Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 3 Coventry Blaze


We'll be live from about 6:30 tonight with coverage, whilst we're waiting if anyone has any predictions or random musing, then email us @ :)

And we're live, hurrah!

First 'proper' game between these two teams this season, and it's sure to be another good one

Cardiff will be desperate for some points after recording two losses in two games against the Storm and Panthers :(

Couple of predictions in already, both for Devils victories! Russky says 5-2 Devils, and Mark says 4-2 with a fight between Bordeleau and Noble...

Warmup underway in IAW

Warmup complete!

Not sure who is sitting out the game tonight for the Devils at this point...

Coverage from the rink is being even more temperamental than usual, so texts just aren't arriving :(

Hazel is predicting a Devils 5-3 victory, here's hoping! :)

Looks like it's Lord sitting the game out tonight again

Intro time in IAW and our lone texter has emerged from the signal darkness!

Absolutely freezing in the aren tonight, makes a nice change to the tropical temperatures in Nottingham & Sheffield I suppose :)

Both teams on the ice, and Devils now being announced :)

Bordeleau stands by the bench fist-bumping every Devils player onto the ice... team guy right there :)

Anthem time! Almost go time :D

Our texter is alarmed that no one has punched Noble yet...

Puck dropped and we're off!

Hicks takes the ref duties tonight :/ Where's the other guy gone, he was good!

Puck out of play at 00:52

Devils go close with a shot from Fournier

Blaze hit the crossbar, blimey that was close!

Good save from Stewart off a Martin shot

Stewart making save after save

4mins played, Devils creating lots of chances but Blaze have come closest so far

5mins played, still 0-0 but Devils creating lots of good chances and putting Stewart under pressure

7mins played, Blaze having a hard time getting out of their zone at the moment

8mins played, big save from Stewart on another shot from Fournier

Massive hit by Haddad in the corner gets the crowd going!


Goal #1! Joey Martin from Jake Morissette & Andrew Hotham @ 9:07

Penalty called against the Blaze, Josh Godfrey gets 2mins for roughing at 9:47

Shot from Morissette goes out of play @ 11:10

Morissette very close on the powerplay and the Stewaaaaaaaart chants begin :D

Blaze kill the penalty, good pk really

Doucet so so close, and now Bowns gets a chance to make 1 more save

Haddad very close! This line with Haddad playing well

Bowns makes a couple of big saves, Blaze finally escape their zone

Penalty for the Devils called, Fournier gets 2mins for cross-checking @ 15:30

And another penalty called, Joey Martin gets 2mins for cross-checking @ 1:14 - 1:16 of 5on3!

No one happy with that call on Martin, Hicks in random penalty call shock...

Martin penalty called at 16:14, not 1:14, apologies :)

Big shot from Matt Marquardt

puck out of play at 17:22

Fournier is back, 44 seconds of penalty kill to go!

Hicks loses the puck at 18:04, only 10 seconds of pk left

Martin back on the ice, puck out of play @ 18:21

Final minute of the 1st period

Massive save from Liam Stewart to save a shot from Mark Louis

End of the 1st period and we lead 1-0, woop woop :D

Shots on goal for the first... 15-6 in the Devils favour!

2 or 3 minutes to go until the 2nd period starts :)

Teams back out for the 2nd period

Looks like a decent crowd in the building tonight, estimate somewhere in the region of 2800!

Puck dropped and we're off

Penalty for the Blaze coming, Jim Jorgensen 2mins for tripping @ 20:23


Goal #2! Joey Martin from Sean Bentivoglio and Layne Ulmer @ 21:01 PPG

Devils called for icing at 21:40

exter is convinced that Klotz is trying to offer Bordeleau out, but so far he's been refused...

Bowns save at 22:24

Blaze score :(

Blaze goal goes to Darcy Zajac with assists to Bjorn Bombis & Kevin Noble @ 22:34

Liam Stewart very close, his speed seemed to surprise the Devils there!

Big save from Bowns there

Blaze penalty called, Matt Marquardt gets 2mins for holding @ 24:40

Big save from Stewart, Doucet very very close

Stewart makes a save @ 25:29

Devils powerplay isn't so good this time, Blaze penalty kill is working very well though

Gah! Bowns goes forwards for the puck after a shot from Richardson is blocked, gets pressurised and then has to go flying across the crease to deny the Blaze

Blaze back to full strength, Bordeleau goes very close and then Stewart makes a save @ 27:30

Texter reports that the tempo has completely changed in the 2nd, Devils just aren't playing anywhere near as well...

Fournier hits the pipework! So close!

And then Robin Bergman goes very close at the other end of the ice!

29mins played and Blaze forcing turnover after turnover

Blaze penalty called @ 29:49, Matt Marquardt gets 2mins for cross-checking

Stewart makes a save from Hotham from very close range!

Andrew Hotham hits the pipework, so so close :(

1min of powerplay left, this one is looking a little better

Big save Stewart after a shot from Patrick Asselin

Blaze back to full strength, and another penalty coming

Blaze penalty at 31:55, Brett Robinson gets 2mins for interference

Stewart loses his mind as that penalty is called, he's lucky not to get a misconduct call there...

Blaze win the faceoff, but Devils getpossession back and keep the puck in the zone

Stewart making save after save again

Blaze kill the penalty, but Devils still camped in the zone

Blaze finally break out, puck drifts back to the Blaze sone and Patrick Bordeleau absolutely nails Kevin Noble

Blaze called for icing at 35:31, Noble getting wound up and glove punches Andrew Hotham but somehow doesn't get a penalty

Maybe he was too scared to take it out on Bordeleau haha

How Noble didn't get a penalty there after all the previous soft calls from Hicks...

