Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 4 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning Hockey fans. Well that was a real rollercoaster of a game last night. The guys showed great character and determination.

Join me (Russky) from 6pm for all the usual MNL shenanigans of predictions, latest scores an live game text commentary once the puck drops.

Dont forget to send your predictions and comments to I will do my best to include them during the course of our coverage this evening.

Until then I bid you all a good and enjoyable day.

Hi all, yes I know I am ten minutes early but I couldn't wait any longer to give you the news that the Panthers are losing 1-3 at home to Belfast

Coventry are currently 0-0 at the Skydomne against Manchester.

So far 5 predictions have flooded in to the mailbox at

Mark Gough, who is part of the RAT contingent in Scotland predicts a 6 point weekend so that's a win for the Devils then!

The warmup is underway up in the Kirkcaldy arena.

Hazel in Southend sees it as a 3-2 Devils where as Pete says 6-1 to the Devils, very confident there.

Darren Marshall is equally confident and goes for a 3-0 Devils win

Now for the less confident prediction C Barton has it as a 2-0 Devils loss, Come on now, that's not the way to be.

finally for now anyway, Jake Reid goes for Devils win of 4-2. that's Better!!!

Panthers have pulled one back at the NIC, where as the Blaze have their noses in front in the lone cup game this evening against Manchester Storm.

Another prediction comes from Patricia Ford in Bedwas, who goes for 5-2

Richard Tarr sees it as an overtime 4-3 win, Phil Egan predicts a 3-2 Devils win

Apologies the Bedwas prediction comes from Jon not Patricia.

I agree with Phil Egan, the boys are going to be tired from their exertions thus far this weekend and will scrape a win. I am just wondering how much they will have in the tank for tonights game.

Gerald says Scott Hotham is warming up tonight, He cant see anybody else missing from the roster.

Warm up now finished.

Our texters tonight are Gerald, Gillian a Flyers fan and Maria,who will bringing us period end summaries.

The other game tonight sees the Stars take on the Steelers in Dundee. Come on the Stars!!!

OJ is a happy Devils fan as he had 3 winners today at Ffos Las. He is going for a Devils win by 3 goals.

It cant be long before the teams come out for the usual pre game intros and the Anthems.

I can be fully focused tonight on the hockey as the New England Patriots aren't playing this week.

and the mighty Liverpool have returned to their rightful and proper place at the top of the Premiership.

It almost makes up for yesterdays shocking display at the Millenium Stadium.

Intro underway

Drew in Warrington is confident of a 4-1 Devils win.

Belfast now 4-2 up

that is now a result. Belfast beat Panthers woohoo.

Bownsy starts

The game is underway, the puck has dropped

Devils icing

Bowns stops a fife breakaway shot from Muir.

Martin takes a popshot from the blue line but its easily saved.

a cagey start.

from both teams

puck trapped behind the devils net stops play at 2:25

Andy culligan has been in touch and is following the game. He questions the crazy scheduling of 3 games in 3 days, That's the EIHL for you Andy.

quiet phase of the game.

Fife#55 flattens Bordy then heads for the bench

I guess before Bordy could clock who hit him

it seems a quiet game

Puck goes out of play at the fife end @9:02

Lordo takes a penalty 2 minutes for charging


KILL Devils KIll

Bownsy saves from Brooks

fife goal

scored by brooks, to a wide open net

goal at 9:51

easy tap in for Brooks

Scoon takes out Fournier and then gets smashed by Bordy for his troubles

Bowns saves from dingle at 11:09

Come on you Devils, give us a goal.

Asselin goes close

Coventry 3 nil up against Manchester

Still 0-0 between Stars and Steelers

Flyers Pen 2+10 minutes Brooks for check from behind at 14:28

that sounded nasty

Flyers back to FS

2 mins sat out by different player

Fournier has his shot glove saved.


Icing for the Devils by Batch

End of the first

Maria reports its a slow game. The Devils look tired and are slow to react. Fife are aware of this. She hopes the Devils can get going in the 2nd

SOGs 11 each

I omitted to say that the ref is Toby Craig.

Tony Elias joins us and is following the game from New York before he heads off to watch the Rangers

Allan Ross, A Fife fan sent us a comment which states that in his opinion it was never a 2+10 but the Devils' collective Body strength is helping them dominate.

Blaze/Storm game now in the 3rd

Still 0-0 between Stars and Steelers

delay to start of second.

