Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Sheffield Steelers

Good Morning Hockey Fans

Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm for the build up, predictions, latest scores from the other hockey matches also happening tonight.

Its the first home game I have hosted this season. So please bear mind that the updates may not be a frequent as per usual, due to the previously well documented mobile reception problems. Our texter(s) will be primed and ready.

In the meantime before we go Live please have a good day and join me later for unrivalled text commentary. Its almost as good as being there in person.

Good Evening hockey fans.We are just half an hour away from one of the most eagerly awaited clashes so far of this season

so far one prediction has found its way into the mailbox

Pat predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Warm up should be coming to an end

Cenwyn and Rachel from Nova Scotia see it as 3-2 for Devils

all the games seem to be starting at 7pm

Drew in Warrington says a 4-2 win

Zamboni chasing its tail up and down the ice

Intro in progress at IAW

We must give thanks to our lone texter James who is battling to receive a sustainable and good enough mobile signal at the IAW

raucous atmosphere at the IAW

Hoping for a fast start for the Devils

Owners getting a great recepton at the IAW

both teams lined up waiting for the pre game rituals to finish

we are almost underway. Anthem done

ref is due to be Tom Darnell

we are underwayDevils

Bownsy saves from Armstrng

mo shoots


both teams hitting hard

Brine shoots

Lordo playing

saved by mustokovs

Batch gives a big check on the steelers play

Steelers playing at a high pace

Hotham try to set up Asselin but it goes astray

myers bordeleau and jones on 4th line

steelers D not being tested yet.

Steelers pen2 minutes for 2 minutes for high sticks

Devils on PP

Devls shot by bentivoglio

just wide

Steelers FS

Devils 2 mins pen Lordo

Kill the pen Devils

Roy tormenting the Devils D

Bordeleau felled

Steelers pen tripping

Bentivoglio turns over puck

Bentivoglio turns over puck

frantic pace with few stoppages

steelers goal scored by Fitzgerald @11:38

sorry 10:38

Steelers allover the Devils like a rash

Asselin playing really well

Devils sniffing around for the rebound off Mustokovs but nothing doing

Haddad shot padded away

1st steeler pen was for Desbiens

2nd Steeler pen was against Mustokovs

Doucet goes close from football

4:46 left in 1st period

Devils starting to press now

Steelers clear puck by dowd

Bowns pad save

Batch trying to get a move going feeding puck from devils D

offside Devils

Jono Phillips making a nuisance of himself

Some more good devils pressure.

Sheffield pen D Phillipos holding at 2:07

Fournier hits crossbar

1 min left in 1st


scored my Morrisette

correction ulmer scored

from Richardson

end of period

Steelers protesting to Darnell but he ignores their pleas

now for the Zorb grudge match icetime v owners

owners 1 up

2-0 now to owners

3-1 now

zorb game over owners win

other scores tonight. Manchester 2 Edinburgh; Braehead 1 FIfe 0, Blaze 0 Giants 2

Layne Ulmers goals timed at 19:45

just 3 predictions tonight so every one else must be at the IAW

No SOGs info available yet

teams preparing themselves to come back on the ice.

The ref and Linos are out

and now the teams

and we are underway

Devils in Red, Steelers in white with orange trim

early tentative play

Fournier breaks out of defence

Devils pen

x check pem for 2 mins Fournier

Steelers on pp

Bowns saved from Roy

Devils penned in their own D

Quick breakaway by Richardson

myers tries but stopped in his tracks

Devils FS

great pad save from Bowns

Devils win Face off

Hotham trying to get something started from neutral zone

ulmer shoots across the crease

Steelers goal

Armstrong scores


Dowd tries a lone man attack but fails

Brine shoots Mustokovs saves

Devils cant retain puck long enough to exert pressure on the Steelers D

Myers pressurized by hospital pass

Ulmer shot saved my Mustokovs

Haddad is playing well

end to end game batch shoots but padded away

lots of Devils possession but no finish

Fournier shoots but wide

Devils pen Fournier 2 minutes for slashing


scored by roy on a rebound. initial error from Richardson

schulz scored from Roy

Devils are not playing poorly but not at the same pace as the Steelers

Steelrs offside

Devils turnover again almost leads to a chance

Devils cant live with the Steelers pace at the moment

Devils pen

Steelers pen not Devils fro embellishment of dive

2 minutes for diving is the official pen

for Levi Nielsen

devils having to rebuild their attack

Devils on PP

less than 5 mins left of 2nd period

SHG for steelers

scored by Mosienko from Baldwin


Bordeleau tried to find Lord but pass gets intercepted.

If it wasn't for Bowns it would be cricket score now

Morrisette shoots but Mustokovs saves

Morrisette working hard along the boards

Roy and Hotham tussle.

and hotham gets a roughing pen

as does Roy

End of 2nd period

no game info accessible so no SOGs and gameincident times.

other game scores are available though: Coventry 0 Belfast 3; Manchester 3 Edinburgh 0; Braehead 1 Fife 0

Thank goodness tonights game is only a cup game but it is a psychological marker for tomorrow and the rest of the season

Admiring the optimism of Matthew Moore who still reckons we can win it in the third.

I just hope he is right.

Players coming back onto the ice

just wondering if Lordo has taken a leaf out of Alex Fergusons book and given them the hairdryer treatment

Bowns replaced by Murdy in Devils goal

we are underway

another turnover, murdy saves

Bowns not on bench

Devils need to pick up the pace some

Culligan shoots but deflected wide

Bordeleau hits anything that moves

Devils are upping the Physicality

scuffle behind the Steelers goal

Morrisette takes a pen for checking

just 2 mins though

2 + 10 for checking from behind on Morrisette.

convenient pen to me just when devils were asserting their home rink authority

Steelers pressing on PP

Devils apparently chasing shadows

2 min pen of morrisets pen expired

8 mins gone in 3rd

Devils cant seem to get anything started

Face off in the Steelers zone

another Face off in the Steelers zone


culligam from the face off assist martin

Keep going Devils

Steelers goal

shot from Blue line

and it silences the IAW crowd

it pains me to say it but it seems the Steelers have played better smarter hockey

FIGHT Mark Louis and Zac Fitzgerald

5 mins each in the bin Fighting.

Face off in the Steelers zone

Mustokovs saves from Hotham

Face off in the Steelers zone

Game fallen into a lull

Steelers are toying with the Devils

just over 5 mins left in game

Devils trying to build a spell of pressure but get turnedover

Face off in the Steelers zone

but nothing comes of it

Steelers D holding firm


correction Assisrs to Piggot and Richardson


Scored by Asselin

assist Martin

Game over well at least they made the scoreline a little more respectable

Well Done to our lone texter James, who has been awesome with the texts

Steelers MOM Schulz

Devils MOM is Mark Richardson

Results Braehead 1 Fife 0 Latest scores Coventry 1 Belfast 4; Manchester 4 Edinburgh 2

I still need texters for tomorrows game (OJ) If you can help text me on MNL line 07527 625 206

Well that's it from me tonight. I will leave you in OJs more then capable hands for the next few games. I am away next weekend in Devon but will still be keeoing tabs on how the Devils are doing, of course by MNL.

Until then I bid you farewell. Nos Da Pawb