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Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Croeso - Welcome to MNL for the league encounter with the Coventry Blaze at the IAW

With a sell out game why not join us at MNL for full un-interupted coverage of what looks like being an eventful game.

Score predictions always welcomed to

Other (Printable) comments also welcomed

If you are at the game and somehow managed to get a signal please text us on the MBNL line 07527 625206

nder trying circumstances (re mobiler coverage at IAW) we will do our best to give you as compete a coverage as we can

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30pm

Mark G says Devils will win by 3 goals after a game of knockouts, possible bench clearence and Blaze forming a queue at A&E at UHW

Craig H says Devils will win 5-2

Pat thinks it will be close with the Devils coming out on top by the odd goal in seven

Russky predicts a Devils win after loads of penalties

Warmup in progress at IAW

Gaz334 has Devils winning 6-3 with a "Gordie Howe hattrick" for Patrick Bordeleau

Warmup completed a few Blaze players trying to be last off the ice

Sell out crowd eagerly awaiting the game

We haven't heard from an Devils players family on MNL this season (apart from Batch family)

If you are out there following the game on MNL let us know -

We would also like to hear from Devils fans followiung the game is exotic places - and I don't mean Barry or Merthyr Tydfil

Possible delay in Face off

andrew Lord plays instead of Scott Hotham

Assume Chris Culligan will be on D

Lights dimmed

blaze take to the ice

Hazel says Devils will win 4-2

Ian H in Hereford says Devils will win 6-2 after a fierce 1st period

Cornwall Taff in France calls it 4-1 to Devils

Your very own Cardiff Devils take to the ice

No Jordan Stokes or Marc Cantin for Blaze

Anthem time

Now ready for face off

Puck dropped

Re start!!!

Bons save send puck out of the rink - Face off in the Devils zone

Marin chance, Stewart save

Ben Bowns save

Puck out of play

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze icing

Gametime 2:35

Blaze icing

FIGHT Bordy - Klotz

Points win for Bordy

Time 2:13 both get 5 minutes for fighting

Blood on ice

Patrick Bordeleau also 2=10 for misconduct

Correction not instigator penalty for Bordy

Devils 4th line on the ice

Bowns save

Devils pinned in theiur end unable to clear zone

Blaze penalty @3:16

Josh Godfrey 2 minutes for holding the stick


40 secs of PP left

Blaze Full strength

Save Ben Bowns

Another Bowns save

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze Goal @ 7:58

Godfrey shot deflected passed Bowns

Godfrey credited wit goal assist Liam stewart

Devils penalty called

Josh Batch @ 9:52

Brian Stewart covers puck after Andrew Lord breakaway

Devils clear zone

Gametime 10:01

PPG Blaze @ 10:52

Darcy Zajac the scorer

Blaze icing after Devils pressure

Come on U DEVILS

Blaze icing @ 15:26

Too many errors by Devils

Big hit by Batch

Save by Stewart

Blaze icing after Cardiff pressure

Final minute

Great save Stewart from Haddad


Gleason Fournier @ 19:50

End opf 1st p[eriod DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

Assist for Patrick Bordeleau

Sog for 1st period DEVILS 11 Blaze 12

Assists for Bjorn Bombis & Matt Marquardt on Blaze 2nd goal

I hope we are giving you a good insight to the game at the IAW despite the poor comms

I am told Devils only woke up in the last few minutes of the period. The started very flat and were basically outplayed by Blaze

With tonights game a sell out it is more than likely next Saturdays game against the Steelers will be to. So get you tickets early or you will have to put up with the nonsense here on MNL

Giants 2 Clan 0 after 1 period (CCup game)

Flyers 3 Storm 0 after 1 period

No goals in 1st period of Panthers v Stars

Teams back on ice

Ice problems

Puck dropped for 2nd period

Great save by Stewart from Patrick Asselin

Blaze penalty Robin Bergman @ 20:36

Intense pressure from Devils

Blaze Penalty delay of game @ 21:37

Devils time out

Devils have 59 secs of 5 on 3

Blaze clear zone

Blaze back to 4

Blaze clear zone

Blaze Full strength

Blaze icing @ 24:50

Face off in the Blaze zone


Hicks wipes out goal

Devils hunting for that equalioser

Devils icing

Gametime 28:30

Blaze penalty called

Still a delayed penalty

Bjorn Bombis @ 29:40

2 minutes for holding the stick the call

Come on U DEVILS

Blaze clear zone

20 secs of PP left

Blaze Full strength

Patrick Bordeleau gets a chance

Devils icing

Blaze icing

Gametime 36:30

Chris Culligan shot saved by Stewart

Ben Bowns covers

Devils Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for slashing @ 38:30



20 secs left in period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

Panthers 2 Stars 0: Giants 4 Clan 1: Flyers 6 Storm 0 all after 2 periods

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 9 Giants 4 making it 19-15 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice.

Thank you Glynne, editors post on MNL is vacant

Puck dropped

Come U DEVILS give us a goal

Devils full strength

Stewaret cover @ 42:01

Blaze Offside

Devils Guillaume Doucet & Blaze Noble called for penalties @ 43:53

2 minutes for interference for Doucet

Noble 2 minutes for roughing

Its 4 on 4

Both teams at Full strength

Stewart saves from Martin

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for boarding @ 48:08


Blaze penalty Robin Bergman 2 minutes for high sticks @49:02


Patrick Asselin @ 49:22

Assist Hotham

Even handed goal

Devils now on pp

Blaze full strength

Blaze penalty Ashley Tait @ 51:45 2 minutes for cross-checking

Blaze Full strength

Ben Bowns gloves puck

Gametime 44:18

Devils icing

Puck out of play

Puck out of play

Another Devils icing @ 56:38

Blaze icing

Final 2 minutes

Blaze icing

final minute

30 secs

Blaze icing with 12 secs left

End of regulation DEVILS 2 Blaze 2

3 on 3 O/T next

O/T starts with Ulmer Fournier & Sean Bentivoglio

Joey Martin breakaway foilked by Stewart

Bowns save after save

3mins gone

Blaze GOAL @ 63:58

Blaze MoM - Matt Marquardt

Devils MoM - Andrew Hotham

Thats all from me Russky will be in the hot seat tomorrow when the Devils travel to Dundee to take on the Stars