Well Maria did say it was a slow game but didn't expect it to be this slow

shout out to Chris Edwards in Boston following MNL from the USA

the puck has now dropped to start 2nd

Haines elbows Piggot in the face yet no call from the ref

This is Fife's first and only game this weekend so they have an element of freshness to them

Owens covers puck to stop play. Fife now icing

Morrisette shot just goes wide.

Devils now icing at 24:57

Devils now called for Icing

Owen somehow stops two quick shots

Haddad shoots just wide

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for roughing @27:43

Kill Devils Kill

Bownsy gloves a high shot

Bownsy stops another shot 40 secs left on PK

Flyers icing.

Devils FS

Gillian says Ref is not calling much letting a lot go.

perhaps his whistle has stopped working?

Owen pulls off a series of huge saves, finishing with an epic bum save.


Batch has two quick shots, 1 on a rebound

Devils seem to have upped their game some.

Massive shot from Lord but its saved. Devils laying siege to the Fife goal.

Owen standing on his head at the moment.

trying to protect his shut out

puck out of play mid ice.Face off in the Flyers zone

Fife's Jackman almosr deflects the puck past his own net minder.

Fife's Fox on breakaway gets felled and crashes the Devils net.

Bownsy seems ok having collided with Fox

Fournier gets a high stick to the face, not called by Craig

Devils Pen Fournier 2 minutes for boarding @35:36

Kill Devils Kill

Morrisette shot goes just wide.

got a feeling its going to be one of those games!

Devils FS

Flyers pen Scoon2 minutes for hooking


Dingle shoots short handed

Handbags in front of Fife net. Doucet and Schaber tusseling

and that's the end of the 2nd period.

Maria says it was better from the Devils but we cant seem to finish in front of goal. Fife nettie is on fire. Third should be good hopefully.

Flyers Schaber, Lord and Doucet all 2 mins for unsportsmanlike conduct.


SOGs fairly even too. Fife 11 Devils 10

Brian Parker is following us from a jazz club in New Orleans.

Alan Ross commented that it was a strong period for the Devils but he reckons we need a more emotioanally balanced coach than Lordo. His words not mine. He also said that the Fife Netminder is the best in the league, well he might be tonight, but lets wait until the 3rd has finished first.

Coventry beat Storm 3-0

Go Stars!!!! Dundee 2 Sheffield 0

3rd about to start.

flyers have 16 secs of pen remaining and the 2 mins for Schaber pen, Devils Lord and Doucet in the box too.

Puck dropped on 3rd

Bowns saves.

fife have man advantage on ice.

Batch clears

Bordy clears and then charges.

now Dingle changes. Devils now FS

Dingle clears that should have been.

Flyers icing @ 42:29

Owen covers at 43:29, still protecting his Shut out.

Schaber scores.


Brian Parker says that they see Lord as a good balance between tactics and passion. I totally agree.

Flyers Icing at 45:23

Bowns saves 2 shots on a 3 on 1 breakaway.

Owen glove saves a shot from Culligan.

why do I get the feeling its just not happening for the Devils tonight. Devils offside @47:47

game time 50:00

Come on you Devils give us a goal.

Owen saves again. this time from Fournier

come on you Devils give us 2 goals

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for tripping @52:06

Kill Devils Kill

Devils FS

Another series of shots saved by Owen

Game time 54:08

4 mins left

Finucci scores for the Flyers

Bowns pulled

E N G scored by fox


2 mins left

Fife time out

1:54 left game resumes

Maria says the Devils players look shattered

Final Minute

Owen covers. he is obviously a big candidate for MOM

40 seconds left

Game over

Maria says Fife played well and the Devils couldn't really get going. Devils looked tired all game.Bownsy was the only fresh one but he couldn't do it all on his own.A disappointing end to a fab weekend

Devils MOM Ben Bowns

Thanks to our texters Gerald and Gillian who did a great job tonight, Also thanks to Maria for her end of period and end of game summaries. Safe trip home to all of the RAT crowd.

if Owen didn't get MOM for Fife it would be a travesty

37 shot shootout earns Owen MOM for Fife.

That's it from me tonight, No doubt OJ will be back next weekend as the Devils travel to Belfast on Saturday and then have a mega important cup game at home on sunday to Manchester.

Until then goodnight folks - NOS DA PAWB.

PS Dundee Stars beat Sheffield 4-0, that makes the Devils result alot more bearable.