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Sheffield Steelers 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils retuirn to League action against the Steelers aiming to reverse last nights disappointing loss in the Challenge Cup

Join me (OJ) from around 4:30 for full uninterupted coverage of the game

Score prediction as usual welcomed along with comments to

If you can help us out with texts from the game please get in touch either PM me or text us at MNL 07527 625206

Waiting for texters to report in

Russky the eternal optimist thinks Devils will come awaty with an O/T win

JohnWildthing reported in

Pat sees a better showing from the Devils who come away with a 2-1 victory

No Ben Bowns tonight, Joe Myers is the back up

Gerald has also reported in. Now waiting for Maria to sign in

Welcome to JonCon79 who has joined the texter rank

waiting for thar marathon of a Steelers intro to start

1-1 at Nottingham between Panthers & Giants after 1st period

Lights out

JpnCon predicts no fight from Patrick Bordeleau tonight

He predicts a 3-2 Devils win in O/T

Maria has now signed in

Devils on the ice

Jon in Cardiff Bay calls it 4-2 to Devils

Steelers finally make an appearence

Missing for Steelers Liam Kirk Levi Nelson, Ben OConnor ,

Pritch calls it 3-2 to Devils

Drew in Warrington thinks Devils will lose 3-1

Anthems done

Ben Bowns has travelled

Puck dropped

om Pering is the referee

Even opening to game its end to end so far

Brad Day in net for Steelers

Gametime 2:12

Steelers penalty Zack Fitzgerald 2 minutes for hooking

@ 4:43

Joey Martin hits cross bar

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Steelers Full strength

C Barton has upset me as he predicts a 7-0 for Steelers


Gametime 8:03

Maria says Devils are slow in reacting and ofter caught out of position

Gametime 9:05


Andrew Hotham

Assist Andrew Lord @ 10:47

Devils Penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for hooking @ 10:58


Gametime 12:40

Devils Full strength

Lets have another goal U DEVILS there's nothing wrong about being greedy

I am told not many Steelers fans in tonight

Steelers penalty Andreas Valdix 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 15:30


Scored by Richardson assist Myers and Asselin

A PPG @ 15:24

Some confusion over assists on Devils 2nd goal was it Myers or Martin

Confirmed as Richardson from Martin & Asselin

Gametime 17:55

Come on U DEVILS keep up the good work

Final minute of opener

Devils Penalty Mark Louis 2 minutes for high sticks @ 19:43


End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:41 of PK


Maria's period report - After a slow start and lots of time in their zone the Devils are now playing quite well and looking threatening going forward. Tom Murdy has not had a lot to do, Maria hopes it continues

JohnCon says Devils well deserve their 2 goal lead

Still 1-1 at Nottingham - now in 3rd period

For those of you interested in such matters Joe Myers is wearing #32

Or should I say "New Player" as it says on gamesheet

Ice is ready

Teams back on the ice

Puck dropped for 2nd period


1 minute killed

Devils Full strength

Didn't even look that Devils were on PK

Devils camped in Steelers zone


Sean Bentivoglio assists Andrew Lord Mark Richardson @ 23:00


Mark Louis v Zack Fitzgerald

Mark Louis cut his head as they hit the ice

Blood everywhere

Maria says Mark Louis edged the fight but not many puches thrown

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 23:25

Mark Louis gone for treatment

Cut was not from a punch

Ice being cleaned

Anyone watching the wbcast seeing it different - lets us know -

Game restarted

Ervins Mustukovs replaced Brad Day @ 23:25

Steelers GOAL

Robert Dowd from Andreas Valdix & 13

@ 24:11

Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for cross-checking @24:48


SoG for 1st period Steelers 3 DEVILS 11

Devils Penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for delay of game

@ 26:01


Steelers have 5 on 3 for 45 secs

Devils back to 4 skaters

27 secs of PK left

Tom Murdy doing well

Devils Full strength

I am totally confused who is in net for Steelers, texters tell me its Day other say that Ervins Mustukovs has replaced him whilst a few say Ervins Mustukovs has been in net from the start

Major fighting penalties served

Mark Louis has not reappeared yet

Gametime 29:49

Maria says Moose has been in net all game

Brad Day who was originally listed as starting in net has now disappeared off the gamesheet as well

Don't get to excited "New Player" ie Joe is still there

Steelers have certainly upped their game after scoring

Gameime 33:28

Steelers Davey Phillips 2 minutes for roughing @ 34:12


@34:40 Sean Bentivoglio assists Andrew Lord & Gleason Fournier

A PPG no less

Come on U DEVILS stand firm - solid defence and a good trip home

Jonathan in Aberdare confirms Mark Louis injury was accidental

Final minute


Guillaume Doucet - WELL DONE THAT MAN @39:15

Joey Haddad & Andrew Hotham credited with assists

End of 2nd period Steelers 1 DEVILS 5

Maria says a more open period which had her eworried at stages but Devils saw it through. Steelers being booed by their fans much to the delight of the RED ARMY

Now have confirmation that Ervins Mustukovs has been in net from the Start

Guillaume Doucet has finally got the monkey off his back, now we will see some goals from him

JohnCon97 says Devils saw off a lot of early pressure from Steelers, Devils have seized on all their chances in front of goal, Fitzgerald won the fight he thinks. Tom Murdy has been great between the pipes

He adds its been a great game so far with Devils p[utting in the hard work and taking theiur chances

Owners + family/friends enjoying their RED ARMY adventure

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 11 DEVILS 16 making it 14-27 after 2 periods

Told that it has been a fantastic team effort so far

Final score Panthers 1 Giants 2 after O/T

Capitals 1 Blaze 0 after 1 period: Flyers 0 Clan 2 in 2nd period, Stars 1 m 0 in 2nd period

Margaret Ben Bowns has an injure that why he is not playing tonight, however he has travelled with the team

Tom Murdy getting a lot of cover from his D. That said he did pull off a world class save in the 2nd period

To those poeople who complain about my spelling errors - its all down to fat fingers as i strive to get you the updates ASAP

Ice ready awaiting the teams

Teams back

3rd period starts

Mark Louis back in the action

Mark Louis now wearing blood jersey #82

Joey Martin back as weel -= I didn't know he had gone off

Save Tom Murdy @ 42:21

Chris Jones hits crossbar

Devils penalty

Matt Myers 2 minutes for tripping @ 43:49


Steelers GOAL - a PPG @ 44:20

Robert Dowd assists Andreas Valdix & Colton Fretter

Mark Louis on bench not sure if he has taken a shift since returning

Steelers Penalty 2 minutes for hooking for Davey Phillips @ 45:39

Steelers Full strength

Gametime 49:04

Matthew Moore wishes we could play like this at home

10 minutes left in game

Confirmed no shifts from Mark Louis yet

Enjoy the game Mark

Gametime 51:57

Devils have lost some on their intensity

Run the clock down lads

Gametime 53:44

Gametime 55:18

No news is good news so long as the clock hasn't stopped

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY RED ARMY is the chant

gametime 58:44

Final 30 secs

No news is good news so long as the clock hasn't stopped

Final score Steelers 2 DEVILS 5

Waiting for MoM

Our thanks to regular texters JohnWildthing, Gerald and Maria and newbie JohnCon79

Join me (OJ) on Wednesday when the Devils travel to Glasgow to take on the Clan

Devils MoM - Andrew Hotham

Steelers MoM Robert Dowd