Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Good Afternoon Hockey fans. Join me(Russky) from 7.OOpm for live text commentary on this evenings game, the first period if you like, of this weekend triple header weekend.

Dont forget to send your predictions and comments to and I will do my best to include them at some point during the coverage.

Until then I hope you enjoy your friday afternoon/evening.

Hello again

Colin, Kettdevil and Gerald have reported in as arrived at the Murrayfield Ice Arena

They are our assembled texters for tonight.

The warm up is underway. Both Scott Hotham and Asselin are there and involved.

Our first prediction comes from a very confident Rob Batch who goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Its the only game on tonight so no scores from elsewhere tonight.

just a heads up, OJ is in the hosting hot seat tomorrow for the Dundee game and I am back on sunday to cover the Fife V Devils game.

The warm up has now finished.

Tonights ref is scheduled to be Neil Wilson, with Ward and Flockhart as the Linos

Colin reports a 150+ throng of the Red Army present.

Scott Hotham still out tonights game but all of the roster present.

KettDevil states the Caps Rink PA is inaudible

Another prediction trickles in , Richard Tarr predicts a 6-2 all the way from sunny Weston Super Mare

Drew in Warrington predicts a 4-2 Devils win

Devils take to the ice

Red army chanting We got more fans than you, other than the RED ARMY, a sparce crowd in tonight

Anthem time. Sing Loud and Proud

Caps are looking short benched. 5 on the ice and 10 on the bench + back up NM

1st line out morrisette Martin and Doucet

2nd line Lordo Ulmer and Bentivoglio

3rd line Jones Bordeleau and Myers

then Brine Haddad and Asselin

Devils started well

Myers gets away an early shot but saved

Devils pen ASsselin 2 minutes for delay of game

Asselin I meant


Comfortable PK so far

Devils FS

Asselin hooked as he came out of box to prevent breakaway no call by ref

Haddad shoots wide

Lous shoots after a beauty of a drop pass

from Lordo at 6:32

both teams even strength but it feels like a devils pp as they are pressing so much

All Devils at the moment

Brine goes close, Deveils exerting lots of pressure.

Devils I meant !!!!

Devils laying siege to the Caps goal

Game time 10:51

Louis shoots and pings the post

Asselin running the show like Tom Brady!!!

NE Patriots Quarterback for those who don't know

Caps briefly break out. KettDevil says Fyodorov for the Caps looks a class player

Doucet fires one over the net

under 6 mins remaining of period

Fournier shooting on sight of the Caps goal as are most of the Devils players to be fair

lights gone out in the seating area, anyone got 50p for the meter?

Brine shoots at 25:38

that was meant to be 15:38

Devils on PP

Lots of shots on PP but alas none going in.

gametime 17:00

the caps pen was 2 minutes for interference by caps by Dorazio

The Caps is looking overworked but u have to admire their effort.

Ulmer misses a great opportunity

Caps FS

Asselin hits a Caps player into next week

Haddad hauled down when shooting, no Penalty shot though

and that's a wrap on the first period, only thing missing was a goal!

No SOGs stats yet.

Gerald reckons the game is pretty even so far, both teams are getting turnovers and breakaways. Devils have had the better scoring chances but Caps are fast up the ice. Hopefully the short shifting 4 lines of the Devils will soon wear out the 3 line Caps

SOGS Devils 13 Caps 7

Devils will start 2nd period on PP as Dobron was called for tripping at 19:59

cant be long before the teams are back out

The Devils are back on the ice

and we are underway in the second


PPG by Mark Richardoson at 20:45

awaiting confirmation on the assists

2nd assist was thought to be Martin, Texter couldn't hear the first assist details

Myers goes close

1st assist given to Morrisette


socred by Haddad


scored by Doucet @ 23:46

assist to Assselin on 2nd goal scored at 23:10

ASSIST ON Doucets goal goes to Martin

game slowed up enough for KettDevil to get his breath back

Brine gets an additional assist on Devils 2nd goal

Brine goes close again

game time 27:30

Great hockey from the Devils as Hotham A goes close

Louus shoots and a very brave Caps player takes a puck to the body

Louis that is

Bordeleau getting in on the shoot on sight of goal

game time 30:07

end to end hockey as the game has really opened up

A Hotham shoots straight at the Caps NM

Horham is shooting on sight of Fullerton in the Caps goal

Sorry folks my typing is atrocious tonight

Fournier hits the post and the puck then hits the cross bar off the one shot

Bownsy is responding well when called into action.

Devils pen Myers 2 minutes for interference 34:26

Lordo goes close with a shorthanded chance at 35:00

Morrisette blocks a Caps shot ar 35:56

Devils FS

another Devils PP as Wilgosh got 2 minutes for 2 minutes for slashing

witn 2:27 left in period

Hotham has a great chance on the powerplay

Doucet just misses with a chance. Devils firmly in control of the game

under a minute left.

of this period

Bentivoglio misses a chance just before the buzzer

Great period for the Devils

and that's it for the 2nd period.

Awaiting confirmation of the SOGs

Gerakd says 3 quick Devils goals haven't rattled the Capx. Still taking chances but Bowns stopping everything. Most of the play has been in the Caps end with devils dominating play. Lord and Marting appear to be resting but both out for PK. Caps returned to take a shift after receiving the puck where no male player wants to get hit

Correction to scorer of Second goal: Culligan scored assisted by Brine and Asselin at 23:10

2ne period SOGs Devils 15 Caps 7

Teams back out for the 3rd

and we are off in the the 3rd

Myers sets up Lordo but he cant get a shot away

Bentivoglio not Myers

Devils so quick to get back in position when Caps break

Bentivoglio blocked on a breakaway but no call by Wilson

game time 45:00

Devils pen Louis2 minutes for cross-checking @ 46:12

Kill Devils Kill

Caps PPG

Bownsy will be gutted giving that on up.

HaddaD feeds Asselin but loses the puck at wrong time

Ulmer gets a stick to a shot but its saved

game is very lively Caps have woken up again. Hotham throuwing his weight around

Caps goal scored by Dorazio

game tiem $9:30

49:30 that should be

Piggot putting in a few good checks too

Caps are trying to get back into the game

a little under 8 minutes left now

Caps exerting a litte pressure

Haddads shot is blocked

Devils looking a bit rocky at the back.

Ulmer and |Asselin both miss from close range.

Asselin and Bentivoglio putting in bids for Devils MOM


Joey Martin with a solo effort at 57:09

2 mins left of the game

KettDevil is gutted he didn't win 50/50

Haddad just killed another Caps player, no not really but it must have hurt

less than a minute left now

Game over good win for Devils

KettDevil says anyone of Doucet Asselin Haddad or Bentivoglio deserve to win MOM

all were outstanding

Haddad gets the MOM

Gerald said a sold 4-1 win for the Devils in a rink that has troubled us over the last few triple headers. This win should helo boost the confidence and morale for the next 2 games

Caps MOM was I Schultz.

Thanks as ever to our texters, KettDewils, Colin and Gerald with his intermission and game synopsis.

Final SOGs were Devils 36 Caps 26 for the whole game

That's it from me for tonight. I leave you in the capable hands of OJ for tomorrow nights game. Until them NOS DA PAWB.