Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 4 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Tayside to take on the Dundee Stars in the 2nd game of the Scottish Triple header

Score predictions & comments always welcomed to

If you are with the RED ARMY we will be pleasedto hear from you on the MNL line 07527 625206

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we keep you undated on the Devils quest for TWO more league points

Waiting for texters to report in.

Andy a Devils fan living in Dundee has just reported for duty

Warm up in progress

Rachael & KettDEvil have now joined us from Dundee Ice Arena

No scratches for Devils ie just Scott Hotham

Warmup over

RED ARMY of around 200 drunken souls

C Barton has Devils winning 5-2

Sam M says a narrow 3-2 win for Devils

Russky says Devils will win 3-1, you heard it here first

Neil Wilso who was in charge last night has the orange armbands tonight as well

Capitals 1 Steelers 4 after 1 period

Lights dimmed

Hazel says Devils will win 4-1

Its like a war zone here in Whitchurch

Away block is packed, very sparse crowd otherwise

Come on U DEVILS lets have some foreworks from you tonight

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Tom Murdy starts for Devils


Jordan says Devils to win 5-2

Puck dropped

Quiet start

andrew Lord credited with first SoG @ 1:13

Devils Offside

Cornwall Taffy predicts a 4-2 win for us

Patrick Bordeleau shoots wide @ 2:10

most play in Stars zone

Jon in Bedwas says 4-2 Devils

Layne Ulmer goes close ' 4:34

Stars Offside

Luke Piggott looses an edge but still gets shot away

Puck out of play @ 6:04 after shot by Brannon

Stars smoothering Devils defensively

Patrick Asselin redirection goes mm wide

Devils nettie covers

Brilliant flowing move ends with Sean Bentivoglio fanning on shot @ 8:24

Fallon covers from Batch wrap around

A wrap around attempt this time from Joey Haddad

Glove save Fallon @ 11:14

Mark Richardson breaks up a Stars attack

Easy save Tom Murdy @ 11:40

Stars Penalty - Faryna 2 minutes for high sticks @ 11:47


Lord goes close @ 12:53

Stars kill 1 minute

KettDevil says not the greatest Devils PP

Stars Full Strength

Fallon save @ 14:14

Patrick Asselin misses @ 15:38

Panthers losing 2-0 at Storm

Guillaume Doucet goes very close @ 16:19

Murdy save from Switzer

Stars getting bodies in front of shots

Gametime 17:20

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Fallon covers @ 18:15

We are having 80%= of possession but Stars refusing to be pulled out of position

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 0

SoG Stars 10 DEVILS 7

Apologies the other way round - Stars 7 DEVILS 10

Blaze Giants 0; Sorm 2 Panthers 1 both after 1 period

At Murrayfild its Capitals 3 Steelers 5 after 42 minutes

Ice ready awaiting teams

Teams back on ice

2nd period underway

Fans are asking why only 10 SoG if we had 80%= possession - blocked shots do not count

