Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good Afternoon, Join me (Russky) from 4:30pm for build up predictions Latest scores and Live Match text commentary once the puck drops.

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Until then I bid you all an enjoyable afternoon.

welcome back, well the forum has been buzzing on the events of last nights game. Having seen the highlights it was a great incident filled game.

If tonights game is even half as good it will be a real barn burner.

So far only one prediction has trickled into the inbox, Daniel ingram, who is unfortunately having to work reckons on a 4-3 OT Devils win.

If you want to join Daniel in predicting the score or just want to comment on the game, then please email it to

Still very quiet on the predictions front

Waiting for my two texters to report in once they are in their seats. Tonight we have Maria, an ardent Devils fan from Doncaster and Phil Bean Egan on texting duty.

There are four other games taking place today with varying start times, Coventry and Panthers get underway at 5:15 at the Skydome,Manchester V Edinburgh facing off at six, as is Belfast v Braehead in Braehead. The late game sees Dundee and Fife square up at 6.30pm

I will try to keep you updated with the scores from the other games but this is likely to be at the end of each period, if our game is a bit frantic and action packed.

The warm up should have been completed by now. No team news as yet.

Lights have gone down for the intros

Mark Gough also predicts 4-3 Devils win

texters having to endure the boring steelers intro. Devils on the ice waiting for the Steelers to emerge

Drew in Warringtonn has it as 3-2 to Devils

it seems Lord is on the Bench and all imports are icing

Usual game preliminaries taking an age

Anthems done

confirmed that Lord is not playing but on the Bench

and we are off puck drops

Steelers score after 26 seconds

scored by #90 Armstrong

assist Roy and Schultz

Steelers seem be like Usain Bolt, blasting out of the blocks


scored by Richardson assisted hotham at 4:11

A Hotham that is.

Liam Sewell is reffing

Steelers pen Zack Fitzgerald 2 minutes for cross-checking

Bentivoglio sits for tripping

Steelers goal Armstrong again

assist Roy @8:30

oops sorry folks

Both Steelers and Devils back to FS

seems like a quiet game at the moment.

famous last words

1:30 left in 1st

Steelers just thwarted a joey martin effort

devils move breaks down

Net off moorings

face off in neutral zone

Bowns saves

from Schultz

end of period.

well that was a bit dull I guess, profuse apologies but I wasn't getting texts through for some reason.

latest scores from elsewhere: Coventry 0 Nottingham 0; Edinburgh 0 Manchester 0; Braehead 0 Belfast0

Zamboni still chasing its tail up and down the ice

Devils and Steelers getting ready for 2nd period

teams on the ice now

slight delay to puck drop

puck drops we are underway

face off neutral zone. devils attack thwarted.

Face off in the Steelers zone Face off in the Steelers zone

devils overturn puck and and steelers lightening attack comes to nothing

Face off in the Steelers zone

morrisette pass intercepted

ratchuk stakes into devils defence then loses puck

Steelers pressuring Devils D

2:40 gone in 2nd

Another devils attack breaks down

Pen Devils

myers 2 minutes for slashing

c'mon Devils let kill the penalty

pad save from Bowns from a blue line shot

Steelers trying to stretch the Devils D

Devils stifling Steelers Powerplay

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Bownsy saves steelers sniffing for a rebound but fail

Devils lone attack snuffed attack

Face off in the Steelers zone

great glove save from Bowns

Haddad has shot saved

one on one with NM

real end to end stuff now

Steelers net off morings again

9 mins gone in 2nd

devils turnover again and again

Steelers getting a lot of possession but not doing much with it

Bownsy saves from Jono Phillips

Morrisette shoots wide

Fitzgerald falls over behind his own goal

A Hotham and Myers working hard on the boards


layne ulmer

Batch and Bentivoglio

get the assists

Mustokovs denies the devils and the net gets kicked off again

puck went in net but goal waved off

Bowns saves from Bjorklund


Fournier from Morrisette

Dave Phillips taking liberties punching Joey Martin, not called

Sheffield upped their pace abit since devils goal

Mustokovs stops another shot, this time from Scott Hotham

Devils offside

neutral zone face off

Armstrong denied by Bowns

Doucet making a nuisance of himself

bit of bumping and barging by the Steelers goal


Joey Martin scores from S Hotham and Morrisette

1 min left in 2nd

Devils fans making themselves heard

Culligan tripped by Mustokovs 2 minutes for tripping

Bordy flattens Anders Franzon

and that's a wrap for the second, what a period for the Devils 3 goals without reply. Bownsy is awesome!

correction Assist for Asselin added for Devils fourth goal

so its Martin from Asselin and Morrisette @ 38:24 Devils 3rd was Fournier from Morrisette @ 34:09 Devils 2nd was Ulmer from Batch and Bentivoglio @ 32:43

SOGs for Steelers 15 Devils 7 as at end of 2nd period

Comment from Mark Gough: Dominant second period from Devils. Well Deserved lead. Just started to get a bit physical. Broken Nose not stopping Bordy and Louis finishing his checks as well

Latest scores: Blaze 2 Panthers 4; Clan 1 Giants 2; no score in the other two games.

between Caps and Storm and Flyers and Stars

Steelers keen to get underway in third already outon the ice

Bordy out early for third, did the same for second as well, that's what I call keen!

Devils will now be attacking the Stage end if u know Sheffield arena.

Devils still on PP

Devils building an attack waiting for a gap in the Steelers D

Devils shot goes wide

Mustokovs saves

from A Hotham

Steelers FS

Devils dominating possession

camped in the Steelers D


Morrisette scores

assist Joey Martin

didn't see this happening before the game

Steelers scramble the puck clear

Devils D seem more organised

goal timed at 42:33

Bowns saves an effort going top shelf

Bowns keeping the steelers at bay single handedly

Bowns covers the puck

Steelers exerting some pressure now on Devils

Devils Pen Haddad 2 minutes for hooking

KILL KILL KILL the penalty

Steelers got the Devils camped in their own D, Hotham clears

Steelers goal Ben O connor

goal was not PPG, Haddad pen just elapsed before goal

Doucet shot deflected Puck out of play

Ulmer working hard on boards

Face off in the Steelers zone

gametime 13:03

sorry mean that to be 53:03

Puck out of play

Steelers shot fizzes wide of the Devils goal

Bownsy with a big leg save now

5 mins left in 3rd

Devils still trying to add to their goal tally

game time 55:50

quieter phase of the game surprisingly

Roy shoots wide

Bordeleau laid a bit hit on Fitzgerald

Steelers call time out

last two mins

Steelers pull netminder

Puck out of play neutral zone face off

1:42 left

Culligan shoots just wide of empty net

another shot wide

Morrisette 2 minutes for holding the stick with 28 seconds left

Another Devils pen Scott Hotham high sticks 2 minutes

Steelers 6 on 3

8 seconds left

Game over Devils win

great 4 point weekend in the challenge cup

Devils and Steelers shake hands

Devils MOM is Jake Morrisette

Another Captains performance leading by example

Steelers MOM John Armstrong

Thanks to our Texters Phil and Maria for such stirling service in texting. Safe Journey home to both of them and to all the Devils supporters who made the trip

That's it from me for tonight, Be sure to tune into MNL next weekend when the Devils play Belfast away on saturday followed by Nottingham at the IAW on sunday

Until then Hope you all have a good week, Nos Da Pawb