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Coventry Blaze 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry aiming to keep their Challenge Cup dreams alive

A win tonight is imperativer if the Devils having any hope of reaching the knockout stages of the Challenge Cup

Score predictions as always welcomed to matchnightlive@gmail

Join me (OJ) from around 4:30 for MNL unique coverage of Devils ice hockey

Trying to contact my texters JohnWildthing & Colin

Anyone else who can help us out pleae text MNL on 07527 625 206

Cornwall Taffy says 6-2 to Devils

Any regulation win will do Mark G

C barton has Devils winning 2-1

JohnWildthing has repoted in.

Lest I forget best wishes to Chris Stone who is having surgery tomorrow. See you in Cardiff in a week or so

Peter (KettDevil) has come to our rescue yet again

Jon from Cardiff Bay has also agreed to textr us at MNL

Devils on the ice

Lttle Chlow thinks Devils will win 5-3

Tom Murdy in net again

Anthem time

Pat says 4-2 to Devils

Sally J says Devils will round off their 5 gasmes in 8 days with a 3-1 victory

Its gametime

Puck dropped

Andrew Hotham with first shot of the game

@ 0:33

Sean Bentivoglio goes close @ 1:40

Jan Schmejkal is the referee

Gametime 3:17

Kevin Noble & Patrick Bordeleau chatting

Brian Stewart panics and moves the net as he does regularly

Bigger holes being drilled for net moorings

JohnWildtghing says Stewart had knocked the net off 3 times in the first 3 minutes

After having a look nothing was done

Give him a delay of game penalty when he does it

Play concentrated in neutral ice

Gametime 5:29

Chris Culligan has a shot saved @5:44

Klotz one shift so far and he attempted a hit and crashed into boards

Joey Haddad as usual working hard


@ 6:28

A beauty says KettDevil

Joey Haddad assist Matt Myers

Brilliant feed from Myers with a top class finish from Haddad

Goal BLAZE @ 7:37

Murdy couldn't control rebound Jordan Pietrus scores

Assists for Bjorn Bombis & Marc Cantin

Patrick Bordeleau squahes Jim Jorgensen @ 8:54

Gametime 9:12

Josh Godfrey Blaze penalty 2 minutes for holding @ 9:36

Guillaume Doucet was the player held

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 10:45

Godfrey had a holding minor @ (;36

Blaze Full Strength


Calm PK from Devils so far

Devils Full Strength

Apologies for the Godfrey penalty the posting seem to disappear

Josh Batch goes close @ 13:31

Guillaume Doucet beats 2 players and goes close @ 15:13

KettDevil says Blaze reflect their coach, feisty, annoying and better than you think if the Devils take them lightly they will lose

no pattern to this game

Gametime 17:43

Joey Haddad hrt in a check

Nasty stick stick caught Joey who goes to dressingroom

Bombis given a hi stick penalty @ 19:52

If it drew blood its got to be 2+2


Andrew Lord & David Clements

@ 19:58

Its Noble not Clements who is battered by Andrew Lord

Noble cut and looks shaken

Easy win for Lord

Its 5 on 3 for DEVILS !!!!!

Trying to unravel the events at end of 1st perod

Andrew Lord gets 5 + GAME for excessive roughness

Fair enough as it was a battering

They are still trying to work it out

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Kevin Noble got 5 minutes for fighting + instigator minor hence 5 on 3 for Devils at start of 2nd period

Noble's instigator is of course 2 + 10

We wll not see him until the end of the 2nd period

Some more precitions Aaron 3-1, Baz 7-0, Leanne 5-2 all for DEvils

Drew predicted a 4-2 win for Devils

Glynne enjoyed Lordo giving Noble his due

Jon from Cardiff Bay says feisty 1st period, DEVILS now have 5 on 3, He thought Lords GAME was a bit harsh

