Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as we attempt to bring you coverage of th Challenge Cup game against the Nottingham Panthers

Mobile coverage at the IAW is practically non existent but we will do our utmost (Cubs do your best) to update you of events.

I am currently training a pair of rooks borrowed from the Game of Thrones to assist us at MNL

Anyone who has a mobile signal at IAW please update us at 07527 625 206

Join me (OJ) from around 5:50pm for continuation of MNL unique coverage of DEVILS hockey

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Panthers

A bit of warning about the level of MNL coverage tonight. One one texter who somehow manages to set a signal is not at the game tonight

Updates from other texters are intermittent and ofter arrive out of sequence

Warmup is in progress

Tom Darnell is the referee

Brian M says Devils will win 4-3

Warmuo completed

waiting for team news Devils seem to be at full strength with Andrew Lord in a suit on the bench

Paci is in net for Panthers

Matt Meyers misses this game as a consequence of his release by Panthers in the summer

I had forgotten about that silly deal - its not as if he is on loan to the Devils

Panthers on the ice

Lights dimmed

Unclear who are the scratches for Panthers - lee and Wiilman certainly, masybe Clarke & Schultz missing as well

Confirmed no Scultz or Clarke for PanthersCardiff

Jindrich Pacl in net Dan Gren the backup

welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Anthem time

Russky says Devils to win but McGratton to wind up Patrick Bordeleau

Stephen B calls it 5-2 to Devils

Puck dropped the two big guys on the ice

Patrick Bordeleau big hit on Dinmen

Devils Offside

No action to report

Gleason Fournier goes coast to coast but doesn't get a shot away

Devils Offside again

Big hit by Patrick Bordeleau

Devils not really forechecking

Save Bowns

Guillaume Doucet goes close

False call of offside centre ice face off

Devils icing

Panthers goal - Chris Lawrence

Devils pressing too much led to a 3 opn 1 for Panthers

Devils trying to get on level terms

Gametime 10:22

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for boarding

Cornwall Taffy goes for 4-2 to Devils


Pat says Devils will win 4-2

1 minute killed

Devils clear zone

Devils full strength

Devils giving Panthers too many rsh opportunities

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils 4th line featuring Jones, Brine & Piggott

Pacl save

Apologies nobody giving me game times

Chances for Devils @ 18:32

Big save from Pacl

End of 1st pereiod DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

Why do mobiles work in the break I am told Panthers goal was at 8:02 scored by Lawrence assists for MacGrattan & Dinmen

Joey Haddad boarding minor was at 10:06

SoG Devils 5 Panthers 4 - that is what I was told

Told that the only line to show a bit of urgency was the 4th line of Chris Jones, David Brine & Luke Piggott

Steeklers and Storm all square at 1-1

Coventry heading for a win maybe - leading Stars 3-1

capitals losing 1-0 to Flyers after 1 period

Ice ready waiting for teams

Officials back on ice

Followed by teams


Puck dropped

False information I am told by a fan at IAW

Ice is wet

Finally told game on


Mark Richardson scores

Good line from 4th line

Devils looking for their 2nd goal

Panthers icing Offside

Panthers penalty

Chris Lawrence the culprit


Big save Pacl

20 secs of PP left

Panthers Full strength

Bowns save then he covers puck

Devils icing

Devils turned over Ben Bowns has to pocket the puck

Devils penalty

Mark Louis in the bad boys room


Devils cannot clear zone

Ben Bowns covers

Face off in the Devils zone

1 minute+ killed

Devils breakout

Face off in the Panthers zone

Panthers penalty Lindhgen 2 minutes for slashing

Devils camped in Panthers zone but not shooting

Panthers Full strength

Panthers 2 on 1 foiled by Ben Bowns

Haddad shot saved

Face off in the Panthers zone

End to end

Puck out of play

Pad save Bowns

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

Pad save Bowns

Patrick Bordeleau offers Geoff Waugh at buzzer - invitation declined

I hope you are getting a good enough insight into this game but the lack of regular texts is a problem

The assists on Devils goal scored by Mark Richardson went to Gleason Fournier & Jake Morissette @ 20:26

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 9 Panthers 7 making it 14_11 after 2 period (I think)

Latest goals Blaze 3 Stars 1: Storm 1 Steelers 2: Capitals 1 Flyers 4

Teams back on ice

That goal was Mark Richardson;s 2nd goal in the Cup

Puck dropped

Panthers Goal

Carter the scorer

@ 40:40

Devils penalty Layne Ulmer 2 minutes for high sticks


1 minute killed

Ben bowns save from Farmer

Devils Full strength

Panthers icing

Panthers Time Out

Face off in the Panthers zone

Gametime 46:33

Panthers icing

Panthers Goal


Turnover leads to 3rd Pantherrs goal

Big save by Ben Bown

Penalties for both teams

Gametime 50:21

Devils offside

Pacl covers

Gametime 52:33

come on U DEVILS

Panthers icing

Devils Offside

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL now please

Told Scott Hotham has gone to dressingroom

Beb Bowns lifted early with over 2 minutes left

Final 2 minutes

Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns lifted again

Devils time out with 43 secs left

Game restarts

Panthers icing with 3 secs left

Final score DEVILS 1 Panthers 3

Panthers MoM - Jindrich Pacl

Devils Mon - MARK LOUIS

Apologies Devils MoM was MARK RICHARDSON

That is all from me hope you managed to follow our disjointed coverage

That is all from me hope you managed to follow our disjointed coverage

Thanks to those fans whosomehow managed to send some texts through from IAW.

Join us next Sturday for the eagerly awaited return of the Coventry Bllze

Join us next Saturday for the eagerly awaited return of tyhe Coventry Blaze