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Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Manchester Storm

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Challenge Cup game against the Manchester Storm

Hopefully the problems with the server this morning are now sorted

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Join us from around 5:30 for MNL unique coverage it will either be OJ or Chris hopsting tonight

Welcome again to MNL OJ here your host tonight doing my last game before I go off to sunny Tenerife.

Warmup in progess

warmup finished

Co Hosts Stephen goes for a 5-2 Devils win in a placid game, Russky goes for a 2 goal victory

Scott Hotham plays

Storm short of players no Dzlurzynski, Harding, Valcak and Neilson

Storm have a number of Cardiff Fire players icing for them tonight including Adam Harding's brother

dean Smith is the referee

Intro has started - enough time for a cup of tea

Storm on the ice

Devils now appear

Anthem time

Andrew Lord is of couse on the bench

I am told the Coopers are at IAW tonight

One minute silence being observed before Anthem

We are ready to start

Puck dropped

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for tripping @ 0:07


Devils Full Strength

Storm penalty Heatley 2 minutes for holding

30 secs of PP left


Joey Martin the scorer @ 3:51

Apologies updates will be few

Devils penalty Doucet

Storm PPG

Devils Goal - Culligan

Storm Full Strength

Gametime 12:30

Backup in net for Storm Spanswick

Scrappy game

Gametime 17:22

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Storm 1

Apologies for the coverage in 1st peruiod but we either have a problem with the server or with my computer

Hopefully we can sort it out in the interval

Joey Martin scored the 1st goal assists for Richardson & A Hotham @ 3:49

Heatley scored for Stormn @ 8:19

Chris Culligan scored the Devils 2nd goal @ 8:41 assists for Haddad & Brine

Both teams have had 2 minor penalties and I believe Storm goal was a PPG

I have my fingers crossed that we have got rid of the gremlin in the system!!!!

The Cardiff Fire players icing for Storm are Harding, Bryant and Powell

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 8 Storm 7

Latest scores: Blaze 1 Clan 2; Capitals 1 Giants 2: Stars 1 Steelers 1

Officials back on ice

So are the teams

scrappy 1st period with Devils giving up a lot of turnovers

puck dropped

Qiet start to period

A Hotham shot wide

Devils pressure

Save Spanswick @ 22:18


Big hit Batch

Big save Spanswick

Devils icing

Told Devils have to convert asll the possession they have


David Brine scores

@ 25:05

Ben Bowns save

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils go looking for their 4th

Storm icing @26:44

Storm icing @26:44

Devils icing

Told game quite flat

Storm penalty Phillips2 minutes for cross-checking

Storm Penalty Johnson 2 minutes for tripping

Devils have 5 on 3

Spanswick save

50 secs of 5 on 3 left

Devils Jake Morrisette penalty

Now 4 on 4

Storm Full Strength


Storm GOAL - Heatley again

Identical goal to his 1st as he hovered on Devils blueline

A2nd PPG for Heatley

Gametime 35:58

Spanswick save from Haddad

Devils icing

end od 2nd period DEVILS 3 Storm 2

The assists on David Brine goal go to A Hotham & Haddad

Latest scores - Stars 1 Steelers 2; Blaze 2 Clan 2: Capitals 2 Giants 4

Lets hope the DEVILS adjust their firing sights in the next period and bury that biscuit

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Storm 5 making it 23-12 after 2 periods

Ice ready

Very quiet on the comments front this evening

Teams are back

Come on U DEVILS lets have a big effort this last period

Storm icing

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham penalised after Scott Harding wound him up


Gametime 44:22

devils clear zone

Ben Bowns save

Devils Full Strength

Storm penalty Cody Cartier

Cartier having treatment another player serving his 2 minutes for roughing

Storm kill 1 minute

Storm Full Strength

Storm penalty Heatley holding the stick

@ 48:12


Guillaume Doucet


@ 49:02

Assists A Hotham & Morrisette

Patrick Bordeleau 2 minutes for slashing @50:42


Storm GOAL

Jack Prince PPG

Gametime 52:02

Gametime 54:30


Gleason Fournier

@ 54:30

Lets have another goal U DEVILSCardiff

Devils penalty S Hotham 2 minutes for hooking


30 secs of PK left

Devils Full Strength

Gametime 57:30

Final 2 minutes

Storm penalty

@ 58:16 OMar Pacha

Final minute

Final Score DEVILS 5 Storm 3

Storm MoM - Phil SPANSWICK


Thats all from me until Xmas a month in ther sun beckons