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Braehead Clan 2 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Devils league game in Glasgow against the Braehead Clan.

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Join me (OJ) from around 7pm, with no webcast MNL will bring you the only coverage of this league.

Warmup in progress

No Scott Hotham or Ben Bowns

Callum Buglas plays

Would appea

No Mark Louis as well

Joe Myers is the back up netminder

Our "A" of texters havce made the trip KettDevil and returning after having a season off Rachael.

Gillian a Flyers fan is also helping us out

warmup over

We al;so have a Devils fan now living in Glasgow texting for the first time - TommyBoy

Glynne wants to play to our potential and bring home 2 points

Richard P says Clan will coming out with all guns blazing but devils will win by 4 as Clan with be in the bin all game

Pat says a 4-2 Devils win will do nicely

Tough game says Matthew B but Devils come away with a 3-2 victory

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Tonights referee is Toby Craig

Officals on the ice

RED ARMY is now FOUR strong

RED ARMY has now reached the dizzy heights of 11


Finish off that dinner and pay attention we are abot to lift off

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Clan intros

RED ARMY CHOIR warming up, they will be heard RACHAEL is there

Wall of Fame presentation

On ice interviews with Jamie Fritsch

Are the CLAN trying to outdo the STEELERS for pre game delay

It will be Christmas soon

Anthem time

Phil Egan says Devils will win 5-2

BrianMark just wants 2 points

Puck dropped

Clan chance @0:42 after Richie turnover

Devils net off @0:56

Rob Batch says Devils road form should secure a 4-1 win

Agressive forechecking by Devils

Drew says 3-2 to Devils after O/T

Lots of Devils pressure

Clan save from Hotham @ 3:15

Brian Parker says Devils will win by 2 goals and RED ARMY numnber increase by his wife, her parents and cousin at the game

fast startto game Tom Murdy needs to be sharp and alert

Murdy save @ 4:31

Josh Batch shot saved @ 5:24

Guillaume Doucet just misses with a redirection @ 6:08

Graham C says 4-2 Devils

Luke Piggott forechecking as iof his life depended on it

Puck out of play @ 7:14

clan breakaway by Matt Haywood foiled

fast flowing very even game @ 9:04

Joey Haddad denied the opener by Clan nettie

Chris Jones deflects hot inches wide @ 10:35

Matt Keith shot saved by Tom Murdy@ 10:38

Josh Batch shoots wide

Andrew Lord forces great save @ 12:00

Callum Buglas getting regular shifts

Matt Myers goes close

All Devils at the moment @12:45

Clan have a 2 on 1, it comes to nothing

Chris Jones has the latesrt shot @ 14:25

clan finally exert some pressure but Tom Murdy covers @14:46

Clan netminder is Michael Zajkowski who we shall call Zaj

Clan Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for interference @ 15:54

Lets get the PP into overdrive U DEVILS


PPG '17:01 scored by Andrew Lord his first league goal of the season

Fired into roof of the net

Assists for Layne Ulmer & Sean Bentivoglio

Joey Haddad goes close @ 17:44

KettDevil says Lord goal omn Hendrikx penalty sure to go down well on one bench

Final minute of period

Goal has rocked the Clan both team and fans

End of 1st period Clan 0 DEVILS 1

Its Capitals 4 Stars 0 after 1 period

SoG Clan 9 DEVILS 9

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Zaj brushes aside early Devils shot

Quiet start to 2nd period

Gametime 21:29

Joey Haddad blocks a shot - twice

Clan pressure but Rosehill looses possession

Murdy saves fromMatt Keith @ 23:36

Joey Martin firers wide @ 24:00

Andrew Hotham shoots wide


Wonder goal from Guillaume Doucet (2nd) @ 25:22

Assists for Gleason Fournier & Chris Culligan

Gleason Fournier hits pipes

Clan icing @ 26:07

Guillaume Doucet beats 2 players and fires it past Zaj for a wonderful goal

Patrick Asselin & Joey Haddad go close

KettDevil says were are peppering Zaj

Puck out of play @ 28:12

Joey Haddad just wide @ 29:16



@ 29:21

Clan time out

Devils 3rd goal scored by Matt Myers (2nd) @ 29:21

Assists Guillaume Doucet & Jake Morissette

Clan penalty

@ 30:00

2 minutes for roughing

Andrew Hotham goes close on PP

Matt Haywood who got 2 minutes for roughing

Richie shot savedby Zaj


@ 31:28 PPG for Andrew Lord (2nd)

