Match Night Live
Manchester Storm 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel up north to take on the Manchester Storm seeking 2 points to consolidate their place at the top of the league table

Score predictions as usual welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we see how the Devils quell the Storm in their own barn

Rachael & John our texters have reported on for duty

Warmup underway

Mark G calls it 4-2 to Devils

Pat just wants a win 3-2 will do he says

c.barton calls it 5-2 to Devils

Ben Bowns in warmup as is Sean Bentivoglio

MNL sends best wishes and a speedy recovery to Chris Stone, who I am sure will be back on hosting duties before long

Schmejkal is down to ref tonight

Cerys has been doing her hair and has now broken he chair at rink

No sign of Scott Hotham

Tickets still available for tomorrows game against the Giants at IAW

Rob Batch thinks Devils will kick some arse tonight and cone away with a 5-1 win

Jimmy Snels says its going to be 5-2 o the DEVILS

The Storm yellow mascot being taunted - "where has your liver gone"

Conor Varley snaps his stick in warmup

Russky goes for the same 5-2 scoreline as Jimmy S

It would appear that Ben Bowns starts tonight

Former Devil Adam Harding misses the game as he is still recovering from injury

Warmup completed

Adelina says Devils will win 5-2

RED ARMY of 100 souls so far and growing

I am surprised with the Scottish Triple Header next weekend

When we get a full compliment of hosts I will have to take in a game. Probably Xmas time as I am off to Tenerife soon but back for Xmas

Lights dimmed

Devils on ice

Ben Bowns confirmed as starting netminder

Waiting for STORM to appear

Another long intro to challenge the crap at Sheffield

Maybe they haven't been paid and are staying in dressingroom

Nigel Williams calls it 5-2 to Devils - thats a popular scoreline tonight

Storm intro finally ends

RED ARMY chanting £Boring" as Storm players are finally introduced


God Save the Quuen had no takers just a CD version

RED ARMY CHOPIR now in full swing

Anthems done

Puck dropped

Joey Martin goes close

Face off in the Storm zone

Gleason Fournier goes close @ 0:47

Clemente save

LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO lets have a high powered start to this game

Storm icing @ 2:00

Joey Martin tripped by Clemente uin Storm net - no call

Patrick Bordeleau goes close @ 2:20

Storm penalty Johnson 2 minutes for hooking

Puck out of play @ 3:31

Storm panalty was @ 2:20

Storm Full Strength

Bown save from Dzlurzynski

Devils penalty @ 5:06 Matt Myers 2 minutes for hooking


Puck out of play

Storm GOAL @ 5:41

Matt Bissonnette


Layne Ulmer goes close

Big hit by Sean Bentivoglio

Andrew Hotham has shot saved

Chances for Jake Morissette & David Brine

Now Fournier & Martin have shots saved

Storm Full Strength

Jack Prince had 2 minutes for tripping @ 6:28

awesome save by Ben Bowns

Devils Offside @ 10:27

Storm Offside@ 10:58

John says its like being back in the BBT - poor sightlines etc

Josh Batch drops Cody Cartier on his arse

Then Patrick Bordeleau wipes out a Storm

Puck out of play @ 11:41

Andrew Lord has chance to open DEVILS account

Devils penalty Mark Louis 2 minutes for high sticks @ 12:31


Devils clear zone

Devils have SH chance - Joey Martin

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for slashing

@ 13:10


Storm have 5 on 3

Devils clear

Devils back to 4 skaters

Jake Morissette clears zone

Devils Full Strength

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal before buzzer

Puck out of play @ 16:13

Chris Culligan shot saved by Clemente

Patrick Bordeleau drops Paul Phillips

Joey Haddad has chance

Final minute of 1st period

Devils Offside with 11 secs left

End of 1st period Storm 1 DEVILS 0

Come on U DEVILS lets get those 2 points as the Panthers are suffering at home losing 3-0 at the end of st peruiod to the Capitals