Teams back on ice

Apparentlty Lord had additional minor so its 5 on 4

Joey Haddad on bench

Puck dropped

After wanting someone to batter Noble for a lomgtime JOHNWILDTHING missed the fight - thats the powewr of BOW for you

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Lords additional penalty was 2 minutes for roughing

An odd call since the 5 for fighting is the correct call as it was either roughing or fightine unless of course that nasty Andreew Lord had roughed up someone else

Joey Haddad takes his regular shift

Blaze Full Strength

David Brine crunches a Blaze


Matt Marquardt & Patrick Bordeleau pushing each other at break in p;lay @24:09

Andrew Hotham had a minor sits it comes out iof the box has 1 on 1 saved @ 25:01 he had 2 minutes for delay of game @ 22:53

Chris Jones takes Lords place on Layne Ulmer Sean Bentivoglio line

Mark Richardson giveaway leads to a Murdy save

Blaze making it a horrible game to watchg

Garrett Klotz gets a shift loses puck and disappears again

All the action is in the Blaze zone

Gametime 30:20

JohnWildthing says Devils are dominating but need that next goal

Guillaume Doucet has shot saved by Stewart @31:34

Blaze GOAL

A good goal by all accounts @ 32:39

Sxored by cantin assist Klotz & Jorgensen

No shift for Patrick Bordeleau for a while

Gametime 34:14

Not a lot going on says KettDevil

Matt Myers 2 minutes for delay of game @ 35:25


Patrick Bordeleau reappears

Nice kick save by Tom Murdy @36:51

Easy kill for Devils

Noble should be back soon for another pasting

great hit by hotham sets up chance for Patrick Asselin @ 38:26

Blaze penalty Cowley 2 minutes for holding @ 38:14

Final minute

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

Forgot to give you 1st period SoG Blaze 8 DEVILS 10

KettDevil says - All a bit frustrating, Devils are dominating but failing to find a way bya feisty Blaze team

Only other goals scored are Storm2 Capitals 1

If you want to stay in the Challene Cup you must score atleast 2 GOALS U DEVILS

Ice ready awaiting teams

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Mark Louis has shot @ 41:36

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL - now please

More non exciting hockey I am afraid

Gametime 43:04

Joey Haddad goes close @44:10

Blaze penalty Matt Marquardt 2 minutes for holding @ 44:24

Now 5on 3 for Devils after Bench minor - too many men

55 secs of 5 on 3

Come on U DEVILS

Brian Stewart moves net and falls on ice

What a time waster

Blaze back to 4 skaters


Massive scramble in front of Stewart - Blaze clear zone

25 secs of PP left

Blaze Full Strength

Joey Martin goes close

No points for going close

Matt Myers finishing his hits but no way through

Gametime 49

Devils penalty Sean Bentivoglio 2 minutes for interference @49:15


KettDevil says other than Blaze 1st goal Tom Murdy has been solid again

Murdy and PK crew solid once again

Myers has SH chance @51:08

Devils Full Strength

Layne Ulmer denied at close range

Devils throwing everything bar the kitchen sink at Stewart

SoG for 2nd period BLaze 10 DEVILS 9 making it 18-19 after 2 periods

Gametime 55:06

Sean Bentivoglio denied @55:43

Joey Martin denied @ 57:36

Final 2 minutes

time out DEVILS

Murdy pulled

@ 58:26


@ 59:24

Mad scramble led to goal

Joey Martin s Sean Bentivoglio & Andrew Hotham

Patrick Asselin goes close @ 59:44

Gleason Fournier shot saved at buzzer

end of regulation Blaze 2 DEVILS 2


O/T starts

Devils now camped in Blaze zone


@ 60:59

Patrick Asselin assist Andrew Hotham

3rd period SoG Blaze 8 DEVILS 13 making it 26-32


Our thanks to JohnWildthing and KettDevil for their excellent reporting

JHoin me next Saturday when the Devils travel to take on the Manchester Storm in a league game