Big save for Liam Stewart following a shot from Batch :)

Bowns now makes a save, this one timed at 36:41

And now Stewart makes a save at 36:59

The Hothams are making shot after shot, but it's hard work trying to pick them apart haha

38mins played, end to end at the moment

Bordeleau just nailed someone in the far corner, he's definitely making sure the Blaze know he's out there!

Into the final minute of the 2nd period...

Pass across the crease but everyone is tied up!

And that's the end of the second period, Devils lead 2-1 :)

Shots on goal for the 2nd period are... 26-13 in the Devils favour :)

5mins to go till the 3rd and (hopefully) final period :)

Teams back on the ice for the 3rd period

Stewart having a moan about the conditions of the ice...

Delay to the start of the 3rd as the ice is repaired

Ice finally sorted and we're almost ready to go...

Puck dropped and we're off! Goooooooooooo Devils!

End to end in the opening minute

Blaze called for icing at 40:55

Big save from Ben Bowns after a loose pass from Sean Bentivoglio was intercepted!

42mins played

Doucet close on a wraparound attempt

Blaze called for icing @ 42:38

Bowns save at 43:11 - atmosphere has completely disappeared in the 3rd...

Devils penalty called against Joey Haddad, 2mins for cross-checking @ 44:05


Short handed goal! Only seconds after the call...

Morissette with the goal :D


Another SHG!

Stewart makes a hit and takes a tripping penalty!

I'll try and get all the details sorted out shortly :)

4on4 for 7 seconds :)

Haddad back, and now we're on the powerplay :D


Andrew Hotham with the 5th goal!

Stewart pulled after the 5th goal, Marr replaces him!

Blimey, I need to get the details for everything...

Bordeleau challenges the Blaze bench and takes a stick to the face...

Blood on the ice...

Bordeleau is absolutely mad, he's come back out of the changing rooms covered in blood and is screaming at someone!

Bordeleau has just punched the plexi between the benches, it looks like Klotz has been ejected for sticking Bordeleau... And security has been called to the benches...

It's very hazy on the details, so much happened so quickly that we've missed a lot of it :S

I'll try and get things updated as soon as I can, but the score is Devils 5-1 Blaze, Bordeleau and Klotz have been ejected...

ok, so goal details coming...

Goal #3 - Jake Morissette from Joey Martin @ 44:15 SHG

Goal #4 - Chris Culligan from Matt Myers @ 45:39 SHG

Goal #5 - Andrew Hotham from Joey Martin & Layne Ulmer @ 46:25 PPG

Penalty coming for the Devils now, Mark Louis takes 2+10 for checking from behind!

I will get the penalty details sorted, but Blaze have just scored a 2nd :(

Klotz 5 minutes for holding the stick + GAME

Blaze score another goal! What the hell is going on!

Patrick Bordeleau 2 + 2 for roughing + GAME all at 46:25

Right, i'll try and get the penalty details sorted...

This is too complicated, i'll just go for the majors... Klotz got 2+10 for high sticks and was ejected

Bordeleau gets 2+10 for roughing, both penalties timed at 46:25

The score is now 5-3 Devils, penalty just calle against the Devils: Sean Bentivoglio 2mins for hooking @ 49:03

It's 4on4 because of the previous penalties scored, 50:30 played...

Devils back to full strength and now it's a powerplay for roughly 1min...

Apologies for the lack of detail, but with only 1 texter it's basically impossible to get every single thing...

Oh yeah, and Stewart is back in the Blaze net after the Blaze scored their 3rd goal!

Patrick Asselin very very close, that was a good powerplay! Blaze back to full strength now

Bowns makes a save @ 52:49

And now Brian Stewart makes a save @ 53:06

Ulmer and Doucet very close!

Stewart makes a save at 53:46 and there's more handbags

Noble has found his balls now that Bordeleau isn't on the ice...

Mark Louis serving a 2 + 10 for check to thehead (Missing penalty) @47:34

Batch and Morissette go close!

Hand pass called at 54:07... Puck drop in neutral ice

Devils offside at 54:44, maybe the first offside call of the game right there?

Blaze 2nd + 3rd goal;s scored by Godfrey & Robinson @ 48:03 + 48:24

55mins played, end to end again

Things have calmed down a little bit now thankfully, although i'd settle for some more Devils goals :P

Blaze have called a timeout @ 56:59and Blaze have pulled Stewart!


Well that didn't work for the Blaze did it

Marr comes back onto the ice...

Goal #6! - Andrew Hotham from Jake Morissette and Patrick Asselin @ 57:07 ENG :)

Into the final 2mins...

Good save from Bowns @ 58:30 and FIGHT!

Andrew Hotham v Darcy Zajac

Sorry, that was timed at 58:40

And before that, Venus had 2mins for roughing, Scott Hotham had 2mins for interference both timed at @ 57:48

Final minute...

Andrew Hotham gets 2mins for slashing, 5mins for fighting @ 58:28

Darcy Zajac gets a bigger penalty that isn't shown on the gamehseet because there's no more space haha, guessing it's 2+5+10

Ah no, 2mins for interference and 5mins for fighting

That's it though, it's all over!


Man of the match for the Blaze goes to Josh Godfrey, well deserved...

Man of the match for the Devils goes to... Joey Martin! :D

Final shots on goal count... 35-25 in the Devils favour :)

What a game, that's me all done, i'm off to have a lie down haha!

Chris out