Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Belfast Giants

CROESO -WELCOME to MNL as the Giants make it across the Irish Sea to Cardiff Bay for a crucial league encounter

The Devils will aim to extend their winning run to SIX games

After securing the points in O/T against the Storm last night the onus will be on the DEVILS to make it a 4 point weeekend and consolidate their top of the table position

Score predictions as usual welcomed as are repeatable comments - to

Mobile signal at the IAW continues to be near non existent but we will do our utmost to bring you as complete a coverage as possible

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 when hopefully a full IAW will be rocking

It will be the RED ARMY's final practice before the Scottish Triple Header

If you owe RED ARMY TRAVEL any money for the Scottish adventure tonights the time to pay

Warmup in progess at IAW

Mark G gets his prediction in early before making his way to IAW - win for Devils 4-2 he says

Pat goes for the same score

Blaze concede 3 goals in opening 5 minutes against Steelers in Coventry- now Blaze 0 Steelers 4

Warmup completed as players slowly leave the ice

Rob Batch is very confident and predicts a 6-1 victory for DEVILS

Rob we did leave a message for Kevan that we were mocing out of the timber dolls house aks BBT

Lets have a great send off for Scotland. After tonight no League action at IAW until 20th November

No Patrick Asselin or Scott Hotham tonight

David Rutherford the only scratch for Giants

Teams on the ice

Russky goes for a 4-1 win

Team intros

Michael Hicks is the referee


Lets have a good start tonight U DEVILS

Puck dropped

Giants clear zone

CJ on with Haddad & Myers

Doucet with Morrissette and Martin

Murphy saves

Ulmer Lord & Bentioglio

Devils clear zone

Both teams fore checking

Devils icing @ 4:37

Another Devils icing

CJ has shot saved

Devils pressure

Giants offside

Face off in the Giants zone

Ben bowns save

Devils clear zone after Giants pressure

Gametime 8:20

Big hit Patrick Bordeleau

Mark Richardson shots wide

Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 10:33

Giants getting a lot of possession

Devils penalty Matt Myers 2 minutes for high sticks @ 11:24


Myers got 2 + 2 for high stick

1 minute killed

One minor killed

Gametime 13:50

Lord SH breakaway Murphy saves

Giants penalty Vandermeer 2 minutes for slashing @ 14:32

Devils will have a PP for 1:19 after the current 4 on 4

Devils Full Strength

fnal secs of PP

Giants Full Strength

gametme 17:20

Both teams very cagey


Trippng penalty for Forney @ 17:10

Now in final minute

Martin hits post

Giants Full Strength

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 0

Told that whilst there were very few clear chances the best two went to DEVILS 9Richardon & Martin)

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 6 Giants 5

Latest scores Blaze 1 Steelers 5 (after 35 mins); Clan 2 Panthers 1; Capitals 1 Storm 1

Well done to rec team Cardiff Bay Lighting and Lucifers "Learn to play" who raised 100for Matzka Appeal last night

Ice ready waiting for teams

Teams are back

no officials

puck dropped

Murphy covers

Giants penalty 2 minutes for hooking Riley @ 0:59


Stephen Murphy saves from Gleason Fournier


David Brine wth is first goal @ 3:02

Stephen Murphy save

Assists for Richardson & Hotham on Devils opening goal

Sean Bentivoglio misses when it would have been earier to score

Big hit on Morissette by Vandermeer


Sean Bentivoglio I think the scorer (his 4th)

@ 27:38


Joey Martin (his 5th) @ 28:16

Ben Bowns save

Big hit by Luke Piggott gets the RED ARMY going

Andrew Lord got the only assis on Devils 2nd goal

Morissette & Doucet credited with assists on 3rd goal

Giants penalty Forney 2 minutes for high sticks @ 30:49

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Devils regroup and set set up in Giants zone

David Brine now on PP

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants Goal

Deflection beats Bowns SHG for Alex Foster

Giants Full Strength

Giants Goal Jim Vandermeer

Devils Time out

Assists for Towe & Nickerson on Giants 1st goal

Assits for Demaris & Seviano on Giants 2nd

Giants 3rd goal timed @ 13:19

Andrew Lord takes his first shift after blocking a heavy shot

Another big hit by Patrick Bordeleau

IAW crowd very subdued

Gametime 36:25

Devils Penalt Mark Richardson 2 minutes for slashing @ 36:53


Devils clear zone

1 minute killed

Devils clear zone

Devils Full Strength

Final minute

Come on U DEVILDS lets have a goal

30 secs left

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

MaCgrattan & Rosehill have a fight

Clan 3 Panthers 1 - after 37 minutes

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Giants 7 making it 18-12 after 2 periods

Clan now lead 4-1

Latest scores Blaze 1 Steelers 6@ Stars 2 Flyers 2; Capitals 1 Storm 3 and Clan 4 Panthers 1

Ice ready

Officials not late this perid they are out on the ice

Blaze 1 Steelers 6 - result

Teams back

Waiting for ice to freeze

3rd period starts

devils clear zone

Murphy save from Lord

Andrew Lord has another SoG

Gametime 43:12

Devils Offside

4 minutes gone in 3rd

Giants pressure

Bowns covers

Devils were penned in their end

Gametime 45:30


Guillaume Doucet his 4th @ 46:07

Assist Mark Louis

Giants Offside

Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for diving, Martinelle 2 minutes for hooking

Its 4 on 4

@ 46:51

Save Ben bowns (x2)

Face off in the Giants zone

@ 49:01

Both teams now Full Strength

Devils Offside

Devils clear zone

Devils icing

Gametime 52:05

Patrick Bordeleau laying hit after hit

Gametime 54:05

Last 5 minutes

Devils icing @ 56:04

Face off in the Devils zone

Giants time out

Game restarts

Murphy lifted

Matt Myers misses epty net

Devils Penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for slashing @ 57:14

Devils clear zone


Last 2 minutes


ENG by Guillaume Doucet

@ 58:09

Murphy back in net

Correction - goal scored by Jake Morissette

Assist Marl Louis

Giants penalty Boxhill @ 59:09

Devils FS

Giants Jim Vandermeer

@ 59:30

Devils have a 5 0n 3

Save Murphy

Final score DEVILS 5 Giants 2

Still Clan 4 Panthers 1 after 46 minutes


Devils MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Thats all from me, MNL will be covering the Scottish Triple header - Russky will be in the hot chair on Friday, I will be back for the Stars game on Saturday.

I need a rest after going 6 and 0 as per the Devils