

Stewart getting 'the bird' from all the Devils fans

Blaze look Shell Shocked by Devils goal

Asselin almost scores.

Talt gets 2 minutes for hooking


somebody has rattled Nobles cage and he goes ballistic

tries to fight Doucet who is not interested.

sureily and instigating pen there.

Devils on PP

Doucet gets 2 mins Unsportsmanlike for not wanting to fight ridiculous


Calling Mr Bordeleau, Mr Noble requests some correction

Lordo has a shot saved.

Bordeleau is having words with Mr Noble

no doubt Mr Noble wil retract back into his shell

pen Blaze for too many men

more discussion between Bordy and noble

Bordy returns to bench after Noble turtles

Doucet almost gets another goal

Blaze FS

puck out at 50:29

Blaze seem to be running out of ideas

Face off in the Blaze zone



Culligan gets his second although it did take a wicked deflection wrong footing stewart

assists to Fournier and Martin

Fournier has been outstanding and is claiming Devils MOM

gametime 53:00

doucet gets checked by lino on Devils breakaway

two mins for rose/motton for interference LOL

Puck out of play

Blaze trying hard but no end product

gametime 56:04

Stewart is lifted

Stewart back

icing by Blaze

Stewart is doing the hokey kokey

pulled then back again

devils on PP

Blaze holding pen


Devils chanting 3-1 and you messed it up



Devils fans chanting I meant.

Game over Devils win

Devils didn't have to get into top gear and stil won

Thanks to our texters Jon and KettDevil for their excellent texts tonight.

Chris will be in the hosting chair tomorrow as the Steelers come to the IAW

Devils MOM given to Murdy

that's a strange choice given Fournier and Culligans performances tonight.

Safe trip home to all Devils fans travelling back to Wales and other places

Goodnight all. Nos da Pawb

PS Profuse Apologies I thought Fife were playing Dundee but in fact they were playing Braehead. Also Blaze MOM was Dave Clements. Finally tonights results are as follows Manchester Storm 5 Belfast Giants 1 Sheffield Steelers 7 Edinburgh Capitals 1 Fife Flyers 5 Braehead 6