Other latest scores Steelers 3 Blaze 1; Giants 1 Clan 0; Flyers 0 Stars 0

Rachael has roped in an assistant texter - Holly

John says there are Devils fans from North Wales making themselves heard

SoG for 1st period Srtorm 11 DEVILS 16

Matthew M says 7-2 to Devils

Craig Hill predicted a 4-2 Devils win

Mark G reminded me that the Steelers game is a Challenge Cup game

Teams back on the ice

2nd period underway

Storm icing @ 20:39

Joey Martin fires wide

Handbags in front of Storm goal

Net off its moorings @ 21:04

Storm net that was as Andrew Lord tried to deposit Mike Clemente in his net

Mark Louis & Gleason Fournier have shots saved

varley shot deflected wide

Bowns covers @ 33:50

Josh Batch feeds Joey Martin but comes to nothing

Storm penalty coming bowns goes to bench

2 minutes for tripping @ 25:29 - Dzlurzynski

Clements covers @ 26:25

Devils have lots of shots but all blocked

Chris Culligan deflected into rafters

Storm Full Strength

Storm icing @ 28:30

Storm clear zone

Handbags @ 28:54

Mark Richardson involved & penalised

1 texter says handbags, other says fight

Blood on ice

waiting for calls

John says after all that it looks like a Devils pp

@ 28:54 Ruichie 2 minutes for roughing: DZLURZYNSKI 2+5+10

Paul Phillips got 2 minutes for cross-checking as well

Puck out of play


PPG scored by Joey Haddad his 2nd of tyhe season

@ 29:39 assists Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

Storm arguing about legality of goal

Goals stands as ref tell them to b***** off

Devils still on PP

Devils goal now given to Jake Morissette (his 6th)

Shot from Andrew Lord saved

Puck out of play @ 32:47

Devils still have 1:52 of PP left

Loads of pressure from Devils

Panthers now losing 4-0

Giants 2 Clan 2

Storm break Bowns sees action for once, puts his S Wales Echo down

Storm Full Strength

Storm net off @ 36:55

Clemente saves from Haddad

Devils penalty Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for interference

Bowns covers

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penalty was @ 35:40

One minute killed


Puck out of play @ 37:02

Patrick Bordeleau clears

Devils Full Strength

Clemente glove save @ 38:49

Final minute

Storm covers with 5 secs left

End of 2nd period Storm 1 DEVILS 1

Giants 3 Clan 2: Panthers 0 Capitals 4; Steelers 6 Blaze 4 all after 2 periods

SoG for 2nd period Storm 6 DEVILS 14 making it 17-30 after 2 periods

Brian Parker can see the Devils pull it off in 3rd.

Ice ready awaiting teams

We dont seem to have players families back in North America following us or al l;east not telling us that they are out there

Lets us know at

John been talking to Storm fans who are quite happy for their team to sit back, conceeding possession and territory

They think it will go to O/T

Teams back


One big effort, extra hours sleep tonight with the end of British Summer Time

Puck dropped

Good save Beb Bowns @ 40:28 from Heatley

The Haddads are following us

The Culligans in Nova Scotia are with us Maureen & Andy

Clemente loses his stick but Devils cannot take advantage

My texters have got through more beer than ever tonight.

And Jack Daniels

Danute Lord is also with us

Devils penalty @ 43:54 - Too many men


CJ sits

one minute killed

Come on U DEVILS kill this penalty - a SHG woud do nicely

Devils goal dislodged

Devils Full Strength

Kevan I know the Batch family are with us, we actually moved rink hoping to get ride of you


@ 46:34 Layne Ulmer (2nd)

Lovely passing move assists Sean Bentivoglio

Cerys has had enough beer now on the hot chocolate

RED ARMY a bit more lively now

Storm now have to come forward and are leaving gaps in their defence

Storm penalty called

@ 49:32

Yes its him again 2 minutes for roughing


Clementre saves from Andrew Lord

Now he saves from Sean Bentivoglio

its Gleason Fournier urn to force a save from Mike Clemente

Storm Full Strength

Ben Bowns covers

Jake Morissette unlucky not to get his 2nd goal of the night

Devils enalty Matt Myers 2 minutes for tripping @ 52:31


Rubbish call says Rachael

One minute killed

Puck out of play @ 53:57

Devils Full Strength

Great save by Ben Bowns

After Josh Batch was turned over

Storm turn up the pressure

Storm GOAL

@ 57:46

Time out Devils

Storm's 2nd goal scored by Conor Varley

Game restarts

Final 2 minutes

Last minute

Bowns save

Puck out of play @ 59:23

Puck out of play again @ 59:46

Time out Storm

That doesnt make sense as they will have a break in seconds

Game restarts

End of regulaion Storm 2 DEVILS 2

3 on 3 O/T here we come

Devils start with Ulmer, Holthamn and Beni

Here we go

Shot from Hotham goes out of play

4:36 left

COME on U DEVILS get that goal

Sean Bentivoglio hits crossbar

2:28 left


Joey Martin(4th) @ 63:00

Assist Joey Haddad

Final Storm 2 DEVILS 3

Devils MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Rachael says the RED ARMY are slightly pleased

Results from elsewhere Giants 3 Clan 2; Panthers 2 Capitals 4: steelers 9 Blaze 5

Flyers 3 Stars 1 -latest

Storm MoM Conor Varley

Our thanks to John & Rachael *+ Holly) for an excellent bit of reporting

Safe trip home for everyone

Joinm me tomorrow when ther Giants come to the IAW