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Cardiff Devils 7 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Vevils try to extend their winning run with a victory over Hull Stingrays

Must get my head and typing into gear after watching the rugby. Send any predictions for tonights game to me OJ at

Must get my head and typing into gear after watching the rugby. Send any predictions for tonights game to me OJ at

Must get my head and typing into gear after watching the rugby. Send any predictions for tonights game to me OJ at

Awaiting my first texts from the Tent and watching Scotland taking Ireland to the wire

Awaiting my first texts from the Tent and watching Scotland taking Ireland to the wire

No predictions for tonights game, were are everyone?

I believe tonights referee is Thompson, seeking confirmation

Maybe everyone are saving themselves for Sundays game at Sheffield, a game which we will be bringing you at MNL

Nick says 4-1 Devils

Well there is at least one hockey fan out there

Zamboni on its last lap

Thompson confirmed as referee

Both teams on the ice

Hull came on late after the Devils had taken to the ice

Gareth calls it 2-1 Devils but it will depend on how the Devils play in first period

MaIver & Kostadine to dance says Nick, well we will see

Eternal optimist Keith in Aberystwyth predicts a 3-1 Devils win

Susan is more optimistic and sees a 5-2 win for the Devils

We are off

Voth, Hill & Latulippe, with Maciver & Jarvis on D start

Cruikshanks net comes off after 29 seconds

Devils have Stephen Fisher & Cory Watkins on duty tonight

Prpich misses pass and collides with net @ 0:53

Devils icing @ 1:21

We might lose our Player?coach at any moment tonight

Aubry save @ 2:05

Voth floors Turenen

G might have to leave us as his partners water has burst for their first child

Maiver floor Glowa

Cruickshank save @ 3:17

You can rely onh MNL to bring you the "breaking news"

Another Cruickshak save @ 3:38

At least G is in Cardiff I'll tell you a story later about the trip when JL & missus was expecting their 2nd

5 minutes gone, some big hits being thrown

Fisher wearing #2 and Watkins #3

Aubry save @ 7:01

Latulippe & Kostadine have words

Devils penalty @ 7:21 Teplitsky - holding

Devils kill penalty with ease

Elich hits pipes when net was empty

Aubry save @ 10:16

I think Hull have got problems re-play offs as Capitals are winning 2-0 at Nottingham

Silverthorn throws massive hit on Turunen - stop picking on him you nasty Devils

Devils are wasting clear chances

Hull penalty @ 14:01 Koulikov - hooking

Tian Ward makes a good point "Do the Devils hit the pipes as often as we report on MNL"


We didn't hit the pipes then

Devils 1st goal @ 15:02 Jarvis, assists Maciver & Voth ppg

Devils offside @ 15:47

Hull icing @ 16:45

I must admit that I am puzzled by the reference to hits pipes but that is what is text to me

It is now Fisher's tyrn to flatten Turunen, who is not very happy

Final 2 minutes of 1st period

For a change Hill flattens Lalmikov

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

Carrying on with my story, well Debbie Lawless was expecting their 2nd child are the Devils were due for a two game road trip, I think it was Cleveland Bombers and Whitley Bay. Well JL was only allowed to go if I took my car up north to bring him back to Cardiff if needed.

Nothing happenned and I had to drive back from Whitley Bay on Sunday night with John Burnicle for company and it was foggy all the way home and I mean foggy

The network is playing up more than usual tonight, just had the text about Devils goal from one of my texters, so apologies in advance if I get some duff news to you

Both teams back on the ice for 2nd period

2nd period starts

Cruickshank save @ 20:10

Devils icing @ 20:23


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 21:13 scored by Voth assist Stone

Lovely backhand shot that missed the pipes

Cruickshank save @ 22:49

Another Cruickshank save @ 23:48

Devils have set up camp in the Stingrays zone

25 minutes gone, very open game at the moment but most chances going to the Devils

