Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Good morning hockey fans. Join me (Russky) from 6pm this evening when we will be bringing you live text match commentary on the above mentioned game.

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Good evening. Hope all is well with you.

Our texter Kettdevil has reported in

Also we have Andy Harris who is a longtime Devils fan, now based in Dundee

Warm up coming to a close with only Scott Hotham scratched from the Devils line up, so Lordo is kitted and icing tonight

Devils playing in predominantly white this evening.

Two predictions so far, from Pat who predicts 2-1 for Devils and Darren who is very optinistic of a 4-0 Devils win

The ref is Neil Wilson and the Linos are Allan Ward and Colin Connor

Warm up over

Latest scores from other games: Sheffield 1 Belfast 1; Blaze 0 Fife 1; Manchester 1 Nottingham 0; Edinburgh 0 Braehead 0

Mark Gough will be happy with any kind of win

especially after last might.

I am assuming for the Devils.

It cant be long til the Intros and Anthems

Like most Scottish rinks they have the old curling targets at either end of the rink so if they get bored playing hockey well they have another option

Devils on the ice for the warm up

Not many Devils fans have made the journey up. It might just be our two texters!!

Kettdevil complaining about the PA quality.

Time to sing Loud and Proud its Anthem time. Hope our texters are in fine voice tonight.

Kettdevil notices that Bordy has a heavily strapped hand.

We are underway

Asselin Morrisette and Martin start on the line

Asselin has an early shot but saved.

Devils D scrambling around infront of Bownsy

Stars started a ferocious Pace

Doucet Lord and myers on the 3rd line

Brine Jones and Bordeleau on 4th

another chance for Asselin

Batch spills the puck leading to Stars shot. Bowns saves

A Hotham then Haddad have shots in quick succession

Haddad Ulmer and Bentivoglio on 2nd line

Batch makes space for himself and fires a shot but just wide

Dr piggot gets his first shift

Dundee's Hart misses a sitter thank goodness

Piggot sets up Brine but just wide

7 mins gone

Culligan playing on D almost set one up for Juey Martin

Nice end to end pace to the game @9:21

Edmonds scores assisted by Faryna @ 9:28

that goal has knocked the wind out of our sails

Bentivoglio on the breakaway

but turnedover

Stars pen

McGiffin 2 minutes for slashing @ 11:51

Fourneir with a shot but blocked, Devils pressuring .Decent PP

Stars FS

6:05 remaining in first period

Ulmer almost redirects one in but its knocked away

Devils Pen Batch 2 minutes for roughing


Cale Tanaka trying to agitate Bordeleau, not a wise move.

Stars pen Sides 2 minutes for hooking @ 16:33

texter says we look more dangerous shorthanded but still failing to shoot as often as we should

Devils FS

now on short PP


waiting goal scorer info

scored by Hotham from Morrisette and Haddad

no time yet on goal.

Devils pen Louis @19;16

for cross-checking

Devils equalising Goal timed at 18:38

and that's it for the first period

well that was quite a period.

a few more predictions received before the end of first period: Pil Egan predicts 4-2 where as Rachel has 2-4. Robert Tyler has it as 6-2 to Devils, D R Williams goes for a 3-2 OT win

Kettdevil says its very entertaining fast paced but some odd decisions by the ref, just a normal game in Scotland. His words not mine.

Devils goal was even handed as Joe Sides penalty had just expired

SOGs Dundee 12 Devils 10

Correction Rachel predicts a Devils win 4-2.

That's it for the predictions tonight Thank you all for your contribution.

Lates scores Sheffield 5 Belfast 1; Coventry 0 Fife 0; Manchester 2 Nottingham 2; Edinburgh 0 Braehead 5

Sheffied game has now finished

The teams are back on the ice.

we are off and away in the 2nd

Morrisette with a short handed chance but is denied

Culligan takes a deflected puck in the face.

@ 21:45

Doucet pounces on a rebound fron Fourniers shot but its saved

game has gone into scrappy mode. Dundee still dangerous on the break

Ref giving Jamie Elsom on the Devils Bench a talking to

and also to Layne Ulmer, Ref didn't look pleased.

about something

someone commented on the forum that it was like a morgue at the DIA according to the webcast.

