Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Braehead Clan

Evening! We'll be live from about 5:30pm tonight with coverage of Devils v Clan :)

If you've got any predictions, or you just want to shout at us about something, then fire them over to

Otherwise, hang tight and we'll be live shortly for hopefully another Devils league win \o/

Evening :D

30mins to go until the Devils face Braehead Clan in league action...

First predictions of the night are in...

Mark has Devils to win 4-2 with things possibly getting nasty

Russky has the Devils down to win by 3 :)

And Gareth has the Devils to win 4-1, any of those is good with me :P

No word on who is sitting this game out for the Devils yet...

Mark Louis sat out the game on Friday and Lord stepped into the lineup, but we're not sure if that's the case tonight...

With IAW being a complete nightmare for phone signal we're relying on one person with random network coverage to get comments to us, but we'll try and get information as soon as we can :)

Hannah is also saying the Devils to win 4-1 :D

Of course Hendrikx is back in the rink tonight... Hopefully another nightmare game for him haha!

Pat is hoping for a Devils 3-2 victory! Cutting it fine there :P

Looks like Gary Russell is back in nets for the Clan tonight with Michal Zajkowski out injured still. That's not necessarily a bad thing for the Clan though, Russell is really playing well!

Intro time! :D

Drew has gone for a Devils 6-2 victory! That's more like it :D

Looks like Mark Louis isn't icing again tonight. Hopefully this is just as a precaution :)

Oh and just incase tonight wasn't good enough... Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame is dropping the puck :D

And now it's anthem time in IAW


All Devils in the opening 30seconds!

Penalty for the Clan coming...

Morissette goes very close! Still awaiting penalty details...

Matt Beca 2mins for hoking @ 00:57

1min of penalty killed, a few errors from the Devils but also a few chances...

Clan kill the penalty realtively easy in the end

Clan called for icing at 3:15

Lord absolutely nails Alex Leavitt and gets the turnover :D

Clan called for icing again at 3:49

Apologies, it was #21 Zach Sullivan who was on the receiving end of the hit from Lord

Interestly, on the powerplay Lord was playing alongside Bordeleau!

Big save from Gary Russell @ 04:24

Clan score... :(

Clan goal scored at 04:46... Matt Keith from Hammond

6mins played... End to end at the moment, but Clan have upped their game since the goal!

Devils called for icing at 6:28

Doucet misses a pass across the crease, so so close!

Another clan penalty coming @ 06:56... Scott Aarssen 2mins for roughing

Good save from Russell at 08:03... Devils putting lots of pressure on the Clan there!

Another Clan penalty called at 08:46! Scott Pitt 2mins for interference! 5on3 for 13 seconds!

Clan kill penalty #1, powerplay for the Devils for another 1:47 now...

10mins played, powerplay running down, but Devils creating lots of chances...

Penalty #2 killed, that's a good PK from the Clan

12mins played, it's end to end but Devils need a bit more luck infront of net, lots of pucks bobbling over sticks both infront the net and on the blue line :(

Clan called for offside @ 12:41

Clan breakaway and it's a huge save from Bowns @ 13:20

When Clan do breakaway they look dangerous!

Devils called for offside at 14:03

Brine and Jones so so close, amazing saves from Russell


Goal #1! Guillaume Doucet from Gleason Fournier @ 15:10 :D

That was Doucets 9th goal of the season! Maybe the dry spell was a good thing because this guy is on fire now!

17mins played and it's end to end stuff

Fournier so so close after breaking away from the Devils zone!

18mins played, Clan get a few boos for holding the puck up behind the net...

Clan get another penalty, this time it's against the bench for too many men... 2mins for too many men @ 18:50, Hammond sits the penalty

Clan weren't happy with that penalty at all...

But that's it, end of the first period and it's Devils 1-1 Clan :)

Alex Leavitt is still on the ice arguing about the too many men call... He's delaying the zorb football, get out of the way man!

Shots on goal at the end of the first... Devils 9-5 Clan :)

All in all, not a bad period for either team, but our lone texter is a bit fustrated with the Devils powerplay...

Devils will start the 2nd period with 46seconds of powerplay, hopefully we can capitalise on it

Both teams back on the ice for the second period...

Devils will start with 46 seconds of powerplay...

Puck dropped and we're off!

Big save from Russell @ 20:21 - 25 seconds of powerplay to go

Clan clear the puck after Myers goes close and Clan kill the penalty

Another big save from Russell @ 20:56! Looks like he might have felt that one when reaching for the puck

Now it's Bowns chance to make a big save @ 21:38

22mins played, Asselin playing well and putting lots of pressure on the Clan!

And now Clan called for icing at 22:14, all due to Asselin we think

Doucet close infront of the Clan net again

23mins, Devils creating lots of chances!

Scott Hotham playing extremely well tonight!

Big save from Bowns @ 24:23

25mins played, still 1-1 and it's end to end at the moment

Feels like Bowns is having to make save after save at the moment, nothing too dangerous but Clan have upped their level...

Clan score a second goal :(

Lord immediately calls a time out after that second goal, which was timed at @ 26:27

So, that 2nd Clan goal... Craig Peacock from Alex Leavitt and Matt Keith @ 26:25

Clan are definitely playing better this period, the Devils giving the puck away all over the place :S

Clan called for icing at 28:02

Passes going astray all over the shop! And Clan winning lots of faceoffs :S

Devils go extremely close through Lord and Bentivoglio around 29mins...

Myers hit into the back of the Clan net and the pipes fall on Russell, he's ok though! Timed at 29:44

Bowns makes a save @ 30:02, Devils have changed things up a bit and some players aren't featuring quite as much...