Assist Layne Ulmer

My coffee has gone cold - trying to keep up with this game

Clan icing icing @ 32:06

Rosehill having a go at lino

Patrick Bordeleau 2 minutes for slashing

@ 32:37


Prior to that Callum Buglas has a shot blocked

Jake Morissette shots wide whilst SH @ 33:38

Glove save Murdy @ 34:11

Devils Full Strength

ERasy PK for Devils

Devils pinned in their zone @ 36:40

Clan Offside @ 36:38

Handbags in front of Zaj Josh Batch involved

Gametime 36:51

rosehill having a tantrum on Clan bench


@ 48:03 Luke Piggott (his 1st) assists Matt Myers &Patrick Bordeleau

Clan icing @ 38:49

Final minute


Matt Beca @ 39:14

Zaj glove save from Layne Ulmer @39:34

end of 2nd period Clan 1 DEVILS 5

Biggest cheer of the night when stripey tripped, Clan fans very subdued as you can imagine

MNL is the only source of information on this game - EIHL has game at 0-0

I am surprised that we have not had any comments at I assume everyone are shellshocked

Brian - Rachael our texter has been chatting to your wife and chanting together, She is probably deaf now as our Rachael can be quite loud

Shane glad to see our coach showing he still has a lot to offer on the ice

Glynne says the Devils are unbeatable when they play as they can

Ashley thinks the game will cool down now saving themselves for the weekend - 6-2 final score he says

Luke shccked at the Capitals score 4-1 to Caps

Hando has more assists to Devils now he is at Clan

KettDevilk says he is delighted for Luke Piggott - he is getting a regular shift and playing really well, In one shift he checked Hendrikx then Rosehill then lifted athe stick of one of their forwards and created a breakaway

Teams are back

Glynne thinks it will end up 7-2

C BNarton wants to know whether Finnerty's clip board has gone flying yet

Waiting for ice to dry

Richard Best is asking how good is Tom Murdy?

Off we go for 3rd

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for roughing @ 41:04


Joey also get 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct


S Horsfall says OMG what a performance

Thanks Peter for your comments on MNL

2 minutes killed

1:30 left on PP

Joey Haddad hance @43:45

Final minute of PK

Tom Murdy looks assured in net

Murdy covers @ 44:48

Devils Full Strength


Game has slowed down

Gametime 45:42

Guillaume Doucet @ 46:32 his 3rd of the season

Un assisted

Zaj replaced by Russell in net for Clan

Russel covers @ 47:16

Easy cover by Murdy

Gametime 47:59

Mark Richardson goes close @ 49:01

Scott Pitt shot is deflected Murdy covers his own rebound @ 49:20

Game is somewhat flat but Devils in totyal control @50:32

Puck out of play

Run that clock dowlads and away we go

Matt Beca shots high for Clan - what a pity

gametime 53:06

Clan GOAL @ 54:51

No news on scorer I am sorry

It was Cory Cowick unassisted

Clan fans sneaking out

Rink emptying quickly @ 56:34

Kyle Wharton shoots stright at Tom Murdy - no problem

Final 2 minutes

Matt Myers has 2 shots, goal light went on but biscuit didn't go in

Russell covers

Chris Jones checks Trevor Hendrikx @ 58:22

Final minute

Luke Piggott shoots wide

30 secs left

Final score Clan 2 DEVILS 6

KettDevil says Devils MoM should be between Guillaume Doucet & Andrew Lord


Capitals 5 Stars 1 -result

Can MoM - Matt Beca

Our thanks to Flyers fan Gillian for helping us out again

Big thank you to our "A" team texters Riachael & KettDevil who gave us a full account of the game as usual

Big thank you to our "A" team texters Riachael & KettDevil who gave us a full account of the game as usual

Join me (OJ) on Sturday night when the Edinburgh Capitals come to a sell out IAW and Brad Voth will be raised to the roof - well his #26 anyway