No Red Army No Atmosphere I guess

game gone into a lull

@ 26:31

If nothing is happening its not the texter fault. They do a great job.

Asselin sets up Martin, Texter says those two are a joy to watch.

KettDevil says the Devils are playing beautiful flowing hockey

Devils starting to lay siege to the Stars goal. Piggot has a shot but its saved @ 29:04

Now Fournier shoots.

Texter incredulous as to how we haven't scored in the last few minutes

Devils pen Bentivoglio 2 minutes for hooking @30:24

Martin shoots but saves

Bowns thwarts a Stars breakaway with a great save


Haddad from Bentivoglio

goal given to Culligan assisted by Hadddad and Bentivoglio

goal timed at 33:16

Fournier shoots but wide

Texter says we are too open at the Back on D

Fife are on fire. they win tonight in Coventry

Culligan saves the Devils on D again.

Stars Pen White2 minutes for holding

Haddad with a bullet of a shot

Stars score but its waved off

as the puck crossed the line after the whistle went.

A mad scramble in front of Devils net as the buzzer goes to end the period

Phew that was a close one.

KettDevils says it was a great period for the Devils but its still a one goal game and Dundee look dangerous on the break

SOGs Devils 13 Dundee 12 so its close on that count too

That was just for second period.

Manchester v Panthers has gone into OT 2-2 at end of regulation

Rachel who sent her prediction ealier wanted to express her thanks to the Texters for their efforts.

Braehead are 5-1 up at Edinburgh

Its a cup game so not sure if shoot out applies in Manchester

Teams back on the ice in Dundee

shoot out in progress in Manchester.

and off we go in the 3rd

Hotham shoots bur is denied.

Fournier is playing well and shoots again at 41:16

Bownsy accidently knocks goal off its moarings

no delay call though

Nottingham win shoot out in Manchester.

Devis sitting a bit deeper in their own D zone.

43:14 gone

Asselin creates another chance for Haddad,

a touch of Handbags now

Josh Batch and Faryna exchanging views after a Batch hit.

Batch gets 2 + 2 for Roughing

correction 2 minutes for high sticks and 2 minutes for roughing for Batch, no pens for Faryna

first 2 mins killed.

Batch pen timed at 45:13

Brine draws a pen from the ref to make it even handed.

Lidhammer gets 2 minutes for roughing @ 47:53

Mark Louis sees red mist

he gets hit and then gives a hit back no call for anything

Devils back to FS


Mark Richardson unleashes a slapshot

assist to Joey Martin goal timed at 49:52

stars goal. texter thought devils goal was off moarings

stars goal scored by Scarsella

@ 50:31

Devils call time out

assist Sides and Poulin

Doucet has brought his checking game and is hitting anything in a stars shirt that moves

Scramble around Bownsy

we are hanging on, Dundee have upped their workrate

Devils Pen Asselin interference @ 52:42

Bownsy is putting in a claim for Devils MOM making save after save.

Devils FS

Mark Louis 2 minutes for holding @ 54:45

Good PK for Devils who are now FS

3 mins remaining in game

Devils pen Bowns 2 minutes for Delay of game

2:14 remaining

Dundee lift NM

inside last 2 mins high sticks for Tanaka

netminder returned then lifted again almost immediately


Morrisette scores an emptt netter

Assist Richardson and Martin

Morrisette got 5+game for ?????

Game over Devils win

well done to Phil Egan and Rachel for correctly predicting the score.

Morrisette apparently got 5 mins for slashing then a game miscon at 59:08

Great texting and game coverage from KettDevil and Andy tonight.

SOGs Total 25 each, that cant be right given the shots both teams had in 3rd.

Devils MOM Mark Richardson

Stars MOM J Faryna

Thank you for your company tonight. Safe trip home to KettDevil and to Andy. Thanks for the great texts guys.

Be sure to join us next weekend as the Devils have back to back games against the Steelers, Home on Saturdday, then at the House of Foil on Sunday. Good Night All. Nos Da Pawb.