Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Belfast in search of TWO league points.

We are still actively seeking texters for this game, Giants fan David Mercer is likely to set up to the plate as he regularly does when the Devils are in Belfast

If you can help out please text the MNL line 07527 625206

Score predictions + comments as always welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for hopefully full coverage of the game

David Mercer our Giants texter has again stepped into the breach

Mark G says Devils can empty the tank tonight as they have already qualified for CC knockout stages. He calls it 5-3 with an ENG at the end

Half way through warmup

Drew W calls it 4-3, hes in the Lake District - it rains more there than here in Wales

Rachael is going for a 4-2 Devils win and wants me to pass here thanks to David Mercer who is again helping us out.

Russky thinks Devils will win in O/T

Warmup done & dusted

Ice ready awaiting teams

Still no teams on ice

Lights finally dimmed

Teams on the ice

Phil Egan saylsy 3 goals

C Barton says Devils will win after penalties

Puck dropped

Our other regulat Giants texter Dorothy has now joined us as well.

Short quick line changes

Murphy save @ 2:17

Ben Bowns save

Devils Offside

Giants penalty

2 minutes for slashing

Boxhill the culprit

Adam O@keefe not icing

Ref is Hogarth

Giants clear zone

Giants have killed one minute

Devils cannot set up the PP

SH chance for Giants

Giants Full Strength

Too many turnovers by Devils

Devils playing 4 line hockey

Ben Bowns save

Gametime 7:44

David says its pretty even so far

Brine shot wide

Jon calls it 3-2 to Devils

Puck out of play

Face off in the Devils zone

We need to lay some hits

Giants penalty Riley 2 + 10 for check to head

@ 9:10

Some argument over penalty

Murphy save

Penalty called at 2 minutes for interference NOT check to head

Fournier shot saved

Giants Full Strength

Giants icing

Uneventful game so far

Giants Goal

@ 13:26 Chris Higgins

Rutherford & Culligan both get 2 minutes for roughing

Goal now credited to Walser assist Higgins

Neutral ice face off

Culligan penalty was roughing, Rutherfor 2 minutes for cross-checking

Gametime 16:03

Now 5 on 5

Devils penalty Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 16:10


Giants PP pressure immense

Good save Bowns

Gametime 17:43

Devils Full Strength

Devils clear zone

Final minute

murphy covers

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 0

SoG for 1st period Giants 8 DEVILS 6

Ice ready waiting for the teams

Big shout of thanks for Dorothy Ennis and David Mercer for bring us the action in Belfast tonight

Teams back

Laterst scores; Storm 1 Clan 1; Steelers 3 Panthers 0 after 1 periuod

Flyers 1 Caps 0 in 1st operiod

2nd period starts

Murphy save

Gametime 21;30

Dorothy says Devils have upped their game this period

Saviano shot wide

Giants icing

Devils putting pressure on Giants

Devils Offside

Game time 25:07

Puck out of play

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants Offside

Giants Offside again

Devils having a good period putting pressure on Giants

Finally Bowns called to make good save

Higgins loses helmet

Giants Goal

Derek Walser scores a breakaway goal

Andrew Lord collided with Giant mid ice leaving it widen for Walser to conrol puck, took his chance well ope

Giants penalty Riley

2 minutes for cross-checking

@ 29:15

come on U DEVILS

Giants clear zone

Giants Full Strength

Giants clear zone

Game has opened up as Devils try and find a way back into this game

Murphy lies on puck @34:08

Face off in the Giants zone


Jake Morissette his 7th

Assist for Joey Martin

@ 34:31

devils now going for that equaliser

Murphy save

Beb Bowns covers a rebound


Giants icing @ 37:20


@ 37:59

Gleason Fournier with his 3rd league goal

Assists HaddaD & Doucet

Final minute of 2nd period

Puck out of play with 20 secs left

Ben Bowns save atbuzzer

End of 2nd period Giants 2 DEVILS 2

much better period by Devils, they were in control for most of the period

Texters say Giants look tired

SoG for 2nd period Giants 10 DEVILS 8 making it 18-14 after 2 periods

Latest scores Steelers 6 Panthers 0; Flyers 2 Capitals 1: Storm 1 Clan 2 all after 2 periods

I will not tell you the score between Wales & Serbia but it is more of the same

Zamboni has done its duty

Tems reappear

3rd starts

more of the same please U DEVILS

Assists for Forster & Bendict

Murphy saves on Devils breakaway

ets go DEVILS lets go

Murphy covers

Puck out of play

Pressure from Devils comes to nothing

Giants icing

Giants penalty called Quernele 2 minutes for high sticks

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Asselin goes close

Face off in the Giants zone

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for holding


@ 51:47

Devils Full Strength

Devils hit post

Giants penalty called

2 minutes for tripping Foster

Come on U DEVILS

Time out Devils

Game restarts

Come on U DEVILS

40 secs left on Devils PP

Devils Offside

Gametime 57:13

Giants Full Strength

Murphy saves from Joey Martin

Final 2 minutes

Bowns lifted

Face off in the Giants zone

Final minute

Final score Giants 3 DEVILS 2

Final SoG for game Giants 27 DEVILS 23



our thanks to David and Dorothy for their updates.

Thats all from me join us tomorrow nights when either Chris or I will be hosting when the Devils complete their Challenge Cup pool games against the Manchester Storm.