Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Manchester Phoenix

Welcome to MNL is it 24 hours already

Tonight we bring you the second course of Devils v Phoenix, lets hope it is as palatable as last nights first course

Send me your predictions to me OJ at

Apologies to those newcomers to MNL who didn't know the e-mail address, I forgot, age has got something to do with it.

Apologies to those newcomers to MNL who didn't know the e-mail address, I forgot, age has got something to do with it.

Lets hope I have some predictions tonight it was very lonely but I now know why.

Lets hope we have a bumper audience on MNL tonight of those of you who for various reasons cannot make it to the Blue Tent

I am sure there will be some Phoenix fans joining us at MNL

I wonder if the 15 or so Phoenix fans who were there last night have stayed over for this second game

I hope they, along with their team sampled our SA & Dark.

Brains will always get you two points or was it pints

We do hope we have a big take up of MNL tonight and for the rest of the season, the viewing figures have been amazing.

Carl in Carmarthen calls it 4-2 to the Devils with Elich to score and Voth to put Clouthier on his backside

Carl in Carmarthen calls it 4-2 to the Devils with Elich to score and Voth to put Clouthier on his backside

Waiting for my texters to get in touch, lets hope we get a bigger crowd tonight with no footie on the box

Carl tells me there is a footie game on TV tonight featuring Man City

More important - for me anyway - has anyone got a hot tip for last day at Cheltenham, I drew another blank day today opposing the favourites but pick the wrong horses

My ancestors would not have been impressed as they have won 8 Gold Cups between them

Keith just wants a win and will join us later after his meeting, he does predict that there will be a fight early on in the game

Still no texts from Chris & Sharlene

Panic beginning to set in

Michael Hicks is the referee, there is some doubt

Intro time at Tent

Phoenix are out on the ice

I hope its not going to be another night with texts arriving out of sequence = but it looks like it

Michael Hicks confirmed as referee

Welcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

No predictions to from Phoenix fans

Texters friend calls it 3-1 Devils

Bigger crowd than last night

They must be singing all the verses of the Anthem

We are away

Devils start with Hill, Voth & Latulippe up front

Maciver & Jarvis on D

Devils penalty @0:25 Latulippe - hooking

Those "Stay out of the box drugs" didn't last long

Phoenix hit pipes

Murphy save @ 2:17

Penalty killed easily

Devils playing well

Murphy save @ 3:33

Phoenix offside @ 4:27

Voth hits pipes

5 minutes gone Devils have started as the better team

Dunn floors Prpich

7 minutes gone

Phoenix icing @ 7:16

Devils have created chances

Devils have created chances

Another Phoenix icing @ 7:55

Aubry save @ 8:58

Sorry can't bring you more exciting news

Devils icing @ 9:23 following a "crap" pass

Must be a new technical term

Aubry save @ 10:12

Devils have the puck but don't seem to be able to clear zone

They finally did and Murphy malkes a good save

Phoenix offside @ 10:44 following poor Devils play by Elich of all people

11 minutes gone and Devils gain relief after prelonged Phoenix offense

Devils icing @ 12:32

Where have all the Phoenix fans gone, well not to MNL

Despite Phoenix being camped in Devils zone they have not created many chances

Phoenix miss a tap in with Devils net unguarded


Devils 1st goal scored @ 14:23 by Prpich, assist Teplitsky

Murphy save @ 14:54

Prpich needs one more EIHL goal to equal Mark Smiths record of 33

Ace save by Aubry

EIHL club goals record

Final minute of 1st period

Hill floors Bruce

Phoenix thought they had scored @ 19:44 Hicks says NO

End of 1st Period DEVILS 1 Phoenix 0

Time for a coffee

Game is more competive than last nights affair with some big hits

Both teams return to the ice

We are off for 2nd period

Murphy save @ 20:09

Another Murphy save @ 20:54

Adams floors Burnett mid ice

Phoenix offside @ 23:32

Phoenix Goal @ 24:28

Phoenix goal scored by Hand assist Garbutt

Phoenix had a 4 oin 2 breakaway, moved the puck and scored

Devils passing on the otherhand is "pants"

Devils hit pipes - Phoenix goal I assume

Hill breaks his stick whilst on a chance of a SoG

Maciver hit on the leg by puck and skates off hurt @ 27:32

29 minutes gone


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 29:51 by Voth, assists Prpich & Silverthorn

Murphy save @ 30:22

Great save by Murphy @ 31:02

Maciver back on the ice, thats a relief


Devils 3rd goal @ 33:13 scored by Hill assist Voth

Devils icing @ 34:04

Hill goal came of a breakaway, sweet goal

Devils penalty @ 35:06 Hartwick - interference

Lets kill this penalty DEVILS

Penalty kill up to the mark so far

Devils kill penalty

Devils penalty @ 37:13 Jarvis - tripping

Devils had more chances during their PK than Phoenix had on their PP

Phoenix 2nd goal @ 38:31 ppg scored by Mulherin, assists Dunn & Ward

Murphy save @ 39:08

Followed by another 4 seconds later

End of 2nd Period DEVILS 3 Phoenix 2

Good Game as Bruce would say

The text service is bad, just had a text that the Devils have scored and they are in the dressing room

WE are off for the third period

41 minutes gone Devils under pressure

Aubry save @ 41:37

44 minutes gone its end to end hockey

Good attempt by Elich but Murphy saves boo, hiss, boo

Devils penalty @ 44:49 Latulippe - hooking

Phoenix playing well

Devils fans getting fed up with non calls from Hicks

Kill this penalty Devils

Oh no another Devils penalty @ 45:28 Maciver 2+2 hi stiks

Phoenix have 1:31 of 5 on 3

Phoenix 3rd goal @ 46:42 ppg scored by Fulghum, assists Beauregard & Garbutt


Devils 4th goal @ 48:01 scored by Teplitsky, assist by Voth SHG

Big saves by Aubry on pk

Devils back to full strength

50 minutes gone

Phoenix icing @ 50:26

Better atmosphere tonight, sounds like a good game

e-mailers are anti Hicks

Devils icing @ 53:03

With so few referees it is hard for a referee to officiate at his so called home club, I know only too well as I used to hate to umpire my own cricket club - which only happenned in an emergency and I was moved from another game

54 minutes

Aubry save @ 54:29

Another Aubry save @ 34:31 I suppose that should read 54:31 or maybe its another delayed e-mail

55 minutes gone

Voth collides with Murphy's net @ 55:10

Murphy save @ 55:30

Chris didn't win the "Shirt off his Back" despite buying 6 tickets

Devils offside @ 56:39

Devils hit pipes

Final 2 minutes of game

Murphy save @ 58:11

Phoenix plkayer down injured @ 59:02

He is up

Phoenix timeout

58 seconds left

Phoenix pull Murphy

Murphy pulled @ 59:21

Awesome save by Aubry @ 59:40

Come on u Devils

FIGHT at Buzzer

Correction FIGHTS

Hicks restrain Clouthier

Both teams on ice

Its all kicked off

Fight between Voth & Bruce : Prpich & Someone

Players now shake hands

Just a show to warm up the fans before they went out into the cold Bay

Final Score DEVILS 4 Phoenix 3

Two genuine fights and handbags between the others

Penalties coming later


Devils MoM Tyson TEPLITSKY

Devils MoM approved by Texters

No news on any penalties called on the final buzzer if we do get them they will be posted on the Forum later

Big thanks to Chris & Sharlene our texters

Thats all from me OJ until the next one which is Devils v Hull on Staturday and then we have the eagerly awaited game in Sheffield on Sunday night