Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Hello everybody join me (Steve,Boz) this evening for a biased commentary of Devils v Squeelers face off is at 7:30 feel free to send in your predictions and any silly boy comments to I'll be here from 6:30

good evening, we have one prediction so far Dan in St mellons a work mate of mine and nice chap, predicts a 6-4 victory to the Devils

my mistake Dan says 4-2 to the Devils (the same old trouble has kicked in dan)

Mark G from Caerphilly says the Devils to beat Squeelers by one goal,,, keep warm up there Mark

Mark says he isn't warm at all.....I find that a nice brandy or whisky does the trick !!!

get those predictions in, come on Russky or shall I just put O/T win for you??

Thank you Russ for those kind words and for predicting an O/T win for Devils!!!!

I am predicting a 4-3 Devils win

OJ where is your prediction and you please Chris

c'mon you Devils and beat those Squeelers(from Russky)

Mr Brian Parker (hero) predicts a Devils win by 3 clear goals

young Boz (James) says Devils to win 3-1

I would imagine warming up at moment

Cornwall Taffy in sunny lanzarote says tight game going to overtime with devils getting the win

Devils on the ice seems lord is on bench

Mark has found southern comfort

Shane in Swansea predicts a physical game with a shut out tuned in with his baby boy asleep on his chest

Steelers being announced

as usual steelers look as though they been tango'd

no shudra or sarich for Steelers mustukovs in net

getting ready for face off

we are off

we are off

early attck from steelers ng to clear

sorry but site just crashed on me no news on texts though still end to end

I hear Louis is not icing but lord is

steelers goal against the run of play waiting on time

scored by Colton Fretter with assist to Guillaume Desbiens

Devils were turned over in offensive blue zone for goal

sorry about lack of info but we only have one texter

goal was after 6:57

another turnover almost results in a second steelers goal

penalty to Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils back To full strength good PK

Sheffield had one shot on powerplay

move it up a gear devils

steelers caught offside @15:45

big check by Dowd on the blueline

Roy goed close for steelers

final minute of period nothing has been called we need this to end soon

end of the first report is that we are making them look better than they are and need a big 2nd and I need more texters or the stream to work

Shots on goal for the 1st Devils 11 Steelers 7

during the period break the webcast works typical !!!

Sheffield house of rust nowhere near half full

ice almost ready

webcast showing marvels of the universe live advertisment

stripeys on the ice

back come the tangerine men


second underway

Asselin and Clarke tangle

save Bowns

another Steelers shot saved

lord shoots

nelson breaks away brought down penalty shot to steelers

Bowns saves and nelson falls over ref to boot

more steelers pressure

Devils making too many mistakes

Patrick Asselin with big shot glove save fromErvins Mustukovs

Steelers offside

shot by Ulmer puck bounces to benti covered by moose

Devils penalty Doucet2 minutes for slashing

Steelers getting away with a lot

goond defending on pk

Bowns having a stormer so far

Devils full strentgth doucet gets breakaway and poked by moose

Devils looking dangerous but shots off target

Fretter shoots wide

9 to go in 2nd

ferrara goes in bowns saves

Steelers penalty at last dowd2 minutes for hooking

get that powerplay going devils

Steelers clear

penalty was Roy not dowd

moose saves from haddad

Steelers full strength

big scramble in front of steelers net

puck lost under moose

face off steelers zone

huge hit by Patrick Bordeleau gets him 2 minutes for boarding

4 mins left

diving save from Scott Hotham

Devils back to full strength

a hotham 2 minutes for high sticks

not very affective pp

Armstrong shoots wide

Steelers penalty John Armstrong 2 minutes for slashing

4 on 4

Devils full strength

1:04 left in period

end of second Sheffield 1 Devils 0

net minders keeping score down

Devils are very slow need to pick up at least 2 gears

SOG Steelers 11 Devils 12

Ice ready

officials on ice

back come Steelers

come on devils we need a big period

here come the Devils

Devils start the period on the powerplay

puck dropped

back to 5 on 5

shot by Ulmer face off in steelers zone

hand pass by devils face off outside zone

nelson crushes lord

I think crowd are asleep very quiet

Steelers Goal Fretter

unassisted 2:54

Devils icing

good save moose from Richie

martin shot saved


Sean Bentivoglio from Lord and Ulmer

lets get another

goal timed at 5:07

Devils definitely upped their game

Dundee 3 up against blaze lol

face off in devils zone

Devils win face off

12 mins to go


Guillaume Doucet from Myers and Andrew Hotham

great skill from Bordy

outworking them big time now


SCORED BY THE MAIN MAN in my opinion Patrick Asselin from s hotham

whats going on hahahhahahahahhahahahhahha

superb play by hotham for goal

9:06 left

great back checking by devils

Steelers have woken up

give us another goal you devils


Patrick Asselin UNASSISTED

6:15 LEFT


5 mins left

Steelers pressure

game being played at our pace

Devils clear zone

final 2 minutes moose lifted

Bowns covers steelers time out

icing Devils

hand pass from Steelers silly boy

Steelers offside 100 seconds left

shot from Roy bowns covers

what a save by bowns

Culligan clears out everybody in front of devils net

Scott Hotham 2 minutes for hooking

30 secs left

game over Devils win 4-2 what a result from 2 down,, we are now 7 points in front at top of the league

Devils mom Patrick Asselin

Steelers mom could take while

Steelers mom Fretter

goodnight everyone don't forget sunday and join chris for the mickey taking of Hendrikx