Quiet start

Mudy bats away shot @ 21:50

Devils kept to the outside

Devils shot through traffic beats Fallon but goes inches wide

Stars cover after Hotham shot @ 23:32

Lets get that GOAL U DEVILS

Should have kept my mouth shut Stars GOAL

@ 24:34

Devils defence carved open

Scored by Poulin with assists for Scarsells & Bruijsten

More of the same the Stars have retreated even further if that is possible

A few big hits are called for


@ 27:22 - Guillaume Doucet (6th) assists Patrick Asselin + ANO

easy glove save for Murdy @ 28:05

Jake Morissette given the only assist on Devils goal

Devils beginning to dominate - long overdue

Devils Penalty David Brine @ 29:14 2 minutes for interference


Referee has conference - long delay, what for is a mystery

Nobody none the wiser - plently of shrugging @ 29:35

Clock adjusted and we restart

Now Capitals 4 Steelers 5

Puck out of play

Devils FS

decent PK by Devils

Devils hit side netting @ 31:43

Guillaume Doucet looking lethal tonight with his sniping

Glove save Murdy

Andrew Lord is the latest to have a shot

great save by Fallon @ 34:42


David Brine 2nd of the season

@ 35:30

Assisted by Gleason Fournier

Before anyone complains I am only refering to League Goals

Stars GOAL

@ 38:00

Weak defending yet again

Scored by Joey Sides

Assist Kevin Bruijsten

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Stars 2 DEVILS 2

Storm now beating Panthes 4-1

SoG for 2nd period Stars 8 DEVILS 9 making it 15-19 after 2 periods

KettDEvils report Stars are approaching the game as a 60 minute PK. They form a box, keep Devils on the outside and we get frustrated and make mistakes. Somehow we neecto draw them out or trade penalties because at the moment there is no space to Manoeuvre

Teams return to the ice

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS one big effort to bag those 2 points

Stars icing

Now Caps 5 Steelers 5

More of the same at Dundee

Stars have rare breakout

David Brine impressing KettDevil

Game stopped for high sticks @43:10

Caps equalised 5sec from final buzzer now O/T

Stars icing

Jake Morissette misses from close range @ 44:06

Fallon glove save from Martin @ 44:34

Stars breakaway but Murdy wise to it and covers @44:51

Murdy glove save @ 45:13

Stars are coming out oif their shell a bit

Josh Batch goes close @ 46:29

Steelers win 6-5 in O/T BOOO BOOO BOOO

Patrick Asselin breakaway saved @ 46:52

Stars icing @ 48:49

Jake Morissette & Joey Martin combining well as usual

Fallon somehow stops a Louis bullet @ 49:26

Stars GOAL

A beauty of a goal says KettDevil @ 49:41 - Poulin

Assists for Sides & Bruijsten


Matt Myers takes a shot and limps to bench

Stars GOAL

Scarsella @ 51:41

Jake Morissette misses an open net, its one of those days i fear

Stars penalty called

White 2 minutes for tripping @ 53:09

Mark Richardson goes close

Patrick Asselin denied @ 53:54

Awesome glove save by Fallon @ 54:18

One minutr killed by Stars


@ 54:35 Sean Bentivoglio we think from close range

A PPG no less

Assist for Lord


gametime 56:02

Layne Ulmer it was who scored 3rd goal his 3rd of the league season

Gametime 56:59

Lots of Devils pressure

Man in creas Face off outside Stars zone

Flying pucks attact RED ARMY

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:33

Murdy lifted

Face off in the Stars zone

time Out Devils

@ 58:38

Game restarts

final minute


Awaiting confirmation


Guillaume Doucet assist Andrew Hotham

Murdy back in net

5 secs left

End of regulation Stars 4 DEVILS 4

O/T next

Devils equaliser wa @ 59:10

O/T starts

Lets have that winner U DEVILS

Asselin, Hotham & Martin start O/T

Asselinn goes close

Morrisette Richie & Bendi up next

Gametime 61:30

Martin line back out

Stars penalty called

Joey Sides 2 minutes for tripping @ 62:48

Now 4 on 3


No its waved off for some reason

No goal

Still 4 on 3

We think goal dissallowed for netminder interference - no penalty called though

Final minute of O/T

30 secs

20 secs

10 secs

end of O/T Stars 4 DEVILS 4 penalties next

Jake Morissette saved

Stars Poulin scores

Asselin missed

Scarsella misses

Devils must have scored one as its now sudden death Poulin misses

Martin saved

Apologies text messages coming in out of sequence

Jake Morissette scores WE WIN apparently

Will try and find out what actually happenned in the penalty shoot out

DEVILS MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Stars MoM - Kevin Bruijsten

Poulin converted athe Stars 1st penalty, every other Star penalty missed

For Devils Morrissette missed, N+Martin scores, Asselin misse, then in sudden death Martin misses then Morissette scores (the winner)

That was some end to a game WELL DONE U DEVILS for not giving up

Our thanks to regular textes KettDevil & Rachael and to Devils' Dundee based fan Andy who did a brilliant bit opf reporting

Join us at MNL tomorrow night when the Devils are in Kirkcady to take on the Flyers, Russky will be here to host