Goal #2! Batch with the goal @ 30:23

Bordeleau absolutely nails Hendrikx :D

And then Brine nails Scott Pitt! Bordeleau has gone off looking injured though...

We think Bordeleau nailed Hendrikx and then as the puck moved up the ice that Hendrikx had a slash at Bordeleau...

Finally some details about the Devils 2nd goal... Josh Batch from Morissette & Scott Hotham @ 30:23 :)

Maybe if Hendrikx did slash Bordeleau the red mist has descended... :E

Couple of big saves from Bowns there, and now 34mins played!

Myers goes close and then Haddad gets him some handbags behind Clans net after Russell makes the save

Richardson so so close, Russell somehow uses magic to make the save!

Bordeleau is back on the ice so fortunately it's nothing too serious for him!

36mins played, end to end action!

Another big save from Russell @ 36:21 following some hard work from Bentivoglio

Ulmer hits the crossbar! :(

Haywood goes close, but loses the puck and scores Bowns instead...

So that save was timed at 37:06

Cowick knees Hotham, and somehow Hicks doesn't call anything!

Bordeleau isn't happy at all on the bench! There's some handbags at the benches between Rosehill and Bordeleau

Play has been stopped at 38:20...

It was Andrew Hotham who took the knee from Cowick... There may be penalties coming as Bordeleau was on the bench when he tried to get to Rosehill

ok, so some penalties have been called but no one is quite sure what yet...

Play has resumed, it's 5on5 so we'll stick with that for now...

Gah my mistake, it's 4on4

Penalties have been called, it might be that we have to clarify them in the period break...

It's 4on4 and all Devils at the moment! Final 30 seconds

And that's the end of the 2nd period... Devils 2-2 Clan with 21seconds of 4on4 to begin the 3rd

Handbags at the Devils bench at the end of the period, it's basically the whole Clan bench vs Bordeleau at the moment...

Ok, so the penalties called were 2min unsportsmanlike conduct for both Rosehill and Bordeleau... But the Devils penalty was sat by Haddad!

Well, with that all happening at the end of the 2nd period and the scores being tied, we might be in for one hell of a 3rd period here :D

Here we go with the 3rd period then, both teams back out on the ice, no fights yet... :E

It'll be 4on4 for the first 21 seconds of the 3rd if the puck is ever dropped...

Oh and finally, puck droped and we're off!

Haddad and Rosehill back on the ice, we're 5on5!

Devils called for icing @ 40:38

Devils called for offside at 40:55

Collision between Myers and Russell @ 41:06, no penalty coming

Some issues wit hthe ice infront of Russell after that collision


Goal #3! Doucet with his 10th of the season! Details coming shortly :)

So goal #3 @ 41:21! Guillaume Doucet from Myer and Haddad :D


Clan have called a timeout after that 4th goal :D

Goal #4 timed at 43:22

Still waiting on details for the 4th goal...

44mins played, Clan have put a bit of pressure on Bowns but he's stood on his head making save after save

So 4th goal details finally! Joey Martin from Asselin and Morissette @ 43:21 :D

Devils penalty @ 44:39 - Doucet 2mins for hooking

Big save from Bowns @ 44:57! Clan powerplay for 1:42 remaining...

1min of the penalty killed...

Clan think they score, goal light goes on bt Hicks says no goal!

Clan hit the pipes!

Wow, what a series of saves from Bowns and the rest of the Devils team! Phew! Bowns stops the puck finally at 46:24 and we get some handbags

No penalties called after the handbags, Clan PP for another 15seconds...

Devils kill the penalty and 47mins played :)

Bordeleau having words with Boyd after Boyd with a big hit... Timed @ 47:08

Bentivoglio goes very very close, but maybe just waited a bit too long... 48mins played!

Amazing save from Russell on a shot from Asselin! This guy is certainly playing well!

Scott Hotham absolutely floors Rosehill!

Rosehill drops the gloves and wants to fight, but Hotham isn't dropping anything haha

What an amazing check from Hotham! :D

And Rosehill gets a penalty for his troubles haha! He gets 2mins for roughing @ 49:03

Another Clan penalty! Haywood gets 2mins for tripping @ 50:01

5on3 for the Devils for 1:02!

Another Clan penalty coming! Bowns skates off and it's 6on3!

So the latest Clan penalty is for Matt Keith who gets 2mins for slashing @ 50:24

Devils getting shot after shot on this powerplay!

Clan kill penalty #1 and Rosehill emerges...

Bowns save at 52:07

Clan are back to 4 skaters, but there's another 50 odd seconds of the Matt Keith penalty left...

Puck out of play @ 52:42, Devils still on the powerplay!

Russell making save after save and Clan are back to full strength...

54mins played and it's end to end again...

Big save from Russell (again!)

55mins played and it's end to end again

Clan have calmed themselves down after our 4th goal... Still looking for those game tying goals

Big check from Matt Keith on Scott Hotham, but play doesn't stop!

57mins played! Ulmer went close before skating off for a change

We're into the final 2mins of the period! Devils with all the chances at the moment!

Rosehill making a nuisance of himself! Clan have pulled Russell!

Final minute!

Clan score a 3rd!

Clan 3rd goal timed at 59:12 - Scott Pitt with the goal!


Wow, what an end to the game that was! Didn't get all the Clans goal details there sorry

Russell played out of skin there, but it's a 4 point weekend for the Devils :D

Braehead Clan man of the match goes to... Scott Aarssen

The Clans 3rd goal details were... Goal Scott Pitt from Scott Aarssen and Matt Beca @ 59:12

Devils man of the match goes to Guillaume Doucet with his 2 goals :D

Well deserved that man!

Well, what a game :D Another 4 point weekend! \o/

Thanks for joining us tonight, i'm signing out :)