Devils over eager go offside @ 25:56


It was bound to come as Devils creating chance after chance

Devils 3rd goal scored @ 26:42 Silverthorn from Maciver


Yes another one, just like Cardiff Buses

Devils 4th goal scored @ 27:21 Silverthorn, assists Prpich & Elich

Lets have a breather

Crickshank save @ 29:33

Yes Ruth we aim to please, even latecomers

Good save Cruickshank @ 30:01

Hull icing @ 30:24

Hull offside @ 30:34

Another Hull icing @ 31:38

Well it is one way of releasing the pressure

Devils Penalty @ 31:53 Silverthorn - interference

Gareth is now claiming that his 5-0 DEvils win prediction of last week was really for tonight, well I don't think your are going to get this one right, there are more goals in this game

Devils kill penalty

Devils Goal

Devils 5th goal scored @ 34:09 by Teplitsky, assists Silverthorn & Prpich

Maciver floors Esders

Hull leaving 3 players on the blueline to cover breakouts

Hull penalty @ 37:49 Neumeier - holding

Final minute of 2nd period

The topic for discussion in 2nd interval is play off system

Play stopped for high sticks @ 39:37

Hull kill penalty

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Stingrays 0

Just on the buzzer to end 2nd period Glowa floors Stone

Play off quarter finals based on a single home & away is a joke.

Two groups of 4 playing each other home and away gives you six games of highly competitive hockey. It also gives you increased revenue as you get much bigger gates than those seen now for games that don't really mean anything, maybe to Hull but the result tonight does really change the Devils position

I remember play off games played as a speed and intensity that would make your hair stand on end and had the crowd buzzing

Let me know what you think at

Championship Games - Semi-finals & Final is the place for one off games

In three week time Devils play Nottingham or whoever and the result of the first game could make the result of the 2nd immaterial

In two legged affairs I can recall Lawless keeping his top line on the bench if we were scoring too many goals in the away leg as it would impinge on the gate for the 2nd leg

Kerrie and Ruth agree with me

Kerrie also thinks Nottingham can't match Wembley, I would agree but haven't been to Finals at Nottingham only Manchester Arena after the Wembley glory years

Yes Gareth I agree best of 3,5 or 7 will not work in the UK because of ice availability

Teams are back on the ice

No the next topic will not be black or pink pucks

We are off

Additional assists Devils 2nd goal Maciver; 5th goal Jarvis

Cruickshank save @ 41:42

Chris is moaning he didn't win "Shirt of his back"

Voth hits pipes

Cruickshak save @ 43:06

Cruickshank replaced by Jaszczyk


Devils 6th goal scored @ 44:30 Jarvis, assist Towe

Good save by Jas @ 45:31

Don't ask me to type in his name again, my keyboard only has a few Z

Prpich breakaway saved

Devils Goal

Devils 7th Goal @ 48:38 Voth, assists Hill & Latulippe

Who will get his hattrick first, Voth, Silverthorn or Jarvis

Hull offside @ 50:04

Fisher throws big hit on Wilson

Around 1,200 in Tent tonight, not bad as it is the 5th home game in 8 days

54 minutes gone

We believe G is still there

Devils penalty @ 55:07 Fisher - tripping

Well that is one way to get on the gamesheet

Penalties @ 55:45 Maciver (D) Glowa (S) - slashing

Hull Goal @ 56:05

Hull goal scored by Kalmikov

Confirmation G is still on the bench

Hull goal was a 4 on 3

Puck out of play @ 57:40

Devils penalty @ 57:44 Stone - tripping

I did ask the Chemist for extra strength tablets to keep Devils out of sinbin

Stone returns

Final Score DEVILS & Stingrays 1

Stingrays MoM Kalmikov


After the Hull @ 56:05 goal Aubry left the Devils net to be replaced by Myers, I just didn't get that info until the game ended - apologies

G went as soon as final buzzer sounded - down the tunnel and away best of luck to the two of them

Our thanks to Chris & Sharlene our texters

The network is driving me up the wall and makes the job more difficult

All the e-mailers are wishing GT & Mrs G the best of luck

Thata all from me OJ if you are not at Sheffield tomorrow night join me here on MNL